For the 12 years the exposition area has increased in by 5 times:


For the 15-year-period the amount of participants has increased by 4.5 times:


In 2008 companies from 59 countries participated in PRODEXPO

Participation in PRODEXPO is the best investment in business development. This is the opinion of 77% of the participants, who took part in the exhibition more than 2 times:

79% of exhibitors think that their participation in PRODEXPO has been effective from the very first day of the exhibition work:

Do you plan to participate in PRODEXPO-2009?


Every year PRODEXPO attracts more and more specialists. In 2008 the total attendance was over 45 000, 92 % of the visitors were agricultural business specialists:

Positions of PRODEXPO-2008 Visitors

Geography of visitors covers all regions of Russia and more than 60 countries