Meat and meat products, cooked meats, poultry, eggs
Milk and dairy products, cheese
Ice-cream Salon
Groceries, cereals, pasta, spices, kitchen herbs
Vegetable fat
Juices, mineral water, soft drinks
Frozen food, semi-prepared foods
Confectionery, snacks, nuts, dried fruit, bakery
Tea, coffee
Fish and seafood

Canned food, sauces, ketchups

Gastronomy, products for restaurants, fine food
Alcoholic drinks, tobacco
Low alcohol
Foreign National Expositions
Healthy nutrition
Small and medium business (all thematic sectors). Regions

Food Equipment and Services:
Equipment for food production. Refrigeration equipment. Trade equipment. Storage equipment. Fast food equipment. Freight and forwarding services.
Software. Banking services. Advertising.

«ProdexpoPack» Exhibition – “Packaging solutions for the food industry”:
Package. Bottling. Canning. Labeling. Packaging design. Packing equipment.