15 / 02 / 2013

The Expocentre For Counterfeit-Free Exhibitions project generates interest among Prodexpo’2013 exhibitors and visitors

Prodexpo’2013 has become a launching pad for a new project – Expocentre For Counterfeit-Free Exhibitions – whose implementation will prevent the demonstration of counterfeit products at exhibitions held at Expocentre Fairgrounds.

This project created by Expocentre awoke interest among the exhibitors and visitors to Prodexpo’2013. During the exhibition at a special stand some highly professional lawyers were consulting and answering questions regarding goals and objectives of the new project, the Russian legislation, as well as the existing practice and opportunities in the legal protection of intellectual property.

Now exhibitors can not only reveal the fact of demonstration of counterfeit goods at exhibitions, but also obtain prompt legal assistance, learn about some mechanisms to protect their exclusive rights.

It is worth mentioning that Expocentre does not participate in the resolution of disputes between exhibitors, but can provide information about commercial organizations willing to act as representatives of a party, as well as government agencies where exhibitors could find protection of their rights and interests.

At Prodexpo’2013 the exhibitors for the first time were able to request and receive certificates confirming the demonstration of products that carry trademarks already registered on the territory of the Russian Federation. This kind of confirmation of exhibit demonstration is especially important for companies that having received legal protection of the trademark on the territory of our country for whatever reason have not been able to start selling goods bearing that sign.

The Expocentre For Counterfeit-Free Exhibitions project in contrast to existing similar projects in Russia is ongoing and will be active at all exhibitions organized by Expocentre, as well as by our partners willing to join the project.

We are confident that this project will make participation in exhibitions more transparent and attractive, especially for foreign companies that are afraid to enter the Russian market due to issues related to violation of exclusive rights.


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