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The organizers of the show succeed to provide a stream of professional visitors that brings a great effect from participation. Every year exhibitors of our pavilion find new reliable partners at this market and receive new orders directly at our stand. Every year we bring new companies to Prodexpo, and it confirms the progress.
Vladimir Gorodkov, Director of the South African Pavilion
Prodexpo 2018 is a key showcase to demonstrate all the best that the Italian agricultural sector can present. The Italian Embassy will continue supporting Italian companies to open up new horizons for them in order to develop Made in Italy products.
Pasquale Terraciano, Ambassador of the Italian Republic to the Russian Federation

Prodexpo Organic

About Salon

Prodexpo, Russias largest food trade show, announces the first salon for manufacturers and suppliers of organic products.

Prodexpo Organic 2019 is

  • Showcase of organic products which comply with organic standards
  • Conference bringing together all associations of organic producers in Russia
  • Competition for the best organic products


Selection criteria for participation in Prodexpo Organic

  1. A company applying to participate in Prodexpo Organic guarantees that at least 70% of its products showcased at Prodexpo have an organic certificate valid through February 2018.
  2. Copies of organic certificates for production, processing, supply and sale of organic products must be attached to the application for participation in Prodexpo Organic.
  3. Products can be considered organic only if they have certificates issued according to the following standards:
    • all international organic standards included in the IFOAM Family of Standards: EU Organic Regulation, USDA Organic, JAS, etc., including biodynamic standards,
    • Russian national standard GOST 56508-2015, but only if the certificate is issued by an accredited certification authority in accordance with GOST 57022-2016,
    • Russian private systems of certification, marking: Chistye Rosy (Clear Dew). BIO, Vitality Leaf. Organic.

Companies which showcase products which are in the conversion stage or if organic products make up less than 70% of their exhibits will be located next to Prodexpo Organic and also have a special marking.

Prodexpo Organic: Organisers guarantee

The Prodexpo team is very interested in making a respectable organic showcase which adheres to high standards. The stands of all Prodexpo Organic exhibitors, who conform to all requirements, will be showcased in a separate sector and have a special sign. The selection of exhibitors is made in accordance with the above mentioned criteria.

Head of Organic Salon
Ekaterina Maslyukova
Phone: +7 (499) 795-38-49

General Media Partner of Organic Salon:
Tatiana Lebedeva
Chief Editor
Phone: + 7(495) 726-38-85