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Late applications are also admitted. Invitations are sent only if exhibition space is available.

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The rental rate for the open air area is 50% of the rate for the exhibition area in pavilions.

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Meat and meat products. Cooked meats.
Cooked meats
Poultry. Eggs
Fish and seafood
Milk and dairy products. Cheese
Groceries. Cereals. Pasta
Spices. Kitchen herbs
Vegetable fat
Confectionary. Bakery. Confectionery raw materials
Snacks. Nuts, dried fruit
Tea. Coffee
Canned food. Sauces. Ketchup. Salads
Gastronomy. Products for restaurants
Frozen and chilled food. Semi-prepared products
Juices. Mineral water. Soft drinks
Alcoholic drinks. Wine
Foreign national expositions. Delicacies
Fruit and vegetables, mushrooms
Ice Cream Salon
PRODEXPO Organic (Organic Food & Drinks)
Healthy lifestyle products
Sport nutrition
Baby food
Pet food
Honey and bee products
Retail distribution centres
Sector of Auxiliary equipment and Services: Storage eqpt. Freight and forwarding services. Refrigeration eqpt. Trade eqpt. and Cash registers. Fast food eqpt. Equipment for bars. Coffee machines. Vending machines Software. Advertising. Banking services
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