Software, E-commerce for the food industry companies

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the production and supply companies of software, E-commerce for the food industry that participated in the annual Prodexpo exhibition.


  • Description of activity: Sales.rf is a retail data analytics in real-time specializing in monitoring key indicators: price level, demand dynamics by brand and city in the desired period of time.
  • Organization address: 4th Floor, 3, Kozhevnicheskiy Proezd, Moscow, Russia
  • Phone: +7 (495) 181-7458
  • Website: https://.


  • Description of activity: We will deliver your goods and make them available on the shelves of our partner store network (more than 10,000 convenience stores). Essential condition of promotional offer at least monthly.
  • Organization address: Room 4, Floor 12, Bldg. 1, 6, Proezd Zavoda Serp i Molot, 111250, Moscow, Russia
  • Phone: +7 (915) 153-1250
  • Website:


  • Description of activity: Avtodor - Toll Roads LLC is a subsidiary of the Russian Highways State Company .
  • Organization address: 9, Strastnoy Bulvar, 127006, Moscow, Russia
  • Phone: +7 (495) 727-1195
  • Website:


  • Description of activity: For more than 16 years, 1C: Franchisee Victory has been selling, implementing and maintaining 1C software products, as well as selling commercial equipment and automating labeling systems.
  • Organization address: 9A, 2nd Sinichkina Str., Moscow, Russia
  • Phone: +7 (495) 786-2146
  • Website:


  • Description of activity: The brewery. Craft beer production is based on pure artesian water, top quality malts and elite hop varieties.
  • Organization address: Bldg. 1, Dubovaya Str., Tatarenkova, Nizhnemedveditskiy Selsovet, Kurskiy District, Kursk Region, Russia
  • Phone: +7 (910) 740-1384


  • Description of activity: Leading supplier in the FMCG market in Russia and CIS countries.
    Dalimo not only sells food, but also provides various services in the field of logistics, marketing, and advanced IT services.
  • Organization address: 20, Zavodskoe Shosse, Samara, Russia
  • Phone: 8 800 500-4090
  • Website:


  • Description of activity: Design of food production, sale and service of food equipment. Production of trays and vacuum bags. Machine vision and remote analysis of personnel work.
  • Organization address: Russia
  • Phone: +7 (495) 967-1-967
  • Website:


  • Description of activity: Commercial Bank Necklace-Bank Ltd. is a test platform for new FINTECH technologies, as well as financing the development of native software and information security.
  • Organization address: Bldg. 2, 17, Bol'shaya Nikitskaya Str., 125009, Moscow, Russia
  • Phone: +7 (495) 981-9921
  • Website:

ArkA Tasarim

  • Description of activity: We design and produce marketing communication products and provide services for our customers, such as food stands, exhibition stands, marketing products and objects for advertisement campaigns.
  • Organization address: Adil Mah. Kemerler Sk. 6 Sultanbeyli, Istanbul, Turkey
  • Phone: +90 (216) 592 55 44
  • Website:


  • Description of activity: The company specializes in the development of advanced HW&SW solutions for systems of protection against counterfeiting, as well as solutions for marketing communications and effective trade activities organization.
  • Organization address: Bldg. 27, 20, Ogorodny Proezd, 127322, Moscow, Russia
  • Phone: +7 (495) 989-2335
  • Website:


  • Description of activity: Game store management simulator. Designed for the formation of personnel reserve, training and certification of retail managers. Allows you to develop key skills of the store manager.
  • Organization address: Russia
  • Phone: +7 (919) 724-7170
  • Website:


  • Description of activity: The ompany conduct b2b and b2c research in Russia and abroad in the sphere of retail and food products such as price monitoring, market product launch, pack test and price test, analysis of the competitive situation.
  • Organization address: Litera A, 18, Egorova Str., 190005, Saint Petersburg, Russia
  • Phone: +7 (812) 335-0346, 368-2940
  • Website:


  • Description of activity: ISPORTBAR has been working in the field of vending since 2009 and now it knows 100% of the buyer's needs; this knowledge has been tested in practice within the company's own extensive vending machine network.
  • Organization address: Office 5, 59G/28, Vlasikhinskaya Str., 656006, Barnaul, Altai Territory, Russia
  • Phone: 8 800 550-6426
  • Website:


  • Description of activity: Linnafrost has been manufacturing refrigerators for retail and restaurants since 1998. In 2021, the plant became a part of the Briskly company. Briskly develops autonomous vending technologies and smart micromarkets.
  • Organization address: Bldg. 12, 7, Derbenevskaya Naberezhnaya, Moscow, Russia
  • Phone: 8 800 600-5096
  • Website:,


  • Description of activity: Cloud Inventory, Order Processing & Financials No.1 in Russia. Wholesale or retail? Manage you sales, stock and procurement online. Control A/R & A/P. Print invoices. Enjoy integrated CRM.
  • Organization address: 34, Seleznevskaya Str., 127473, Moscow, Russia
  • Phone: +7 (495) 228-0432
  • Website:


  • Description of activity: Creative Craft is a Polish company, which main part of activity are design services for food industry. Creative Craft makes designs, especially packaging and product concepts.
  • Organization address: Domaniewska St. 47/10, 02-672 Warsaw, Address for correspondence: Traktorowa 126 lok. 402, 91-204 Lodz, Poland
  • Phone: +48 42 205-0265
  • Website:


  • Description of activity: Quick and easy online service to manage and protect your intellectual property. Your brands, logos, websites or designs can be protected from competitors. Also well help you to reduce the risk of Intellectual Property violation.
  • Organization address: 6, Berezhkovskaya Naberezhnaya, Moscow, Russia
  • Phone: 8 800 333-3662
  • Website:


  • Description of activity: A team of highly qualified specialists in the field of management consulting and automation. The company is an official partner of 1C and provides a full range of services throughout Russia.
  • Organization address: Office 601, Bldg. 1, 3, 3rd Mytishchinskaya Str., Moscow, Russia
  • Phone: +7 (495) 665-5097
  • Website:


  • Description of activity: We make beautiful and easy-to-use marketing tools for you to develop your business (full-cycle development: online shops, portals, corporate websites, logos, printing materials).
  • Organization address: 7, Bryanskaya Str., Moscow, Russia
  • Phone: +7(495) 544-7743
  • Website:


  • Description of activity: Track and trace, marketing promotions, collecting and analyzing product life cycle data. IT platform for brands and manufacturers. End Seller Bonus System.
  • Organization address: Bldg. 1, 2, Ugreshskaya Str., 115088, Moscow, Russia
  • Phone: +7 (966) 191-0008
  • Website:


  • Description of activity: helps food ingredients suppliers around the world to enter the market of Russia and CIS countries by presenting producers, introducing their products to the target audience, i. e. technologists, supply departments, and promoting them.
  • Organization address: Office 301, 4, Prospekt Shaumyana, Saint Petersburg, Russia
  • Phone: +7 (812) 986-3272
  • Website:


  • Description of activity: RusAgroMarket was created to implement a wholesale distribution centre project.
    RusAgroMarket's goal is to create a platform where products can be finished, stored, sold, transported to and from, and redistributed among regions.
  • Organization address: Office 601, 6th Floor, 5A, Magistral'ny 1st Tupik, 123290, Moscow, Russia
  • Phone: +7 (495) 545-3540
  • Website:


  • Description of activity: LAV is an innovative service that affects virtually all areas of life whether it\'s business, everyday life or holidays. Love and care for the client unite the great variety of our services.
  • Organization address: Russia


  • Description of activity: Development, distribution, publishing and support of mass-market software.
  • Organization address: Bldg. 1, 1/21, Dostoevskogo Str., 127473, Moscow, Russia
  • Phone: +7 (495) 258-4408
  • Website:


  • Description of activity: The company provides economic consulting services, focusing all efforts on the quality of these services and effective sales system.
  • Organization address: Chlodna 33/17, 87-800 Wloclawek, Poland
  • Phone: +48 (502) 181-597
  • Website:


  • Description of activity: Yandex. Market is a marketplace that helps businesses to increase sales. The service takes care of the storage of goods, processing, delivery of orders and communication with customers.
  • Organization address: 16, L'va Tolstogo Str., Moscow, Russia
  • Phone: +7 (495) 974-3503
  • Website:


  • Description of activity: System integrator of solutions for industrial automation and robotics. Supply and implementation of industrial equipment.
  • Organization address: Office 4, 75/2, Politekhnicheskaya Str., Saratov, Russia
  • Phone: 8 800 700-4898
  • Website:


  • Description of activity: Perfect Automation of sales departments. The solution is developed in the real conditions of Russian reality. Optimize your staff to decrease costs, manage your business remotely, assign tasks online!
  • Organization address: 225, Omskaya Str., 644031, Omsk, Russia
  • Phone: +7 (3812) 34-75-00
  • Website:


  • Description of activity: Data tracing service about secondary sales for manufacturers and wholesalers. Detailed, unified, complete and accurate reports are provided every day in order to improve analysis and decision making.
  • Organization address: Office 2308, Premises 1, 3rd Floor, 3, Avangardnaya Str., 125493, Moscow, Russia
  • Phone: +7 (495) 123-3327
  • Website:


  • Description of activity: M16. TECH is a B2B web service for organizing the marketing and wholesale purchases of agricultural raw materials and food products between food market companies.
  • Organization address: Office 5145, Litera A, 212, Moskovskiy Prospekt, Saint Petersburg, Russia
  • Phone: +7 (812) 425-3285
  • Website:

We invite small and large production and supply companies of software, E-commerce for the food industry as exhibitors of the Prodexpo exhibition and professional visitors from different areas of the food industry.