Subject by pavilions

Prodexpo FOOD  
Meat and meat products. Cooked meats. Poultry. Eggs Pavilion No.2 (halls 1, 2)
Dairy products. Cheese Forum Pavilion
Ice cream Pavilion No.7 (hall 1)
Groceries. Cereals. Pasta. Spices, kitchen herbs Forum Pavilion
Vegetable fats Pavilion No.1
Juices, mineral water. Soft drinks Pavilions No.8 (halls 2, 3)
Frozen foods. Semi-prepared foods. Ready to eat foods Pavilion No.1
Confectionery. Bakery. Snacks. Nuts. Dried fruitt.
New Year / Christmas products. Gifts
Pavilions No.2 (halls 4, 5), No.7 (halls 3-6)
Honey and bee products Pavilion No.2 (halls 4, 5)
Tea, coffee Pavilion No.8 (halls 2, 3)
Ingredients. Food additives. Raw materials Pavilion No.1
Fish and seafood Pavilion No.1
Canned food. Sauces, ketchups Pavilion No.1
Gastronomy. HoReCa products Pavilion No.2 (hall 1)
Healthy nutrition Pavilion No.2 (halls 5, 6)
Halal products Pavilion No.2 (halls 1, 2, 3), Forum Pavilion
Baby food Forum Pavilion, Pavilion No.2 (hall 5)
Sport nutrition Pavilion No.2 (halls 5, 6)
Functional food Pavilion No.2 (halls 5, 6)
Vegetables, fruit, mushrooms, berries, wild food Pavilion No.1
Trading houses, retail distribution centres Pavilion No.2 (hall 1)
Russian regional expositions Pavilions No.1, 2 (halls 1, 2, 3), Forum Pavilion, 7 (hall 3)
Foreign national pavilions Pavilions No. 2 (halls 1, 2, 3), No.7 (hall 6)
Pet food Pavilion No.2 (hall 2)
Prodexpo WINE  
Wine Pavilions No.2 (halls 1, 3), No.3
Hard alcohol Pavilions No.2 (halls 1, 3), No.3
Beer Pavilion No.8 (hall 1)
Low alcohol Pavilion No.8 (hall 1)
Tobacco Pavilion No.3
Prodexpo ORGANIC  
Prodexpo Organic (organic food and beverages) Pavilion No.2 (hall 5)
Packaging solutions Pavilion No.7 (halls 1, 2)
Closures. Packaging design Pavilion No.7 (halls 1, 2)
Glass containers Pavilion No.3
Equipment and services Pavilion No.7 (halls 1, 2)