Wholesale energy drinks

Many manufacturers and suppliers of wholesale energy drinks participate in the annual Prodexpo exhibition .

We invite you to familiarize yourself with a list of some of the leading companies participating in our exhibition.

Company name Description Address Phone Website
GOODPRODUCT Production and wholesale of food. Tatarstan Sote, Rossiyskoye Solnyshko, Shchedrost trademarks. Office 11, 25/34, Parizhskoy Kommuny Str., Kazan, Republic of Tatarstan, Russia 88002019534 https://goodproduct.eco
BEVERAGE LLC Manufacturer, importer, distributor.
Brands: Lotte, Chupa Chups, Haitai, Encampa, Coca Cola, Fanta, Dr Pepper, Schweppes, etc.
Import and wholesale of food products from South Korea, USA, EU and Russia.
Bldg. 20, 100, Shchyolkovskoe Shosse, 105523, Moscow, Russia +7 (495) 508-5594 http://www.eastfoods.ru
NEW ENERGY DRINKS LLC Wholesale and retail trade. Partnering with retail chains. Beverages production. Energy drinks production. Food production. Bldg. 3, 2, Gorbunova Str., Moscow, Russia +7 (916) 100-0864 http://kingkongnrg.com
DOSHIRAK RUS LLC Doshirak Rus is the exclusive distributor of the products by TM DOSHIRAK (noodles, mashed potato, seaweed snacks, pasta, snacks, drinks). Bldg. 1, 1, Olimpiyskaya Village, Michurinskiy Prospekt, 119602, Moscow, Russia +7 (495) 737-3205 http://www.doshirak.com
TRADING HOUSE GEORGIA, MKS BONAT LLC Importer of products from Georgia to Russia. We cooperate with such brands as Natakhtari, Kazbegi, Kula, Kampa, Dzala, Ojakhuri, Sno, Sairme. Litera L, 1, Irinovskiy Prospekt, Saint Petersburg, Russia +7 (911) 774-6884 http://www.mksbonat.ru
NAM VIET FOODS & BEVERAGE CO. LTD The Nam Viet Foods & Beverage Co. LTD is 100% Vietnamese owned. The Company has been exporting its products to more than 145 countries worldwide. We are ISO, HACCP, FDA, Halal, FSSC, GMP certified. 994/1C Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Street, Tan Thang Town, Tan Binh Ward, Di An District, Binh Duong Province, Vietnam +84 (274) 3800118 http://vinut.com.vn
48 HOURS 48 Hours is the official representative of 48 hours in Russia and offers exclusive food products, aphrodisiacs: tonics, chocolate and coffee with ginseng extract. Office 8,3, Bldg. 18, 10, Ryazanskiy Prospekt, Moscow, Russia +7 (916) 654-9944 http://www.48hours.com.ru
LKOM SIA Kombucha Vitality Drink produce organic, raw, unpasteurised kombucha drinks. Kr Barona Iela, 14-14, Republic of Latvia 37127489107 http://www.vitalitydrink.eu
QUICK ENERGY QUICK ENERGY is the official representative in Russia of a unique product QUICK! Czechia-produced functional power sugar-free chewing gum. Now our goal is to expand sales in Moscow and enter the market in other cities of Russia. 16, 6th Radial'naya Str., Moscow, Russia +7 (977) 106-5767 http://www.quick-energy.eu
MK-LIDER MK-LIDER Group of Companies LLC is a direct importer and distributor of an exclusive assortment of foreign food and beverages, and also has in-house production in Russia. 4D, Vashutinskoe Shosse, Khimki, Moscow Region, Russia +7 (903) 961-8141, (967) 107-7901 http://www.drpepper-russia.ru
TASSAY TASSAY is a natural drinking water extracted from a deep well in the foothills of Tan-Sheng, with the water being preserved by nature itself. BTS Rumyantsevo, 22nd km Kievskogo Shosse, Moscow, Russia +7 (495) 025-2760 http://tassay.ru
KAPELIYA PLANT The Kapeliya plant specializes in the extraction from an underground glacier, bottling and sale of water in 0,33, 0,5, 1,5, 5 and 19 litres bottles through trade networks and official representatives. Office 8, Litera A, 40, Sukhara Village, Krasnoselsky District, Kostroma Region, Russia +7 (4942) 47-17-84 http://www.kapeliya.ru
NEFT ENERGY FOOD Young ambitious Russian brand NEFT (Oil), producing energy and carbonated drinks of unique tastes. Stylish design and high quality is the guarantee of our success. 18, Kerchenskaya Str., 117461, Moscow, Russia 8 (800) 200-4776 https://www.neftenergy.ru
INZARE GROUP High-tech enterprise with full automation of all processes, equipment for aseptic cold filling of juices and cold teas (KHS Germany), HACCP quality management system. 23A, Kurortnaya Str., Sernovodskoe Settlement, Sernovodsky District, 366701, Chechen Republic, Russia +7 (8712) 29-46-42 http://chmv.ru
LIDSKOE PIVO OJSC One of the oldest breweries in Belarus. Different varieties of beer, craft beer, Lidsky natural kvass, juice-containing drinks, FIZZ cider, Dynami:t energy drink, AURA drinking water. 32, Mitskevicha Str., 231300, Lida, Grodno Region, Republic of Belarus +375 44 558 18 04, 154 53-53-00 http://lidskae.by
OKF Corporation Beverages. OKF Bldg., 54, Hakdong-Ro 21-Gil, Gangnam-Gu, Seoul, Zip. 135-812, Republic of Korea +82 (2) 491-1857 http://www.okf.kr
XL ENERGY MARKETING SP. Z O.O. XL Energy Marketing is a worldwide manufacturer with 20 years of experience. Our products are available in over 60 countries. Our mission is to deliver the highest quality products. ZLOTA 59, 00-120 Warsaw, Poland +48 (22) 20-40-600 http://xl-energy.com
AVRORA LLC AVRORA deliver products manufactured at its production sites as well as products of its distribution network to the markets and consumers. The company has established the vast trade network. 13, Ziya Bunyadov Str., Baku, AZ1000, Republic of Azerbaijan +994 (12) 447 10 55 http://avrora.az
AKANLAR CIKOLATA ICECEK GIDA SAN.TIC.LTD.STI AKANLAR CHOCOLATE & DRINK CO. has started its commercial activities by wholesale of foodstuffs in domestic market in 1978. In 1992, has started foreing trade and exporting many items especially. 3 Org.San.Bolg.Kamil Serbetci Bulvari 83315 Nolu Cadde No:8 Baspinar-Gaziantep, Turkey +90 342 337 84 85 http://www.akanlargida.com
A+CO LLC Absheron District, Khirdalan City, Republic of Azerbaijan +994 (12) 3485855
KAMELIA NPP Kamelia NPP LLC produces medicines, raw materials from herbs for the cosmetic industry, dietary supplements and extracts from plant raw materials for the food industry. Bldg. 8, Scientific Town, Lugovaya Residential District, 141055, Lobnya, Moscow Region, Russia +7 (495) 221-9202 (/multi-line) http://www.kamelia.ru
AQUA-UG, COMPANY LLC We represent the Aqua-UG Limited Liability Company, which is a plant engaged in the production of soft drinks and artesian drinking water. We are focused on the latest trends in the world market and also environmental friendliness of our products. Bldg. A, 1, SKhT (Sel'khoztekhniki) Str., Pokrovskoe Settlement, Neklinovskiy District, 346830, Russia +7 (863) 278-7733 http://aquaug.com
EBICHE CO. LTD. Founded in 2000, the company has strived to continuously develop the technology and the advanced marketing strategies in the field of organic beverages, ginseng/red ginseng products. Healthy edibles toward natural. 21, Hwanggang Gongdan-Gil, Imgo-Myeon, Yeongcheon-Si, Gyeongsangbukdo, 38819, Republic of Korea +82 54 336 5300 http://www.ebiche.com
SOFT DRINKS FACTORY LTD The largest plant in the North-West region producing drinking water, lemonades, cold teas, energy and juice drinks. In the Vartemyagi Village, Agalatovskoe Rural Settlement, Vsevolozhsk District, Leningrad Region, Russia +7 (812) 979-8899 http://www.water-life.ru
LASER TRADE Food distribution is the main activity of the company. We work directly with the factories of the world's leading brands. The geography of our sales covers Russia and the CIS. Bldg. 37, 13, 2nd Zvenigorodskaya Str., Moscow, Russia +7 (495) 668-0917 http://www.laser-trade.ru
WEST MARLIN Directly imports and exclusively represents water of the highest category under TM Primavera (San Benedetto Group) and TM Queen of Olimpia, energy drinks under TM Explorer Black & Silver in Russia and the CIS. Kaliningrad, Russia +7 (962) 258-9999 http://westmarlin.ru
KINETA SA Kineta is a leading company producing and sourcing top quality grape juice concentrate from Argentina, used in Beverage and Food industries as natural sugar from grape. Carril Rodriguez Pena 6655 Coquimbito Maipu Mendoza, Argentina 542615242266 http://www.kineta.com
EIGHT PEAKS JSC Eight Peaks is engaged in production of mineral water and drinks. Our mission is to offer the customers the best water in each specific region the Caucasus, Altai, Kamchatka or Baikal. Apartment 28, Bldg. 1, 6, Malaya Filevskaya Str., 121433, Moscow, Russia +7 (915) 339-5923 http://www.eightpeaks.ru
DOMASHNIE RECEPTI Production of natural drinks made of vegetable raw materials only. Colouring agents and preservatives are not used. The product range includes oat and bread kvass, fruit drinks, sbiten, willow herb tea, natural cheeses, dairy products. 2A, Muromskaya Str., Murom, Vladimir Region, Russia +7 (902) 889-04-55 http://www.dom-kvas.ru
ZEDAZENI GEORGIAN BEER COMPANY ZEDAZENI JSC Georgian Beer Company is a leading producer of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. We offer high quality products based on 100% natural ingredients. Mtskheta District, Saguramo Settlement, 3311, Georgia 995322437770 http://www.geobeer.ge
VLADIMIR BREWERY Vladimir Brewery has been producing high-quality beverages for 45 years beer, kvass and lemonades. The favorable geographical location allows us to supply products to more than 30
regions of Russia and CIS countries.
16, Khlebozavodskaya Str., 600033, Vladimir, Russia +7 (492) 237-2216 http://vladimirpivo.ru
FONT SALEM FONT SALEM is a Spanish market leader in private label (MDD) and CO-PACKING, specializing in different types of beers, fizzy/non fizzy beverages and water. Partida del Fronto (poligono), s/n, 46843, Salem, Valencia, Spain 34902283003 http://www.fontsalem.com
TRADING HOUSE GEORGIA (MCS BONAT LLC) Importer of the Georgian products: Zandukeli, Natakhtari lemonades, Kazbegi and Argo beer, Kampa juices, SNO, Sairme water, tea, Kula canned products, DZALA energy drinks, syrups, seasonings. Litera L, 1, Irinovskiy Prospekt, 195248, Saint Petersburg, Russia +7 (911) 774-6884 http://www.mksbonat.ru
BOCHKAREVSKY BREWERY LLC Bochkarevsky Brewery is a modern company, mostly dealing with production and sale of natural beverages: beer, kvass, fizzy drinks and drinking water. 1A, Molodezhnaya Str., Bochkari Settlement, Tselinny District, Altay Territory, Russia +7 (38596) 32-5-94 http://www.bochkari.ru
PRIMA RUSSO Production of TM MIXON, TM PRIMA RUSSO low-alcohol beverages. Saint Petersburg, Russia +7 (383) 255-9181 http://www.mixon-premium.ru
NEFT ENERGY DRINK NEFT is a new Russian brand of energy drinks, which have already won the hearts of fans among connoisseurs for its high quality and stylish design. Drinks are available of 4 unique flavors. 18, Kerchenskaya Str., Moscow, Russia 8 800 200-4776 http://www.neftenergy.ru
INTERBEER InterBeer is one of the suppliers of beer and drinks from the EU countries. Deliveries are carried out from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Germany, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia. 2nd Floor, Premises 2, Litera A, 11, Zelenaya Str., 156019, Kostroma, Russia +7 (903) 632-4555 https://www.interbeer.club
GERMES LLC Hermes supplies beverages with an emphasis on healthy nutrition. 22/2-153, Spiridonovka Str., 123001, Moscow, Russia +7 (495) 233-4133 http://www.coconaut.com
GAP SHORE Sp. z o.o. GAP SHORE is the exclusive distributor of OSHEE brand in Russia. OSHEE is the leading producer of active lifestyle isotonic, sports and vitamin drinks, available in 48 countries on 6 continents. 2/4/6 lok. 35 Lucka Str., 00-845 Warszawa, Poland 48730666662 http://www.gapshore.com
DENEB Company Deneb is an expert in thirst quenching. The leader of the market of soft drinks in the Republic of Dagestan. 39, Yuzhnaya Str., Semender Settlement, Makhachkala, Republic of Dagestan, Russia +7 (8722) 60-00-99 http://deneb.ru
GRECO GRECO production company. The best varieties of world olives, olive oil EV. Products and drinks for healthy food. Factory 28SEEDS is engaged in SUPERFOOD production. Office 510, 36/1, Babushkina Str., 192171, Saint Petersburg, Russia 88005005628 http://www.olives.ru
TIBET CO. LTD TRADE HOUSE (HYTON TM, TALISMAN TM) Tibet Trading House was founded in 2009. In recent years it has been entering in the top of importers of Ceylon tea to Russia. We work with more than 200 wholesale companies from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok. 19, Zhukov Proezd, Moscow, Russia +7 (499) 213-0343 http://www.hyton.ru
ICAF Since 1975, ICAF has been spreading the passion for high-quality coffee blends. The constant research for new blends offers the chance to present innovative Arabica blends, drinks, caps and many more! Via Armando Vona, 42, 03100 Frosinone (FR), Italy +39 0775 292333 http://www.caffeicaf.com
MINSK SOFT DRINK FACTORY High quality products, relevance, novelty and a wide range these are the basic principles of the enterprise. The main specialization is the production of mineral water, soft drinks. 19, Makaenka Str., 220114, Minsk, Republic of Belarus +375 (17) 374-1773 http://www.mzbn.com
URAL SOURCES INDUSTRIAL ASSOCIATION LLC The plant was founded in 1996. Production includes six automated high-speed lines, a certified laboratory that controls the production process at all its stages. 2, Novinskaya Str., 620024, Ekaterinburg, Sverdlovsk Region, Russia +7 (343) 297-1235, 264-4940 http://ui66.ru
MERAK SPIRITS & DRINKS SRL Our company is active since 1885 in Putignano (Bari). Merak Spirits & Drinks srl is one of the main manufacturing authentic liquors and beverages in Puglia. Via Cavalieri Del Lavoro Z.I. 70017 Putignano (BA), Italy 390804911777 http://www.merak.net
AVRORA Avrora has in-house biscuit, macaroni production facilities and a line of energy drinks. The products are produced under the TM BİZON, SLADENA, BOROWSKIS, LAFARELLA, KREKİ, DORO brands. 13, Ziya Bun'yadova, AZ1100, Baku, Republic of Azerbaijan +994 552014433 http://avrora.az
URAL SOURCES PRODUCTION ASSOCIATION LLC The plant engaged in the production of soft drinks was founded in 1996. Production includes 5 automated high-speed lines, the volume of production is up to 13,000,000 bottles. The range comprises more than 160 SKU. Office 2, Litera U, 2, Novinskaya Str., 620024, Ekaterinburg, Russia +7 (343) 297-1233 (25, 39) http://ui66.ru
V&V DUXOV We are a growing company with the distribution of a wide range of confectionery products from famous brands (Kraft Foods, Mars, Ferrero, Van Melle, Nestle) and children's sweets. Moscow, Russia +7 (903) 960-1542
LEVEL99 QNT is a sports nutrition brand from Belgium an environmentally friendly location in Europe. With over 30 years in the market, we offer over 80 products, operating in more than 100 countries and running our own production facilities! Bldg. 1, 38, Ryabinovaya Str., 121471, Moscow, Russia +7 (499) 213-0199 http://www.level99.ru
GRICAF SRL Moka Italia is a typical brand of made in Italy, symbol of great quality coffee, distributed around the world in different lines, designed and optimized for restaurant, bar service. Via Menestalla Zona Ind. La Bruca 87029 Scalea (CS), Italy 39098542379 http://www.mokaitalia.it
NIAGARA NATIONAL WATER COMPANY LLC NWC Niagara is in the TOP-10 of largest manufacturers of non-alcoholic drinks in Russia (according to the International AC Nielsen Agencys data). The company portfolio includes 12 brands in all competitive categories. 1, Buguruslanskiy Pereulok, Chelyabinsk, Russia +7 (351) 252-9585 http://niagara-drinks.ru
PARNAS-GROUP Production of beer, beer-based beverages, soft drinks, soft energy drinks, drinking water under the Giggle and Wayzer brands. Office 1, 1st Floor, 13, Kozhzavodskaya Str., d.p. Mochishche, Sel'sovet Mochishchenskiy, Novosibirskiy District, 630534, Novosibirsk Region, Russia +7 (919) 424-3902 http://www.parnas-groupp.ru
SYSTEM SOLUTION LTD Sale of beer, low alcohol, soft drinks and kvass. 24, Nagornaya Str., 117186, Moscow, Russia +7 (495) 626-2224 http://www.lakinskoe.com
GIFT GIFT successfully sells almost the entire range of alcoholic and soft drinks. We work with distributors, federal and local networks throughout Russia, as well as export products. 169, Austrina Str., 440015, Penza, Russia +7 (8412) 67-72-52 http://rupeppers.ru
WOONGJIN FOODS CO. LTD Since its foundation in 1976, Woongjin Foods has headed the Korean beverage market by developing drinks that embody the culture and values of Korea. 7F, KTIS Sungin Bldg., 390, Jong-ro, Jongro-gu, Seoul, 03115, Republic of Korea +82 2 3668 9153 http://eng.wjfood.co.kr
YARTSEV ALCOHOL AND SOFT DRINKS PLANT Soft drinks production: juices, fruit drinks, nectars, energy drinks, carbonated sweet water, drinking water. Premises 1, 14, Serebryanka Residential District, 141202, Pushkino, Moscow Region, Russia +7 (495) 767-0482 http://www.yesta-juice.ru
CONCENTRATE Russian plant offers malt and grain concentrates (extracts), beverages and water. 114, Ryazanskaya Str., Shilovo Work Settlement, Shilovskiy District, 391500, Ryazan Region, Russia +7 491 36 2 26 66 http://www.concentrat.org
RADUGA BOTTLERS Russian manufacturer of soft drinks operating since 1997. 3 plants, 11 trading houses. We deliver our drinks to more than 60 regions of Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan. 37, Tankistov Str., 410019, Saratov, Russia +7 (8452) 40-42-41 http://www.raduga-bottlers.ru
CHANGSUNG CORP. Changsung has 30-year ginseng products research and development history. The first Korean exporter of soft drinks such as ginseng root drinks. Recognized technology and manufacture conditions (CJ). Gyungsangbuk-do, Gyeoungju-si, Gongdan-ro 73, Republic of Korea +82 54 776 4567 http://www.chsnf.co.kr
NIAGARA NWC LLC Niagara is one of the largest producers of soft drinks in Russia (according to AC Nielsen). Our wide range of products is represented in every seventh trade outlet in Russia. 1, Buguruslanskiy Pereulok, Chelyabinsk, Russia +7 (351) 252-9585 http://niagara-drinks.ru
STUDENA Studena represents top-class, modern enterprises producing mineral water, premium quality drinking water and soft drinks, having its own delivery service in Moscow and the Moscow Region. Office 1, Bldg. 4, 3, Krasnokazarmennaya Str., 111250, Moscow, Russia +7 (495) 181-5731 http://www.studena.ru
MAREVEN Mareven Food Central is a trade and manufacturing FMCG company. Its brand names include Rollton, BIGBON, ACTIBO, Petra and Mareven Professional Food. Mareven Food Central Territory, Ivanovskoe Village, Serpukhov, Moscow Region, Russia +7 (495) 730-1187 http://www.mareven.ru
PERESLAVL MINERAL WATER PLANT The Pereslavl Mineral Water Plant is a top-class, modern enterprise engaged in the production of mineral water, premium quality drinking water and soft drinks. 4, Urozhaynaya Str., Svechino Village, Pereslavskiy District, Yaroslavl Region, Russia +7 800 222-8383 http://www.pereslavitsa.ru
ALTAYSKIY NECTAR APC LTD Manufacturer of natural Altay healthy products: natural turpentine chewing gum, phitobalsams, propolis sprays, vegetable oils and mead. 45/1, Zheleznodorozhnaya Str., Rubtsovsk, Altai Territory, Russia +7 (3852) 202-745 http://www.altnectar.com
ASNA Sales of vitaminized products and dietary supplements. Bldg. 1, 16, Dokukina Str., 129226, Moscow, Russia +7 (965) 167-2692 http://www.asna.ru
UBC GROUP International Trade Industrial Holding Company, operating in the filed of refrigeration equipment (deep freezers, glass-door refrigerators, coolers), tent production, POS materials and bar business. Innovations, high-quality, reasonable prices. Bldg. 1, 114, Volokolamskoe Shosse, 125371, Moscow, Russia +7 (495) 730-1741 http://www.beer-co.com
BRAND DISTRIBUTION COMPANY SP. Z O.O. S.K.A. Brand Distribution Group is an international company with almost 27 years of experience. We offer the best quality of products and the highest level of services, work with partners from 92 countries. Bialystok 15-879, ul. Sw. Rocha 8, Poland 48500100130 http://www.bdgroup.eu
NOVICHOK-NRG NOVICHOK-NRG is the manufacturer of the new unique energy drink: NOVICHOK Original. Apartment 412, Bldg. 1G, 14, 2nd Frezernaya Str., 109202, Moscow, Russia +7 (495) 673-0100 http://novichok-nrg.ru
HOTCAT Manufacturing and wholesale trade in the HOTCAT energy drinks. Premises 25, 1A, Varshavskoe Shosse, 117105, Moscow, Russia +7 (495) 269-0427 http://hotcat-energy.ru
TAJ LLC TAJ LLC is the Azerbaijan largest producer of products in the water and non-alcoholic beverages category. Founded in 1997 it has been occupying a leading position in the local market for over 20 years. Ruslan Allahverdiyev Street, 7, Baku, Republic of Azerbaijan +994 (12) 447-2991 http://www.tajbev.com
48 GRUP Manufacturer of tonic foodstuffs with ginseng extract. Cumhuriyet Mah. Gurpinar Yolu Cad. 2, 123, Buyukcekmece, Istanbul, Turkey +90 212 872 48 84 http://www.48grup.com
FoodCare sp. z o. o. FoodCare group is a family-owned company, we have 40 years of business experience and we are one of the top FMCG leaders in Europe. 3 modern factories in Poland, 7 brands & more than 200 SKU. Spokojna 4 str, 32-080 Zabierzow, Poland +48 12 356 60 00 http://www.foodcare.pl
SUKHUMSKY REPUBLIC OF ABKHAZIA BREWERY LTD The plant specializes in the production of beer, kvass and soft drinks. The products comply with ISO 22000 domestic and international quality standards. 88, B. Adleyba Str., Sukhumi, Republic of Abkhazia +7 840 223 53 70 http://sukhum-beer.com
YUN BIZNES LLC Production of plastic packaging. 25A, Oranzhereynaya Str., Moscow, Russia +7 (917) 508-3489 http://un-plastic.ru
NEOLINE LLC Our company offers a new category of instant
cereals 5in1 under TM STARTUM in single sachets
on Russian & CIS markets. Looking for distributors.
Office 16, 2nd Floor, 4B, Elektrodnaya Str., 111524, Moscow, Russia +7 (495) 708-4652 http://www.startummix.ru
RG BRANDS We are the leading beverage company in Kazakhstan offering high quaity products for more than 25 years. Our company is the official partner of PepsiCo and Lipton IT in Kazakhstan and Kyrgystan. 212 B Rayimbek Ave., A05A5C7, Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan +7 (985) 556-4677 http://www.rgbrands.com
MASPEX-VOSTOK LTD Maspex Vostok is a part of Maspex international group of companies. The company was founded in 2002 to promote the world-famous brands (Tedi, LaFesta, Broome) in the Russian market. 37, Krasnykh Zor' Str., Obninsk, Kaluga Region, Russia +7 (48439) 4-01-21 http://www.maspex.com
VIKONIKA Vikonika has been operating in the market of specialized food and drinks since 2001 and during this time has established itself as a reliable partner and supplier. Moscow, Russia +7 (926) 601-1059 http://vikonika.ru
GEORGIAN BEER COMPANY JSC The company was founded in 2011, today the company produces different types of beer as well as non-alcoholic beverages such as lemonade, cola, nectar juices and energy drinks. Mtskheta District, Saguramo Settlement, 3311, Georgia 995558100839 http://www.zedazeni.ge
FITNESS FOOD FACTORY Fitness Food Factory is a maker of sports nutrition without sugar and extra calories. 8, Fabrichnaya Str., Reutov, Moscow Region, Russia +7 (926) 126-3009 http://www.fitbaropt.ru
ABDYSH-ATA Production of beer and non-alcoholic products. 7, Moskovskaya Str., Kant, Kyrgyz Republic 996550725014 http://www.abdysh-ata.kg
LigaOpt Intellect Torg LLC is the largest wholesale supplier of confectionery products, beer and drinks in the territory of the Central Federal District. Our portfolio includes the most famous brands of national and foreign producers. 11, Vostochnaya Str., Gorki Leninskie Settlement, Leninsky District, 142712, Moscow Region, Russia +7 (925) 216-1957 https://ligaopt.com
GRIVA Producer of natural drinks based on fresh berries, herbal decoctions, spices, according to unique recipes using Louis Pasteur technology without preservatives and flavoring agents in aluminum cans. Novosibirsk, Russia +7 (913) 926-4500 http://ibio.pro
MERIDYEN GIDA SAN VE TIC LTD STI Meridyen Gida produces energy drinks and ice coffee at its very modern production facility in Turkey and export its products to more than 50 countries with ISO, Halal, GMP and FDA certificates. Maltepe Mah. Ali Riza Gurcan Cad. Meridyen is Mrk No:426 Zeytinburnu-Istanbul, Turkey 902126138111 http://www.meridyengida.com.tr
DELLOS F&B CO. LTD. Dellos F&B Co. Ltd manufactures and exports various kinds of fruit juice, functional beverages based on accumulated experiences and technical capabilities. 159, Usangongdan-Gil, Wonju-Si, Gangwon-Do, Republic of Korea +82 33 731 5003

We invite small and large companies, manufacturers and suppliers of wholesale energy drinks as exhibitors of the Prodexpo exhibition and as professional visitors from different areas of the food industry.