Gift and New Year packaging design


Many companies of gift and New Year packaging design participate in the annual Prodexpo exhibition .

We invite you to familiarize yourself with a list of some of the leading companies participating in our exhibition.

Company name Description Address Phone Website
NEW ARGUMENT LTD New Argument is a manufacture of tinboxes located in Russia. Bldg. 3, 21, Kashirskiy Proezd, 115201, Moscow, Russia +7 (495) 132-5018
EXCLUSIVE ALCO The Exclusive ALCO company is one of the largest decorators of glassware in Russia. We provide a full range of services involving industrial scenery, design and supply of the glass bottles. Room 45, Premises III, Floor 3, 42, Ozyornaya Str., 119361, Moscow, Russia +7 (499) 605-0083
PROF-PRESS GROUP OF COMPANIES IML production up to 1050 mm based on offset printing that conform to safety requirements of food industry. 1B, Sholokhova Str., Aksay, Rostov Region, Russia +7 (863) 210-1167
REMAS Label and packaging printing. Tube laminate. In-mould labels. Wrap around labels. Flexible packaging. 186, Votkinskoe Shosse, Izhevsk, Udmurtia Republic, Russia 8 800 550-8501
AmA-Don LLC The manufacturer of EXTRA-class muselets. Our product range includes muselet without plaquette, muselet from the colored wire with plaquette, muselet with plaquette lithography, muselet with congreve stamping on the plaquette and with lithography. Orskaya Str., 14G, 344065, Rostov-on-Don, Russia +7 (863) 300-2160
GINTER L. A. INDIVIDUAL ENTERPRENEUR Wholesale and retail sale of confectionery, Christmas gifts and packaging. Office 168, Bldg. 3, 1, Molokova Str., 660077, Krasnoyarsk, Russia +7 (391) 277-3379, +7 (983) 617-4903
MASTERSKAYA ADVERTISING HOLDING Design studio and printing shop: product packaging and lable design, naming, logo, branding, advertising and imaging promo-videos, advertising campaign planning. Office 100, Premises 1-N, Bldg. Litera A, 60, Naberezhnaya Obvodnogo Kanala, 192007, Saint Petersburg, Russia 8 (800) 550-9695
BALAKHNINSKOE STEKLO Production of standard and original clear glass bottles. The full cycle from the idea to the finished batch. Containers of simple and complex form decoration: screen printing, coating, sleeve labels. 16, Administrativnaya Str., Gidrotorf Settlement, 606425, Balakhna, Nizhny Novgorod Region, Russia +7 (831) 446-9085
PPF STAMPING Producer of tools for stamping and embossing, and the supplier of hot stamping foils and cold foils for any application. Premises N26, Litera A, Bldg. 4, 56, Prospekt Bol'shevikov, 193315, Saint Petersburg, Russia 8 800 550 60 78
GLASS NN TH LLC Glass bottles of any shape from standard to unique. Decoration of glass: screen printing, coating, original layout design decor. Moulds. Supplies from Russia, the CIS, China, Europe. Office 237, 15, Prospekt Tsiolkovskogo, 606025, Dzerzhinsk, Nizhny Novgorod Region, Russia +7 (8313) 35-09-45
CHROME MARKET LLC Manufacture of self-adhesive plates, emblems, volume logos to be used in alcohol, souvenir, packaging, automotive, furniture, textile, and other industries. 21, Elektrozavodskaya Str., Moscow, Russia +7 (499) 703-4656
KHRUSTALNY ZVON KPK Production of glass bottles, jars, carafes, shtof-bottles, including custom design. Preparation of design documentation, molds, experimental models and advertising sample bottles. Brand advertising on piles, glasses, ashtrays, decanters, glasses, as well as labeling. 3, Rudnitskoy Str., 601501, Gus-Khrustalny, Vladimir Region, Russia +7 (49241) 2-47-90, 3-17-44
FERRO CORPORATION Ferro corporation is the leading manufacturer of modern glass coating with improved characteristics. Office 613-06, 160, Leninsky Prospekt, Saint Petersburg, Russia +7 (812) 612-8581
CCL-Kontur LLC Pressure-sensitive labels and shrink sleeves. Flexo, offset, screen and digital printing. Embossing, hot and cold foil stamping, lamination, special varnishes and coatings. 47, Domodedovskoe Shosse, Pokrov Settlement, 142143, Podolsk, Moscow Region, Russia +7 (495) 660-1886, 600-3086, (812) 325-5565, (383) 363-5345
IGRAMIR IGRAMIR is a large factory of stuffed toys in the North-Western region of Russia. We have our own design studio. Samples are made within 5 days, a batch within 3-4 weeks. A decent alternative to Asian manufacturers in terms of timing and quality. 116, Borovaya Str., Saint Petersburg, Russia +7 (812) 407-2138
CHOKOLADNYE TRADIZII Confectionery trade. Novosibirsk, Russia +7 (383) 363-7750
LeanGroup LTD LeanGroup produces laminate and extrusion tubes, self-adhesive and shrink sleeve labels, prints on film for sachets. 25A, Promyshlennaya Str., 220075, Minsk, Republic of Belarus +375 (17) 345 53 77
ROSPRINTER ROSPRINTER develops, manufactures and maintains equipment for food printing. 27, Dubininskaya Str., Moscow, Russia +7 (495) 222-7450
OLMI 2000 One of the largest developers and suppliers of soft New Year packaging for confectionery, as well as toys, souvenirs and other investments in gifts. Office 2, 2, Mekhanikov Str., Promzona Territory, Volzhskiy District, 443548, Samara Region, Russia +7 (846) 977-0997
RUSPACK Manufacture and sale of closures (camus, caps) and related materials for the alcoholic beverage industry. Office 408, 13, Zapadnaya Str., 143002, Odintsovo, Moscow Region, Russia +7 (495) 592-7817
OCTOBER CO Confectionery products, gift wrapping. Office 802, 8th Floor, Bldg. E, Structure 5, Domovl. 4, 22nd km, Kievskoe Shosse, Moskovskiy Settlement, Moscow, Russia +7 (495) 649-8514
PP CORRUGATING FACTORY PP Corrugating Factory makes the TOP-10 manufacturers of corrugated board and corrugated packaging: rigid boxes, slotted-type boxes, trays with perforating holes, handles, inserts. 4 colors flexoprint. 24 hour delivery. Acceptance of waste paper. 66B, Mishutinskoe Shosse, 142505, Pavlovskiy Posad, Moscow Region, Russia +7 (495) 960-1922
SIGITASPAK s.r.l. Sigitaspak is manufacturer of horizontal and vertical automatic packaging installments for food and non food sectors taking into consideration all customers' needs. Via Lago Di Vico, 40, 36015 Schio (Vicenza), Italy +39 (0445) 575613
SMOLENSK FACTORY OF PLASTIC PRODUCTS LTD. SZPI specializes in production of high-quality integrated sealing devices for alcohol industry for KPM-30 locking rings. Design development, metal coating and film coating services. 15, Novo-Moskovskaya Str., 214000, Smolensk, Russia +7 (4812) 304-914
DECORATIVE AND PROTECTIVE COATINGS Automatic coating lines for glass containers.
Coloured transparent and matt clear and special coatings imitating gold, silver, copper, and chrome coatings for glass.
Floor 1, Bldg. 12, 4, Chaginskaya Str., Moscow, Russia +7 (499) 400-4304
OKIL-SATO OKIL-SATO is a printing house specializing in printing of self-adhesive, shrink sleeve labels, in-mould labels, promo and other labels. In 2018 OKIL-SATO had invested in the construction and establishment of a new company OKIL-SATO X- PACK in St. Petersburg. Office 22, Bldg. 2, 15, Naberezhnaya Akademika Tupoleva, 105005, Moscow, Russia +7 (495) 269-3993
GLASS NN EXPO TH LLC Glass bottles of any shape from standard to unique. Decoration of glass: screen printing, coating, original decor design layout. Moulds. Supplies from Russia, the CIS, China, Europe. Office 237, 15, Prospekt Tsiolkovskogo, 606025, Dzerzhinsk, Nizhny Novgorod Region, Russia +7 (8313) 35-09-45
DECOSTEK Drawing decor on bottles and high-quality glass by decoloring, engraving, painting. 128, Internatsional'naya Str., Gus-Khrustalny, Vladimir Region, Russia +7 (49241) 3-65-45
CCL Kontur Pressure-sensitive and in-mould labels, shrink sleeves. Flexo, offset, screen and digital printing. Embossing, hot and cold foil stamping, lamination, special varnishes and coatings. 47, Domodedovskoe Shosse, Pokrov Settlement, Strelkovskoe Rural Settlement, Podolsk District, 142116, Moscow Region, Russia +7 (495) 660-1886, 600-3086
ELITE BRANDS LTD Company Elite Brands is the general distributor of Tea Tang Ceylon tea and Cafe Esmeralda Colombian coffee. All goods are produced and packed in Ceylon and Colombia. P.O. box 9, 117513, Moscow, Russia +7 (495) 549-6261
SLODES LLC Manufacturer of exclusive and original glass bottles, decanters and cans, polymer stoppers with glass caps. Full development and design cycle of exclusive glass bottles. Bldg. 1, 5, Krasnodarskaya Str., Domodedovo, Moscow Region, Russia +7 (495) 125-9265
CRYPTOSTAMPED Track and trace, marketing promotions, collecting and analyzing product life cycle data. IT platform for brands and manufacturers. End Seller Bonus System. Bldg. 1, 2, Ugreshskaya Str., 115088, Moscow, Russia +7 (966) 191-0008
IMPERATOR We produce chocolate sweets, bars and pellets, using high-quality raw materials without colorants, palm oil, or soy. Litera A, Premises 1N, 6, Sestroretskaya Str., 197183, Saint Petersburg, Russia +7 (931) 541-7010
PETROVSKY TRADING HOUSE LLC Petrovsky Trading House LLC manufactures and sells marshmallow, pastila and marmalade products. Bldg. 1, 48, Narodnogo Opolcheniya Str., 123298, Moscow, Russia +7 (499) 198-1861
MALVINA Malvina specializes in the production and wholesale of soft toys, souvenirs, soft gift wrapping and other corporate souvenirs on the individual order. 34, Nadezhdinskaya Str., 220006, Minsk, Republic of Belarus +375 (17) 297-3525
SOLO Supplier of components for the alcohol and food industry. Glass containers, closures caps and plugs, packaging and labels. Design and own production in China. Export of alcohol. Bldg. 1, 3A, Kasatkina Str., Moscow, Russia +7 (495) 646-1242
CHONGQING YOUYUAN GLASSWARE CO. LTD A premier manufacturer of high-end quality glass bottles/containers for liquor. Ultra clear glass and various custom decorations on glass are also available. Floor 13-1, Building No. 3, Zhongyu Plaza, No. 86 Hongjin Road, Yubei District, Chongqing ity, 401147, China 8617729650248
NECTAR AGROFARM The company produces honey and bee products from its own apiaries, confitures from taiga berries with herbs and spices, cedar jam, pine cones and shoots, sbitn (Russian tea with honey and spices) and mead. Exclusive products. Office 92, 34, Prospekt Metallurgov, 660005, Krasnoyarsk, Russia +7 (913) 593-5068
ELITEK LLC Elitek is a company that manufactures and delivers New Year packaging, sells souvenirs and supplies a broad range of packaging for any holiday. Bldg. 45, Avtoservis Building, Sovkhoznaya Str., Rechitsy Settlement, Ramenskoye District, 140145, Moscow Region, Russia +7 (495) 646-0834
SAVERGLASS SAVERGLASS is the world leader in production and decoration of premium and super premium glass bottles and decanters for spirits and wines. We offer turn-key solutions and integrated approach for your most demanding projects. 3, Place De La Gare 60960, Feuquieres, France +33 (0) 3 44 46 4545
INTERCAP Production of polymeric sealing agents. Development of complex multicomponent products. 7, Babushkina Str., Smolensk, Russia 88005501182
PACKVISION LLC PACKVISION has been developing and supplying printing decorative materials for labels, cardboard and flexible packaging (holography, glitter, 3D lenses, Soft touch) for more than 15 years. BC Gromov, Office 228, 4, Gromova Str., 195196, Saint Petersburg, Russia +7 (812) 702-7140
GlaCem JSC We produce and decorate glass bottles and jars. 113/1, Leninskiy Prospekt, Moscow, Russia +7 (495) 180-2727
MILK PACKAGING FACTORY The MILK Packaging Factory is one of the biggest aluminum foil packaging producers in Russia. Its main products are glossy and embossed die-cut lids (lids for heat-sealing plastic packaging), rolled and laminated foil with printing. 1A, Severnaya Str., Leninskiy Settlement, Leninskiy District, Tula Region, Russia +7 (4872) 725 016
EXIMPACK-ROTOPRINT LTD Shrink sleves: design, manufacture, engineering, technological support. Multilayer materials. Delivery of processing equipment on a turn-key basis. 120, Vsevolozhskiy Prospekt, Vsevolozhsk, 188643, Saint Petersburg, Russia +7 (812) 676-2410
TSARINA Manufacture of toy wrappings for New Year gifts. We've been in the market for 18 years. Any amounts and any budgets. Cutting edge technologies in the garment industry. Manufacture to order and customized designs. 5, Dzerzhinskogo Str., Dzerzhinskoe Settlement, 634513, Tomsk, Russia +7 (3822) 914-143, 914-249
MOCKUP EXPERT Production of ready to use packaging prototypes (physical mockups) with digital printing, finishing performance, folding and sealing, original filling or its imitation. From 1 pcs. Office 9, Premises I, Floor 2, Entrance 5, Bldg. 1, 16, Krasnoproletarskaya Str., 127473, Moscow, Russia +7 (499) 130-6979
SARTEN Ambalaj Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S Leading cans manufacturer in Turkey, Bulgaria and Russia. Production of aerosol cans, food cans, motor oil, easy open ends, twist off caps, PET and plastic bottles, IML cups. Ferko Signature /Buyukdere Cad. Esentepe Mah. No.175, Floor 17, 34398 Sisli, Istanbul, Turkey +90 212 275 76 60
KYUNGHAN CO. LTD. Kyunghan has ASME, CE and GOST certificates. High temperature and high pressure STERI-ACE retorts have a rectangular chamber, that gives high effect to save installation space and running cost. 58, Gongdan 8-Ro, Jillyang-Eup, Gyeongsan-Si, Gyeongsangbuk-Do 38463, Republic of Korea +82 (53) 856-8855
5 ELEMENTS LLC 5 Elements LLC based in Orenburg produces reusable eco-package BeeTasty TM to keep your food fresh. Napkins are made of pure cotton enriched with beeswax, pine resin and jojoba oil. Apartment 36, 4V, Nevel'skaya Str., 460000, Orenburg, Russia +7 (3532) 50-05-45
POLEX PACKING LLC The biggest Russian manufacturer of extremely high quality polypropylene plastic packaging for dairy and food industries. The products include cups and lids, containers, as well consumer packaging. Office 501V, 20A, Kuskovskaya Str., 111141, Moscow, Russia +7 (495) 221-9191
RussCom Since 1992 RussCom has been offering full-cycle equipment for short-run production of labels, stickers and price tags. An automatic printing and cutting system virtually eliminates the need for an operator. Bldg. 5, 2, Rubtsovskaya Naberezhnaya, Moscow, Russia +7 (495) 785-5809
PIONEER UPACK Textile packaging, tin packaging, cardboard packaging, souvenir bags of textiles and organza, souvenirs and other gift packaging with the symbol of the new year. 45, M. Gor'kogo Str., 142500, Pavlovskiy Posad, Moscow Region, Russia +7 (495) 978-8884, 8 800 777-5310
PODARIYA Russian manufacturer of stuffed toys packaging for New Year's gifts. Our team produces unique toys that will delight children for many years. 17, Ovchinnikova Str., Perm, Russia +7 (342) 293-2767
AVALON LTD TRIADA LABEL offers services in manufacturing self-adhesive labels. Products are manufactured by the flexographic printing method (in rolls). All kinds of pre-press and post press services are available. Litera B, 18, Khrustal'naya Str., Saint Petersburg, Russia +7 (812) 333-0440, 8 800 250 73 44
EcoProdPak A comprehensive solution for the production of packaged products under the brand name of the client. Development of the original layout, production of film, roasting of nuts and seeds, packing. Bldg. 7, 54, 17th Line Vasil'evskogo Ostrova, 199048, Saint Petersburg, Russia +7 (812) 303-9791, (911) 977-8281
ANHUI LONGRUI GLASS CO. LTD Anhui Longrui Glass produces many kinds of glass bottles for vodka, whiskey, wine, etc. with capacity of 220 million pcs. We also can produce decorated bottles with painting, acid-wash, silk screen printing. Zhangji, Gujing Town, Bozhou City, Anhui Province, China 8618756793263
VYATKA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY UNION Union Vyatka Chamber of Commerce and Industry is a non-profit non-public organization providing support to any kind of business activities with the aim of business development assistance. 4, Profsoyuznaya Str., 610004, Kirov, Russia +7 (8332) 65-15-65
NIKTEA Niktea presents the finest collection of high-quality tea from classic black and green one to aromatic fruit and herbal compositions from all over the world. 32A, Khoroshyovskoe Shosse, Moscow, Russia +7 (495) 726-5656
ALKOR CENTER LTD. Alkor Center Ltd is the representative office of Alkor in Moscow. Alkor (Magnitogorsk) is one of the leaders in plastic food packaging production, including barrier film packaging. Room 22, 4th Floor, Premises #XI, 7, Kotlyakovskaya Str., Moscow, Russia +7 (495) 505-3777
UNIFOL Since 1994 Unifol Group of Companies has been producing packaging for the food and alcohol products: plastic cups in cardboard and drain-label, aluminium, polylaminate and shrink caps and capsules. 5, Okruzhnoy Proezd, Fryazino, Moscow Region, Russia +7 (495) 995-9081
ARTFLEX Production of flexible packaging. Flexographic printing on film. Lamination. Cutting. Bldg. 3, 57, Maly Prospekt V. O., 199178, Saint Petersburg, Russia +7 (812) 325-15-51, +7 (495) 727-44-52
YASNAYA POLYANA FACTORY OF TARE AND PACKING The company operates in the field of production of cardboard and paper products and specializes in the production of both industrial and food, as well as gift packaging. 50, Lesnoy Settlement, Shchekinsky District, Tula, Russia +7 (4872) 50-29-01
ATLAS LTD Production of decorative neckings for sparkling wine, wirehoods, decorative neckings made of PVC and complex materials for still wines, labels, bag-in-boxes, packaging for baby food. 20, Engel'sa Str., Sudzha, Kursk Region, Russia +7 (47143) 2-44-94
LOZA-MASTER Production of wicker shop equipment and gift baskets of natural wicker and artificial rattan (polyrattan). Shelves, stands, trays, drawers, baskets, baguette holders, matting, furniture, decoration. 22A, Bastionnaya Str., 392029, Tambov, Russia +7 (925) 507-68-11
PECHATNY EXPRESS FLEXOGRAPHIA Production of self-adhesive, shrinkable, multi-layers, IML labels, banding tapes and other kinds of labels for all industries. Cardboard packaging. Design. 73A, Koptevskaya Str., 125239, Moscow, Russia +7 (495) 739-9933, 984-3009
PARADIGMA PC CJSC The company PARADIGMA produces packing from cardboard, corrugated cardboard and micro-corrugated cardboard. High level and safety of products is confirmed by quality certificates and Health Inspection Service certificate. 25, Mayakovskogo Str., Izhevsk, Udmurtia Republic, Russia +7 (3412) 91-22-21
TRIADA LABEL Production of autoadhesive labels. Protective and special-purpose, thermal transfer, promotional, and digital labels. Printing on parchment. Litera B, 18, Khrustal'naya Str., Saint Petersburg, Russia +7 (812) 333-0440

We invite small and large companies of gift and New Year packaging design as exhibitors of the Prodexpo exhibition and as professional visitors from different areas of the food industry.