Chips, snacks, croutons, pop-corn, cotton candy, puffed corn companies

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the production and supply companies of chips, snacks, croutons, pop-corn, cotton candy, puffed corn that participated in the annual Prodexpo exhibition .

Company name Description Address Phone Website
ROSPETRO LTD The company ROSPETRO specializes in wholesale of dried fruit and nuts, sunflower and pumpkin seeds. In many respects it is an importer and ensures competitive prices. Litera AE, 13, Moskovskoe Shosse, 196240, Saint Petersburg, Russia +7 (812) 382-6365
OSNOVNOY PRODUKT Produce and sell products under the brands: Ruzik sweet snacks and cereals, Choshki salty snacks, MaxiVita healthy meals and breads. Production of ingredients for confectionaries. Office 204, 165, Tashkentskaya Str., Samara, Russia +7 (846) 276-0530
SmartBar Group SmartBar Group LLC is a leading manufacturer of products for healthy and proper nutrition. 3, Lenina Str., Sobinskiy District, 601204, Sobinka, Vladimir Region, Russia +7 (977) 758-3285
GOOD-FOOD GROUP OF COMPANIES GOOD-FOOD Group of Companies has been one of the leaders in the Russian wholesale and retail market of nuts, dried fruit and confectionery products for more than 20 years. Bldg. 3, 5, Gamsonovskiy Pereulok, Moscow, Russia +7 (495) 981-5656
SIMPLY CHIPS Natural potato chips. Office 116, Bldg. 1, 9, Montazhnaya Str., 107497, Moscow, Russia +7 (985) 274-0858
PISCHA BOGOV PLUS Since 2016 Pischa Bogov Plus production and trading company has been producing innovative products under the TM Snack-Snack at the advanced production site in the ecologically clean area of the Moscow Region. Office 410, 1B, Sosnovaya Str., Sosenki Village, Sosenskoe Settlement, Moscow, Russia 88006007409
JAPAN SENKON LL Japan-Sankon imports products from Japan. We seek to help our customers get to know the traditional Japanese cuisine as well as purcahse high quality groceries and other products in stores in Russia. Premises 12, 3, Molodyozhnaya Str., 143405, Krasnogorsk, Moscow Region, Russia +7 (977) 268-7119
SOLO Supplier of components for the alcohol and food industry. Glass containers, closures caps and plugs, packaging and labels. Design and own production in China. Export of alcohol. Bldg. 1, 3A, Kasatkina Str., Moscow, Russia +7 (495) 646-1242
ELIZAVETA+ LLC Elizaveta+ LL is the company engaged in production and delivery logistics of organic food. We are constantly working to broaden the range of products, expanding distribution network. 26, Gubenko Str., 214011, Smolensk, Russia +7 (4812) 70-21-58, 8 800 200 22 30
GREENSHIRE GROUP LLC GreenShire is a Russian manufacturer of natural banana chips of GreenShire trademark with original taste range and authors technology of light short-time roasting. Office 403, 92, Starokubanskaya Str., 350058, Krasnodar, Russia +7 (989) 299-4441
RUSSKY PRODUCT Russky Product is one of the leading Russian grocery manufacturers producing oat flakes, soups, grain and instant coffee, chicory, cereal drinks, kissels, spices and seasonings, baking mixes. 77, Moskovskaya Str., Detchino Settlement, Maloyaroslavets District, 249080, Kaluga Region, Russia +7 (495) 933-7510, 755-8464
Snack Expert LLC Importer and official representative in Russia of TropicMax unique natural plantain snacks (Ecuador). 8, Rostokinskaya Str., Moscow, Russia +7 (495) 182-4282
LigaOpt Intellect Torg LLC is the largest wholesale supplier of confectionery products, beer and drinks in the territory of the Central Federal District. Our portfolio includes the most famous brands of national and foreign producers. 11, Vostochnaya Str., Gorki Leninskie Settlement, Leninsky District, 142712, Moscow Region, Russia +7 (925) 216-1957
LIDAPISHCHEKONTSENTRATY JSC We produce compressed and bulk soups, compressed cereal flakes, jelly, cereal flakes under TM Lidkon, corn sticks, spices and seasonings. We provide services for the production of products under private label. 11, Tavlaya Str., 231300, Lida, Grodno Region, Republic of Belarus +375 29 9643128
RKS TRADE HOUSE Thai Style company is the distributor of Thai products in Russia and exclusive importing agent of Thai processed food and UHT healthy beverages from Thailand based Ampol Food Processing Ltd. There are only selective brands in company profile. Office 6, 1, Klenovaya Str., Residential District Opalikha, Krasnogorsk, Moscow Region, Russia +7 (495) 989-1440
ORIENTMAX TRADE LLC One of the largest cutting-edge enterprises in Uzbekistan making starch products (funchose), pasta and confectionery (marshmallows). 96A, 2st Proezd Chukursoy Str., Olmazor District, Tashkent, Republic of Uzbekistan +998 90 987 10 85, +998 71 150 50 10
HAPPY FISH Happy Fish offers fish-based snacks made from natural river fishes of the best quality, only the best fish fillet without any additives or impurities. Our products know no equal in terms of quality in Russia. Astrakhan, Russia +7 (964) 648-1841
ZELENAYA GORKA Zelenaya Gorka (TM Zelenika) is a company with a full fruit and vegetable snacks production cycle operating in the segment of healthy food snacks. We use a unique vacuum drying technology. Bldg. 28, 44, Ryabinovaya Str., 121471, Moscow, Russia +7 (495) 737-5885
SIBIRSKAYA BELOCHKA SIBIRSKAYA BELOCHKA has been working since 1997. The primary business area is chocolate candies production. Today the company produces more than 50 types of chocolates. 195/7, 10 Let Oktyabrya Str., 644009, Omsk, Russia +7 (3812) 32-98-40
EURO FOODS Russian producer of snack products under TM Happy Corn (popcorn), Syrkach (smoked cheeses), Varanda (chips without frying), Hleb-Sol (grain snacks) and Happy Nachos (corn chips). 3, Rabochaya Str., Khimki, Moscow Region, Russia +7 (495) 575-4101
NOVOKOM LLC Novocom LLC is the enterprise engaged in the manufacture of chips and snack products. The company has been operating on the snack market for over 18 years. In the production line there is a large assortment of chips, savoury and sweet snacks. 21, Vokzal'naya Str., 243020, Novozybkov, Bryansk Region, Russia +7 (4834) 35-42-68, 35-39-46
KUPIEC Sp z o.o. The largest producers of healthy food in Poland, has been active in the industry since 1987. Producer of rice, corn and chocolate cakes as well as instant breakfast products. We have IFS, ISO, BRC, OU, Gluten Free, BIO certificates and FDA approval. 62-513 Krzymow, Paprotnia, Kupiecka 17, Poland 48632413737
FREE TIME LTD Freetime Company is the largest importer of beverages, chewing gum and snacks from the United States, the exclusive distributor of TM Jumex juice from Mexico and Basil Seed drinks from Vietnam. Bldg. 13, 46, Ryabinovaya Str., 121471, Moscow, Russia +7 (495) 266-0606
KITCHEN, THE HARMONY OF TASTE Kitchen, the Harmony of Taste is a Russian company producing natural and healthy ec-products. The products contain only organic ingredients, they are GMO and preservatives free. 26, Krasnaya Str., Klimovsk Residential District, Podolsk, Moscow Region, Russia 8 800 707-1142
GreenLine LLC The company is an importer of nuts, seeds, dried fruit. We can offer the best quality goods at good prices from the whole world thanks to our rich experience in international supplying. Room 25, Premises VI, 3rd Floor, Bldg. 1, 16, Basovskaya Str., 109202, Moscow, Russia +7 (499) 707-2212
LAMERI SPA Lameri produces extruded and puffed cereals, flakes and flours, Granola as semi-finished products for bakery and confectionery industries and breakfast cereals for Private Label. Via D.F. Cattaneo 28/30, 26020 S. Bassano (CR), Italy 3903743821
LUOHE CITY NANJIE CUN TRADE CO. LTD The company's main export business is fresh noodle series and chocolate biscuit bar series products. Exporting products to UK, Malaysia and other countries. We have passed FDA, BRC, HALAL certification. Nanjie Cun, Linying County, Luohe City, Henan Province, China +86 (395) 5878888
ORION INTERNATIONAL EURO Orion International Euro is one of the largest Russian confectionery companies. Choco Pie is its flagship product, one of the top 3 sold in Russia in 2018 biscuits (sweet biscuit backed)* Nielsen. Room 18, Premises II, 3rd Floor, Bldg. 1, Property 6, 22nd km, Kievskoe Shosse, Moskovskiy Settlement, 108811, Moscow, Russia +7 (495) 787-9909
Samhae Commercial Co. Ltd. We, Samhae Commercial Co. Ltd. have been producing seaweed products since 1968. We specialize in roasted seaweeds, seasoned seaweeds (having various flavors) and seaweed snacks (3 types of snacks). A-1405, H Business Park, 25, Beobwon-ro 11-gil, Songpa Gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea +82 2 431 2398
TYPHOON-INNOVATION SPA LLC The largest food industry equipment manufacturer in Southern Russia. Typhoon-Innovation has been manufacturing and operating high-tech equipment for over 20 years. 100, Pervomayskaya Str., Khutor Vyazniki, Shpakovskiy District, Stavropol Territory, Russia +7 (8652) 51-16-11
MEDAL LLC Our company is producing easy-to-use, eco-friendly, and high-quality food based on HEMP, natural herbal ingredients at affordable prices. Office 5, 17A, Rubezhnaya Str., 454048, Chelyabinsk, Russia +7 (351) 750-01-98
LAMINPACK Paper cups, paper lids, laminated foil, laminated paper, combined materials packets, shrink labels, ice cream cones. Bldg. 3, 2A, Ippodromnaya Str., 644046, Omsk, Russia +7 (3812) 39-04-10 / 11
MARTIN Company MARTIN is a proven leader in the market of sunflower seeds. The company also produces various high-quality products such as snacks, soft drinks, groceries, beer, etc. 109, Tsentral'naya Str., Noginsk District, 142455, Elektrougli, Moscow Region, Russia +7 (495) 221-0494
EURASIA LIMITED CO. LTD The official importer of Japanese TM Segun snacks. We also deliver different goods from Asia on order: sauces, canned foods, aloe drinks, peanuts, tapioka starch. Office 512, 3, Profsoyuznaya Str., Moscow, Russia +7 (499) 678-1283
KAZANSKY KHLEBOZAVOD NO. 2 LLC We produce puff pastry products (Zolotye Zavitki, Palochki), choux gingerbreads with filling and without, bread snacks (pretzels, bread rings, sticks, mini dried biscuits), rusks, dried biscuits, butter biscuits with filling, mini croissants, oriental sweets. 7B, Khlebozavodskaya Str., 420006, Kazan, Republic of Tatarstan, Russia +7 (843) 564-5253
OLMI 2000 One of the largest developers and suppliers of soft New Year packaging for confectionery, as well as toys, souvenirs and other investments in gifts. Office 2, 2, Mekhanikov Str., Promzona Territory, Volzhskiy District, 443548, Samara Region, Russia +7 (846) 977-0997
PastiLab Manufacturer of Sushki fruit and vegetable chips and natural pastila (marshmallow). 41, Oktyabr'skiy Gorodok Str., Ryazan, Russia +7 (929) 067-97-97
LIVE CRACKERS Manufacturer of snacks: crackers, croutons, chips, deli meats, peanuts, seeds. 44, Oktyabr'skaya Str., 352919, Armavir, Krasnodar Territory, Russia +7 (900) 229-67-61
RUSSKIY DESERT Production of sugar, butter and shortbread cookies, breakfast cereals from rice, wheat, corn, etc. under the Russkiy Dessert trademark. Production under private labels. 2/1, Voykova Str., Omsk, Russia +7 (3812) 469544
SNEKPROD We produce yummy natural chips from potatoe, which we grow in our fields in the Russian Zalesye. The production ensures the purity of the product due to the availability of in-house elite seed stock. Bldg. 12, Frunze Str., Koverino Settlement, Kameshkovskiy District, 601331, Vladimir Region, Russia +7 (901) 581-1487
PROKSIMA TH Production of ice cream and waffle products. Production of plastics for food products, household chemicals and personal hygiene products. 7, Kagal'nitskoe Shosse, 346780, Azov, Rostov Region, Russia +7 (86342) 6-76-98
REGION-PRODUCT JSC Region-Product JSC is a producer of crusts and rusks under own brands Khrust and Zhigulevskoe and private brands for retail and wholesale companies. 29, Avtomobilistov Str., Bogoslovka Settlement, Penzenskiy District, Penza Region, Russia +7 (8412) 20-82-00
MAYUMI We are manufacturers of two brands products: Mayumi and I love Asia. These are ingredients for sushi, grocery group of products. We work from Kamchatka to Kaliningrad and in the CIS. 2, Krasny Pereulok, 644020, Omsk, Russia +7 (913) 141-5782
LEVEL99 QNT is a sports nutrition brand from Belgium an environmentally friendly location in Europe. With over 30 years in the market, we offer over 80 products, operating in more than 100 countries and running our own production facilities! Bldg. 1, 38, Ryabinovaya Str., 121471, Moscow, Russia +7 (499) 213-0199
RADUGA LLC Raduga LLC is a large production and distribution company. It produces Pasta-Mama instant soups and noodles, popcorn and corn sticks, curly breakfasts, fried nuts and seeds. 2, Kozhabergen Zhyrau Str., , Republic of Kazakhstan 77152630001
MYASSOURI RANCH Production and sale of Myassouri Ranch natural dried meat (beef, venison, horse meat, turkey, chicken). Office 118, 150/2, Piskaryovskiy Prospekt, 195273, Saint Petersburg, Russia +7 (911) 170-3000
FACTORY OF CRUNCH Factory of Crunch produces snacks (popcorn and corn sticks). The snacks from Vologda are made from natural high quality raw materials sourced in Russia. Office 1, 4, Tikhiy Pereulok, Nepotyagovo Settlement, Vologodskiy District, 160510, Vologda Region, Russia +7 (8172) 55-70-33
YUZHNAYA SNEKOVAYA KOMPANIYA The largest manufacturer of snacks in the South of Russia. The products are sold actively in the entire territory of the Russian Federation and in the Republics of Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Belarus. Premises 209, 178, Imeni Stasova Str., Krasnodar, Russia +7 (861) 203-3977
LANINA A.V. The Multichips Company is the leader in production of potato plate chips. We care about our customers and therefore offer the best conditions for cooperation. 9A, 5th Zavodskoy Pereulok, Belgorod, Russia +7 (980) 327-6527
RUSSIAN DESERT The Russian Dessert confectionery factory produces flour confectionery and ready breakfast cereals (cereals and grains). The products are presented throughout the Russian Federation, as well as in the CIS and EU. Apartment 25, Bldg. 1, 7, 1th Voennaya Str., 644041, Omsk, Russia +7 (3812) 46-90-42
MUSHBERRY GOURMET PRODUCTS MUSHBERRY GOURMET PRODUCTS is a manufacturer of Newton fruit chips. The crispy fruit chips without additives and sugar. Delicious and healthy snack! Healthy diet! Office 7, 41, Rodiny Str., 420087, Kazan, Republic of Tatarstan, Russia +7 (843) 216-0037
VIETCONG GROUP OF COMPANIES Import/export: dried bananas, mango, papaya, canned fruit, vegetables and mushrooms, frozen, yellow pineapples of Queen variety. Wholesale and b2b. Vietcong trade mark, Your Private Label. Office 7, 8, 2nd Floor, 7, Zemlyanoy Val Str., 105064, Moscow, Russia +7 (495) 641-0104
NOVGORODHLEB Novgorodhleb is the manufacturer of bakery and confectionery products. 10, Prospekt Aleksandra Korsunova, Velikiy Novgorod, Russia +7 (8162) 60-12-79
URALSKY LIDER Production of peanuts in a crispy crust and other snacks. We have successfully solved the problem of import substitution, because the quality of our products is not inferior to European analogues, and exceeds them in many respects. Office 328, Bldg 1, 36, 2nd Paveletskaya Str., 454047, Chelyabinsk, Russia 88005113623 http://-.
PRODUCT Manufacture and sale of snacks under the trademarks Grenkino, Kruiz (Cruise), Korablik (Toy Boat) trademarks. 39, Mira Str., Pyatigorsk, Stavropol Territory, Russia +7 (928) 309-6660
HEALTHY FOODS The company Healthy Foods is a manufacturer of TM Snack Peck exclusive products in the category of quick snack. Room#37, Premises 2, 1st Floor, 18, Novokhoroshyovskiy Proezd, 123308, Moscow, Russia +7 (499) 390-5742
SOLNECHNYE DARY The Solnechnye Dary company, formed in 2002, makes fried sunflower seeds. New production site, production is ISO 22000-2018 certified. 6, Dorozhnaya Str., Kalachevo Settlement, Prokopyevsky District, Kemerovo Region, Russia +7 (3846) 68-20-14 http://www.-.
MISTER SNACK Mister Snack produces high quality snacks under the SNEKUSHKI brand: natural garlic based croutons, crisp peanuts, bread chips, fish and seafoods. 150/11, Borodinskaya Str., Krasnodar, Russia +7 (861) 991-0959
LOTTE CONFECTIONERY RUS Lotte CF RUS, the Russian representative office of LOTTE CONFECTIONERY Ltd, was opened in Moscow in April 2007. Our product range includes Choko-Pai, LOTTE CARAMEL, and other products. Bldg. 1, 65, Profsoyuznaya Str., Moscow, Russia +7 (495) 287-4601
ZHIVAYA EDA TD Production of healthy lifestyle food products. Kelp seaweed chips with vegetables and seeds. Granat i Shokolad hocolate with pomegranate juice, green buckwheat chips with hemp and vegetables. 57, Kvakshino Village, Kalininskiy District, Tver Region, Russia +7 (925) 060-1108
SIBIRSKAIA KLETCHATKA Siberian Fibre for 17 years we have been producing functional and dietary fibre-based foods. High-quality natural raw materials and innovative developments. 150 kinds of products cocktails, desserts, marmalade, bran. Office 107, 109, Frunze Prospekt, 634021, Tomsk, Russia +7 (3822) 44-53-87
KUBAN CHEESE COMPANY TH Production of pickled and smoked cheeses: Kosichka, Spaghetti, Niti, Balyk. Supply to all regions of the Russian Federation. Private label production. 2, Str. Named after Makarenko, Kolosisty Settlement, 350053, Krasnodar, Russia 88002503575
STAMBA LLC STAMBA is a Russian all-natural potato chips company. BRUTO KRAFT is a brand of potato chips made without any preservatives or dyes packed into kraft paper bag. BRUTO NPC is a brand of potato chips with a rich variety of flavors for every taste. 3A, Lenina Str., Khutor Leninavan, Myasnikovskiy District, 346818, Rostov Region, Russia +7 900 120-0500
SOSTRA-RUS Manufacturer No.1 of natural soy sauce on traditional recipe by method of natural fermentation. Also producer and importer of the most popular products, representing culinary traditions from around the world. Office 17/7-19, Bldg. 14, 84/32, Profsoyuznaya Str., 117485, Moscow, Russia +7 (495) 108-3288
NEW EAST JSC New East is a Russian manufacturer of snack products. Salted and fried peanuts in seasonings, in glaze and in a crispy crust. More than 30 flavors. Experience since 2008. Production of fish snacks. 51, Zarechnaya Str., Vladivostok, Primorsky Kray, Russia +7 (914) 791-5979 http://.
HoloGrate Holograms and holographic production is the basic directions of activity of HoloGrate company. Among them the most important is professional protection against the falsification. B Admiralteyskiy, 22, Moskovskiy Prospekt, 190013, Saint Petersburg, Russia +7 (812) 702-6122
FRUTOVIT Production and wholesale of nuts, candied fruit and dried fruit. Office 33, Bldg. 43, 35, Svobody Str., Moscow, Russia +7 (495) 121-7557
TRADITIONS OF TURRONERY Family-made turron and nougat sweets made from whole nuts and natural honey. No flavorings, no dyes, and no preservatives. Apartment 24, 84, al. Sovetskaya, 142620, , Moscow Region, Russia +7 (499) 399-3100
LUTOV SNACK GROUP Production and sale of snack products croutons, crackers, fish and meat snacks. 13B, Montazhny Proezd, 394028, Voronezh, Russia +7 (905) 623-4399
SAMRA LLC Production of carbonated soft drinks under the Love is... label. A large wholesale and retail company selling food products, such as sweets and drinks from the USA, Europe, Asia, and Russia. Office 70, Room 2, Premises 16, 9th Floor, Bldg. 9, 7, Proezd Khlebozavodskiy, 115230, Moscow, Russia +7 (929) 994-9494, +7 (966) 106-9393,
TRIUMF CONFECTIONARY KF Triumf has been a manufacturer of flour confectionery products since 2014. Own recipes and production technologies allow us to preserve all the taste and benefits of natural ingredients in products. 11, 1st Potrebitel'skaya Str., 454053, Chelyabinsk, Russia +7 (351) 210-1110
MISTRAL TRADING LLC Mistral Trading Company is an expert in the rice and grains category. For more than 20 years we have been creating a new quality of life making everyday food rich and varied, and healthy eating delicious. Entrance E3, 3, Poklonnaya Str., 121170, Moscow, Russia +7 (495) 741-7888
ENJOY FOOD LTD Leading producer of popcorn and snack category products in Russia and the CIS. We provide a full range of products and services for organizing concession-zones in cinemas and the HoReCa segment. Litera L, 5, 4th Predportovyy Proezd, 196240, Saint Petersburg, Russia +7 (812) 320-80-31
ONEGA Onega is a producer of snacks in the Republic of Belarus. Production is presented in the following categories: raw potato chips, snacks, extruded products, peanuts, sunflower seeds, muesli bars. 8, Promyshlennaya Str., Kolodishchi Agro Town, Minsk District, 223051, Minsk Region, Republic of Belarus +375 17 500 53 10
NEW PRODUCT COMPANY Breakfast cereals under TM BOBSY, BOBOSIKI (bean snacks made from peas, chickpeas, lentils), TM Khrumstik, VkusNyaka, ShokOrekh from air grains of rice, spelled, buckwheat, wheat, barley. Dietary and diabetic products sugar free. 3, Khlebozavodskaya Str., Chelyabinsk, Russia +7 (951) 781-6208
KHLEBO-MOLOCHNYI KOMBINAT #1 KAZKON Production and sale of confectioneries. Bldg. 7, Uralsk Zhelaevo rout, Uralsk, Republic of Kazakhstan +7 (7112) 54-99-52
TULSKIY LEDENEC The Tulskiy Ledenec candy company has been producing and selling natural curly lollipops in bulk since 2010 in Russia. We also make custom-shaped lollipops. Premises 201, Floor 2, 12, Novotul'skaya Str., 300017, Tula, Russia 8 800 600-5260
EFFORT TM Production of natural protein, cereal, fruit and meat bars. Halal products. Price segments range from Budget to Premium. Custom recipes development and private label manufacturing. Office 36, Room 2, Premises I, 5, Martenovskaya Str., 111399, Moscow, Russia 8 800 302 64 40
RAUMENA LLP Raumena was founded in 1998 and today is one of the leaders in the production of corn sticks and snack products in Kazakhstan. 65, 50 Let Oktyabrya Str., Rudniy, Kostanay Region, Republic of Kazakhstan +7 (71431) 94-2-30
KUBANSKAYA SYRNAYA COMPANIYA TD Production of pickled and smoked cheeses: Kosichka, Spaghetti, Niti, Balyk, Solomka. Logistics in all regions of the Russian Federation. Production under the private label. 2, Imeni Makarenko Str., Kolosisty Settlement, 350053, Krasnodar, Russia +7 (861) 228-5691
MULTI BRAND Production and sale of chips from pita, soft crackers, snacks. Rural tobacco for the agricultural purposes is a novelty of 2019. Import of lighters, electronic cigarettes and liquids under TM Prometey, Humanoid and Loky. 58, Kantemirovskaya Str., Moscow, Russia +7 (985) 757-9141
OREKHPROM The only factory in Russia with a full cycle of nuts processing and one of the largest suppliers of nuts and dried fruit. High-tech equipment that meets international safety standards. 2/1, Krasnykh Partizan Str., 350012, Krasnodar, Russia +7 (861) 212-54-60
JIANGSU DAHUA FOODS CO. LTD. Our company professionally manufactures Roasted Seaweed, Yaki Sushi Nori, Seasoned Seaweed, Seaweed Snacks and Nori Snacks. Welcome to contact us and establish long-term business cooperation! Economic Development Zone, Rudong, Nantong, Jiangsu, China +86 (513) 81959939

We invite small and large production and supply companies of chips, snacks, croutons, pop-corn, cotton candy, puffed corn as exhibitors of the Prodexpo exhibition and professional visitors from different areas of the food industry.