Bakery from different countries manufacturers and suppliers

Many manufacturers and suppliers of bakery participate in the annual Prodexpo exhibition .

We invite you to familiarize yourself with a list of some of the leading companies that participated in our exhibition.


  • Description of activity: A large confectionery manufacturer in Russia, operating since 2010. The hallmark and priority direction of the factory is the production of waffle tubes with boiled condensed milk under the TM Appetic.
  • Organization address: Office 2, Bldg. 2, 19, Silikatnaya Str., Mytishchi, Moscow Region, Russia
  • Phone: +7 (919) 635-7094
  • Website:


  • Description of activity: Grain processing (food wheat), production of products: flour, semolina, bran.
  • Organization address: 1, Reka Volozhka Str., 446001, Syzran, Samara Region, Russia
  • Phone: +7 (8464) 330-210
  • Website: http://http//


  • Description of activity: Import of premium food from Europe,
    Distribution: retail chains, wholesale, regions,
    Logistics: Saint Petersburg Moscow.
  • Organization address: Litera K2, 63, Prospekt Nepokorennykh, 195067, Saint Petersburg, Russia
  • Phone: +7 (812) 332-0862
  • Website:


  • Description of activity: Fitness bakery is a balanced healthy meal, which you can use easily. We offer the fit alternative to sweets that gives your body nutrition which it needs to functionate properly.
  • Organization address: Premises 1, Litera B, 2, Voskova Str., Sestroretsk, 197706, Saint Petersburg, Russia
  • Phone: +7 (812) 407-2711
  • Website:


  • Description of activity: Production of roasted sunflower seeds, peanuts, pistachios, snacks, chips.
  • Organization address: 1B, Tsentral\'naya Str., Nizhnepodpol\'ny Village, Aksayskiy District, Rostov Region, Russia
  • Phone: +7 (928) 906-1260



    • Description of activity: Confectionery from Siberia. Own production of flour confectionery. We have been on the market for more than 20 years. In the assortment there are handmade gingerbread, cookies, cakes, muffins, dragees, toffe, marshmallows.
    • Organization address: 24a-132, Nekrasova Str., Abakan, Republic of Khakassia, Russia
    • Phone: +7 (923) 591-73-10
    • Website: http://.


    • Description of activity: One of the largest producers of bakery and confectionery products in Eastern Siberia. Founded in 1949, Karavay annually increases the rate of production. Today the holding includes 4 production sites, in-house trading network and more than 300 types of products!
    • Organization address: Bldg. 1, Quarter 251, Angarsk, Irkutsk Region, Russia
    • Phone: +7 (3955) 54-18-86
    • Website:


    • Description of activity: Production and sale of confectionery products.
    • Organization address: 32, Sovkhoznaya Str., Arkhangel'skoe Settlement, Cherdaklinskiy District, 433409, Ulyanovsk Region, Russia
    • Phone: +7 (8422) 75-50-06
    • Website:

    KSK, LLC

    • Description of activity: The first Russian maker of spring roll dough as well as crepes and thin sponge dough. Wholesale of food products, including semi-finished meat products.
    • Organization address: Stupino District, Moscow Region, Russia
    • Phone: +7 (965) 282-2428
    • Website:


    • Description of activity: Production of ketchups, sauces, tomato paste, juices and nectars, long-term storage baked products, frozen semi-finished baked products, canned meat products.
    • Organization address: 7D, Tovarnaya Str., 443109, Samara, Russia
    • Phone: +7 (846) 931-03-76
    • Website:


    • Description of activity: Foodaxy Company offers its customers exclusive products from the international brands: Corniche, Gummi Zone and Dulcesol marshmallows, gummies, donuts, biscuits and pastries.
    • Organization address: 14, Baltiyskaya Str., Moscow, Russia
    • Phone: +7 (495) 647-8899
    • Website:


    • Description of activity: Sweet Venice has been a successful confectionery manufacturer for 10 years. Proven recipes and Italian equipment allow us to fulfill orders on time, in the required quantities.
    • Organization address: Office 3, Property 9, Promyshlennaya Str., Shemysheyka Work Settlement, Shemysheyskiy District, 442430, Penza Region, Russia
    • Phone: +7 (8412) 560-560
    • Website: http://-.


    • Description of activity: Titto has been on the market of confectionery and bakery products for 10 years. Our trade mark products are famous for a rich taste palette, quality and variety of choice, so they are of high competitiveness.
    • Organization address: 32, Bokuna Pereulok, 295034, Simferopol, Republic of Crimea, Russia
    • Phone: +7 (978) 016-5165
    • Website:


    • Organization address: Russia


    • Description of activity: Has been engaged in the supply of food ingredients from the leading world producers since 1993. Technological support, in-house application laboratory, warehouses in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg.
    • Organization address: Litera A, 24, Obvodnogo kanala Naberezhnaya, 192019, Saint Petersburg, Russia
    • Phone: +7 (812) 320-7677
    • Website:


    • Description of activity: Diamir K Trading House produces and sells a full range of healthy products, including dietary, gluten-free and diabetic ones.
    • Organization address: Premises 1, Bldg. 2, 2, 2nd Kabel'naya Str., 111024, Moscow, Russia
    • Phone: +7 (495) 739-2200
    • Website:


    • Description of activity: 10.72 (Production of crackers, biscuits and other cracked bakery products, manufacture of flour confectionery, cakes, pastries, pies and biscuits intended for long-term storage).
    • Organization address: Severnaya Promzona Territory, 352900, Armavir, Krasnodar Territory, Russia
    • Phone: +7 (86137) 3-26-84
    • Website:


    • Description of activity: Fasta LLC is a manufacturer of wafer tartlets and cake layers.
      Wafer cake layers
      Brizoli wafer cakes for cutlets
      Wafer tartlets (Basket, Punnet, Nutlet).
    • Organization address: Office 15, 331, Belgorodskaya Str., 309187, Gubkin, Belgorod Region, Russia
    • Phone: +7 (930) 451-0124
    • Website:


    • Description of activity: Production and wholesale of confectionery (dry toasts, ring-shaped rolls and cracknels, biscuits).
    • Organization address: 49, Komsomol'skaya Str., Tula, Russia
    • Phone: +7 (4872) 75-33-01


    • Description of activity: Cookies, cakes, marshmallows.
    • Organization address: 42, Plekhanova Str., Tver, Russia
    • Phone: +7 (4822) 57-11-70
    • Website:


    • Description of activity: Distributor company, that vells confectionary goods and drinks by of European and domestic producers. Produces goods under the Stolichnaya Izuminka and PoD\'Arl private labels.
    • Organization address: Bldg. 8, 37, Altuf\'evskoe Shosse, 127410, Moscow, Russia
    • Phone: +7 (495) 945-0945
    • Website:


    • Description of activity: Aurora Company was founded in 2000 in Baku. AURORA laid the foundation for the production of pasta and confectionery products. Founded the first factory in Azerbaijan for the production of energy drinks.
    • Organization address: Republic of Azerbaijan
    • Phone: +994 51 2555106
    • Website:


    • Description of activity: We are one of the leading manufacturers of breakfast food items in Ankara, Turkiye since 1984. Main products are hazelnut spread, peanut cream, cookie butter, jam, honey, tahini, halva, molasses.
    • Organization address: Yolu 33. km Bitik Koyii Girişi, Kahramankazan, Istanbul, Türkiye
    • Phone: +90 312 814 55 90
    • Website:


    • Description of activity: Vostochnaya Skazka production factory specializes in the production of premium class oriental sweets. All manufactured products meet the Halal requirements.
    • Organization address: Saint Petersburg, Russia
    • Phone: +7 (812) 407-7388
    • Website:


    • Description of activity: ATV Group is the official representative and distributor of confectionery under the TOYBOX trade mark (Turkey) in the territory of the Russian Federation.
    • Organization address: Office Pavilions 183-185, TC Drive, 1st Floor, Bldg. 2, 3, MKAD, 8th KM, Moscow, Russia
    • Phone: +7 (915) 449-7730
    • Website:


    • Description of activity: Dawn Food Produces provides bakery owners with quality commercial food service products for bakery management and the baker owner.
    • Organization address: BC Smol\'ny, 14, Smol\'naya Str., 125493, Moscow, Russia
    • Phone: + 7 (495) 419-0046
    • Website:


    • Description of activity: Ziplock Doypack package bags by Izaslav LLC, paper bags by Ecopaksnab LLC and confectioneries by Pavlikovo.
    • Organization address: 62, Svobody Str., 150014, Yaroslavl, Russia
    • Phone: +7 (4852) 21-91-93
    • Website:


    • Description of activity: The Altey Confectionery Factory is a specialized enterprise, the main production facilities of which are focused on the production of a line of marshmallows and crispy sticks in glaze.
    • Organization address: 10, Tsentral'naya Str., Ostanino Settlement, Rezhevskoy District, Sverdlovsk Region, Russia
    • Phone: +7 (962) 340-6023
    • Website:


    • Description of activity: Production of complex stabilizers for the dairy, fat-and-oil, confectionery industry, production of caseinates, sale of starter cultures.
    • Organization address: Premises 226N, Office 5053, Litera A, 212, Moskovskiy Prospekt, 196066, Saint Petersburg, Russia
    • Phone: +7 (812) 457-0930
    • Website:


    • Description of activity: Wholesale and retail trade of confectionery products.
    • Organization address: Moscow, Russia
    • Phone: +7 (905) 535-4753


    • Description of activity: We produce and sell healthy and natural products made according to a unique recipe. In-house raw materials base and environmentally friendly collection sites guarantee the quality of our products.
    • Organization address: Office 309, 3rd Floor, 49A, Sibiryakov-Gvardeytsev Str., Novosibirsk, Russia
    • Phone: +7 (383) 212-1577
    • Website:


    • Description of activity: KOMILI is an innovative fast-growing confectionery factory. The products include the Mix & Max multi-grain sweets and the PLAY popcorn rich in vitamins and minerals.
    • Organization address: Bldg. 142, Al'-Farabi Str., Sayrama Residential Area, Karatau District, Shymkent, Republic of Kazakhstan
    • Phone: 8 800 201-95-77
    • Website:


    • Description of activity: Saray Bakery and Snacks company produces biscuits, cakes, crackers, wafers, croissants and filled bars at its Karaman facilities which were established in 1981 and in Kirklareli in 1996.
    • Organization address: Osmangazi Mah. Yildizhan Cad. Kose Sok. No:4 Sancaktepe, Istanbul, Turkey
    • Phone: +90 216 311 00 67
    • Website:


    • Description of activity: The production of flour confectionery products with fructose and sugar: waffles, dry bakery products, pretzels, crackers, cookies. Manufacturing products under your trade mark (private label).
    • Organization address: 5, Demidovskaya Str., 454036, Chelyabinsk, Russia
    • Phone: +7 (351) 242-0012
    • Website:


    • Description of activity: The Prodvagon group of companies manufactures pastry products, including sugar cookies, biscuits, jelly-, milk- and chocolate-filled biscuits, oatmeal cookies, gingerbreads and marshmallow.
    • Organization address: Bldg. 4, Zagorodnoe Shosse, Ivanovo, Russia
    • Phone: +7 (4932) 35-99-01
    • Website:


    • Description of activity: Sonagro CJSC is one of the largest producers of confectionery production in Armenia. The company produces chocolate boxes, candies by weight, dried fruit in chocolate, dragee, souffle etc.
    • Organization address: 18/9, Tumanyana Str., 0010, Yerevan, Armenia
    • Phone: +374 (10) 66-00-43
    • Website:


    • Description of activity: Leading onfectionary goods producers in the Republic of Moldova.
    • Organization address: Calea Mosilor 15, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova
    • Phone: +373 237 44 000
    • Website:


    • Description of activity: Production of caramel candies.
    • Organization address: 303, Prospekt Mira, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
    • Phone: +996 (772) 52-69-00
    • Website:


    • Description of activity: A Russian snack manufacturer that produces products under the MultiChips trademark potato chips, onion rings, corn snacks.
    • Organization address: 9-a, 5th Zavodskoy Pereulok, 308023, Belgorod, Russia
    • Phone: +7 (980) 327-6527
    • Website:


    • Description of activity: Production of frozen confectionery and ready-to-eat products.
    • Organization address: Bldg. 22, 11A, Promyshlennaya Str., Moscow, Russia
    • Phone: +7 (926) 612-1782
    • Website:


    • Description of activity: We are state-owned enterprise in XinJiang China, and hope to build business with every honorable company.
    • Organization address: No.300 VV Boulevard, XuZhou, Jiangsu, 221111, China
    • Phone: +86 (516) 83398106
    • Website:


    • Description of activity: Modern high-tech CF Berezniki produces unique in the market soft cookies with fillings and soft biscuits of European quality under TM LeKras and TM Berezniki. ISO 9001-2011.
    • Organization address: 50, Lesnaya Str., Bol\'shie Berezniki Village, Bol\'shebereznikovskiy District, 431751, Republic of Mordovia, Russia
    • Phone: +7 (83436) 2-60-00
    • Website:


    • Description of activity: Production of more than 200 types of pasta: pasta of group A, group B, group V, egg pasta (noodles, egg short-cut pasta, oriental dishes), gluten-free pasta, Halal products.
    • Organization address: 3, Depovskaya Str., Kropotkin, Krasnodar Territory, Russia
    • Phone: +7 (988) 888-2036/39
    • Website:


    • Description of activity: We are the successors of one of the leading enterprises of the Republic of Adygea, Maykop Confectionery Factory which was founded in 1943 and was one of the most successful producers of sweets.
    • Organization address: 385006, Maykop, Republic of Adygea, Russia
    • Phone: +7 (989) 263-5430
    • Website:


    • Description of activity: Multi-category producer of snack products in the European market. The market leader in several countries. A wide range of unique products for the Russian market.
    • Organization address: Hungary


    • Description of activity: Production of premium ice cream, sorbets, frozen desserts. Original recipes, natural ingredients, quality assurance since 1995. Deliveries to HoReCa, retail, extensive experience with private label.
    • Organization address: 2A, Inzhenernaya Str., Romanovka Settlement, Vsevolozhsk District, 188670, Leningrad Region, Russia
    • Phone: +7 (812) 643-0383
    • Website:


    • Description of activity: Our ARTISAN bakery has a long family tradition, in fact it was established in 1930. The products are nutritious and natural continuity and quality are guaranteed.
    • Organization address: Via Umberto I, 15 46040 Monzambano (Mantova), Italy
    • Phone: +39 (0376) 809787
    • Website:


    • Description of activity: Production of confectionery (marshmallow, fruit jelly). Wholesale trade in confectionery.
    • Organization address: Bldg. 19, Kol'tsevaya Str., Yanino-1 Settlement, Vsevolozhskiy District, 188689, Leningrad Region, Russia
    • Phone: 88002503008
    • Website:


    • Description of activity: Irkutsk Bread-Baking Plant JSC (љ) is the largest bakery and confectionery company in the Irkutsk Region. љ products are supplied to all regions of Russia, as well as China and Mongolia.
    • Organization address: 1, Polskikh Povstantsev Str., Irkutsk, Russia
    • Phone: +7 (3952) 21-0230
    • Website:


    • Description of activity: Production of snacks and confectionery. Stability and reliability, individual approach to each client. Aprel+ works in the market of snack products since 2008.
    • Organization address: 1B, Sovetskaya Str., Khorlovo Settlement, Voskresensk District, 140235, Moscow Region, Russia
    • Phone: +7 (496) 444-9303


    • Description of activity: The producer of metal transporters, glazed netting, spiral conveyors since 1991. Also leading mechanisms, shafts and asterisks.
    • Organization address: 145, Nikitina Str., 656008, Barnaul, Altay Territory, Russia
    • Phone: +7 (3852) 353-953, 299-858
    • Website:


    • Description of activity: Sladial is a producer of sweets, working on a federal scale. In our portfolio we have both unique products sandwich cookies, candies with soft caramel, and all the range of classic cookies, marshmallow souffle.
    • Organization address: 4/5, Vostochno-Promyshlenny Rayon Str., Polevskoy, Sverdlovsk Region, Russia
    • Phone: +7 (34350) 3 20 54
    • Website:


    • Description of activity: TPK Voskhod Ltd. produces the wide range of popular snacks: roasted sunflower seeds, original bread crisps, roasted nuts and other snacks. The company's Ded Semyon most famous brand provides the best quality snacks with original taste at affordable price.
    • Organization address: 20, Promyshlennaya Str., 141801, Dmitrov, Moscow Region, Russia
    • Phone: +7 (495) 532-5540
    • Website:


    • Description of activity: Imperial Corporation has been professionally engaged in the supply of dried milk products to the leading companies in Russia for more than 25 years. We are one of the first-rate suppliers in the field of dried dairy products.
    • Organization address: Litera A, 12, Kantemirovskaya Str., 194100, Saint Petersburg, Russia
    • Phone: +7 (812) 329-4648 / 96
    • Website:


    • Description of activity: Production and wholesale trade in confectionery (zephyr, fruit jelly).
    • Organization address: 94, Shosseynaya Str., Yanino-1 Settlement, Vsevolozhsk District, 188689, Leningrad Region, Russia
    • Phone: +7 (812) 972-0310
    • Website:


    • Description of activity: Maliban is an ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & ISO 2200 certified biscuits & cookies manufacturer in Sri Lanka with a history of over 60 years exporting quality confectionary to many countries across the world.
    • Organization address: #389, Galle Road, Ratmalana, Sri Lanka
    • Phone: +94 714 558113
    • Website:


      DAJUN CO. LTD.

      • Description of activity: Our company provides a large variety of Asian food for wholesaling as well as for retail market. Furthermore we also export Russian food to Asia.
      • Organization address: Premises 101A, Litera G, 56, Ligovskiy Prospekt, 191040, Saint Petersburg, Russia
      • Phone: +7 (812) 764-4205
      • Website:


      • Description of activity: Production of waffle bread and crispbread.
      • Organization address: 26, Gubenko Str., 214011, Smolensk, Russia
      • Phone: +7 (4812) 70-21-58
      • Website:


      • Description of activity: Manufacturer of groceries and snacks.
      • Organization address: 11, Lobachika Str., Moscow, Russia
      • Phone: +7 (495) 988-2667
      • Website:


      • Description of activity: Marsa, setting off from customer demands, has focused on the discipline of integrating market conditions and changing trends with expectations, thus, bringing innovations as a market leader in Turkiye.
      • Organization address: Ramazanoǧlu Mah. Mahmut Bayram Cad. No:9 Şeyhli / Pendik / İstanbul, Türkiye
      • Phone: +90 216 570 14 00
      • Website:



        • Description of activity: The region's leading manufacturer of bakery and confectioneries. We make gingerbread, cookies, crisp bread rings, ring-shaped rolls, and muffins using traditional technologies and modern equipment.
        • Organization address: 159, Kuybysheva Str., 640006, Kurgan, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (3522) 63-04-39
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Exclusive supplier of products produced by confectionery factories of the Republic of Belarus: Spartak CF, Beresteysky Baker, Ideal, Red Moziryanin. Snacks: potato chips, popcorn, candy floss.
        • Organization address: Office 620, 6th Floor, Bldg. 20, 40/12, Nizhnyaya Krasnoselskaya Str., Moscow, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (495) 744-6055
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Dobry Konditer LLC is a manufacturer of confectionery products: puffs, rolls, muffins, shortbread cookies, choux pastry products. The high level of production culture and applied technological solutions will satisfy the most demanding customers.
        • Organization address: 5, Imeni Pelshe Str., 400009, Volgograd, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (8442) 76-57-65, 76-57-56
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Entrance 3, 31G, Shabolovka Str., Moscow, 115162, Russia. Santa Maria is the leading brand of spices and ethnic products in Scandinavia and the Baltics. One of the main goals of Santa Maria is to give the consumer an opportunity to try interesting dishes from around the world.
        • Organization address: Sweden
        • Phone: +7 (499) 750-0150
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: We manafacture and sell RUZIK sweet snacks, CHESHKI salt snacks, MaxiVita crisp breads.
        • Organization address: Office 204, 165, Tashkentskaya Str., Samara, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (846) 276-0530


        • Description of activity: The center of cluster development of the Tambov Region area with maximal efficiency uses all positive moments of market economy and assists tocreation plant-grower, stock-raising and milk clusters in the region.
        • Organization address: 130, 4th Floor, Karla Marksa Str., Tambov, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (4752) 72-50-98
        • Website:

        OLMI 2000

        • Description of activity: One of the largest suppliers of toys, sporting goods, souvenirs, as well as New Year's packaging for confectionery.
        • Organization address: 2, Mekhanikov Str., Smyshlyaevka Settlement, Volzhsky District, 443548, Samara Region, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (846) 977-0997
        • Website:


        • Organization address: Russia


        • Description of activity: Russkie Lakomstva Confectionery Production produces gingerbread, marshmallows, oriental sweets, biscuits, crackers and cookies and delivers them all over Russia and abroad!
        • Organization address: 71, Volzhskaya Str., Tambov, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (4752) 55-95-10
        • Website:

        VISIT JSC

        • Description of activity: Visit JSC produces a broad range of beer, crackers, spring and mineral water and soft drinks from high-quality natural ingredients. We are open to mutually beneficial business ideas.
        • Organization address: 92, Ordzhonikidze Str., 442534, Kuznetsk, Penza Region, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (84175) 3-00-76


        • Description of activity: We are the leading manufacturer of TORTILLAS in Central and Eastern Europe, TOPPINGS for ice cream on the Polish market and major manufacturer of SUGAR DECORATIONS, jellied FRUIT and SALTY SNACKS.
        • Organization address: Zabrodzie 28, 52-351 Wroclaw, Poland
        • Phone: +48 (71) 361-74-95
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Production of biscuits, gingerbread, sugar and oatmeal cookies, and various kinds of bakery products.
        • Organization address: 75A, Pobedy Prospekt, 440047, Penza, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (8412) 99-99-91
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: MOSCOW NUT COMPANY is one of the biggest Russian producers of packed nuts, dried fruit and sunflower seeds. The company produces a wide range of confectionery products.
        • Organization address: 20, Berezhkovskiy Proezd, Klimovsk Residential District, 142181, Podolsk, Moscow Region, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (495) 641-3415
        • Website:

        BISKOTTI, LTD.

        • Description of activity: BISKOTTI is the premium class biscuits producer. We maintain the production according to the modern standards. BISKOTTI Selection of Gourmet!
        • Organization address: 1, Marata Str., 603002, Nizhny Novgorod, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (831) 246-2755
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Codival-Packaging is a leading distributor of high quality packaging products. We offer you a full range of packaging: Macaroon boxes and display stand, Ribbons, various kinds of pouches, wrapping paper, opp sheet for cakes, paper bags.
        • Organization address: ZA sur les Chasaux, 25320 Grandfontaine, France
        • Phone: +33 (3) 81-88-76-14
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Konya Seker produces a wide range from crystal sugar to sweet sherbet, medicine sugar to candies and chocolate, snacks to meat and dairy products, frozen products to sunflower oil, in the last 13 years.
        • Organization address: Beysehir Yolu Uzeri No: 47 42080 Meram Konya, Turkey
        • Phone: +90 332 324 34 58
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Stokson is one of the most high-tech producers of berliners, donuts and other pastries. Our 30 years of experience, modern machinery and innovative solutions allow us to meet all your expectations.
        • Organization address: Stacyjna 1, 41-500 Chorzów, Poland
        • Phone: +48 32 241 19 30
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Maharishi Products is one the leading confectionery bakery plants in Russia. Manufacture of cakes, briohes, bread sticks, and, since 2016, children\'s cakes for children over 3 years of age.
        • Organization address: 2A, Zavodskoy Proezd, 141190, Fryazino, Moscow Region, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (495) 660-0164
        • Website:

        CORIN CORN

        • Description of activity: orin orn company occupies a leading position in the production and distribution of the snack products and flour confectionery products.
        • Organization address: 35, Svobody Str., Moscow, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (495) 956-4002


        • Description of activity: The Russian manufacturing company, specializing in the production of such products as functional and cereal bars, corn flakes, bran, cereals, croissants and other confectionery products.
        • Organization address: 3, Lenina Str., Sobinka, Sobinskiy District, Vladimir Region, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (499) 322-4837
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: KRUG Confectionery, founded in Moscow in 1993, is a manufacturer of semi-industrial pastry products with a short shelf life. The company produces exclusive TIROLSKIE dessert pies and cakes, which are supplied to various regions of Russia.
        • Organization address: 18, Podol\'skaya Str., 109651, Moscow, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (495) 223-7039
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Beer-malting plant Bryanskpivo is the largest producer of rye malt in Russia and one of the leading companies in the production of beer and soft drinks and kvass in the Central Federal District of Russia.
        • Organization address: 16A, Pushkina Str., 241022, Bryansk, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (4832) 729-577
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: RUSSKART is the Russian leader in salty and sweet snacks market. Its leading brands are Russkaya Kartoshka and Kuzya Lakomkin. The company also produces breakfast cereals and confectionery.
        • Organization address: Bldg. 1, Property 18, Ostashkovskoe Shosse, Mytishchi, Moscow Region, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (495) 648-0490
        • Website:

        CASA LIMONE S.R.L.

        • Description of activity: We are Italian wholesale exporter from Emilia-Romagna. Offering the best Italian products, we focuse on famous canned tomatoes from the Salerno region, including Bio, Eco, D.O.P. types, private labels.
        • Organization address: Via Alessandro Gambalunga 102, 47921 Rimini, Italy
        • Phone: +7 (905) 507-6929
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: CTC Media operates four TV channels in Russia: CTC, Domashny, Che and CTC Love; Channel 31 in Kazakhstan.
        • Organization address: Bldg. 1, 31A, Leningradskiy Prospekt, Monarkh Business Center, 125284, Moscow, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (495) 797-4102
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: The TRADE-SERVICE company is a leading distributor of baby food products. Also it has its own products under the Rasti Bolshoi brand name.
        • Organization address: Office 201, Bldg. 1, Property 5A, Volkovskoe Shosse, 141006, Mytishchi, Moscow Region, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (495) 308-0404
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Production and sale of snacks.
        • Organization address: 19, Silikatnaya Str., Barnaul, Altai Territory, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (3852) 50-00-95
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Production and packaging of foods (grocery group).
        • Organization address: 17, Lugovaya Str., 152900, Rybinsk, Yaroslavl Region, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (4855) 25-36-81
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: The only company in Russia to specialize exclusively in the production of bread rings and crisp bread rings. A leading developer of all new products in this group and confectionery.
        • Organization address: 11, Ogorodny Proezd, 127254, Moscow, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (495) 663-9187
        • Website:

        U AVGUSTA

        • Description of activity: Importers of high-quality foodstuffs from Italy and France.
        • Organization address: Office 7, Premises I, 3rd Floor, 45, Ryabinovaya Str., 121471, Moscow, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (926) 330-1224
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Exclusive distributor of SIBBALT products, the manufacturer of the famous PIVAHIS, Croutons-Khlebariki snacks, peanuts. The new product TEPER VMESTE shows a rapid growth in sales. Taste and quality.
        • Organization address: 9, Sibmisovskaya Str., Omsk, Russia
        • Phone: 8 800 700 315
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Primoforno specializes in production of bakery products, fresh, chilled and frozen such as bread, focaccia, pizza base, pizza snacks, snacks and biscuits.
        • Organization address: Via del Leccio, 24 70022 Altamura BA, Italy
        • Phone: 390835307206
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Rizhsky Bread is hand-made quick malt hearth bread. It is produced without yeast, oil and butter, flavours and taste improvers with the use of pure confined water and high-quality ingredients.
        • Organization address: 54A, B. Rybakovskaya Str., 155250, Rodniki, Ivanovo Region, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (49336) 2-15-39, 2-24-46
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Production and sale of processed cheese.
        • Organization address: 10, Bratislavskaya Str., 390035, Ryazan, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (4212) 92-24-09, 92-07-45


        • Description of activity: Yerevan Chocolate Company, one of the leading chocolate producers in Armenia, represents the Mark Sevouni and Sonuar brands and offers a wide selection of gourmet chocolate products in unique packaging.
        • Organization address: 17/2, A. Mikoyana Str., Yerevan, Republic of Armenia
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: The confection factory ZARQAND produce biscuits like biscuits with sugar, baked biscuits and with filling. We offer various kinds of biscuits, great taste and quality. We export to neighbouring countries.
        • Organization address: 4A, Takachi Str., Uchtepinskiy District, Tashkent, Uzbekistan
        • Phone: +998 (90) 316-0022
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: The company is a serious B2B player for the TOP porridge brands Russia-wide as bulk supplier and Private Label manufacturer. Export experience is more than 15 years.
        • Organization address: 69, Sovetskaya Str., Medvenka Settlement, Medvenskiy District, 307030, Kursk Region, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (471) 225-0452
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Russian producer of inulin and jerusalem artichoke syrup by the unique biotechnology.
        • Organization address: 18B, Alekseya Dikogo Str., 111396, Moscow, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (495) 363-2966
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: The largest food distributor operating since 1998 with a wide range of cheeses and other products of premium quality. Today the company develops and grows due to the import-approved range.
        • Organization address: 10A, Kostyakova Str., 127422, Moscow, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (495) 234-6189
        • Website:

        ROYAL CAKE

        • Description of activity: Royal Cake is a manufacturer of protein snacks under the ProteinRex and RoyalCake brands for those who want to stay in great physical shape and take care of their health.
        • Organization address: 6, Kutuzova Str., 215506, Safonovo, Smolensk Region, Russia
        • Phone: 88003506449
        • Website:

        TURKA INVEST Sp. z o.o.

        • Description of activity: Turka, being one of the leader companies in the world for bread, specializes in production of lavash tortilla and bread for doner / kebab sandwiches.
        • Organization address: 05-555 Tarczyn, ul. Aleja Krakowska 10, Poland
        • Phone: +48 (22) 727-00-01
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Manufacture of automatic, semiautomatic waffer cones/cups/flat waffer baking (gas and EE) machines for moulded cups and cones and rolled sugar cones, customer-tailored moulds with logo with the capacity from 300 up to 23,000 pcs/h according to product shape and dimensions.
        • Organization address: Via Gattinella, 41, 50013 Campi Bisenzio (Fl), Italy
        • Phone: +39 (055) 882-6808, +7 (916) 620-5784
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Izobilie Profit's brand is known not only in Russia but also in the CIS and neighboring countries. The company provides production, storage, logistics, marketing, and customer services.
        • Organization address: 1, Lavrinenko Str., 352902, Armavir, Krasnodar Territory, Russia
        • Phone: 8 800 770-7755
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Family owned and grown pumpkins for production of pumpkin seed\'s and pure pumpkin seed oil Steirisches Kurbiskernol g. g. A.
        • Organization address: Neuer Markt 2, top 12, 1010 Vienna, Austria
        • Phone: + 43 664 3000239
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Sari Mas Permai produces conventional coconut oil (RBD coconut oil, RBD hydrogenated coconut oil, crude CNO, CFAD). Started in 1985, now we've exported our products to more than 23 countries.
        • Organization address: Jalan Waru Gunung No. 23 Surabaya, 60221, Indonesia
        • Phone: +62 (31) 766 2434
        • Website:

        MODUS LTD

        • Description of activity: Modus Ltd is the official representative of J. G. Niederegger, Lubeck, Germany, which has been marzipan manufacturer since 1806. We supply the genuine exquisite premium marzipan to the best delicatessen stores in Russia.
        • Organization address: 15, B. Pionerskaya Str., Moscow, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (499) 160-1300


        • Description of activity: We supply high quality German bakery goods under the QUICKBURY brand. The QUICKBURY brand portfolio inludes the vast range of delicious cookies, cakes, breads and no sugar added products.
        • Organization address: Max-Weber-Str. 28, 25451 Quickborn, Germany
        • Phone: +49 4106 7676 0
        • Website:

        TROFIMOV V. V.

        • Description of activity: Production of nut brittles, cakes, cookies, fruit jelly, dragees and other confectionery products and their sales in various channels.
        • Organization address: 12, Osennyaya Str., 656048, Barnaul, Altai Territory, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (923) 710-2030


        • Description of activity: MacaronDay is a Russian producer of macarons. Handicraft, responsible quality, adherence to the recipes and technology. We use only high quality natural ingredients.
        • Organization address: Office 24, Premises III, 5th Floor, Bldg. 12-13-14, 2, Elektrodnaya Str., 111524, Moscow, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (495) 740-9741
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: The factory is located in Samara. In the range there are oat cookies, sugar cookies, chocolate candies, marshmallow, Oriental sweets. Top sellers comprise Tsarskoye Sokrovishche ookies, Nezhnost, Tanets Murki candies.
        • Organization address: 153, Olimpiyskaya Str., 443051, Samara, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (846) 269-6727

        Samara-Product LLC (StatusGoloden TM)

        • Description of activity: The company specializes in the production and sale of quality beer snacks.
        • Organization address: Office 4, 1B, Novo-Sadovaya Str., Kurumoch Settlement, Kurumoch Rural Council, Volzhskiy District, 443544, Samara Region, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (846) 490-70-10
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Triumph Confectionary Factory is a manufacturer of confectionery products under the TM Vybor Lakomki, Krut'yeny, Vesolyye Istorii. Bright packaging, natural ingredients, high quality, excellent taste.
        • Organization address: 11, 1st Potrebitel'skaya Str., Chelyabinsk, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (351) 210-0110
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Production and sale of frozen puff pastry, frozen semi-finished products with various fillings, frozen bakery products, ready-made bakery and confectionery products.
        • Organization address: 4A, Shosseynaya Str., Gulkevichi, Krasnodar Territory, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (86160) 5-16-81
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: The company Garinskie is a recognized leader in the production and sales of snacks for beer, such as meat snacks, croutons, toasts, sauces, air chips and peanuts with different flavors.
        • Organization address: Bldg. 9, 40, Koroleva Str., Novosibirsk, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (383) 213-1922, 310-4919
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Development and production of innovative food products in aerosol cylinders, namely: dough for pancakes, pancakes and waffles, capcakes, protein pancakes, chocolate muffins, omelette mixture.
        • Organization address: 5L, Proezd 4th Predportovy, Saint Petersburg, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (812) 241-1334
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Weinrich is one of the leading family owned chocolate manufacturers in Germany, founded in 1895. We produce a huge variety of chocolate bars to suit every taste and occasion.
        • Organization address: Diebrocker Stra?e 17, 32051 Herford, Germany
        • Phone: +49 5221 910-0
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Sazhinskiy Confectionary Factory was founded in 1995, it is one of the leading Russian confectionary producers. Production and sale of spice cakes, cookies, ring-shaped cracknels and bread sticks.
        • Organization address: 1a, Chapaeva Str., Voronezh, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (473) 300-3007
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: TOBESORB LLC is a Russian manufacturer of high-quality products for the food, agricultural and livestok industries.
        • Organization address: Office 2, 156, Revolyutsionnaya Str., Ufa, Republic of Bashkortostan, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (3476) 39-28-24, 39-20-44
        • Website:

        ENJOY FOOD

        • Description of activity: Production of flavoured popcorn on the best equipment and with healthy ingredients: elite corn, natural coconut oil, exclusive flavourings.
        • Organization address: Litera L, 5, 4th Predportovy Proezd, 196240, Saint Petersburg, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (812) 320-8031
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: TKM is a plant of the Agrin holding, a dynamic promising company, manufacturing of confectionery for retailers and federal food retailers.
        • Organization address: Dubovskoe Shosse, 3, Uzlovsky District, Tula Region, Russia
        • Phone: 7 (48762) 7-03-06
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: PEKAREVO is Krasnoyarsk manufacturer of sugar cookies, waffles and confectionery thermostable fillings according to GOST. Delicious cookies, crispy waffles and natural toppings.
        • Organization address: Bldg. 41, 15, Musorgskogo Str., Krasnoyarsk, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (902) 990-1034
        • Website: http://www..


        • Description of activity: Design, production and installation of technological lines in the canning industry. Technologies of processing of vegetables, fruit for production of tinned and freezing production.
        • Organization address: Rajk Laszlo u. 57, H-4400 Nyiregyhaza, Hungary
        • Phone: +36 (42) 506-689
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Export Office of several Italian food producers, of conventional and BIO quality.
        • Organization address: Via G. Rossini 6, 36100 Vicenza, Italy
        • Phone: +39 (348) 7005251
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: We are a family business, actually in second and third generation. Our philosophy is the healthy popular food. Roasted corn, fried broadbeans, and fried chickpeas are our most popular products.
        • Organization address: Avda. Comarques Pais Valencia, 86, 46930, Quart de Poblet, Valencia, Spain
        • Phone: +34 961920063
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Manufacture of sweets according to classical recipes from natural high-quality products according to GOST R 50228-92. Delivery anywhere in Russia and the CIS.
        • Organization address: Office 19, Premises 11, 24, Nadsonovskaya Str., Pushkino, Moscow Region, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (495) 255-2075, (925) 684-3560
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Paper products for HoReCa and fast food companies with the customer logotype: various paper bags (flat and square bottom with the demonstration window with flat and twisted handles, for grilled chicken, for tea / coffee, groceries, etc.), grease and moisture resistant paper, waxed wrapping paper, tablecloths, napkins. Cardboard packaging, paper cups, related products.
        • Organization address: 41, Vorontsovskaya Str., 109147, Moscow, Russia
        • Phone: 8 800 234 6994
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: We manufacture and distribute food products.
        • Organization address: Bldg. 1, 3, Kul\'neva Str., 121170, Moscow, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (495) 363-0085
        • Website:

        FORT TRADE

        • Description of activity: Official and authorized distributor of the following brands: Vegeta, Podravka, Saf-Moment, Saf-Levure, Voronezhskie Drojji LLC, Bekmaya, Cykoria, AltaSpice, Eskarol, iFood, Aleva, Doshirak, Rollton, Business Menu, Gallina Blanca, Hame, Kostrovok, Dalmoreproduct, Grodfood, Maitrefoods.
        • Organization address: 36, Rodnikovaya Str., Moscow, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (495) 988-8800
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Chilefood is an exporter of dried fruit and nuts with strong presence in the European, Middle Eastern, African and South American markets. Chilefood is BRC certified in all our processes.
        • Organization address: Camino Lo Hermogenes N?1, Requinoa, Chile
        • Phone: 56965775377
        • Website:

        Tri O

        • Description of activity: Distribution company. Sweet corn curls, eggs with a surprise for children.
        • Organization address: Office 20, 19, E. Stasovoy Str., 660098, Krasnoyarsk, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (913) 594-4004


        • Description of activity: We are a producer of frozen buns for burgers and hot-dogs. Today our clients database includes Burger King, KFC, Hesburger, MCC METRO, GRABLI, Neftmagistral, T. G. I. Fridays.
        • Organization address: 12, Technopark Territory, Novoselki Village, 142153, Podolsk, Moscow Region, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (495) 988-8377


        • Description of activity: Serbian largest sweets and snacks manufacturer. Our products are cakes, biscuits, savoury snacks and wafers.
        • Organization address: Marsala Tita 245, 25220 Crvenka, Serbia
        • Phone: +381 65 3495156
        • Website:

        CDL TH

        • Description of activity: Import and distribution of confectionery products.
        • Organization address: Office a2ch, Office 4, Premises XIII, 1st Floor, 39, Letchika Babushkina Str., Babushkinskiy Muniipal District, 129345, Moscow, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (495) 961-2883


        • Description of activity: We are producers of the first in Russia Caucasian snacks TM Caucasus stand-off and TM Azar pita chips. We also produce Caucasus sauces: sacibeli, Armenian, garlic and cheese sauce.
        • Organization address: 75, Furmanova Str., Krasnodar, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (917) 558-8699
        • Website:

        JOSEF MANNER & M. AG

        • Description of activity: The company was founded in 1890, production is carried out exclusively in Austria, export to in over 50 countries. Famous products: Manner Neapolitan wafers, Casali Rum-Kokos balls and chocolate-bananas, Victor Schmidt Mozart balls.
        • Organization address: Wilhelminenstra?e 6, A-1171 Vienna, Austria
        • Phone: +43 (1) 48822 3191
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Voronezh Confectionery Factory Joint-Stock Company is one of the largest enterprises producing confectionery in Russia.
        • Organization address: 40, Kol'tsovskaya Str., 394030, Voronezh, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (473) 252-4298
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Our plant is the only producer of stone mill grinding wholegrain flour in Russia. It is designed and contains the equipment of Denmark. Heart of the plant is the stone mill made of natural stones. It allows to make entirely grain grinding.
        • Organization address: 55, Rabochaya Str., Umet Work Settlement, 393130, Tambov Region, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (475) 592-4060
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Production and distribution of confectionery, ingredients for pastries bakery and confectionery.
        • Organization address: 3B, Oktyabr\'skiy Prospekt, Troitsk, 142190, Moscow, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (925) 362-2070


        • Organization address: Russia
        • Website:

        MasterFlex Ru

        • Description of activity: Production of roll (single- and multi-layer) packaging materials with the flexprint of up to 10 colours.
        • Organization address: Office 6, 4th Floor, Premises 1, 25, Bol'shaya Serpukhovskaya Str., 142100, Podolsk, Moscow Region, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (496) 753-4285
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: We produce the weight and packaged sugar cookies, cereal healthy cookies, taralli, crackers, puff products, pastry, wafers, wafer sweets. We produce private label for retailers.
        • Organization address: Office 222, Bldg. 8, 12, Sibirskiy Trakt, Ekaterinburg, Sverdlovsk Region, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (343) 311-9936
        • Website:

        LIGA PLUS

        • Description of activity: Production of spices, condiments, groceries.
        • Organization address: 80, Prospekt Molodezhny, 603040, Nizhny Novgorod, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (831) 272-5157

        EAT MARKET

        • Description of activity: Importer and manufacturer of professional flour for pizza, pastries for restaurants, cafes and industries. Sauces for pizza.
        • Organization address: Moscow, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (929) 501-5607
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Cheese making, bakery and pastry production.
        • Organization address: 11, Privokzal'naya Str., 140603, Zaraysk, Moscow Region, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (496) 662-4632


        • Description of activity: Frozen and bakery semi-finished products manufacture.
        • Organization address: Bldg. 3, 14, Spartakovskaya Ploshchad, Moscow, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (495) 995-3404
        • Website:

        RIZYK LLC

        • Description of activity: Bakery products manufacturers.
        • Organization address: 5, Sovetskaya Str., Druzhino Settlement, Omskiy District, 644507, Omsk Region, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (3812) 79-01-06
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Production of bakery, confectionery, snack products under individual brands. Production under your private label, delivery, flexible terms of order and payment.
        • Organization address: 2, Sovetskaya Str., 140700, Shatura, Moscow Region, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (496) 452-0853
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: A Russian seller and manufacturer of toys and sweets for children. The company carries out wholesale deliveries both in Russia and the CIS.
        • Organization address: 68, Aviatsionnaya Str., Moscow, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (495) 989-2138
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Our company specializes in production and sales of confectionery products (cookies, corn sticks, ready-made breakfasts) and snacks (chips, fish and poultry snacks).
        • Organization address: Office 17, Premises 1, 16, Matrosova Str., Smolensk, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (960) 586-6331


        • Description of activity: The company exports gingerbread, cakes, biscuits and rusks under the brand Kyivhlib. The companys main customers are large European distributors that export products in Germany, Russia, USA and others.
        • Organization address: 83, Mezhigorskaya Str., 04080, Kiev, Ukraine
        • Phone: +380 (44) 277-7020
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Production of healthy food products, including cookies without wheat flour and sugar on maltitol and stevia, using domestic raw materials in compliance with Soviet recipes.
        • Organization address: 19, Sportivnaya Str., Klin, Moscow Region, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (49624) 2-46-04
        • Website:

        MON SHARME

        • Description of activity: The Mon Sharme factory has been working on the confectionary market since 2013. The assortment includes more than 100 items. Every year the factory specialists invent new types of products. Only high quality ingredients are used in confectionary manufacturing.
        • Organization address: Office 201, 56B, Kholmistaya Str., 394019, Voronezh, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (473) 251-6416
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Manufacture and sale of flour confectionery products under TM Yaroslavskiye Sladosti. Leaders of sales in their region, contracts with Magnit, Lenta networks. The company\'s pride is oatmeal cookies that are in consistently great demand.
        • Organization address: 4, Mokhovaya Str. / 36, Zakharova Str., 152900, Rybinsk, Yaroslavl Region, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (4855) 26-48-73
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Manufacture of confectionary: crispbread, crackers, sugar cookies, short dough cookies, butter biscuits, sandwich cookies with mushmallow, souffle and marmalade.
        • Organization address: 304, Internatsional\'naya Str., 656008, Barnaul, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (3852) 65-06-30
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: We are a modern automated enterprise producing bread, pastry products, dried biscuits, pretzels, bread crumbs, biscuits, gingerbreads, cakes, pastries, gibbery, cupcakes, nuts-and-honey bars, sherbet, puff paste, starchy foods and sugar confectioneries, fruit starch drinks, powdered fermented-bread kvass, malt, etc.
        • Organization address: 100, Smirnova Str., Brest, Belarus
        • Phone: +375 (162) 24-86-28, 24-92-24
        • Website:

        DRINK & EAT

        • Description of activity: Our company produces edible biodegradable cups for drinks and food. Being a delicious substitute for disposable tableware, they are perfectly combined with coffee, tea, cocoa, soup, salad.
        • Organization address: 39b, Bol'shaya Sankt-Peterburgskaya Str., Velikiy Novgorod, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (911) 619-3833
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: VETLI VOSTOK LTD is one of the largest producers of natural high quality flour confectionery and healthy whole grain products without sugar in the territory of the Far East of the Russian Federation. In production process only natural ingredients are used. The factory of VETLI VOSTOK LTD is certified against the ISO 22000:2018 standards.
        • Organization address: Office 14, 2A, Lenskaya Str., 680014, Khabarovsk, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (42622) 6-05-56
        • Website:,


        • Description of activity: Saint-Petersburg based confectionary factory producing a wide range of butter, puff and shortbread biscuits under the BAKERY STORY and VIPEKAEVO Trade Marks. Have been making successful business since 2008!
        • Organization address: 4, 8th Verkhniy Pereulok, Saint Petersburg, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (812) 347-7079
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: TSC, the Chilled Snack Company, is specializing in the development, production and marketing of chilled milk snacks.
        • Organization address: Bahnhofplatz 1, 4600 Wels, Austria
        • Phone: +43 (7242) 9015-0
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: KADINO INDUSTRY GROUP Ltd has a 23 years-old tradition of production of mill products and fresh frozen filo pies and pastries, modern milling capacity of 70 tons of wheat processing with 50 employees.
        • Organization address: st. 10 No: 43 Village Kadino, Skopje, Macedonia
        • Phone: + 389 2 258 14 04
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Production and sale of pastry (over 100 items) and Russian honey-cakes: classic, filled, imprinted


        • Description of activity: Our Company distributes all the products by Konditerskie Tekhnologii KPS (KPS Confectionery Technologies Company), one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of confectionery in the Krasnoyarsk Region. The sale's hit is a hand-made honey gingerbread Zebra Lebedevskaya.
        • Organization address: 289/2, Semafornaya Str., 660025, Krasnoyarsk, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (913) 042-9981
        • Website:


        • Organization address: Italy


        • Description of activity: The production of flour confectionery products with fructose and sugar: waffles, biscuits, pretzels, crackers, cookies. Manufacturing products under your brand (private label).
        • Organization address: 5, Demidovskaya Str., 454036, Chelyabinsk, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (904) 813-0558
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: The company Korona Vkusa (Sweet Paradise) has been the largest manufacturer of confectionery products in Tambov and the Tambov Region since 2008.
        • Organization address: 23A, Bastionnaya Str., Tambov, Russia
        • Phone: +7 4752 400-204


        • Description of activity: Sweets for Joy CF has been in the confectionery market since 2010. It is one of the leaders in the production of oatmeal cookies. Sales territory covers more than 40 regions of Russia and foreign countries.
        • Organization address: 8/3, Lesnoy Proezd, 450071, Ufa, Republic of Bashkortostan, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (347) 216-4152
        • Website:

        LIMAK, PJSC

        • Description of activity: LIMAK is one of the leading and dynamically developing food industry enterprises in Russia. The joint stock company owns 9 bakeries, a pasta factory and a flour complex. In 2015 there have been produced 68 000 tons of bread and bakery products, 58 000 tons of pasta, 180 000 tons of flour products, 4000 tons of confectionery, 235 tons of corn sticks, 4000 tons of rusks and bread-rings under the LIMAK and DIVNY SKAZ brands.
        • Organization address: 3A, Barasheva Str., 398059, Lipetsk, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (4742) 25-34-80
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Production and sale of sweet snacks (cotton candies, popcorn, puffed rice, corn flakes) and confectionery (caramel, jellies, marshmallow, cookies, waffles, chocolate and chocolate sweets).
        • Organization address: Bldg. 3, 100, Shchelkovskoe Shosse, 105523, Moscow, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (495) 642-9517
        • Website:

        D.LAZZARONI & C. S.P.A.

        • Description of activity: D.Lazzaroni & C is an Italian biscuits and fine pastry producer. Thanks to professional competence and advance technology, we are producing sponge cakes, croissant, crackers and gluten free products.
        • Organization address: Isola Del Gran Sasso D'Italia, Teramo, Italy
        • Phone: 390307093011
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Procurement and sale of confectioneries.
        • Organization address: Bldg. 12, 8, Danilovskaya Naberezhnaya, Moscow, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (499) 235-7050
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Solnechnaya Dolina is a full-cycle wine-making enterprise located in the Crimea. Founded in 1888 by Golitsyn, it is the center of classical winemaking in Russia.
        • Organization address: 23, Chernomorskaya Str., Solnechnaya Dolina Settlement, Sudak, Republic of Crimea, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (36566) 3 53 30
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: DONBASS KONDITER LLC manufactures confectionery products: chocolate, sweets (chocolate, wafer, fondant), cookies, complex desserts, biscuit cakes and rolls, wafers, fruit jelly, and dragees.
        • Organization address: 54A, Kirova Str., Donetsk, Donetskiy Municipality, 283016, Donetsk Region, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (856) 348-9930
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Alesha Popovich is a leading Russian confectionary manufacturer. The companys production facilities are located in different parts of Russia: Moscow Region, Leningrad Region, Tambov Region, Chelyabinsk Region and Rostov Region.
        • Organization address: 118B, Yaroslavskoe Shosse, Mytishchi, Moscow Region, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (499) 641-2202
        • Website:

        Bread & C magazine

        • Description of activity: PROM MEDIA Publishing House publishes BREAD & Co specialized magazine for bakery and confectionery industry: technologies, equipment, industries' economics, business strategies, news and etc.
        • Organization address: Bldg. 43, 38G, Khoroshevskoe Shosse, Moscow, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (495) 795-9533
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Royal Gingerbread is an original Russian souvenir, handmade from natural ingredients (flour, eggs, honey and spices) from baking till the unique painting of the artists. This product is certified. Doesnt contain preserves. Expiration date is 6 months. From Russia with love!
        • Organization address: 2, Novoskhodnenskoe Shosse, Skhodnya Residential District, 141420, Khimki, Moscow Region, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (985) 920-2307
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: The EKI company since 1995 is engaged in production and sale of confectionery. Production is present in federal and regional distribution networks. Brands: Oatmeal Raisin, Sun Gift, Edel, Picatto.
        • Organization address: 2A, M. Gor'kogo Str., Pavlovskiy District, Vorsma, Nizhny Novgorod Region, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (83171) 6 52 09
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: STORE SARDINIA manages the best products of its member companies in the major exhibitions around the world, organizes business to business meetings with buyers from foreign countries.
        • Organization address: Via Sarpi, 1 09131, Cagliari, Italy
        • Phone: +39 (070) 44891
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Gluten-free products with classic tastes, produced on dedicated production lines. Bread, buns, corn, rice and buckwheat pasta, biscuits, flour mixes, muffins. New: Italian ravioli!
        • Organization address: Premises 1, 10, Doroga na Mendsary Str., Poroshkino Village, Leningrad Region, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (812) 448-2035/36
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Dobriy Pekar LLP is a Kazakhstan manufacturer of flour confectionery products, producing more than 100 products under the Dobriy Pekar, Breakfast of Champions, Choco Boom trade marks.
        • Organization address: 5th km, Auliekol'skaya Trassa, Zatobol'sk Settlement, Kostanay Region, Republic of Kazakhstan
        • Phone: +7 (71455) 2-58-14
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Akulchev is the leading company in the soft waffle market in Russia with worldwide distribution. We produce soft waffles, waffle cookies, cookies with jams and Macarons.
        • Organization address: Apartment 5, 16, Mardzhani Str., 423600, Yelabuga, Republic of Tatarstan, Russia
        • Phone: 8 800 700-1995
        • Website:

        KSP, LLC

        • Description of activity: The company specializes in the production of honey cakes and pies, muffins, shortcrust pies, pastries, and cookies for retail chains and large distributors.
        • Organization address: Office 2, 4A, Tekstil'ny Pereulok, Nikologory Settlement, Vyaznikovskiy Municipality, 601422, Vladimir Region, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (960) 719-1505
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Tea production.
        • Organization address: 4, Babaeva Str., Almalybak Settlement, Karasayskiy District, Almaty Region, Republic of Kazakhstan
        • Phone: +7 (727) 3883929, 3883928
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Chipita present in Russia since 2001. Company produces baked goods under 7DAYS TM for Russian, Ukrainian and other CIS markets. 7DAYS is an international brand the leader in prepacked croissants category.
        • Organization address: 50 D, Svobody Str., Krasnoe Selo, 198320, Saint Petersburg, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (812) 777-5077
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Conditerskie Technology Kraypotrebsoyuza occupies a dominant position in the region among other producers of spicy cakes and confectionery. The range includes more than 70 kinds of products.
        • Organization address: 5G, Severnoe Shosse, 660118, Krasnoyarsk, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (391) 225-5883, 220-4952


        • Description of activity: Ekofood LLC is the exclusive distributor / importer of leading confectionery factories of Turkey ETI, Melodi, Symphony, Kurme. Our company offers a wide range of products in several price categories.
        • Organization address: Bldg. 16, 20, 1st Grayvoronovskiy Proezd, 109518, Moscow, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (495) 899-0003
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Dairy ingredients for food industry: milk powder, sweet cream butter, whey powder, cheese.
        • Organization address: 39, Tikhvinskaya Str., 127055, Moscow, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (495) 114-6800, 600-3040
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: We produce dried biscuits and round chacknels of high quality, adhere to traditional recipes, using only the best raw materials and modern technologies.
        • Organization address: 15, Portovaya Str., 614029, Perm, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (342) 275-8888
        • Website:

        Sweet MariEli

        • Description of activity: The company produces confectionery and cooks fillings.
        • Organization address: Apartment 85, 8, Parkovaya Str., Yakhroma, Moscow Region, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (929) 615-2922
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Around the World is the leader in such categories as chicory, coffee drinks, cocoa, and jelly. This became possible through the use of high quality raw materials, efficient production.
        • Organization address: Bldg. 1, 141, Sof\'ino Village, Naro-Fominsk District, 143395, Moscow Region, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (495) 639-3113
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: The year of foundation is 2006. The company supplies confectionery products to 47 regions in Russia and abroad. Distribution is represented by large regional wholesale companies and retail chains.
        • Organization address: 30, Baumana Str., 440052, Penza, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (8412) 36-95-56
        • Website:


        • Organization address: Russia


        • Description of activity: Viktorija ir partneriai, JSC is a producer of high quality cookies and biscuits. Company produce private label products for the main trade networks in the Baltic countries.
        • Organization address: Kedainiu g. 17, LT-47181, Kaunas, Lithuania
        • Phone: +370 37 36 27 34
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Jeju mandarines are a local speciality of Jeju Island. Mandarines of Jeju Island promote metabolism since they are higher in sugar and vitamin C than other citrus. You can find good quality mandarine products in Jeju Island.
        • Organization address: 6 Munnyeon-ro Jeju-si, Jeju, 63122, Republic of Korea
        • Phone: +82 64 746 9472
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Medela is a factory that operates within the INVEJ Group and is engaged in the production of confectionery products, primarily strudels, wafers, tea pastries, integral biscuits, pretzels.
        • Organization address: Kulskiput BB, 21 460 Vrbass, Serbia
        • Phone: +381 21 706 037
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Ermatel is one of the largest enterprises in Russia in the field of flexible packaging production. The company\'s products are packaging for food products and other industries.
        • Organization address: 1, Abkhazskaya Str., Novosibirsk, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (383) 333-6375
        • Website: http://http//


        • Description of activity: CorinCorn is a leader in the production and distribution of ready-made and microwave popcorn in the Russian market.
        • Organization address: Bldg. 16, 35, Svobody Str., 125362, Moscow, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (495) 956-4002, 972-4969, 363-3562
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Manufacturer of coffee under the Noir et Blanc brand. Grain and ground specialty coffee of the highest quality from Russia with delivery to CIS countries. 100% Arabica. Various packaging options for retail are possible.
        • Organization address: 18, Ofitserskaya Str., 445042, Togliatti, Samara Region, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (927) 779-1128
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: White Bear Trading RUS LLC is the official representative in Russia of the Tsanos, Brinkers, BONA VITA, Landgarten, Roberts Berrie, Novel brands.
        • Organization address: Bldg. 1, 3, Argunovskaya Str., Moscow, Russia
        • Phone: 88007000057
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: The activities of Association is to assist and drive exporters in reaching new markets by implementing regulations of export procedures designed by Turkish Ministry of Economy.
        • Organization address: Ceyhun Atuf Kansu Cad. No:120 Çankaya / Ankara, Türkiye
        • Phone: +90 312 447 27 40
        • Website:

        AdalAs Trade

        • Description of activity: Adal-As is one of the largest and most dynamically developing companies in the field of catering and confectionery throughout Kazakhstan.
        • Organization address: IE Urankhay, 21, 9th Zagorodnyaya Str., Semey, Semey, Republic of Kazakhstan
        • Phone: +7 (701) 532-4350
        • Website:

        HLEBOZAWOD No 10 LLC

        • Description of activity: Hlebozawod No. 10 LLC is among the leaders on the Belarusian market of natural bakery and confectionery products without use of preservatives and stabilizers.
        • Organization address: 10-3, District ag. Samokhvalovichi, Samokhvalovichskiy Village Council, Minsk Region, 223013, Belarus
        • Phone: +375 (17) 236 50 08
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Vavilon successfully develops markets for onfectionery, extrusion, macaroni production both in Russia and abroad. Products comply with international quality standards.
        • Organization address: 17, Urukova Str., 428015, Cheboksary, Chuvash Republic, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (8352) 58-22-14
        • Website:

        DR GERARD Sp. z o.o.

        • Description of activity: Dr Gerard is a Polish producer of biscuits one of the largest and most important in Poland and Central and Eastern Europe. The portfolio consist of over 200 types of cookies.
        • Organization address: ul. Radzynska 9, 21-560 Miedzyrzec Podlaski, Poland
        • Phone: +48 22 722 46 46
        • Website:

        MilkStar LTD

        • Description of activity: A wholesale company that has home trademarks such as Zoloto Puschi, Taste Mosaic, and Terraco. The company makes bulk and pre-packaged natural cheeses and cheese-based products in Russia and Belarus. The company also packages cheeses for private labels.
        • Organization address: Office 602, Bldg. 2, Structure 2, 129, Varshavskoe Shosse, 117545, Moscow, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (495) 988-4172
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: CROWN CONFECTIONERY is a Korean confectioney company founded in 1947 and is dedicated to produce and sell only the best products.
        • Organization address: 3, Hangangdae-Ro 72 Gil, Yongsan-Gu, Seoul, 04352, Republic of Korea
        • Phone: +82 2 709 7581
        • Website:

        ART-AM LTD

        • Description of activity: Production of healthy food products: grain Flychips and wheat bread. All products have a completely natural composition, they are harmful additives, flavors and flavor enhancers free.
        • Organization address: Office 4A, Bldg. 12, 3, Elektrolitny Proezd, 115230, Moscow, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (916) 900-5767
        • Website:

        GRANAROLO S.p.A.

        • Description of activity: Established in 1957 in Bologna, Granarolo is today the No 1 Italian Milk & Dairy Group. The Group has 14 production sites located throughout Italy and 7 ones abroad.
        • Organization address: Via Cadriano 27/2 40127 Bologna, Italy
        • Phone: 390514162751
        • Website:

        STEVIA, LLC

        • Description of activity: Stevia LLC is engaged in the production of natural sweetener stevia extract, and also produces more than 100 kinds of products of stevia: syrups, pills, teas, phytocompositions.
        • Organization address: 7/73A, Shostoka Str., Sevastopol, Republic of Crimea, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (978) 784-8519
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Association of CHISTIYE ROSY Regional Organic & Biodynamic Movements: producers, processors, traders, consumers, state, research and education institutes, consulting & promotion services, certification authorities.
        • Organization address: 20, Krasnaya Str., 141506, Solnechnogorsk, Moscow Region, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (901) 519-0599
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Production and trade of confectionery products. In the territory of the Republic of Belarus there are 6 large factories engaged in the production of bread, dried products, biscuits and other confectionery products. The warehouses are located in the South Federal District, Moscow.
        • Organization address: Belarus


        • Description of activity: Sales of partner products: confectionery and bakery products. ll kinds of cookies, spice cakes, galettes, crackers, waffles, products for baby food. Production without palm oil.
        • Organization address: 26, Studencheskiy Proezd, Kirov, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (8332) 20-40-30
        • Website: http://.

        KEMA CLUB

        • Description of activity: Kema Club (Russia) is a manufacturer and supplier of high quality food flavors. We offer a wide range of flavors for your production!
        • Organization address: Office 310, Bldg. 5, 6, Suvorovskaya Str., 107023, Moscow, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (495) 109-1818
        • Website:

        HK TRADING

        • Description of activity: The leading global manufacture that produce unique confectioneries, has been exporting a mix of various items into the USA, China, Oceania, South-East Asia, etc.
        • Organization address: 135, Olympic-ro, Songpa-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
        • Phone: +82 (2) 2203-2046


        • Description of activity: SKIM LLC delivers raw materials for bakery enterprises. We are direct importers of poppy seeds and sesame seeds, as well as manufacturers of fried sesame seeds and poppy seed fillings.
        • Organization address: Premises 7N, Litera K41, 63, Nepokorennykh Prospekt, 195067, Saint Petersburg, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (981) 720-4955

        MATSS, LTD.

        • Description of activity: Manufacturing of fresh and frozen bread and pastry, biscuits. Specializes in frozen yeast based semi-finished and finished products with different fillings for bake-off and groceries.
        • Organization address: Raina iela 6, Skrunda, Skrundas novads, LV-3326, Latvia
        • Phone: +371 63350084
        • Website:,


        • Description of activity: BART is a Polish producer of raw materials and additives for the food industry. We offer natural colours, flavours, emulsions, enzymes, thickeners and stabilizers, plant extracts and more.
        • Organization address: Norwida 4, 05-250 Slupno, Poland
        • Phone: +48 (22) 666 29 94
        • Website:

        CYKORIA S. A.

        • Description of activity: The very known producer of spices, herbs, breading, gelatin, baking powder, vanilla sugar, citric acid, jelly, dried vegetables and dried chicory root.
        • Organization address: Wierzchoslawice 15, 88-140 Gniewkowo, Poland
        • Phone: +48 (52) 355-2000, 355-2001
        • Website:


        • Organization address: Russia


        • Description of activity: Import, distribution and promotion of high quality confectionery, chocolate products and snacks of the various price segments from the European countries (Germany, France, Sweden, Poland etc.).
        • Organization address: 13, Posledniy Pereulok, Moscow, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (966) 126-7351
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Confectionery.
        • Organization address: 20 Jomiy Str., Tashkent, Republic of Uzbekistan
        • Phone: +998 90 9210878
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: The largest producer of flour confectionery products of long-term storage in Russia. The basis of the range consists of flour biscuit, custard, extrusion pastry and cookies.
        • Organization address: 102, Pobedy Str., Belorechensk, Krasnodar Territory, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (86155) 3-19-66
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: A Moscow-based producer of vegan (meager) food products: cheeses, nut milk, hummus, condensed milk and cookies. Animal ingredients, preservatives or GMOs free. With love for nature and for ourselves!
        • Organization address: Bldg. 11, 5, Pokhodny Proezd, Moscow, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (499) 281-7717
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Flour made for professionals in their kitchens. 5 types of specialized flour for a specific product with a guaranteed result: flour for bread, pastries, puffs, pizza and whole grain flour.
        • Organization address: 2, Dnepropetrovskaya Str., Moscow, Russia
        • Phone: 8 800 234-7646
        • Website:

        NURFOOD, LLC

        • Description of activity: Nurfood LLC is a manufacturer of dried fruit and nuts. We export our products to all over the world. All products are safe and certified. More information at our website
        • Organization address: 2, Abdulloeva Str., Isfara, Sughd Region, Tajikistan
        • Phone: +992 (90) 043-4004
        • Website:


        • Organization address: Russia


        • Description of activity: ORGANIC, the Society With Limited Liability, is a indispensable manufacturer of egg products albumen, yolk (dry and liquid), egg powder and pasteurized liquid melange.
        • Organization address: 14, Sovetskaya Str., Glebovskiy Settlement, Istra District, Istra, Moscow Region, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (495) 978-1377, 979-5601
        • Website: http://www..


        • Description of activity: Production and distribution of confectionery with artificial sweeteners and wellness products under the Shugaroff and Zhiznelyub brand.
        • Organization address: 33, Ashkhabadskaya Str., Reutov, Moscow Region, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (495) 783-7558
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Kurtoskalacs: An old Hungarian delicacy with a great future. This pastry dates back to medieval times. But now it has started to invade the world. Take part in this success! We help you to start.
        • Organization address: 1039 Budapest, Szentendrei ut 223-225, Hungary
        • Phone: +36 209858860
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Chipita was established in Russia in 2001. Company produces baked and confectionary products under famous brands: 7DAYS, Chipicao, Fineti for Russian and CIS markets. 7DAYS is an international brand, leader in the packed croissants category.
        • Organization address: Bldg. 1, 16, Krasnoproletarskaya Str., 127473, Moscow, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (495) 783-8005
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: HAITAI CONFECTIONERY AND FOODS CO. LTD. were established in 1945. We are a leading confectionery & food company and one of the largest manufacturers. We are exporting products to more than 60 countries around the world.
        • Organization address: 3, Hangang-Daero 72-Gil, Yongsan-Gu, Seoul 04352, Republic of Korea
        • Phone: +82 2 7097652
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Inforum Group is the biggest trading and industrial holding company in Russia. Assortment comprises chocolate and confectionery semi-finished products for confectionery and ice cream coatings, cocoa products from leading manufacturers, specialty fats for the food industry, etc.
        • Organization address: Bldg. 1, 3A, Malaya Semenovskaya Str., 107023, Moscow, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (495) 796-9077
        • Website:

        ALY FOODS

        • Description of activity: As Aly Foods, we know that the secret of taste is quality. We offer environmentally friendly and delicious products by applying hygiene and sanitation rules in our modern factories.
        • Organization address: Organize Sanayi Bolgesi 16. Cadde No:5 Corum, Türkiye
        • Phone: +90 364 254 97 97
        • Website:

        KONTEK CO., LTD.

        • Description of activity: Production and trading company.
        • Organization address: 71, Shchapovo Settlement, 142144, Moscow, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (499) 677-2084


        • Description of activity: Production of frozen Ossetian pies.
        • Organization address: 23, Tel'mana Str., 362000, Vladikavkaz, Republic of North Ossetia Alania, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (962) 747-3399


        • Description of activity: The history of the enterprise began in 2008 in the city of Abakan of the Republic of Khakassia. The assortment of our products is more than 200 items: gingerbread cookies, biscuits, muffins, dragees, toffee, cakes.
        • Organization address: 11/Z, Kravchenko Str., Abakan, Republic of Khakassia, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (3902) 24-46-56, (923) 597-4787
        • Website: http://19.


        • Description of activity: Young innovative company engaged in the production of functional, healthy bakery and flour confectionery products based on non-traditional, clean and functional raw materials.
        • Organization address: Premises 1N No. 58, Litera R, 75, Geologicheskaya Str., 198323, Saint Petersburg, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (981) 767-5453
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Own production of candies in glaze, marmalade, a large assortment of natural marmalade, candy bars.
        • Organization address: 6, Vokzal'ny Pereulok, Nakhabino, Krasnogorsk, Moscow Region, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (925) 703-3305
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Unique Asian supplier of food on the market retail and wholesale sale. Exporter of Russian goods to the Asian market.
        • Organization address: Taiwan (China)


        • Description of activity: Ramenskiy Confectionery Plant is working in the confectionery market for over 15 years, producing high-quality products, well-known both in Russia and in the countries of near and far abroad.
        • Organization address: Warehouse No.30, Horticulture Site, Kuznetsovo Village, Ramenskoye District, 140152, Moscow Region, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (495) 941-6129


        • Description of activity: Yeni Teközel is a subsidiary of Yildiz Holding which is the world leader in its sector with its strong brands. Frozen foods, canned, dairy products, pasta, ketchups, mayonaisse, sauces, paper products.
        • Organization address: Kisikli Mahallesi Alemdag Caddesi Masaldan Is Merkezi F Blok No: 60 Kat: 3-4 Uskudar Istanbul, Türkiye
        • Phone: +90 216 523 50 58
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Our company produces confectionery and chocolate glazes and industrial chocolate for all kinds of confectionery, including curd snacks and ice-cream.
        • Organization address: 2, Stupishina Str., 607664, Kstovo, Nizhny Novgorod Region, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (83145) 9 08 10
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Agro Capital LLC is the manufacturer of the texturat Bio Unic innovative product. This product is intended for enriching bread and bakery products with vitamins, proteins, fiber.
        • Organization address: Premises 222, Office 13-06, 49, Alekseeva Str., Krasnoyarsk, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (950) 973-9911


        • Description of activity: Confectionery production.
        • Organization address: 5, Betonnaya Str., Volgograd, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (937) 694-3360


        • Description of activity: Sardinia 4 Export promotes the best products of its member companies at the major exhibitions around the world, organizes business to business meetings with buyers from foreign countries.
        • Organization address: Via rigata Sassari, 17 Nuoro, Italy
        • Phone: +7 (495) 961-2884
        • Website:


        • Organization address: Russia


        • Description of activity: Wholesale trade of food stuffs from CIS and Eastern Europe in the European Union countries.
        • Organization address: Zum Frenser Feld 4A, 50127 Bergheim, Germany
        • Phone: +49 (2273) 9495-400
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Vizher Confectionery Factory produces and sells gingerbread, marshmallows, cookies, crackers, snacks, puffs, marmalade under the SladoYar, Baron Khrum and Lady Fruit trademarks.
        • Organization address: 1, Druzhinnikov Str., 394026, Voronezh, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (473) 228-2261 /63
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Production and wholesale of flour confectionery products.
        • Organization address: 45, Michurina Str., 634049, Tomsk, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (3822) 67-48-94
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Prodpostavka is a dynamically developing company, which produces bread from whole grains and confectionery. The company's goal is to offer customers the products of the highest quality.
        • Organization address: 131A, Bol'shevistskaya Str., Novosibirsk, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (383) 212-0536
        • Website: http://.


        • Description of activity: Raw materials grown on private agricultural lands (South of Siberia), from which egg, rice, buckwheat, legumes (funcheza) noodles, cheese biscuits are produced. Delivery from 1 pallet in Russia is for free!
        • Organization address: Bldg. 4, 65, 5th Kordnaya Str., Omsk, Russia
        • Phone: 8 800 444-0355
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: We work directly with manufacturers from all over the world and present high quality goods like wine, delicacies and organic food on the Russian market.
        • Organization address: Italy


        • Description of activity: Production of edible cups for hot beverages in Chisinau; partners are in Finland, Denmark, England, Dubai, Latvia, Romania, Israel, Germany, France, America, Canada, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Austria.
        • Organization address: 5, 1st Bakhmet'evskaya Str., Arkhangel'skoe Village, Novofedorovskoe Settlement, Moscow, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (916) 526-8674
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: A modern enterprise producing confectionery, as well as dietary and diabetic food products.
        • Organization address: 43, Proletarskaya Str., Dolzhanskaya Settlement, Eysk District, 353655, Krasnodar Territory, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (86132) 9-17-12
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Sale of a wide range of confectionery and grocery products: Oriental sweets (chak-chak) cookies, souffles, snacks, egg nodles.
        • Organization address: 20, Pereulok Kolodochny, Krasnogorskiy Settlement, 425090, Republic of Mariy El, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (843) 250-3819
        • Website:

        BLAGO, LLC

        • Description of activity: Blago LLC is a large wholesale supplier of fat-and-oil products in Russias market and sells vegetable oils, fats and mayonnaises via nation-wide retail chains throughout the entire territory of Russia and the CIS.
        • Organization address: Litera A8, 5, Kievskaya Str., 196084, Saint Petersburg, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (812) 332-3760
        • Website:


        • Organization address: Russia


        • Description of activity: Gunz-Eurasia LLC is an official supplier of Gunz brand products in the Eurasian Economic Community (candies, chocolate, snacks, biscuits, dry foods). Find our entire product line on
        • Organization address: Office 4, Premises 16/N, 118, M.Bogdanovicha Str., Minsk, Republic of Belarus
        • Phone: +375 (17) 364-22-56, +375 (44) 5500811
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: SUD ITALIA ALIMENTARI SRL produces the complete range of 100% Italian EXTRA VIRGIN olive oils (DOP, ORGANIC, COLD PRESSED, INFUSED). Pure and pomace olive oils, grapeseed oil, packed in all sizes packages.
        • Organization address: S.P. 231 Km. 31, 500 70033 Corato (BA), Italy
        • Phone: +39 (080) 8983849
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Snack manufacturing company: croutons, flat bread chips, potato chips, deli meats, w/s and flavored peanuts.
        • Organization address: 44, Oktyabr'skaya Str., 352919, Armavir, Krasnodar Territory, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (953) 080-0005
        • Website:

        ATS FOOD LLC

        • Description of activity: ATS Food LLC is one of the largest food industry enterprises of the country. The factory produces 5 thousand tons of extra grade flour, 12 thousand tons of bread, 4 thousand tons of pasta, and more than 1,000 tons of confectionery products.
        • Organization address: Sulh street, quarter 76, 10 D, Sumgait city, AZ5000, Republic of Azerbaijan
        • Phone: +994 12 489 83 81 / 82 / 83
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Miroslada Confectionary has been producing the most delicious sweet stuff and cookies for 28 years. The assortment line is presented by butter and sugar biscuits, jelly sweets, rusks and other tasty products
        • Organization address: 16, Erevanskaya Str., Penza, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (8412) 38-17-08
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: DALMATOVO Confectionery Association is a leading manufacturer of flour confectionery products in the Ural Federal District. 17 years on the market. 100+ kinds of products. ISO 22000:2005 Management System.
        • Organization address: Office 222, Bldg. 8, 12, Sibirskiy Trakt, 620100, Ekaterinburg, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (343) 247-2740
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: VILNIAUS DUONA is the biggest and the oldest bakery in Lithuania, established in 1882. Over 130 years the masters of Vilniaus duona have been baking both traditional and modern and well liked bread.
        • Organization address: Perkunkiemio Str. 5, LT-12129, Vilnius, Lithuania
        • Phone: +370 52330700
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Food grade sodium alginate with an annual output of 5,000 tons. More than 90% is exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia and other regions. ISO 9001, ISO 22000, ISO 14001, KOSHER, HALAL and BRC certification.
        • Organization address: 36, Hongkong Road, Ganyu Economic Developement Zone, Jiangsu 222100, China
        • Phone: +86 518 86987766
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Production of snacks.Production of lavash bread chips.Production of rusks.
        • Organization address: Premises 19-N, Litera A, 9, Prospekt Prosveshcheniya, Saint Petersburg, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (903) 569-6622 (./mob.)


        • Description of activity: FOOD REVOLUTION produces healthy snacks: crackers and chips made from sprouted grains, vegetables and dried fruit. As well as lactose and refined sugar-free chocolate bars and kale chips under the KICK brand.
        • Organization address: 7A, Novaya Str., Lesnye Polyany Settlement, Pushkino, Moscow Region, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (495) 147-4464
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: We are the factory and special exporter. We mainly deal with peanuts, roasted peanuts in shell, roasted peanut kernels, peanut butter, pumpkin seeds and kernels, dried fruit, sunflower seeds and kernels.
        • Organization address: Industry Development Zone, Junan Shandong, 276600, China
        • Phone: +86 (539) 7288896 / 97 / 98
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Production of vegetable oil (crude and refined oil) in bulk and pre-packed. Trademarks: Lira and Zolotaya Lira, millcake and others as well as bakery products and confectionery.
        • Organization address: 14, Alekseevskogo Str., 397700, Bobrov, Voronezh Region, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (495) 232-0340
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Eviza Bisküvi ve Çikolata company is a professional supplier and exporter of confectionery goods in Türkiye, specializes in biscuits, chocolates, wafers, cakes, jelly, chewing gum, hard candies, marshmellow.
        • Organization address: Oruç Reis Mah.Tekstilkent A Blok/12B Kat:32 No 124/324 Esenler / Istanbul, Türkiye
        • Phone: +90 212 445 27 27
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Production of rusks, bread rings, dry biscuits, waffles, choux pastry and gummy gingerbread, oatmeal and butter biscuits, Oriental sweets, marshmallow, snacks, bakery products, cakes, pastries.
        • Organization address: 10, Vorovskogo Str., 610002, Kirov, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (8332) 37-63-21, 67-97-80
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: The main activities of TAYAS is to reach wider crowds with its growing product range, to improve its industry and to work for a sweeter world.
        • Organization address: GOSB, Ihsan Dede Cd. 800. Sk. No:122 Gebze/Kocaeli, Türkiye
        • Phone: +90 262 646 57 13
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Distributor of Moscow and Russian confectionery factories, brings brands to the market. Provides delivery to stores in Moscow and the region, and also promotes products on the marketplaces.
        • Organization address: Bldg. 1, Structure 1, 2, Krasnaya Sosna Str., 129337, Moscow, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (495) 665-7746
        • Website: http://.


        • Description of activity: Baisad is one of the largest and the most reliable manufacturers of food products in the South of Russia.
        • Organization address: 24, Promyshlennaya Str., Kislovodsk, Stavropol Territory, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (87937) 5-63-64 / 93
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Trade production company. Production of snacks.
        • Organization address: 6, Kudrinskoe Shosse, 141200, Pushkino, Moscow Region, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (495) 720-6268
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: For over 16 years our company has been engaged in the production of rusk products, snacks. Since 2018 we have been producing sugar cookies and TM Funny Cat sandwich cookies.
        • Organization address: 181B, Moskovskaya Str., 302006, Orel, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (4862) 43-33-86
        • Website:

        APK Holding

        • Description of activity: APK Holding is one of the leading agro-industrial associations in Russia. Activities: swine-breeding, dairy farming, processing and implementation of meat and dairy products.
        • Organization address: 313B, Yablonevaya Alleya, Zelenograd, 124482, Moscow, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (499) 736-2546
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: lebprom OJCS is a multi-brand company with more than 40 years of market presence.
          The company is among the leading Russian confectionery market manufacturers.
          The company features the following commodity categories:
          Mirel, Moy fresh cakes, sponge-cakes, and pies,
          Dr. Körner unique healthy food products! 100% natural wholegrain small loaves, healthy chips, mini loaves with fruit juices and puree for children, as well as our brand new glazed small loaves with genuine chocolate,
          Russkaya Niva long-life cakes and muffins,
          Chastnaya Galereya premium desserts,
          Bakerton doughnuts for a bright everyday mood, which combine the product's historical standards with top quality!
        • Organization address: Bldg. 6, 14, Rustaveli Str., 127254, Moscow, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (495) 789-4632/33
        • Website:

        RAFF SRL

        • Description of activity: RAFF srl produces the snack line called Cuscinetti Croccanti Sardi, thin, puffy and crunchy small pillows of bread, obtained only from the best 100% Sardinian semolina.
        • Organization address: Zona Industriale Prato Sardo Lotto 120 08100 Nuoro, Italy
        • Phone: +39 (0784) 296075
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Manufacturer of Turkish and Oriental delights. Wholesale supplies across Russia. Over 500 types of products (baklava, rahat-lokum, halva, churchkhela, marshmallow, pishmanie, coffee, tea and many others).
        • Organization address: Floor 3, 16, Bol\'shoy Ovchinnikovskiy Pereulok, Moscow, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (495) 741-3388, (925) 391-5331
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Manufacturer\'s product line includes over 300 items: wafers, marshmallow, fruit candies, souffle. The enterprise is certified under the international certification scheme FSSC-22000.
        • Organization address: 72, Lyublinskaya Str., 109382, Moscow, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (499) 553-4898
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: We create by hand with love delicious and appetizing gingerbreads and honey spice cakes, using our own production facilities and involving the best chefs. We keep to the traditions of the classic Christmas gingerbreads.
        • Organization address: Bldg. 6, 141, Varshavskoe Shosse, Moscow, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (495) 222-0070
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Individual entrepreneur Yu.S. Starkin has been producing bakery and confectionery since 1998. Now, the range features more than 350 items including crisp bread rings, croutons, biscuits, and sticks.
        • Organization address: 140, Lenina Str., 442680, Nikolsk, Penza Region, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (84165) 4-36-63, 4-22-08


        • Description of activity: Production and sale of confectionery products: sugar, butter, sponge biscuits, fruit-paste and marshmallow sweets, mini cakes, cupcakes, muffins, gingerbread sweets.
        • Organization address: 23, Mekhanizatorov Str., Zasechnoe Village, Penzenskiy District, Penza Region, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (8412) 67-97-70
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Forno Positano specializes in offering sweet bakery products: cream or chocolate lobsters, stuffed shortbread biscuits, puff pastry cannoli or small almond paste bon bon.
        • Organization address: Via F. Baracca 32, Italy
        • Phone: 393346211619
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Wholesale sales of disposable personal protective equipment for food production, medicine, cosmetology and dentistry.
        • Organization address: 10, Litovskaya Str., Saint Petersburg, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (812) 333-2553
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: CaravanToys has been successfully operating in the Russian toy market for more than 20 years and specializes in the wholesale of toys in Russia and CIS countries.
        • Organization address: Bldg. 2, 9, Vetkina Str., 127521, Moscow, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (985) 991-7649
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Manufacturing of flour-based confectionery products: gingerbread, homemade butter cookiesnuts, tartlets, hearts.
        • Organization address: 119, Ladozhskaya Str., Penza, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (927) 289-5003

        SAMSON &

        • Description of activity: Bakerman brand presents quality grissini bread sticks produced under the Italian technology and delicious, tender cakes based on selected ingredients.
        • Organization address: 33A, Titova Str., Ekaterinburg, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (343) 256-4934


        • Description of activity: One of the market leaders in flour, bakery and flour confectionery products. It includes 3 grain processing complexes, 13 bakeries and a pasta factory located in 9 regions of the Russian Federation.
        • Organization address: Bldg. 1, 36/9, Novy Arbat Str., 121099, Moscow, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (495) 785-0681
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Flour confectionery manufacturer: cookies, butter products, biscuit products, products from puff pastry, products from shortbread and curd dough with fillings.
        • Organization address: 2, Shkol'naya Str., Kraskovo Settlement, Lyubertsy District, Moscow Region, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (985) 297-5677


        • Description of activity: Production of bread and flour products. Wholesale supplies of all types of bakery and confectionery products. Distributor for manufacturers of bakery and confectionery products of Belorussia.
        • Organization address: . 12, 40B, Partizanskaya Str., Tarasovo Village, Minsk District, 223018, Minsk Region, Belarus
        • Phone: +375 (17) 510-6337, (29) 612-3013


        • Description of activity: Le Vigne di Sammarco is a company that produces and commercializes wines. It is located in Cellino San Marco, a small town in the heart of Salento (Puglia). The company owns 180 hectares of vineyards cultivated with native grapes.
        • Organization address: Via Niccolo' Tommaseo, 15/19-72020 Cellino San Marco (BR), Italy
        • Phone: +39 (0831) 617776
        • Website:

        ASAL CO., TH, LLC

        • Description of activity: T ASAL Co, LLC is the manufacturer of packed nuts and dried fruit as well as the wholesale supplier of raw materials for the food processing industry in Russia and other worlwide markets from more than 40 countries of the world. The products line consists of more than 300 items.
        • Organization address: 78, Shkol\'naya Str., 142703, Vidnoe, Moscow Region, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (495) 640-3373
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: GK Uralskie Konditery makes cookies, jellies, candies and marshmallow. The company supplies its products to the regions of Russia and actively develops foreign trade relations with CIS countries and countries outside the former Soviet Union.
        • Organization address: 319, Prospekt Pobedy, 454128, Chelyabinsk, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (351) 211-6767
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Manufacturer of grocery in India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and several other countries in South and Southeast Asia. Tea and coffee, herbs and spices, cereals and products.
        • Organization address: India


        • Description of activity: The Ministry carries out state administration in the agro-industrial complex of the region. The food industry unites more than 500 enterprises


        • Description of activity: Our company has been on the market since 2014 and has been operating in the territory of Russia mainly via our developed distribution network in such segments as frozen and chilled desserts for HoReCa and Retail. We have our own warehouse in Moscow. Expiry period of our products at temperature -18 C is from 6 to 12 months.
        • Organization address: Office 409, 32, Diktatury Proletariata Str., 660017, Krasnoyarsk, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (391) 219-2313
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: The Centre of Export Support of the Kursk Region represents Evropan LLC, OKZ LLC, Molochny Kaleidoskop LLC, NPK DANA ZAO, Oboyansky Sad LLC, Chernyshov S. V. individual entrepreneur.
        • Organization address: 65, Gor'kogo Str., 305000, Kursk, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (4712) 70-33-77
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Our company distributes additives and ingredients for various industries. The food industry product range includes: stabilizers, acidity regulators, preservatives, flavors, auxiliary materials, etc. A separate business for healthy diet ingredients: inulin and oligofructose, sweeteners, rice ingredients, natural antioxidants, insoluble fiber.
        • Organization address: 26, Pravdy Str., 125040, Moscow, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (495) 258-4040
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: The company is engaged in the production of confectionery and bakery products. We use only high quality natural ingredients from reliable suppliers.
        • Organization address: Premises 1, Bldg. 6, 6, Stakhanovskaya Str., 109428, Moscow, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (495) 137-7012
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Production of confectionery products since 1997. Sushki, crackers, cracker sticks, sugar, rich, lingering, biscuit cookies, meringue, complex confectionery, wafers, soufflé.
        • Organization address: 3, Egorova Str., Penza, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (987) 511-2921
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Production and sales of snacks (chips, crackers, toast, straw, peanuts, pistachios, fish and seafood, seeds) under the Zolotoy Vek Snekov and Zolotoy Ves trademarks.
        • Organization address: 21, Perovskoe Shosse, 109402, Moscow, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (499) 702-4450
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Manufacturer of natural sweets. The products are prepared according to old recipes from natural ingredients without added sugar, flavorings and preservatives. Healthy, natural, delicious!
        • Organization address: Room 5, Office 301, Bldg. 1, 38A, 2nd Khutorskaya Str., 127287, Moscow, Russia
        • Phone: 8 800 775-3630
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Production of snacks.
        • Organization address: Office 51, 13, Irkutskaya Str., Voronezh, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (951) 862-1585
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Production and sale of crackers, oatmeal cookies, gingerbread, breadcrumbs. Ringas croutons are great for a snack, relaxing in the company, or you can take them on the road to satisfy your hunger.
        • Organization address: 3, Zavodskaya Str., Slutsk, Minsk Region, Republic of Belarus
        • Phone: +375 (1795) 58 378
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Distribution of bakery products, sugar products and round cracknels as well as confectionery made in Belorussia.
        • Organization address: 5-416, Pamfilova Str., 214018, Smolensk, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (4812) 35-82-99


        • Description of activity: Volzhsky Pekar is one of the largest enterprises in Russia producing natural bakery products, bagels, waffles, biscuits, pies and cakes.
        • Organization address: 5, Darvina Str., Tver, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (4822) 42-21-23
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Modern Tea Technologies Ltd is a Russian producer of wide range of foodstuffs, including tea under the Maitre de the and Kenika brands, confectionery under the Sweeterella and Golden Dessert brands, crispbread under the Blockbuster brand.
        • Organization address: Bldg. 14, 35, Korovinskoe Shosse, Moscow, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (495) 937-88-33
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: We create apple products.
        • Organization address: Oko Tower, Moscow City, Moscow, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (926) 058-7888
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Long shelf life bakery products manufacturing.
        • Organization address: 93, Lenina Str., Oktyabr'skiy Work Settlement, Lubertsy, Moscow Region, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (499) 638-2740
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: VITBA is the leader of the Belarusian market of breakfast cereals, and one of the largest Belarusian enterprises in the sphere of pastry: high-tech manufacturing, the wide geography of export.
        • Organization address: 3, Korotkevicha Str., Vitebsk, Republic of Belarus
        • Phone: +375 (21) 267-09-59
        • Website:

        MAKS LTD

        • Description of activity: Russian manufacturer of sugar-free confectionery: frozen desserts, muffins, cookies, peanut paste and other products.
        • Organization address: 4, Zaytseva Str., 198096, Saint Petersburg, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (812) 425-3832
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Flavoryland Sesame Food Co. Ltd. main products are pure sesame oil, pure sesame paste, roasted sesame seeds, roasted sesame powder, blended sesame oil.
        • Organization address: East of Fengpu Diqing Street, Wudi County, Binzhou City, Shandong Province, China
        • Phone: +86 543 5079166
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Confectionery: marshmallow, biscuits, cakes, muffins, marmalade, souffle, products with fillings, chocolate-glazed products.
        • Organization address: 25, Prospekt Patriotov, Voronezh, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (473) 270-6463
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Today the confectionery factory ATA is one of the leading, dynamically developing enterprises in Kyrgyzstan in the field. ATA factory has been working since 1998.
        • Organization address: 17, Novostroyka Str., Shopokov, Kyrgyzstan
        • Phone: +996 (555) 96-88-83
        • Website:

        GREEK TRADE SP. Z O.O.

        • Description of activity: Production of heat-stable fruit fillings, fruit in gel, jams, pickles in jars. Export, import wholesale of food stuffs. Plants processing products: frozen fruit & vegetables, concentrates, purees.
        • Organization address: ul. Tadeusza Sliwiaka 14, 30-797 Krakow, Poland
        • Phone: +48 12 345 26 55
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Wholesale of confectionery from manufacturers of Russia and nearby countries. Sales of pastry under the Kolos, Rusladko, Malinkin and LIMERICK brands.
        • Organization address: 52V, Troitskiy Trakt, 454053, Chelyabinsk, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (351) 729-9005
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Today Borregaard is the worlds most advanced biorefinery, making several hundred commercial bio-based products from trees. Borregaard has produced wood vanillin since 1962. During the bio-refinery process, the vanillin within the tree is separated, collected, and purified to more than 99.9% crystalized & packed in 25 kilo cartons. Vanillin widely occurs in plants, as it is one of natures protection systems. This protection comes in the form of inherent anti-microbial properties that take effect when the trees or plants are attacked by fungi, yeast, bacteria or insects. These same anti-microbial properties of wood vanillin allow it to act as a preservative when used in food, fragrance and cosmetic formulations. The unique properties of Borregaard wood vanillin have allowed for the creation of specialty flavors, which provide performance benefits important to the ready food products.
          For more information visit Booth No. 12D75.
        • Organization address: Hjalmar Wesselsvei 6, NO-1721, Norway
        • Phone: 48660701392
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Butterfly KF is a modern dynamically developing manufacturer successfully operating in the confectionery markets of Moscow, Moscow Region, other regions of Russia and abroad.
        • Organization address: Bldg. 1, Territory of the Sherrizon Free Economic Zone, Dubrovki Village, Solnechnogorsk District, 141580, Moscow Region, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (495) 506-9311
        • Website:

        ERDYAKOV O.L. PE

        • Description of activity: Erdyakov O.L. PE (Sladkaya Kompaniya brand) is a producer and distributor of candy products. A leading wholesale and retail company in Russia and the CIS.
        • Organization address: 32, Dergaevskaya Str., Ramenskoe, Moscow Region, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (925) 272-8987
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: The Toy-Pulling company produces Slimes: Fluorescent, Mother-of-pearl, Fluffy, Marshmallows.
        • Organization address: Tyumen, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (922) 027-2555
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: The plant produces pastries (in semi-finished format), confectionery, sandwiches, culinary products with long shelf life.
        • Organization address: 261V, 45th Strelkovoy Divizii Str., Voronezh, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (473) 206-5900
        • Website:

        5 ELEMENTS LLC

        • Description of activity: 5 Elements LLC based in Orenburg produces reusable eco-package BeeTasty TM to keep your food fresh. Napkins are made of pure cotton enriched with beeswax, pine resin and jojoba oil.
        • Organization address: Apartment 36, 4V, Nevel'skaya Str., 460000, Orenburg, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (3532) 50-05-45
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Producer of a broad range of products. Producer of cakes (Boniposi brand), marshmallows, fruit jelly, sugar biscuits, oatmeal cookies, composite cookies, and much more.
        • Organization address: 12, Sovkhoznaya Str., Penza, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (8412) 90-93-85
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Vladimirskiy Hlebokombinat is an innovative industry leader. The company provides daily production for more than 1.2 million people. The main directions of development are snacks (pretzel rings, pretzel sticks, nuggets).
        • Organization address: B. Nizhegorodskaya Str., Vladimir, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (4922) 32-47-32
        • Website:

        UNITRON LTD.

        • Description of activity: Having entered the market 24 years ago, nowadays the company is one of the largest manufacturers of nutty semifinished goods in Russia. Unitron Group of Companies has been among the acklowledged leaders in food ingredients processing and supply for food industry.
        • Organization address: 3A, Gornaya Str., 440008, Penza, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (8412) 54-17-76
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Juice manufacturing plant called Vital Juices, confectionery plant called Divo-Hleb. Festive drinks for children and adults, cold-pressed juices etc. Pastry, fudges and eastern delights, crunchy cereals and granola bars.
        • Organization address: Bldg. 4, 37, Yuzhnoe Shosse, Saint Petersburg, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (812) 708-8427
        • Website:

        P. T. GROUP

        • Description of activity: Design and manufacture of conveyor systems, conveyors, roller conveyors, control systems and electrical cabinets for companies of various industry sectors.
        • Organization address: 10, Kolomyazhskiy Prospekt, 197348, Saint Petersburg, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (812) 329-0734
        • Website: http://www..


        • Description of activity: EVROKOND produces confectionery products.
        • Organization address: 4, Industrial'naya Str., Izberbash, Republic of Dagestan, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (928) 807-79-99
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Production of various types of pasta, lasagnia, spaghetti, including organic ones. Snacks, croissants, dry breakfasts with fillers, dry powder-cream powder for cakes and cupcakes.
        • Organization address: No. 1230 Tin Tower, Shariati St. Tehran, Iran
        • Phone: +98 21 1648 74628000
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: We produce products and mixtures from useful ingredients. In the basis of our products there are the 10 Without rule. Only natural composition. 100% gluten-free production.
        • Organization address: Office 485, Bldg. 5, 83, Leninskiy Prospekt, Moscow, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (495) 225-6160
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Production of natural products. Peanut and nut butters, granola, whole grain bread, sauces, caramel-nut, soft halva, nuts and nut-fruit mixes.
        • Organization address: 2V, Perekopskaya Str., Khabarovsk, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (999) 088-06-58
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Production of snacks: onion rings, bacon, crab, potato chips, corn sticks, peanut with flavors, seeds of sunflower, biscuit. Packed products and weight.
        • Organization address: 93, Sovkhoznaya Str., 347041, Belaya Kalitva, Rostov Region, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (86383) 2-02-54, +7 (495) 980-1199
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: The Kostroma Region booth showcases the products of the region's agricultural companies: canned mushrooms and berries, processed meats, cheeses, mineral water.
        • Organization address: 24, Komsomol'skaya Str., 156000, Kostroma, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (4942) 62-99-64
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: ZARYA is one of the leading confectioneries in the Republic of Crimea. The confectionery produces various kinds of cookies sugar, hard dough and butter cookies, Turkish delight and baklava under the Krymsky Sultan trademark.
        • Organization address: 3, Khatidzhe Chapchakchi Str., 295049, Simferopol, Republic of Crimea, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (3652) 50-39-56, (978) 856-8673
        • Website:

        ALTA TD

        • Description of activity: Production and sale of Petrusha lollipops, Puffi-Fluffi and Petrusha corn sticks, Gross chips and Gross balls salty snacks, Lapshyn instant products, marshmallow.
        • Organization address: 12, Polevoy Proezd, 443022, Samara, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (846) 228-2366
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Barry Callebaut is a world leader in high-quality chocolate and cocoa production. In Russia, the company has three production sites in Chekhov, Kasimov and Kaliningrad. The renewed Moscow Chocolate Academy conducts training and advanced learning for Masters and Professionals. The company offers a full range of products for the confectionery market: chocolate and colored coatings, toppings, lauric and non-lauric compounds, fillings, decorations, cocoa products and speciality fats.
        • Organization address: Bldg. 1, Property 18, Uezdnaya Str., 142300, Chekhov, Moscow Region, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (499) 922-1930
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: The Bakery and Biscottificio De Fenza is an Italian family business founded in 1979 in Naples. lt is a producer of baked products-conventional and organic-derived from bread of the Campania tradition.
        • Organization address: Via Eduardo De Filippo 17 80016 Marano di Napoli (NA), Italy
        • Phone: +39 0815871292
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Volnistye trademark croutons are an innovative product on the snack market: slices of rye-wheat bread are baked according to the traditional recipes and fried in oil; the product has an exclusive sea wave shape.
        • Organization address: 5, Pugacheva Str., 308009, Belgorod, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (472) 220-5859
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Vitonika Ltd is the holding of Russian Frost and Tomin's Bread companies. Since 1992, we have been producing frozen bread and bakery products, as well as semi-finished and instant meals.
        • Organization address: 1A, Vesennyaya Str., Ryazan, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (4912) 92-65-36
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Production and sale of confectionery products: candies, caramel, waffles, gingerbread, cookies, New Year gifts.
        • Organization address: 22, Oktyabr'skaya Str., Tambov, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (4752) 729-725
        • Website:

        KOMPLEKS-98, LLC

        • Description of activity: Kompleks-98 LLC produces and sells potato chips, snacks, popcorn, chocolate and confectionery products. We also produce extruded products, such as bread, corn flakes, crisps, French fries.
        • Organization address: 21, Pristanskiy Spusk Str., Syzran, Samara Region, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (8464) 98-31-99
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Our company is one of the oldest manufacturers of cracknels and cookies in Russia. The range of the factorys products includes cracknels, biscuits, gingerbreads, Oriental sweets.
        • Organization address: 4, Mikhaylovskiy Pereulok, Saint Petersburg, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (812) 600-4026

        DIARIT, LLC

        • Description of activity: Our company specializes in making extrusion products: crispbreads, corn puffs, cereals (pillows, rolls with fillings), crackers under the Vkus Maya brand.
        • Organization address: 155A, Aviatsionnaya Str., 392028, Tambov, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (4752) 73-13-00
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Our facilities are well set for making full process of rice snack production.
          Black bean brown rice, roasted rice snacks, pumpkin seed rice snacks.
        • Organization address: 61, Jeoneun-gil, Jeongok-eup, Yeoncheon-gun, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea
        • Phone: +82 31 8351704
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Region-Product JSC is the manufacturer of the Khrust (Crunch) rusks, also rusks under the private labels.
        • Organization address: 29, Avtomobilistov Str., Bogoslovka Settlement, Penza District, Penza Region, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (8412) 208-200
        • Website:

        FEDON S.A.

        • Description of activity: FEDON produces a wide range of bakery and confectionery products, accoring to the quality control standards I.F.S., B.R.C., ISO 22000 and ISO 9001.Cookies, filled cookies, breadsticks, sandwich coolies, chocolate sweets, puff pastry palmiers, coconut cakes, greek brioches, sesame and nut bars, sweets in syrup, greek confectionery products, cakes, croutons, organic and diabetic cookies.
        • Organization address: Nea Santa, 61 100 Kilkis, Greece
        • Phone: +30 (23410) 64820
        • Website:

        NEW EAST JSC

        • Description of activity: New East is a Russian manufacturer of snack products. Salted and fried peanuts in seasonings, in glaze and in a crispy crust. More than 30 flavors. Experience since 2008. Production of fish snacks.
        • Organization address: 51, Zarechnaya Str., Vladivostok, Primorsky Kray, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (914) 791-5979
        • Website: http://.


        • Description of activity: Derevenskie Grenki (Village Toasts) production and wholesale.
        • Organization address: Apartment 62, 3/2, Pervomayskaya Str., Shcherbinka, 108851, Moscow, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (967) 069-0933
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: We specialize in high quality sweets Western and Oriental, exporting them to more than 83 countries.
        • Organization address: Rural Damascus, Sehnaya, Industrial Area, Syrian Arab Republic
        • Phone: +963 11 9998
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Main field of operation is production and sale of ecological vermit fighting tools. Our major output is pheromon traps and yellow/blue sticky cards.
        • Organization address: 8, Tushinskaya Str., Moscow, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (499) 755-5531
        • Website:

        GLOBUS, LLC

        • Description of activity: Founded in 1997. The company is engaged in confectionery production and distribution. It is one of the biggest producers in the Volga Region.
        • Organization address: 100, Prospekt Gaya, 432035, Ulyanovsk, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (8422) 36-10-20
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: DiKhleb company is among top 5 bread manufacturers in the Krasnoyarsk Region. The company has developed a unique innovative technology for 2 types of bread products that are iodine and vitamin C enriched.
        • Organization address: Bldg. 1, 2V, Gidrostroiteley Str., Divnogorsk, Krasnoyarsk Territory, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (391) 242-1942
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: KENAPS is a young company that has developed a new type of technology for healthy and crispy cracker-type bread manufacture from 100% natural ingredients with the addition of spices, giving bright tastes for the chips replacement.
        • Organization address: 145, Internatsional\'naya Str., 606440, Bor, Nizhny Novgorod Region, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (831) 596-0914
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Modern meat processing plant. We produce boiled sausages, frankfurters, sausages, smoked and boiled-smoked sausages and delicacies, under the Bahrushin brand name.
        • Organization address: Bldg. 59, Dorozhnaya Str., Sovkhoz Ostankino, Gabovskoe Rural Settlement, 141895, Moscow Region, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (925) 015-1200

        FARM M2

        • Description of activity: FARM M² is a new modern agricultural company that operates on the principles of organic agriculture and production. The farm is located in a picturesque spot outside of Moscow on the shore of the Ruzskoye Reservoir.
        • Organization address: Shul'gino Village, Volokolamsk District, Moscow Region, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (495) 025-0203
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Kainak is the only manufacturer in Penza specializing in the production of oriental sweets based on traditional oriental technology using high-tech equipment.
        • Organization address: 34A, Burovaya Str., 440067, Penza, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (8412) 900-220
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Producers of confectionery: cakes, cottage cheese, sugar, puff, oat, hard-dough, short cookies, gummy gingerbread.
        • Organization address: Bldg. 15, 4, Venevskoe Shosse, 300004, Tula, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (4872) 70-42-16
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Sale of confectionery products (regions, markets, trade chains, Internet platforms).
        • Organization address: Warehouse 2, Bldg. 8, Property 8, 4536 Proezd, 141006, Mytishchi, Moscow Region, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (495) 120-4012
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Fufeng Group Company Co. Ltd. is an internationalized bio-products manufacturer which is the largest MSG, xanthan gum & amino acids manufacturer in the world.
        • Organization address: Shandong, Qingdao, China
        • Phone: +86 532 68669317
        • Website:

        VEIK, LLC

        • Description of activity: VEIK LLC is engaged in the implementation and popularization of innovative products of active longevity from amaranth. The products are manufactured using patented technology from environmentally friendly raw materials only.
        • Organization address: Office 6, Premises 11, 50, Voroshilova Str., Voronezh, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (910) 732-2979
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Producer of premium desserts TM Betty's cakes. Frozen cheesecakes, cakes and mini-desserts in individual packages for distributors, wholesalers, retailers and HoReCa.
        • Organization address: Office 20, 24, 2nd Pereulok Mira, Ulyanovsk, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (951) 095-8909
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Manufacturing of confectionery products.
        • Organization address: 164, Nodira Str., Tashkent, Republic of Uzbekistan
        • Phone: +998 99 855 66 65
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Premiata Forneria del Corso is a company that since 1988 deals with artisan confectionery (Ferratelle, Amaretti, Cantucci) production, with its base in Italy, near Rome, in Tocco da Casauria, a small medieval village located in the territory of the Maiella National Park UNESCO Geopark.
        • Organization address: TOCCO DA CASAURIA (Pescara) Abruzzo, Via XX Settembre n.100, Italy
        • Phone: +39 (085) 880 9130
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: The company MAGEN-D is a modern bakery, working since 2002. We produce semi-finished puff dough and pastry products and breads of 80% availability, products for the microwave ovens and confectionery.
        • Organization address: 10A, Okruzhnoy Proezd, Moscow, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (499) 406-0090
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Production of salty and sweet bakery products (cookie sticks, crackers, pretzels).
        • Organization address: 3, Mashinostroitel'ny Pereulok, 344090, Rostov-on-Don, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (863) 210-07-55
        • Website: http://.


        • Description of activity: Retail trade of frozen confectionery.
        • Organization address: 5, Str. Named after Generala Shtemenko, Volgograd, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (961) 062-5855
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Production of candies, marmalade, marshmallows. Sale of confectionery products.
        • Organization address: 115/2, Vybornaya Str., 630126, Novosibirsk, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (383) 331-5577
        • Website:


        • Organization address: Russia


        • Description of activity: With the same commitment to quality and freshness for over 40 years, we will be most pleased to offer our product with compatible prices and timely execution of orders.
        • Organization address: Sair Esref Mah 1006 Sk. No:24 Serinhisar/Denizli, Türkiye
        • Phone: +90 542 591 57 78
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: The stand of the Tula Region is represented by manufacturers of Tula gingerbread cookies, Belevskaya pastila, kombucha, bread and bran, sealing lids for food products, equipment for food industry enterprises.
        • Organization address: Bldg. 1, 135, Kirova Str., Tula, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (4872) 25-98-33
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Production and sale of bakery and flour confectionery.
        • Organization address: 5, Kievskoe Shosse, Naro-Fominsk, Moscow Region, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (495) 781-8715
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Production and sale of confectionery (glazed gingerbreads).
        • Organization address: 93, Odoevskoe Shosse, Tula, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (4872) 25-07-12
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Sladkaya Sloboda cookie plant produces sugar cookies with rustic milk, flavored butter cookies, oatmeal cookies with fillings, gingerbread cookies, crispy waffles, tender desserts with soufflé, marshmallows.
        • Organization address: 35, Proizvodstvennaya Str., Kirov, Russia
        • Phone: + 7 (8332) 555-565
        • Website: http://.


        • Description of activity: Manufacture of bakery products, including frozen, and pastry. Production volume 45 tons of bread and 3.5 tons of confectionery per day.
        • Organization address: 52, Dzerzhinsokgo Str., 230005, Grodno, Belarus
        • Phone: +375 (152) 74-44-94
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Production of snack products and snacks for beer.
        • Organization address: Office 3, 38, Podol'skaya Str., Chelyabinsk, Russia
        • Phone: 8 800 500 95 78
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Production and sale of toasts, croutons, crackers, breadcrumbs. GRENKOFF trade mark presents dry products for salads, first courses and snacks. Snacks and bar toasts for beer.
        • Organization address: RM1G, Office 1, Premises I, 1st Floor, 2, Solov'iny Proezd, 117593, Moscow, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (499) 372-2999
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Bayan Sulu is one of Khazakhstans largest producers of confectionery. The factory makes and sells sugar and flour confectionery products.
        • Organization address: 198, Borodina Str., Kostanay, 110006, Kazakhstan
        • Phone: +7 (7142) 56 63 73
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Forno Damiani is an Italian brand with 75 years of history. The main direction is the production of snacks based on hard and soft sorts of Italian flour with addition of olive oil and sea salt.
        • Organization address: Office 404, Bldg. 11, 3, Dorozhnaya Str., 117545, Moscow, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (926) 613-1358
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Manufacturer of Fruity Beauty trade mark.
        • Organization address: Bldg. 2, Domain 29, Olimpiyskiy Prospekt, 141006, Mytishchi, Moscow Region, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (495) 780-7462
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: The modern enterprise with the richest history, at present is engaged in manufacture and sale of grain extracts and concentrates for kvass, beer drinks, bread, confectionery products.
        • Organization address: Syrup Plant Village, Kostroma District, 156550, Kostroma Region, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (4942) 655-791
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Lotte CF RUS, the Russian representative office of LOTTE CONFECTIONERY Ltd, was opened in Moscow in April 2007. Our product range includes Choko-Pai, LOTTE CARAMEL, and other products.
        • Organization address: Bldg. 1, 65, Profsoyuznaya Str., Moscow, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (495) 287-4601
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: FOOD-PRO is a company producing semi-finished meat and fish products, semi-finished products from poultry meat, mayonnaise and sauces based on it, pita bread, fruit drinks from fresh berries.
        • Organization address: 11, Sovetskaya Str., Krasny Yar Settlement, Kireevskiy District, 301285, Tula Region, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (953) 950-10-60
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Wholesale trade of edible evaporated vacuum extra salt, tablet salt, granulated salt and dry seasonings produced by Mozyrsalt JSC, curing salt and nitrite mixtures, canned fruit and vegetables for babies.
        • Organization address: Bldg. 1, 7, 2nd Alleya Str., Bryansk, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (4832) 36-27-09
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: The company sells bakery ingredients and prepared dry mixes for bakery as well as toppings for confectionery.
        • Organization address: 2nd Floor, Office 21N, 19, Leninskaya Sloboda Str., 115280, Moscow, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (495) 640-6553
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: An organization uniting confectionery companies.
        • Organization address: Office 114, 2, Volodarskogo Str., Penza, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (8412) 45-80-55
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Manufacturer of food and frozen semi-finished products. Halal. Assortment: noodles, chak-chak, semi-finished meat products, confectionery, flour and bakery products, artisan sourdough breads.
        • Organization address: 5, Dneprovskaya Str., 453122, Sterlitamak, Republic of Bashkortostan, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (917) 808-2303
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Bioshan is managed by three generations of craftsmen. In 2003, the company built a factory in China and set up a 5,000 mu highly productive ecological tea garden.
        • Organization address: Office 35, 1st Floor, 29, Vernadskogo Prospekt, 119331, Moscow, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (916) 181-8100
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: The largest confectionery producer in the south of Russia.
        • Organization address: 2, Gibridnaya Str., 352700, Timashyovsk, Krasnodar Territory, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (86130) 42-489
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: EFKO is a leader in the market of high-tech food ingredients for confectionery, baking and other industries, we are at the forefront in the market of oilseeds processing and feeds protein components supply. The holding company develops its own brands of vegetable oils, mayonnaise, ketchups, and yogurts. It actively diversifies business by developing in-house innovation center, venture investments in foodtech and biotechnology.
        • Organization address: 4, Frunze Str., 309850, Alexeyevka, Belgorod Region, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (47234) 3-35-37
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: EuroLine company produces and sells natural meat snacks, pig ears, jerky beef (Sudzhuk) originated from domestic beef. Also delicious croutons, toasts according to original recipes.
        • Organization address: 93A, Profsoyuznaya Str., 117279, Moscow, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (495) 787-0535
        • Website:

        OCTOBER, TH, LLC

        • Description of activity: October TH LLC is engaged in the production, wholesale and retail distribution of Christmas and gift wrappings. Our specialists develop and produce customized package designs using textiles, tin, cardboard.
        • Organization address: Office 802, Floor 8, Block E, Bldg. 5, Domovl. 4, 22nd km, Kievskoe Shosse, Moskovskiy Settlement, 142784, Moscow, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (495) 649-8514
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Mr. Food is one of the largest modern Russian factories producing ready cookery and semi-finished products in Russia.
        • Organization address: Bldg. 1, Severny Proezd, Khimki, Moscow Region, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (495) 118-0888
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: The Eastern Agro Export is a producer and exporter of dried (processed) fruit and nuts grown in Uzbekistan with 15 years of experience. Our company has more than 20 partners in 18 countries.
        • Organization address: 1A, Bakhrin Str., Urgutskiy District, Samarkandskaya Region, Republic of Uzbekistan
        • Phone: +998 (94) 658 7015
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: For over 200 years Niederegger stands for highest quality. True gourmets enjoy Niederegger marzipan pure or covered with chocolate either with bittersweet or milk chocolate.
        • Organization address: Zei?str. 17, 23560 Lubeck, Germany
        • Phone: +49 (451) 5301-0
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: The factory was established in 1971. Now it's the largest manufacturer of confectioneries in Siberia and the Far East. We produce and sell more than 200 items of chocolate and confectionery from premium sweets to caramel with various fillings of various shapes.
        • Organization address: 3A, Pirogova Str., 670047, Ulan-Ude, Republic of Buryatia, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (3012) 43-76-31
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Developer and manufacturer of confectionery and bakery mixes. Manufacturer of cook-chill cooking, baking and confectionery products of high degree of readiness.
        • Organization address: Office 900, 29, Leningradskaya Str., 141402, Khimki, Moscow Region, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (495) 360-2958
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Yug Rusi is a group-leader in production and export of vegetable oils. Nine oil production plants of the Group located in Russia and Kazakhstan produce oil under such trademarks as ZOLOTAYA SEMECHKA, AVEDOV, ZLATO, etc.
        • Organization address: 8, Tolstogo Str., 344010, Rostov-on-Don, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (863) 261-8380
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Production of GROVO pasteurized egg products (melange, protein, yolk). 100% natural products for bakery, confectionery and meat processing industry, HoReCa, children's and sports nutrition.
        • Organization address: Lenina Str., Bogorodsk, Nizhny Novgorod Region, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (831) 262-1150
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Production and sale of confectionery products.
        • Organization address: 187/213, Rakhova V. G. Str., 410005, Saratov, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (8452) 62-56-37


        • Description of activity: The largest factory in Russia, producing zephyr, fruit jelly, pastilles and sweets. The products are presented in all regions of the Russian Federation and in foreign markets. Guarantee of quality control and timely deliveries.
        • Organization address: Office 1, Premises 1-N, Litera AM, 27, Engel'sa Prospekt, 194156, Saint Petersburg, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (812) 643-3434
        • Website:

        LIVE GROUP

        • Description of activity: Russian production company, one of the leaders of the local coffee market. Patented coffee beans roasting technology. variety of more than 60 sorts of coffee & tea, honey-souffle and cookies in the assortment.
        • Organization address: Room 12g (4), Premises IX, Floor 2, Bldg. 11, 1, 2nd Likhachevskiy Pereulok, 125438, Moscow, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (495) 989-4464
        • Website:

        AMICO MIO

        • Description of activity: Delicious flour products made according to old recipes from southern Italy. The products are suitable for home consumption as well as for professional kitchens.
        • Organization address: Italy

        ARGIA VAFLI,

        • Description of activity: Manufacture of wafer production (cups, sugar horns, sugar formed cones, torches of 2 kinds, sheet wafers) for ice-cream.
        • Organization address: 10, Zavodskaya Str., Khimki, Moscow Region, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (962) 922-8667 (./mob.)
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Leading manufacturer of wheat flour in Russia. Processing of more than 2,200 tons of grain per day. Shipment of non-bulk and bulk products, as well as by railway transport from Tambov, Tula and Ryazan regions.
        • Organization address: 1, Lavrovskiy Pereezd, Michurinsk, Tambov Region, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (495) 215-2402
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Producer of a wide range of natural products from Altai raw materials. In our production we do not use preservatives, dyes, refined fats and sugars, GMOs and gluten-containing products.
        • Organization address: 18, Zhdanova Str., Barnaul, Altai Territory, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (902) 997-2062
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Production of extrusion flat bread, bakery and confectionary products.
        • Organization address: 56, Oktyabr'skaya Str., Polotsk, Vitebsk Region, Republic of Belarus
        • Phone: +375 (29) 374-9181
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Production of exclusive Klyukvich beverages and foodstuffs based on berries, herbs, fruit, and vegetables.
        • Organization address: 2, Rudinskaya Str., Ostashkov, Tver Region, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (916) 968-6628
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Production of extrusion products (bread, bran, breakfast cereals).
        • Organization address: 12, Sverdlova Str., Uzlovaya, Tula Region, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (48731) 5-33-14
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: A trading and manufacturing company that produces premium snack products. 2 types of snacks are of unique author's tastes existed only in Russia, 4 types of 8 are produced without the use of E additives.
        • Organization address: Premises 3, Litera A, Property 3, Barybinskaya Str., Tatarinovo Settlement, 142846, Stupino, Moscow Region, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (906) 081-5181, (916) 315-6808
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: FOODCODE is a unique Russian production of gluten-free products. Bakery and confectionery products are free from gluten, artificial food additives, preservatives, white sugar, taste modifiers and color stabilizers.
        • Organization address: Office 1, 2, Ovrazhnaya Str., 143603, Volokolamsk, Moscow Region, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (495) 283-0808
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Raumena was founded in 1998 and today is one of the leaders in the production of corn sticks and snack products in Kazakhstan.
        • Organization address: 65, 50 Let Oktyabrya Str., Rudniy, Kostanay Region, Republic of Kazakhstan
        • Phone: +7 (71431) 94-2-30
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Our company is in the business of confectionery production. Our core business is the production of biscuits with a long shelf life and candy-type oriental sweets.
        • Organization address: Office 30, 73, Ostrogozhskaya Str., Voronezh, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (920) 451-3069


        • Description of activity: CONFECTUM LLC is a marshmallow manufacturer, an exclusive importer of Smile Candy, chewing marmalade and other confectionery products.
        • Organization address: Bldg. 8, Industrial Park Severny Territory, Severny Settlement, Belgorod District, Belgorod Region, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (4722) 20-40-21
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Production of digital printing equipment designed for applying printing images directly on finished products.
        • Organization address: 26, Generala Belova Str., Moscow, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (495) 222-7450
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: The production of natural essential oils and spices.
        • Organization address: Experimental Station Territory, 309856, Alexeyevka, Belgorod Region, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (4723) 43-05-66


        • Description of activity: Production of sweeteners, fiber, healthy foods, no sugar sweeteners, special food for sports, diet and diabetic foods.
        • Organization address: Merkez Mar Çavuşbaşi Cad. No 69/1 Çekmeköy/ İstanbul, Türkiye
        • Phone: +90 216 640 41 66
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: PETRODIET group of companies specializes in the production of a wide range of products without sugar added for healthy nutrition.
        • Organization address: Office 423, Litera Zh, Bldg. 5, 35, Marshala Govorova Str., Saint Petersburg, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (812) 337-2311
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: AZHAZELNUT LLC has been operating since 2002. The direction of the enterprise is to strengthen the export potential of the hazelnut kernel entering Russian and European markets.
        • Organization address: Gusarchay Village, Khachmaz District, Republic of Azerbaijan
        • Phone: +994 502990377
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Production of Oriental sweets, dried fruit and nuts!
        • Organization address: Bldg. 3, 37, Altuf'evskoe Shosse, Moscow, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (495) 627-7929
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Production of natural and synthetic food colors for any products (confectionery, ice cream, drinks, fish and sausage products, dairy products, snacks, etc.).
        • Organization address: 31, Salyutovskaya Str., 426053, Izhevsk, Udmurtia Republic, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (3412) 46-02-62
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: We manufacture and sell confectionery products in bulk (drying, gingerbread, sugar cookies and butter cookies, marshmallow, candies, jellies).
        • Organization address: 30, Baumana Str., 440052, Penza, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (8412) 20-23-29
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Laima is the most famous confectionery brand name in the Baltics since 1870. Laima is the Latvian sweets legend, successfully combining historical heritage with innovations.
        • Organization address: 22, Miera Str., Riga, Latvia
        • Phone: +371 67080314
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: A Russian company specializing in production of traditional Tula honey-cake souvenirs.
        • Organization address: 98, Skuratovskaya Str., Tula, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (4872) 50-35-03
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: The OSKO Confectionery Factory produces gingerbread, zefir, lokum, cookies and waffles in Voronezh. Our products are leaders in federal and region retail stores.
        • Organization address: 31a, Solnechnaya Str., Voronezh, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (473) 246-33-34
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Orion International Euro is one of the largest Russian confectionery companies. Choco Pie is its flagship product, one of the top 3 sold in Russia (sweet biscuit packed)* according to Nielsen.
        • Organization address: 3 Floor, Bldg. 1, Property 6, 22 km, Kievskoe Shosse, Moskovskiy Settlement, 108811, Moscow, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (495) 787-9909
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Production and processing of dried fruit for confectionery and dairy manufacturers.
        • Organization address: Bldg. 4, 63, Ryabinovaya Str., Moscow, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (925) 546-0027
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Production and sale of quick bread.
        • Organization address: 54A, B. Rybakovskaya Str., Rodniki, Ivanovo Region, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (49336) 2 15 39
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: The foundations of Elvan Group was established in 1952 in Istanbul. Elvan today produces a wide range of products: chocolates, wafers, candies, jellies, cakes, croissants and markets them internationally.
        • Organization address: Tevfik Bey Mahallesi Şehit Erol Olçok Caddesi No:26, Türkiye
        • Phone: +90 212 592 32 00
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Production of confectionery under the GRAN brand. The main products are Zavarnyye Pyshechki and Zavariki (choux pastry). Wholesale: Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Germany, Mongolia.
        • Organization address: Bldg. 5, 2, Proizvodstvennaya Str., Fedino Village, Voskresensk District, 140209, Moscow Region, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (495) 641-1148
        • Website: http://www..


        • Description of activity: Domochay JSC is a large Belarusian manufacturer of bakery and confectionery products, including deep frozen products. The range and high quality are a guarantee of the competitiveness of products on the market.
        • Organization address: 39A, Kosmonavtov Str., 212022, Mogilev, Republic of Belarus
        • Phone: +375 222767787
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Production of crusts for layered Napoleon cakes, choux paste Medovik cakes, short pastry cakes, puffed cakes. For manufacturers of cakes, a special variant of crusts is produced in an economy package. The company also produces cookies and frozen desserts in cups.
        • Organization address: 6, Matrosova Str., Aleksin District, 301361, Aleksin, Tula Region, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (48753) 4 26 10
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Production of packaged products snacks and confectionery under the trademarks Zhili-Byli, Palochki-Baranochki, Zharkoye Leto, Catalina BOOM, Catalina GOLD. Creation of private labels.
        • Organization address: 1A, Novye Doma Settlement, Noginsk District, Moscow Region, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (499) 713-6614
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Manufacturer of oriental and flour sweets.
        • Organization address: 42, Energetikov Str., Dzerzhinsky, Moscow Region, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (495) 744-1162
        • Website:

        UNION S.R.L.

        • Description of activity: UNION S.R.L. was established in 1986. It produces Conventional and Organic bakery products/Snacks and typical Apulian pasta. Union has obtained the Organic, Halal, BRC, IFS, VEGAN, certifications.
        • Organization address: Via Mottola NC Z.I. D1/3 70011 Alberobello (BA), Italy
        • Phone: 390804323916
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: International trade of biscuit, chocolate and cheese.
        • Organization address: Immeuble Yasmine Rue du Lac dAnnecy1053 Les Berges du Lac 1, Tunisia
        • Phone: +216 (71) 161-300
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Production of whole grain products for healthy food without the addition of improvers, preservatives and fats: flour, pasta, round-shaped cracknels, lent cookies, cereals, ingredients for home baking.
        • Organization address: 64, Lermontova Str., Khabary Settlement, Khabarsky District, 658780, Altai Territory, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (383) 249-1-249
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Services in the IP sphere: registration of trademarks, patents; copyright; registration of PC-programs and software; preparing and registration of IP agreements; protection in court.
        • Organization address: Office 665-666, Entrance 1, Bldg. 6, 2, Marshala Rybalko Str., 123060, Moscow, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (499) 130-3666
        • Website:

        PA-COMP LTD.

        • Description of activity: Making and marketing the following products: flavoured extruded corn products; Wellnut nut substitute mixture product line; baking ingredients; agricultural and mill-industrial crops.
        • Organization address: H-4244 Ujfeherto, Szent I. u. 144, Hungary
        • Phone: +36 (42) 290-177
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Producer of pasta, biscuits, semolina, flour. Trading in tomatoes and olive oil.
        • Organization address: Largo D. Divella 1, 70018 Rutigliano (BA), Italy
        • Phone: +39 0804779111
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: PMSweet designs and creates luxury artisan patisseries: Sweet macarons, savoury macarons, gourmet large macarons, eclairs, pastries and vegan products (gluten-free, sugar-free, lactose-free).
        • Organization address: Rue Cesar de Paepe 43, 4683 Vivegnis, Belgium
        • Phone: +32 (0) 4 388 10 13
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: The main activity of the ANI BISCUITS Inc. company is the production and exporting of biscuits, cookies, cakes, chocolate, wafers, crackers and marshmallow products.
        • Organization address: Organize Sanayi Mah. 16. Cad. Karaman, Turkey
        • Phone: 903382241230
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Wheat flour, cereals, pasta, sugar cookies, dried biscuits under the Crown of Stavropol brand are famous for the invariable quality, which is tested by the in-house certified laboratory.
        • Organization address: 18, Tenistaya Str., Svetlograd, Stavropol Territory, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (86547) 4-90-16
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: The Lutov Snack Group company is a modern advanced enterprise engaged in the production of snacks in Voronezh.
        • Organization address: 5D, Tupoleva Str., Voronezh, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (905) 623-4399
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: AvaKondi produces factory-made croissants with different flavours with the use of the European equipment. Benefits for our partners comprise high quality, designer package, favourable prices, various prepackaging!
        • Organization address: 47, Shosseynaya Str., Prikubanskiy Settlement, Novokubanskiy District, 352203, Krasnodar Territory, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (918) 697-7706
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Michurinskoe Pechenie has more than 15 years of successful work in the market of confectionery products. Main manufactured products are vanilla butter cookies, shortbread cookies, oatmeal cookies and spice cakes.
        • Organization address: 2, Sel\'skaya Ploshchad\', Michurinskiy Settlement, Penza District, Penza Region, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (8412) 37-85-58
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: VANSLAD offers over 500 types of sweets, which we have been making for you for over 16 years! Butter and shortbread cookies, soft biscuits, pancakes, marshmallows, fruit jelly. We are constantly expanding our product range, surprising our customers with unique new items, and improving the recipes of existing products. Careful analysis of industry trends and stylish packaging make sure we always meet the buyers' expectations.
        • Organization address: 23, Mekhanizatorov Str., Zasechnoe Settlement, Penzenskiy District, Penza Region, Russia
        • Phone: +7 (8412) 67-97-97
        • Website:


        • Description of activity: Sigdal Crispbread is a unique product, made from natural, non-GMO ingredients, free from additives and preservatives. Sigdal can be enjoyed for breakfast, lunch or as a healthy snack.
        • Organization address: PB. 54, 1300 Sandvika, Norway
        • Phone: +33 689 718357
        • Website:

        TEK PACK


          • Description of activity: Russkiy Khleb has been producing confectionery and bakery products according to traditional recipes for 20 years. In assortment there are wafers, butter cookies, wafer rolls, bread products.
          • Organization address: 26, Verkhneural'skoe Shosse, 455005, Magnitogorsk, Chelyabinsk Region, Russia
          • Phone: +7 (3919) 24-78-99
          • Website:


          • Description of activity: Impulse-Market LLC is an exclusive importer of Docile fruit jelly, marshmallow (Brazil), Barkleys refreshing lollipops from Holland and Kindi crackers, cookies and croutons.
          • Organization address: Bldg. 6, 2, 5th Kabel'naya Str., Moscow, Russia
          • Phone: +7 (903) 795-13-05
          • Website:


          • Description of activity: Production and distribution of products of the Republic of Kazakhstan (production of pasta, bakery products and flour).
          • Organization address: 91, Kamskaya Str., Karagandy, Republic of Kazakhstan
          • Phone: +7 (495) 212-2705
          • Website:


          • Description of activity: Manufacturing and sale of confectionery products with a long shelf life: biscuit cakes, pastries with cream and fruit and berry fillings, meringues.
          • Organization address: Bldg. 17, 22, Begovaya Str., 125284, Moscow, Russia
          • Phone: +7 (495) 748-1967
          • Website:

          Hanmi F3 Co. Ltd.

          • Description of activity: We are a Korea-based manufacturer of food products such as beverage bases, pickles, sauces, seasonings, dessert premixes, etc. We are also specialize in customized products and brand packaging.
          • Organization address: 1342 Chungmu-ro, Dunpo-myeon, Asan-si, Chungcheongnam-do, Republic of Korea
          • Phone: +82 (0) 70 4372 4029 / 4033 / 4076
          • Website:


          • Description of activity: High-speed roll-up doors, swing doors, PVC curtains, dock-levellers, dock shelters for snap opening of retail, warehouse, industrial premises and premises of public catering. Manufacture, installation.
          • Organization address: 11, Talsinskaya Str., 141100, Shchyolkovo, Moscow Region, Russia
          • Phone: +7 (499) 703-4422
          • Website:

          PROSTOROS (NartStandart)

          • Description of activity: Prostoros is a producer operating on the basis of Beslansky Food Factory, the country's largest complex for fruit and vegetable processing founded in 1968.
          • Organization address: Office 2, 90, Kominterna Str., Beslan, Republic of North OssetiaAlania, Russia
          • Phone: +7 (919) 425-0260
          • Website:


          • Description of activity: Azbuka Shokolada Moscow Confectionery Factory is a specialized producer of wafer cakes under the VKUSNEL brand. The best wafer cake offer!
          • Organization address: Bldg. 1, 1, 2nd Zapadniy Proezd, Zelenograd, 124460, Moscow, Russia
          • Phone: +7 (495) 228-0191
          • Website:


          • Description of activity: Confectionery production (biscuits, waffles, chocolate paste, chocolate covered marmalade, croissants, rolls).
          • Organization address: 34, Choshtepa Str., Tashkent, Republic of Uzbekistan
          • Phone: +998 95 193 99 33
          • Website:

          MMK U

          • Description of activity: UAK includes flour manufacturies: Tula Khlebokombinat (bakery products), Alexinsky Khlebozavod (crackers, drying, bagels, cookies), Slavyanskiy Hleb.
          • Organization address: 1, Lavrovskiy Pereezd, 393764, Michurinsk, Tambov Region, Russia
          • Phone: +7 (495) 212-90-33, (4872) 75-33-01 (./ext. 3508)
          • Website:


          • Description of activity: Chocolate Tree is a well-known chocolate factory that got a new birth in 2015. It has been expanding its presence in the Russian regions and the CIS. The factory has got a network of its own boutiques.
          • Organization address: 1, Zelenaya Gorka Str., Novosibirsk, Russia
          • Phone: +7 (383) 373-2570
          • Website:


          • Description of activity: Evrofrut is a producer and vendor of fruit and berry products. We also produce Belyov pastilles and apple crackers under the Belyovskie Lakomstva trademark.
          • Organization address: Office 20, Bldg. 2, 26, District Kapotnya 3rd Quarter, 109429, Moscow, Russia
          • Phone: +7 (495) 233-2370
          • Website:

          EVROPAN LLC

          • Description of activity: Automated line for production of MINIPAN (Italy) crackers and bagels was launched in May 2018 in Lgov (Kursk Region). We now produce Taralli dried biscuits, Crostini crackers, and EVROPAN bread grissini according to traditional Italian recipes. New types of products for the Russian and foreign markets are under development.
          • Organization address: 26, Lesnaya Str., Sherekino Settlement, L'govskiy District, 307754, Kursk Region, Russia
          • Phone: +7 (919) 132-2888
          • Website:


          • Description of activity: Sale of high-quality milk under own trademarks and juices of famous manufacturers. Deliveries in Moscow and in the regions of Russia. The products are of guaranteed quality and are recommended to children aged 3 years and above.
          • Organization address: Office 20, Premises VII, 6th Floor, 141, Lyublinskaya Str., 109382, Moscow, Russia
          • Phone: +7 (495) 798-2359
          • Website:


          • Description of activity: Molino Pasini (, +39 0376 969015) has been in milling business since 1932. The art of flour, quality, tradition and innovation. BRC-IFS, UNI EN ISO 22000 2005, FSSC, HACCP, KOSHER and Organic certification.
          • Organization address: Via Buscoldo 27/Bis 46010 Cesole Mantova, Italy
          • Phone: +39 (0376) 969015
          • Website:

          NN TEL

          • Description of activity: We are a family company that produce bakery products. We produce biscuits, tea biscuits, permanent sweet cakes, waffles, crackers, petit biscuits, tea biscuits, whole grain crackers, rice cakes, bars.
          • Organization address: Ljubice Ravasi 29, 21 000 Novi Sad, Serbia
          • Phone: +381 64 2150350
          • Website:

          GERMAN SWEETS E.V.

          • Description of activity: German Sweets e.V. is the export association of the German Confectionery industry. Our members offer all kinds of confectionery, products: chocolate, sugar, biscuits, savoury snacks, semi finished, cereals.
          • Organization address: Schumannstr. 46, D- 53113 Bonn, Germany
          • Phone: +49 (228) 26007-0
          • Website:

          PIZZA D'ORO

          • Description of activity: Pizza D'Oro is a handcrafted pizza producer, manufacturing premium quality, 24 hour leavened dough pizzas and pizza snacks, pizzeria like quality frozen and chilled. Taste our products at stand 1G36!
          • Organization address: 4002 Debrecen, Madar Utca, 2, Hungary
          • Phone: 3652403510
          • Website:


          • Description of activity: The Carolina company is a dynamically developing company of the North-West of Russia, producing a wide range of bakery, donuts and confectionery goods.
          • Organization address: Litera A, 50, Oktyabr'skaya Naberezhnaya, Saint Petersburg, Russia
          • Phone: +7 (812) 446-6666
          • Website: http://-.


          • Description of activity: IBP-GROUP is one of the leaders in the fast food sector in Saint Petersburg. The company owns such brands as Babushkiny Pirogi (The Grandmas Pies), Vatrushka (Curd Patty) and Tsar-Pyshka.
          • Organization address: Office 75, 27, Prospekt Engel\'sa, 194156, Saint Petersburg, Russia
          • Phone: +7 (812) 309-1416
          • Website:


          • Description of activity: Petrovskie Nivy is a modern production enterprise, one of the leading manufacturers of wheat flour, macaroni products, flour mixes and cereals in the south of Russia.
          • Organization address: 2, Proezd Plodosovkhozny, Petrovskiy District, 356530, Svetlograd, Stavropol Territory, Russia
          • Phone: +7 (86547) 41330
          • Website:


          • Description of activity: Deus Crispbread is engaged in the production of crispbreads made from whole grains of oats and rye without flour and artificial additives with natural spices.
          • Organization address: Cara Dusana 139, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia
          • Phone: +381 69 228 2802
          • Website:


          • Description of activity: Production and wholesale trade in cereal cookies and extrusion products.
          • Organization address: 48, Komsomol'skaya Str., Gorokhovets, Vladimir Region, Russia
          • Phone: +7 (49238) 2-41-51
          • Website:

          YUG-TRADE, LTD.

          • Description of activity: Yug-Trade Ltd. is a leader in fruit jams, condensed milk and creams for confectionery and milk industry. Being at the very heart of Kuban area we use only natural fruit and berries for you.
          • Organization address: 210, Novorossiyskaya Str., 350059, Krasnodar, Russia
          • Phone: +7 (861) 234-0510, 234-3247
          • Website:


          • Description of activity: Kazan bakery No.3, JSC is one of the largest and dynamically developing enterprises in the Republic of Tatarstan with modern equipment, produces a wide range of products.
          • Organization address: 60, M. Latypova Str., Kazan, Republic of Tatarstan, Russia
          • Phone: +7 (843) 238-3141
          • Website:


          • Description of activity: Vkusnotoriya LLC is a Turkish sweets factory. We produce pismania, chekme-halva, aksaray, different types of Turkish delights, cezerye, Turkish pastilles. Our products are exclusive in the Russian market.
          • Organization address: 9/7, Pervomayskaya Str., 249190, Zhukov, Kaluga Region, Russia
          • Phone: +7 (499) 372-0889
          • Website:


          • Description of activity: SOFI is a unique confectionery factory. We create hand-decorated gingerbread cookies and gingerbread houses. SOFI studios assortment includes handmade gingerbread cookies, gingerbread houses, handmade candies, artisan cookies, and fruit bars.
          • Organization address: Bldg. 3, Property 4, Troparevskaya Str., 119602, Moscow, Russia
          • Phone: +7 (495) 540-5029
          • Website: http://www..


          • Description of activity: Confectionary factory, wholesales.
          • Organization address: 73A, Agrogorodok, Balashikha, Moscow Region, Russia
          • Phone: +7 (985) 390-0105
          • Website:

          BROSS SRL

          • Description of activity: Exporting the best Italian food products and offering the customer the best possible relationship between quality and price: this is the mission of Bross.
          • Organization address: Reggio Emilia, 42123, Via Alessandro Volta 1/1, Italy
          • Phone: 39522383379
          • Website:


          • Description of activity: Production and distribution of oriental sweets, flour confectionery and sweets.
          • Organization address: 55 V, Kooperativnaya Str., Zuya Settlement, Belogorskiy District, Republic of Crimea, Russia
          • Phone: 8 800 350-0940
          • Website: http://-.

          DELTA QRUP C.O. LLC

          • Description of activity: Delta Qrup C.O. LLC was established in 1999. The company has 2 large plants: Bismak and Çörəkçi. At the plants the following products are produced: flour, pasta, biscuits, wafers, cracker, bread, croissant, gingerbread.
          • Organization address: Sulh str., Quarter 76, 10 D, AZ5000, Sumgait city, Republic of Azerbaijan
          • Phone: +994 12 489 83 81/82/83
          • Website:

          Rettenmaier Rus LLC

          • Description of activity: Production of chips for smoking. Manufacture of dietary fiber.
          • Organization address: Bldg. 1, 19, Leninskaya Sloboda Str., 115280, Moscow, Russia
          • Phone: +7 (495) 276-0640
          • Website:

          GlavKonditer Factory

          • Description of activity: Production of caramel, toffee, jam. A wide assortment of glazed caramel with fruit fillings.
          • Organization address: 3, Priobskiy Proezd, Barnaul, Altay Territory, Russia
          • Phone: +7 (3852) 50-27-30
          • Website:

          SLADKIY RAI


            • Description of activity: Zlatogor is one of the leading enterprises in the market of bakery and confectionery products in the Republic of Belarus. We use only natural ingredients, and raw materials in our production.
            • Organization address: Samokhvalovichi Ag. District, 10-3, Samokhvalovichskiy Sel\'sovet (Village Councial), Minskiy District, 223013, Minsk Region, Belarus
            • Phone: +375 (17) 506-7040
            • Website:


            • Description of activity: Food production (snacks).
            • Organization address: 25, Granichnaya Str., Biysk, Altai Territory, Russia
            • Phone: +7 (3854) 33-35-75
            • Website:


            • Description of activity: Since 1998, we have been producing potato chips, dry biscuits, corn curls, popcorn, crispbreads and other products.
            • Organization address: 21, Pristanskiy Spusk Str., 446001, Syzran, Samara Region, Russia
            • Phone: +7 (8464) 90-41-90
            • Website:


            • Description of activity: The production of fine confectionery products of the highest quality. The products are manufactured according to the requirements of GOST and only from natural products. We create using the art of baking, considering Your opinion.
            • Organization address: Bldg. 31, Baza APK Prodsnab Ramenskiy, Kuznetsovo Village, Ramenskoye District, Moscow Region, Russia
            • Phone: +7 (495) 971-7473
            • Website:

            AVANGARD PF

            • Description of activity: Production and sales of biscuits. More than 100 items: sugar, shortbread, butter, complex, sugar-free, gluten-free biscuits. Direct delivery to any place in Russia. Export to Europe, America, CIS countries.
            • Organization address: Litera A3, 1, Khimicheskiy Pereulok, 198095, Saint Petersburg, Russia
            • Phone: +7 (812) 600-4345
            • Website:


            • Description of activity: The company ALTEYA was founded in 2011 in the science city of Biysk. Provides a wide selection of healthy food products and dietary supplements created by professionals from environmentally friendly Altai raw materials.
            • Organization address: Bldg. 1, 11, Sotsialisticheskaya Str., Biysk, Altai Territory, Russia
            • Phone: +7 (3854) 303-202
            • Website:

            KVAS KRINITSA

            • Description of activity: Kvas Krinitsa?produces natural Znateevo apple juice. The second direction is the production of DROVA innovative filled snacks.
            • Organization address: Office 111, 46A, Truda Prospekt, 394026, Voronezh, Russia
            • Phone: +7 (920) 215-29-29
            • Website: http://-.


            • Description of activity: Production of confectionery: toffee Tirrenia, sherbet, candies, pastille, marmalade, butter cookies, cookies with filling.
            • Organization address: 57A, Yur\'evskaya Str., 181500, Pechory, Pskov Region, Russia
            • Phone: +7 (8112) 79-32-48
            • Website:


            • Description of activity: Zhivem Legko! unusually innovative goodies & healthy snacks. Mealbot & Grechola fruit-grain snack from the bottle, fruit jelly & bioslices, date-nut candies on stick, berry vitamin sweets, crispy amaranth bread slices, wheat biosausage.
            • Organization address: Bldg. 1, 4, Samokatnaya Str., Moscow, Russia
            • Phone: +7 (926) 938-3533
            • Website:

            PALMISANO SRL

            • Description of activity: Palmisano is an Italian company born by the will to produce and bring the tradition of southern Italian pastry and in particular of Sicilian cannoli into the world.
            • Organization address: Viale Della Libertà, 30 74015 Martina Franca (TA), Italy
            • Phone: +39 (099) 5660032
            • Website:


            • Description of activity: Manufacturing of baked confectioneries: sugar, short-dough, butter, glazed, and diabetic cookies, crackers, and cookies that can be dissolved in water.
            • Organization address: 54/2, Radial'naya Str., Minsk, Republic of Belarus
            • Phone: +375 (17) 374-5382
            • Website:

            ODEM LLC

            • Description of activity: Distribution / production of dairy, confectionery products and soft drinks.
            • Organization address: Bldg. 2, Bldg. Structure 2, 11, Delovaya Str., 115477, Moscow, Russia
            • Phone: +7 (495) 129-2009
            • Website:


            • Description of activity: The young dynamic developing company has been in the market since 2017. It is engaged in the production of natural sweets. Belevskaya pastila SUGAR FREE, crackers made of marshmallow SUGAR FREE, jelly candies.
            • Organization address: 105, Rabochaya Str., 301530, Tula Region, Russia
            • Phone: +7 (920) 793-2525
            • Website:

            JB COCOA SDN. BHD.

            • Description of activity: Leading cocoa ingredients manufacturer, providing customers all over the world with a wide range of premium quality products and customer service.
            • Organization address: CP1, Jalan Tanjung A/6, Pelabuhan Tanjung Pelapas, 81560 Gelang Patah, Johor, Malaysia
            • Phone: +60 (7) 504-2888
            • Website:


            • Description of activity: Confectionery production: butter, puff, and biscuit cookies, gingerbread, marshmallow soufflé, fruit jelly, soufflé.
            • Organization address: 63, Austrina Str., Penza, Russia
            • Phone: +7 (8412) 200-699
            • Website:


            • Description of activity: The company is engaged in the production and sale of confectionery products: gingerbread (with and without filling), biscuits (oatmeal, puff, custard, butter), cakes, croissants, waffle sheets.
            • Organization address: Kirillovskoe Shosse, 80 V, 162604, Cherepovetz, Vologda Region, Russia
            • Phone: +7 (8202) 29-45-84
            • Website:

            PEZ-HAAS, LLC.

            • Description of activity:,,,, www.cioccafe.ruThe exclusive distributor of the following European brands: HAAS (mustard, horseradish and dry grocery products), Sicilia (natural lemon and lime juice), Conte DeCesare (olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and canned vegetables with cheese), Pez (toys and sweets), Loacker and Daelmans (waffles), Cioccafe (chocolate-covered coffee beans), Dole (100% pineapple juice and drinks with real fruit pieces).
            • Organization address: Austria

            ALLIANCE PLUS, LLC

            • Description of activity: Manufacturer of bakery and flour confectionery products.
            • Organization address: 3, Kommunal'naya Str., Gorodishche Settlement, Gorodishchenskiy District, 403003, Volgograd Region, Russia
            • Phone: +7 (84468) 3-44-92
            • Website:


            • Description of activity: The Almond Board of Australia is the peak body representing Australia\'s almond growers and marketers. Our role is to assist with Research, Development and Marketing.\nOur industry\'s major marketers are Almondco Australia, Nut Producers Australia, Olarn Orchards Australia and Select Harvests.
            • Organization address: 9 William Street, Berri, South, Australia
            • Phone: +61 (8) 8582-2055
            • Website:

            VENUS BISCUITS

            • Description of activity: Savory snacks, pretzels, flavored pretzel pieces, filled pretzels, pretzel crisps, sweet snacks, cream filled biscuits, fruit filled biscuits, whole grain cooikes.
            • Organization address: Tabakhane Mh. OSB Küme Evler No:9 Yenişehir / BURSA, Turkey
            • Phone: +90 224 773 4040 (./ext. 142)
            • Website:


            • Description of activity: Belevskaya Pastilnaya Manufactura is a producer of Russian sweets: Belevskaya Pastilla, hand-made according to the ancient recipe, as well as assortment of marshmallow, fuit jelly, Belyov smokva (fruit leather), Belyov crackers.
            • Organization address: 134, Rabochaya Str., Belyov, Tula Region, Russia
            • Phone: +7 (985) 770-8787
            • Website:


            • Description of activity: We produce sweets without sugar, with protein, gluten-free cookies. Natural handmade ice cream according to the author's recipes, gelato technology without dyes, preservatives, sugar-free, lactose-free, sorbets.
            • Organization address: 2, Khudozhestvennyy Proezd, Podolsk, Moscow Region, Russia
            • Phone: +7 (495) 926-7947
            • Website:

            PLANET OF TASTE TM

            • Description of activity: New production of high-quality confectionery in Penza: puff pastry, croissants, frozen semi-finished products, cereal cookies, cupcakes, muffins, biscuits. Production under Private Label.
            • Organization address: 30, Baumana Str., 440052, Penza, Russia
            • Phone: +7 (902) 207-7787, (8412) 77-77-87
            • Website:


            • Description of activity: The development of the scientific-technical documentation (TC, TI, STO, the development of HACCP and PPC), the declaration and certification sevices, virus-free planting production and sale.
            • Organization address: Office 3 (Engineering Department), Premises 6, 286, Sovetskaya Str., 393760, Michurinsk, Tambov Region, Russia
            • Phone: +7 (47545) 5-09-80, 5-05-97


            • Description of activity: Spartak Confectionary Factory is the largest producer of confectionery products in Belarus.\nThe main products made by the factory are caramel, candy and chocolate.
            • Organization address: 63, Sovetskaya Str., 246000, Gomel, Belarus
            • Phone: +375 (232) 60-31-31
            • Website:


            • Description of activity: Production of different snacks: cookies, creckers of premium quality with different tastes (peanuts, fish, shrimp, soya bean, seaweeds, etc.).
            • Organization address: Office 8, 18th Floor, Jl. Senopati Raya 113, Jakarta 12190, Indonesia
            • Phone: 628119841250
            • Website:

            HUNLAND FOOD, LTD.

            • Description of activity: Main activity of our company is wholesale export-import of agrarian products. Our products: in-shell walnuts, walnut kernels, blue poppy seeds, honey, pumpkin seeds, sunflower kernels, mustard seeds.
            • Organization address: Szabadsag ut 5, H-3894 Goncruszka, Hungary
            • Phone: +36 (30) 702-04-41
            • Website:

            SNEK +

            • Description of activity: Production and sale of pellet crisps: Lukovoye Koltso, Riflyonyye, Reshetka, Syrok, Kartofel Fri, Rozhok.
            • Organization address: 406, Oktyabr\'skoy Revolyutsii Str., Kolomna, Moscow Region, Russia
            • Phone: +7 (926) 300-9069 (./mob.)
            • Website:


            • Description of activity: Minskhlebprom is the largest bakery enterprise in the Republic of Belarus. The enterprise includes 6 bakery plants. Manufacture of bakery and confectionery products.
            • Organization address: 17, Vitebskaya Str., Minsk, Belarus
            • Phone: +375 (17) 203-6450
            • Website:

            WAN LI CHING FOOD Co. LTD

            • Description of activity: The company Wan Li Ching produces nougat of the superior quality from natural and organic products. All production is certified. The assortment includes sweets from nougat, cookies with nougat, black and green tea.
            • Organization address: No 490, Sec. 3, Taiwan Blvd., Xitun Dist., Taichung City 407, Taiwan (China)
            • Phone: +7 (903) 128-6051
            • Website:

            NIVA LLC

            • Description of activity: The company was founded in August 2009 in the village of Utevka, Samara Region. The production capacity of sunflower oil is 4,000 tons per month. The plant works on purchasing raw materials. The quality of all products is certified. The company has its own round-the-clock, certified laboratory. In January 2019, an oil bottling line for 4 and 5 liters was launched. 16.08.2019 we received certificates for the Shedraya Zemlyachka and Nashe Solnce trademarks. In September 2019, equipment for the production of packaged oil with a volume of 0.5 liters to 3 liters was purchased. The launch is scheduled for February 2020.
            • Organization address: Utevka Settlement, Neftegorsk District, 446602, Samara Region, Russia
            • Phone: +7 (927) 744-92-37
            • Website:

            MIX RESEARCH

            • Description of activity: The ompany conduct b2b and b2c research in Russia and abroad in the sphere of retail and food products such as price monitoring, market product launch, pack test and price test, analysis of the competitive situation.
            • Organization address: Litera A, 18, Egorova Str., 190005, Saint Petersburg, Russia
            • Phone: +7 (812) 335-0346, 368-2940
            • Website:

            HLEBOZAVOD No. 4

            • Description of activity: Production of sugary confectioneries: marshmallows, fruit jelly, fondant sweets.
            • Organization address: . . 51/2, 156001, Kostroma, Russia
            • Phone: +7 (4942) 53-39-22


            • Description of activity: The KDV Group of companies is one of the biggest Russian producers of confectionery and snack products. Brands: Yashkino, 3 Korochki, Kirieshki, Babkini Semechki, Bondi, Ozerskiy Souvenir, etc.
            • Organization address: 20, Prospekt Mira, 634057, Tomsk, Russia
            • Phone: +7 (3822) 70-65-90
            • Website:


            • Organization address: Russia

            TOP PRODUKT

            • Description of activity: Top Produkt is a manufacturer of seasonings, confectionery ingredients, table oils, dry mixtures, products for thematic holidays. Brands: Domashnyaya Kukhnya, Testov, Parfe Decor, Blagodarnoye, Zlachny Express, Korolevskaya Kollektsiya, Sladkiy Podarok.
            • Organization address: 16A, Prigorodny Settlement (Malodubenskoe Settlement), Orekhovo-Zuevo District, 142631, Moscow Region, Russia
            • Phone: +7 (496) 423-4305
            • Website:


            • Description of activity: Supplier of PREMIUM class biscuits, chocolate and chocolate candies, canned food, ingredients for the pastry industry (HoReCa). Delivery to Moscow and Moscow Region.
            • Organization address: Office 6, 6, Simferopol\'skoe Shosse, 142306, Chekhov, Moscow Region, Russia
            • Phone: +7 (499) 137-7272
            • Website:

            FREE TIME LTD

            • Description of activity: Freetime Company is the largest importer of beverages and chewing gum from the United States, the exclusive distributor of TM Jumex juice, Basil Seed, FRUB, RANI, MAAZA, BANG drinks.
            • Organization address: Office 64, Premises I, 6th Floor, Bldg. 3, 6, Barklaya Str., 121087, Moscow, Russia
            • Phone: +7 (495) 266-0606
            • Website:


            • Description of activity: Toshev-RF is the company specializing in development and production of ingredients for food and drink manufacturers.
            • Organization address: Bulgaria
            • Phone: +7 (812) 602-0141, 921-6083
            • Website:


            • Organization address: Russia

            EMBİ GIDA A.Ş.

            • Organization address: Yenidoğan Mah. Sultangazi Cad. No:170 Sancaktepe 34701 İstanbul, Türkiye
            • Phone: +90 216 313 60 03
            • Website:

            BACON PRODUCT, LLC

            • Description of activity: Bacon Product LLC is engaged in manufacturing of meat products and convenience food. It is one of market leaders in producing high quality meat products.
            • Organization address: 9, Abovyanskoe Shosse, Arzni Village, Kotaykskiy Marz, Armenia
            • Phone: +374 (10) 25-20-20
            • Website:

            South Company

            • Description of activity: South Company is the exclusive representative of the CUNDA group of companies, the largest manufacturer of confectionery products in China.
            • Organization address: Office 40, 11/1, 8 Marta Str., 692515, Ussuriisk, Primorsky Krai, Russia
            • Phone: +7 (914) 071-8595


            • Description of activity: Production of confectionery, pasta, sugar cookies, and premium-grade flour.
            • Organization address: 6, T.A.-K. Shebzukhovoy Str., Maly Zelenchuk Settlement, KarachaiCherkess Republic, Russia
            • Phone: +7 (989) 789-4401

            KRUTOY OKER

            • Description of activity: Krutoy Oker is a dynamically developing company; a team of professionals, who know and love their job; a wide range of natural products and raw materials of the highest quality.
            • Organization address: 1/11, Kavaleriyskaya Str., Tatarka Settlement, Shpakovskiy District, Stavropol Territory, Russia
            • Phone: +7 (8652) 34-92-94
            • Website:

            DEN-TRAL, TH

            • Description of activity: For more than 16 years Company Den-Tral has been engaged in the production, wholesale and retail trade of bakery products. The range consists of only fresh products of puff, biscuit, shortcrust pastry.
            • Organization address: 17, Krasnoyarskaya Str., Moscow, Russia
            • Phone: +7 (495) 778-1557
            • Website:


            • Description of activity: The agricultural group of companies sells products of manufacturers of the Altai Territory: Virt-M LLC, elina JSC and Wellfood LLC. Products: grain, cereals, flour, meat, animal feed, etc.
            • Organization address: Office 15, 303, Mamontova Str., 656003, Barnaul, Altai Territory, Russia
            • Phone: +7 (905) 925-9995
            • Website:


            • Description of activity: UMK, a plant of the Agrin Holding, a dynamic promising company, is a producer of unique dairy and confectionary products for retailers and federal food retailers.
            • Organization address: 3, Dubovskoe Shosse, Uzlovskiy District, Tula Region, Russia
            • Phone: +7 (48731) 5-70-89
            • Website:


            • Organization address: Italy

            LACI, SIA

            • Description of activity: 100% high-quality bread and pastry. Age-old traditions, natural raw materials. Handmade.
            • Organization address: Benuzu-Skaugi, Pinki post office, Babite Parish, Babite Region, LV-2107, Latvia
            • Phone: +371 66047555
            • Website:


            • Description of activity: Finland is a neighbor of Russia. Russians highly appreciate the quality of Finnish goods.
              ProAgria has been presenting Finnish producers for ProdExpo for several years.
              Our partner is Baltrading Co. Ltd., an importer of food products.
            • Organization address: Vanajantie 10 B 13110 Hameenlinna, Finland
            • Phone: +358 40 588 0958
            • Website:


            • Description of activity: Cookies, fruit jelly, marshmallows with fillings, whipped candies, wafer rolls, cereal bars, as well as gluten-free, fructose-based cookies from natural Altai cereals, berries and honey.
            • Organization address: Office 1, 173, Popova Str., 656067, Barnaul, Altai Territory, Russia
            • Phone: +7 (3852) 37-96-65


            • Description of activity: A major distributor of confectionery. Brands: KelBi, Bisquini, Delba, Benlian, Fraccaro, Cuetara, Santiveri, VanRooy, Yumis, Old Town, Tortilla Mexicana, Schluender, Karumufabrika, Pernik, Tortillo.
            • Organization address: Premises 2, Bldg. 2, 38, Bol'shoy Tishinskiy Pereulok, Moscow, Russia
            • Phone: +7 (495) 937-6323
            • Website:


            • Description of activity: The O'KEICH Delicious Food Factory manufactures delicious and healthy snacks.
            • Organization address: st. 7, Promzona Yuzhnaya, Borovskiy Work Settlement, Tyumenskiy District, 625504, Tumen Region, Russia
            • Phone: +7 (3452) 69‒96‒60
            • Website:


            • Description of activity: Jiangxi Zirancheng Food Co. Ltd specialize in production of egg rolls, cookies, biscuits, etc. We select top raw materials to make best goods with traditional crafts in advanced facilities. We offer OEM too.
            • Organization address: North Hongkong Industrial, Ganzhou Development Zone, Ganzhou City, Jiangxi Province, China
            • Phone: +86 (797) 8351818
            • Website:


            • Description of activity: Equipment for pre-sale and secondary processing of vegetables, production of French fries, vacuum-packed vegetables, potato chips, and converted starch; mixing and packaging of bulk products.
            • Organization address: Office 1A, Bldg. 102, 43, B.Serpukhovskaya Str., 142104, Podolsk, Moscow Region, Russia
            • Phone: +7 (499) 941-0890
            • Website:

            SLADONEZH TIC

            • Description of activity: The Sladonezh company is the result of combining the experience of confectionery production, progressive ideas and the latest world technologies.
            • Organization address: 51, 22nd Parts'ezda Str., 644105, Omsk, Russia
            • Phone: +7 (3812) 61-53-01
            • Website:

            DETAVI CO. LTD

            • Description of activity: Nuts, dried fruit, edible seeds. Import, distribution, prepacking, roasting. Snacks based on dried fruit and nuts. We supply products to manufacturers, wholesalers, retail chains.
            • Organization address: Premises 9, 32, 2nd Velosipedny Pereulok, Minsk, Republic of Belarus
            • Phone: +375 (17) 271-0001
            • Website:

            LAMZUR SJC

            • Description of activity: Lamzur Confectionery Factory annually produces more than 30,000 tons of confectionery products, which are exported to 11 countries of the CIS, Baltic, Western Europe. The product range includes 350 items.
            • Organization address: 67, A. Nevskogo Str., 430004, Saransk, Republic of Mordovia, Russia
            • Phone: +7 (8342) 47-51-29
            • Website:

            GAVRILOVA V. I. IP

            • Description of activity: Production and sale of confectionery: gingerbread, homemade cakes, marmalade. Manufacture of gingerbread.
            • Organization address: 1, Lenina Str., 1 Otdelenie Sovkhoza Maslovskiy Settlement, Novousmanskiy District, Voronezh Region, Russia
            • Phone: +7 (473) 229-0222
            • Website: http://-.


            • Description of activity: The Dessertland confectionery company is a modern fast-growing manufacturing company that offers a broad range of confectioneries.
            • Organization address: 1, Pribrezhnaya Str., Zasechnoe Settlement, Penza Region, Russia
            • Phone: +7 (8412) 50-03-31
            • Website:

            MULTI BRAND

            • Description of activity: Production, import, wholesale trade in snacks, confectionery products, lighters, rustic tobacco, electronic cigarettes.
            • Organization address: 58, Kantemirovskaya Str., Moscow, Russia
            • Phone: +7 (496) 627-7822
            • Website:


            • Description of activity: Kremenkulskaya CF is a modern manufactory and the largest producer of biscuits in Russia. Our purpose is to produce delicious biscuits. The company produces three groups of cookies: hard biscuits, sugar biscuits, butter biscuits.
            • Organization address: 1, Solnechny Bulvar, Novy Kremenkul Settlement, Sosnovskiy Municipal District, 456501, Chelyabinsk Region, Russia
            • Phone: +7 (351) 268-93-72, 280-42-51
            • Website:

            GLORY FOOD LLC

            • Description of activity: One of Uzbekistan's food industry leaders: confectionery (sponge-cakes, Viennese waffles, souffles, sweets, chocolate paste), groceries (instant noodles), butter and fat products.
            • Organization address: 53A, Chorbog Str., Chilanzar District, Tashkent, Republic of Uzbekistan
            • Phone: +998 97 448 00 87, 97 410 72 42
            • Website:


            • Description of activity: Manufacture and sale of bakery and confectionery products, cakes and short shelf life pastries.
            • Organization address: 59, Gagarina Str., 354071, Sochi, Krasnodar Territory, Russia
            • Phone: +7 (862) 254-5242
            • Website:


            • Description of activity: Mistral Trading has been creating a new quality of life for 30 years, making everyday food bright and varied, and healthy food tasty.
            • Organization address: Entrance E3, 3, Poklonnaya Str., 121170, Moscow, Russia
            • Phone: +7 (495) 741-7888
            • Website:


            • Description of activity: Within the Government Business Support Program Fund represents twelve producers of various food products from the Tula Region as collective participants.
            • Organization address: Office 4, 2, Zhavoronkova Str., 300012, Tula, Russia
            • Phone: +7 (4872) 25-98-34
            • Website:


            • Description of activity: Karaca Findiq LLC is one of Azerbaijans largest hazelnut processors and exporters. We strive to achieve the highest standards of production.
            • Organization address: Yukhari Tala Settlement, Zagatala, Republic of Azerbaijan
            • Phone: +994 509998899
            • Website:


            • Description of activity: Manufacturer of soft waffles, mini rolls, butter cookies and cupcakes. The products comply with HACCP, Halal standards. Non-GMO.
            • Organization address: 86, Lenina Str., Subkhankulovo Settlement, Tuymazinskiy District, Republic of Bashkortostan, Russia
            • Phone: +7 (34782) 4-35-56
            • Website:


            • Description of activity: A diversified company located in the Yaroslavl Region. It includes the meat factory, the bakery, the confectionery factory, the Russky Kvass factory, sewing production facility, the printing house, the motor transport enterprise, outlets, and house construction facilities.
            • Organization address: 48, Lunacharskogo Str., Rostov, Yaroslavl Region, Russia
            • Phone: +7 (48536) 6-40-44
            • Website:


            • Description of activity: Volzhanka is a production and sales company, has been on the market since 2009, specializing in the production of breakfast cereals and snacks. All production is GMO and palm oil free.
            • Organization address: 178, Prospekt Gagarina, 603107, Nizhny Novgorod, Russia
            • Phone: +7 (831) 270-8018
            • Website: http://-.


            • Description of activity: Mirital is a well-known manufacturer of frozen semi-finished products (meat dumplings, stuffed dumplings, meat stuffed pankakes, heburen meat pasties). Since December 2019, we have been offering a unique range of bread and pastry.
            • Organization address: Office 25, Litera D, 9, Profsoyuznaya Str., Reutov, Moscow Region, Russia
            • Phone: +7 (499) 608-1811
            • Website:


            • Description of activity: Major importer of confectionery. Russian manufacture of marshmallow, chocolate eggs, cookies and candies, bubble gum, etc. A wide variety of gift sets for Christmas, Women\'s Day, Easter. Our trademarks: Fru-Fru, Zefirushki, Bobs, Candy Lane and others. Licenses: Masha & Bear, The Pooches (Barboskins), Minions, Barbie, Avengers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and others.
            • Organization address: Bldg. 6, 4, Solnechnogorskaya Str., 125413, Moscow, Russia
            • Phone: +7 (495) 787-5570
            • Website:


            • Description of activity: Production of natural honey desserts with berries and fruit. Production of creamed honey. Production and processing of bee products.
            • Organization address: Bldg. 18, 3, Ilovayskaya Str., 109651, Moscow, Russia
            • Phone: 8 800 700 9484, 700 0150
            • Website:


            • Description of activity: One of the largest confectionery factories beyond the Urals offering a broad range of popular confectioneries.
            • Organization address: Ofice 404, 2, Kommunisticheskaya Str., Novosibirsk, Russia
            • Phone: +7 (3957) 7-08-07
            • Website:

            DIZAK FOOD LLC

            • Description of activity: Distap Food LLC is a part of the group of companies M. N. A. Group, incorporated by Pogosyan Slava Grigorievich in 1998. The company carries out food products manufacturing. The high quality organization of all the work stages for the consumer\'s benefit is the key principle of the company\'s work.
            • Organization address: 2, Zarechnaya Str., Klimovsk Residential District, Podolsk, Moscow Region, Russia
            • Phone: +7 (495) 799-0190
            • Website:


            • Description of activity: Tomato concentrate, cubed tomatoes and pizza sauce. Bulk and BTB format.
            • Organization address: Carretera Valdehornillos, S/n, 6410, Santa Amalia, Badajoz, Spain
            • Phone: 34924830811
            • Website:

            SLUZHBIN Yuri, IE

            • Description of activity: Sluzhbin Yu. M., IE is engaged in the production of round-shaped cracknels, crackers, bagels, cookies, gingerbread cookies.
            • Organization address: 140, Lenina Str., 442680, Nikolsk, Penza Region, Russia
            • Phone: +7 (84165) 4-22-08


            • Description of activity: Our confectionery factory produces more than 200 different types of products these are gingerbread cookies, biscuits, crackers, marshmallows, fruit jelly and puff products. High quality, tradition of taste and original novelties.
            • Organization address: 1, Druzhinnikov Str., 394026, Voronezh, Russia
            • Phone: +7 (4732) 228-1888
            • Website:


            • Description of activity: Bugulminsky Bakery Plant No. 1 is a manufacturer of buckwheat groats, Hercules oat flakes and compound feeds for all types of farm animals and birds. We provide services for storage, part-time work and shipment of grain.
            • Organization address: 56, 14 Pavshikh Str., 423236, Bugulma, Republic of Tatarstan, Russia
            • Phone: +7 (85594) 6 21 44
            • Website:


            • Description of activity: Production and export of biologic products. Wine, pasta, olive oil, biscuits.
            • Organization address: Via L. Grassi s.c. Zona Industriale, 66050 San Salvo (CH), Italy
            • Phone: +39 (0873) 344446
            • Website:


            • Description of activity: Manufacturer of biscuits.
            • Organization address: 35, First Highway, Badamdar Settlement, AZ1023, Baku, Azerbaijan
            • Phone: +994 (12) 502-5477
            • Website:

            UNICO GIDA

            • Description of activity: Manufacturer /exporter of cocktail syrups, topping sauces, fruit purees, décor sauces, professional sauces.
            • Organization address: Inonu Mah 145. sok no 89 Ayrancilar Torbali-Izmir, Türkiye
            • Phone: +90 232 854 6656
            • Website:


            • Description of activity: We manufacture tortilla, lavash, triangular filo dough and bakery products.
            • Organization address: Ataşehir, İstanbul, Türkiye
            • Phone: +90 (216) 317 00 66


            • Description of activity: Bakerman (Samson & LLC) produces frozen semi-finished products that do not require defrosting before baking. The assortment includes croissants, puffs, snails, dough, as well as bread, loaves, cakes.
            • Organization address: 16/18-82, Dekabristov Str., 620026, Ekaterinburg, Russia
            • Phone: +7 (343) 236-19-30
            • Website:


            • Description of activity: Şimşek Bisküvi was established in Karaman. In its advanced technology facilities on a total area of 135,000 m², 95,000 m² it produces biscuits, chocolate, cakes, wafers, crackers.
            • Organization address: Organize Sanayi Bölgesi 14, Cadde No:1 Merkez / Karaman, Türkiye
            • Phone: +90 338 224 13 20
            • Website:

            BEVERAGE LLC

            • Description of activity: For more than 25 years we have been distributing a wide range of beverages, beers, juices and confectionary products in all sales channels (like large retailers, wholesalers and our own retail delivery) in all regions of the Russian Federation.
            • Organization address: Bldg. 20, 100, Shchelkovskoe Shosse, 105523, Moscow, Russia
            • Phone: +7 (495) 508-5594
            • Website:


            • Description of activity: Ceylon Biscuits Ltd is the largest manufacturer and exporter of confectionery, coconut milk, desiccated coconut, organic dried fruit and juices in Sri Lanka. Currently exported products to over 55 countries.
            • Organization address: P O Box 3, High Level Road, Makumura, Pannipitiya, Sri Lanka
            • Phone: +94 112 855056
            • Website:

            CHEESY VALLEY

            • Description of activity: Cheesy Valley is a modern modernized enterprise engaged in the production of semi-hard cheeses and butter in the Central Chernozem region of Russia, with more than 25 years of experience.
            • Organization address: 50, Otreshkovo Settlement, Kursk District, 305510, Kursk Region, Russia
            • Phone: +7 (4712) 500 111
            • Website:

            KONTI-RUS, JSC

            • Description of activity: KONTI-RUS JSC is a successful, fast growing company. The company sells products to more than 30 countries all over the world. KONTI-RUS has 23 high-tech lines, the production capacity of which has reached 136 thousand tons of finished products per year since 2018. The company produces more than 250 kinds of confectionery products: chocolate candies, cookies, bars, wafers, caramel candies, crackers, and more. The companys key brands are Bonjour, Timi, Super-Kontik, Do!, Golden Lily, Amour, Esfero, Konti Life, Zhivinka, Jack, Mone. The company has implemented the quality management and food safety systems. KONTI-RUS is a reliable partner, which looks ahead to the future and effectively adapts its business to economic changes.
            • Organization address: 13, Zolotaya Str., 305000, Kursk, Russia
            • Phone: +7 (4712) 73-02-20
            • Website:


            • Description of activity: The production of healthy food products from flax and hemp.
            • Organization address: 53, Pisareva Str., Novosibirsk, Russia
            • Phone: +7 (383) 224-1209, 224-1263
            • Website:

            EURO FOODS Ltd

            • Description of activity: Production and sale of snack food products under own trademarks.
            • Organization address: 3, Rabochaya Str., Khimki, Moscow Region, Russia
            • Phone: +7 (495) 575-4101
            • Website:


            • Description of activity: The activities of IEA is to assist and drive exporters in reaching new markets by implementing regulations of export procedures designed by Turkish Ministry of Trade.
            • Organization address: Cobancesme Mevkii, Sanayi Caddesi Dis Ticaret Kompleksi, C Blok Yenibosna, Istanbul, Turkey
            • Phone: 902124540500
            • Website:


            • Description of activity: Vozrozhdenie is a company which unites professionals in the field of healthy snacks production. All products are artificial colors, gluten, preservatives and flavor enhancers free.
            • Organization address: Bldg. 16, 14, Ostashkovskaya Str., Moscow, Russia
            • Phone: +7 (915) 729-6780
            • Website:


            • Description of activity: Production plant culinary traditions.
            • Organization address: 75G, G. Tukaya Str., Kazan, Russia
            • Phone: +7 (843) 236-4221


            • Description of activity: The production and sale of flour confectionery products (crackers, gingerbread, sugar, oatmeal and butter biscuits, crispbreads and dried biscuits), mineral water and soft drinks.
            • Organization address: 52, Kromskaya Str., 241013, Bryansk, Russia
            • Phone: +7 (4832) 57-36-03
            • Website:


            • Description of activity: We produce: molding equipment for pasta and biscuits production, accessories for food equipment, pasta lines with 450 kg/h capacity.
            • Organization address: 88, Grigorovskoe Shosse, 61020, Kharkov, Ukraine
            • Phone: +380 (57) 373-8012, 719-6211, 719-6205
            • Website:


            • Description of activity: Grand confectionary factory is actively developing forward-looking company that produces a wide range of confectionery from the sandy paste, puff and biscuit dough.
            • Organization address: Office 27, 2, Tsentral\'naya Str., Mamontovka Residential District, Pushkinskiy District, Pushkino, Moscow Region, Russia
            • Phone: +7 (968) 743-8444
            • Website:



              • Description of activity: Delibreads is the leading manufacturer of tortillas, wraps and flatbreads in Spain, with international operations in + 30 countries. We produce both under Private Label and under house brand Delisun.
              • Organization address: Carretera Valencia (PG LES CARRASES), Parc D, km 30.5, 46160, Lliria, Valencia, Spain
              • Phone: 34962781642
              • Website:


              • Description of activity: The activities of Halic International is export of food products in particular like biscuits, wafers, cakes, chocolate, etc. and non food products from a lot of factories in Turkey.
              • Organization address: Sirinevler Mah. Adnan Kahveci Bulv. Aker Plaza No:198/31 Bahcelievler Istanbul, Turkey
              • Phone: +90 (212) 6531853
              • Website:


              • Description of activity: Flavia Confectionery House produces the unique natural product which has no competitors in its composition and which has little competition in the food market thanks precisely to its naturalness and minimal calorie content.
              • Organization address: Office 105, 39, Kominterna Str., Nizhny Novgorod, Russia
              • Phone: +7 (831) 217-3222
              • Website:


              • Description of activity: Production and sale of crackers, cookies, potato chips.
              • Organization address: 6, Industrial\'naya Str., 606520, Zavolzhye, Novgorod Region, Russia
              • Phone: +7 (83161) 7-78-47
              • Website:

              Aleshin Plant

              • Description of activity: Aleshin Plant was founded in 1998.
                The main activity of the enterprise is the production of bakery and confectionery products. Products range from doughnuts to toffee, stick cookies, biscuits.
              • Organization address: 11K, 11Z, Kravchenko Str., Abakan, Republic of Khakassia, Russia
              • Phone: +7 (3902) 239-751, 239-398
              • Website:

              MY PROVINCE

              • Description of activity: My Province company. High quality confectionery at fair price. Over 20 years in the Russian and near-abroad market. Over 25 brands. Continuously changing, move to the target.
              • Organization address: 23, Promyshlennaya Str., Stroitel Settlement, Tambovskiy District, Tambov Region, Russia
              • Phone: +7 (4752) 777-877
              • Website:


              • Description of activity: Manufacturers of bakery products, confectionary, rusks and ring shaped rolls, food concentrates, frozen half-finished ready-to-cook pastry goods, frozen puff pastry, non-alcoholic beverages and natural fermentation kvass.
              • Organization address: 8, Internatsional\'naya Str., Gomel, Belarus
              • Phone: +375 (232) 21-50-23
              • Website:

              GreenLine LLC

              • Description of activity: The company is an importer of nuts, seeds, dried fruit. We can offer the best quality goods at good prices from the whole world thanks to our rich experience in international supplying.
              • Organization address: Room 25, Premises VI, 3rd Floor, Bldg. 1, 16, Basovskaya Str., 109202, Moscow, Russia
              • Phone: +7 (499) 707-2212
              • Website:


              • Description of activity: The Company was founded 2012. Main products are casein, sodium caseinage, sunflower seeds and goji berries, which are sold in Europe, Middle East, South Asia, etc. The products have passed the HACCP and ISO 9001 certification.
              • Organization address: No. 2 Drilling North Road, Laoshiqu Area, Yumen City, Jiuquan City, Gansu Province, China
              • Phone: +86 937-3379082
              • Website:


              • Description of activity: Confectionery products.
              • Organization address: 1, Nekrasova Str., Barsuki Settlement, Leninskiy District, Tula Region, Russia
              • Phone: +7 (4876) 72-90-11
              • Website:

              TSAKIRIS FAMILY S.A.

              • Description of activity: Tsakiris Family is a traditional, family-run company producing and trading eggs, egg products, cereals and sesame-cereal-nut bars.
              • Organization address: Neohorouda Thessaloniki, Greece
              • Phone: +30 (2310) 787545
              • Website:

              HLEBOZAVOD NO. 10, LLC

              • Description of activity: LLC Hlebozavod No. 10 is among the leaders on the Belarusian market for baking natural, without the use of preservatives and stabilizers, doughnuts, bakery and confectionery products.
              • Organization address: District ag. Samokhvalovichi, 10-3, Samokhvalovichskiy Village Council, 223013, Minsk Region, Belarus
              • Phone: +375 (17) 236-50-08
              • Website:

              CASALINI S.R.L.

              • Description of activity: Italian producer of sponge cakes, croissants, fine pastry, biscuits. Advanced technology and long experience in oven baked products.
              • Organization address: 25034 Orzinuovi, Brescia, Italy
              • Phone: +39 (0)30 7093030
              • Website:


              • Description of activity: Manufacturer of confectionery products under the KHOCHU-KHOCHU (I WANT-WANT) brand name in accordance with high quality standards. A wide range, original recipes, wholesale deliveries throughout Russia.
              • Organization address: Bldg. 4, 15, Yuzhnoportovaya Str., 115088, Moscow, Russia
              • Phone: +7 (499) 550-9447, 8 800 200-0404
              • Website:

              BELKON, LTD.

              • Description of activity: The company Belkon Ltd. is the official representative of the leading Belarusian producers of bakery and flour confectionery enterprises Zlatogor and Prodovolstvennaya Manufactura in Russia.
              • Organization address: Bldg. 1, 86/1, Ryazanskiy Prospekt, 109542, Moscow, Russia
              • Phone: +7 (499) 703-1661


              • Description of activity: The official distributor of the American company Survivor Industries Inc. The main product is a Stocks 3 Days set.
              • Organization address: Bldg. 1, 35, Khoroshevskoe Shosse, Moscow, Russia
              • Phone: +7 (495) 940-6912
              • Website:


              • Description of activity: Confectionery production.
              • Organization address: Bldg. 14, Bldg. 1, Tsentral'naya Str., Sverdlovskiy Work Settlement, Losino-Petrovsky, Moscow Region, Russia
              • Phone: +7 (495) 526-3468
              • Website:


              • Description of activity: Snack production.
              • Organization address: 15, 687th Proektiruemy Proezd, Zelenograd, 124365, Moscow, Russia
              • Phone: +7 (495) 981-5550
              • Website:

              SPARTA-EXPORT, LLC

              • Description of activity: Production of products for the confectionery industry and professional confectioners: vegetable whipping cream, sweetened condensed milk, boiled condensed milk, whipped cream and toppings.
              • Organization address: Office 1, 115, Sovetskaya Str., Magnitogorsk, Chelyabinsk Region, Russia
              • Phone: +7 (3519) 21-28-15
              • Website:

              RDM EXPRESS INC

              • Description of activity: Production, import and distribution of roasted buckwheat, marinated mushrooms, frosen mushrooms, traditional German egg noodles, dill pickles, Austrian genuine marzipan chocolates and Viennese wafers.
              • Organization address: 2000 750- La Playa St., San Francisco, CA.94121, USA
              • Phone: +1 (415) 642-4916
              • Website:

              AEROSWEET TH LLC

              • Description of activity: Trading company. Food ingredients. Sweeteners. Sugar substitutes.
              • Organization address: Offices 1-7, 9, Premises 11, 1st Floor, 10, Suvorovskaya Str., 107023, Moscow, Russia
              • Phone: +7 (495) 223-6508
              • Website:


              • Description of activity: Manufacturing of wide range of healthy food rich in fibers and plant protein. Ingredients for manufacruring of healthy food.
              • Organization address: 61, Proletarskaya Str., Penza, Russia
              • Phone: +7 (8412) 44-79-82
              • Website:


              • Description of activity: Solen, which is a leading Turkish manufacturer of chocolate and confectionery products, is the biggest chocolate exporter in Turkey and one of the biggest confectionery companies in the world.
              • Organization address: Balance Gunesli, Mahmutbey Mahallesi, Tasocagi Yolu Caddesi, No:19/7 Bagcilar-Istanbul, Turkey
              • Phone: +90 212 8675800
              • Website:


              • Description of activity: Guangxi Yunbo Health Technology Co. Ltd. is committed to produce calcium, magnesium, zinc and compound series products.
              • Organization address: No. 2 Yunfu Street China-Malaysia Qinzhou Industrial Park,Qinzhou, Guangxi, 535008, China
              • Phone: +86 13812328687
              • Website:


              • Description of activity: KaPti Confectionery Factory (Kazakhstan) produces sweets from natural and high quality ingredients. The assortment includes 4 types of sherbet and 2 types of sweet bars.
              • Organization address: Office 502, 71, Pushkina Str., 454091, Chelyabinsk, Russia
              • Phone: +7 (932) 309-5017
              • Website:


              • Description of activity: Mini cookies, crunchy cereals and cookies coated with chocolate for dairy, confectionary, ice-cream sectors, HoReCa & FMCG.
              • Organization address: Bldg. 1, Zolotaya Roshcha, Obolensk, Moscow Region, Russia
              • Phone: +7 (495) 795-1817
              • Website:


              • Description of activity: The company main activity is the production and sale of traditional confectionery, and sweets like crackling candies. Like the collections of famous couturiers, our collections of sweets are constantly updated.
              • Organization address: 40A, Kalinina Str., 655154, Chernogorsk, Republic of Khakassia, Russia
              • Phone: +7 (39031) 60656, 60039
              • Website:

              MARSA YAG SAN. VE TIC. A. S.

              • Description of activity: Marsa has been among the pioneers of food production in Turkey since 1922. Production range includes margarines, vegetable ghee, sunflower oil, olive oil, pastry margarines, palm frying oil, shortenings.
              • Organization address: Ramazanoglu, 34906 Pendik, Istanbul, Turkey
              • Phone: +90 (216) 570 14 00
              • Website:

              PIVNAYA TEMA

              • Description of activity: Production, sale and distribution of snack products (croutons, peanuts, chips, cheese, fish and meat snacks). Production of products under private label.
              • Organization address: Office 120, 230 A, 45th Strelkovoy Divizii Str., Voronezh, Russia
              • Phone: +7 (930) 400-7785
              • Website:


              • Description of activity: Confectionery products from Siberia!
              • Organization address: 11-z, Kravchenko Str., Abakan, Republic of Khakassia, Russia
              • Phone: +7 (3902) 24-46-56
              • Website: http://.

              THREE SISTERS

              • Description of activity: The Three Sisters Confectionery Company, Dedushka Choi I K brand, makes confectionery products: butter cookies, shortbread, sugar, glazed, puff cookies, spicy bread, bagels, bread rings, candies, marshmallow, jellies.
              • Organization address: Bldg. 3, 1, 40 Let Pobedy Str., 660119, Krasnoyarsk, Russia
              • Phone: +7 (391) 242-3138

              DIETMARKET, LTD.

              • Description of activity: Official distributor of Dr. Schar gluten-free Italian products in Russia. 14 years of successful work in the diet food segment. A wide range of bakery and confectionery products.
              • Organization address: Bldg. 32, 13, Kolomyazhskiy Prospekt, 197348, Saint Petersburg, Russia
              • Phone: +7 (812) 448-2035
              • Website:


              • Description of activity: The Bogatire confectionary is a modern enterprise that offers consumers a wide range of confectionary products.
              • Organization address: Bldg. 10, 8, Konstruktora Gus\'kova Str., Zelenograd, 124460, Moscow, Russia
              • Phone: +7 (499) 734-5622
              • Website:


              • Description of activity: Production and sale of foods.
              • Organization address: Balashikha, Moscow Region, Russia
              • Phone: +7 (495) 204-2761


              • Description of activity: Manchester Enterprise Ltd. was founded in 2011. The company produces tea, coffee and confectionery products. The unsurpassed quality of our products is well known among consumers.
              • Organization address: 36, Novy Put\' Str., Varegovo Village (Varegovskiy s/s), Bol\'shesel\'skiy District, 152385, Yaroslavl Region, Russia
              • Phone: +7 (48542) 2-53-10
              • Website:

              VYROBNYK PLYUS, LTD.

              • Description of activity: Produces and sells oatmeal cookies and corn cookies, ring-shaped cracknels (inl. corn), rusks. The products under TM Souz-Konditer are packed in corrugated board trays for sale by weight or in bags.
              • Organization address: 30, Udarnikov Str., Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine
              • Phone: +380 (56) 435-1543
              • Website:

              SLADOSTI DONA LLC

              • Description of activity: Producer of confectionery products, such as candied halva and nuts-and-honey bars, candied waffle sweets, souffle, marshmallow, marmalade, sandwich cookies, sugar cookies/biscuits, loose waffles, pre-packed products.
              • Organization address: 288A, Dachnaya Str., 346518, Shakhty, Rostov Region, Russia
              • Phone: +7 (8636) 28-0685
              • Website:

              OSTROV IZOBILIYA

              • Description of activity: Pastry production. We produce confectionery on modern equipment using high quality raw materials. There are more than 100 kinds of biscuits (sugar biscuits, glazed biscuits, oat biscuits, etc.) and gingerbread in our product range.
              • Organization address: Bldg. 31, Industrial'naya Str., Zarechny, Penza Region, Russia
              • Phone: +7 (8412) 65-61-86
              • Website:


              • Description of activity: Production of confectionery products, marshmallows, fruit and berries paste, marmalade, honey cakes with fillings, oatmeal and shortbread biscuits.
              • Organization address: 33, Mira Str., Zavolzhsk, Ivanovo Region, Russia
              • Phone: +7 (4933) 32-13-18, (960) 745-1392
              • Website: http://www.-.


              • Description of activity: Bario manufactures Altai gingerbread combining all the best that is in the Altai: traditions of gingerbread, ingredients from local raw materials honey, flour, butter, berries, taste and the product appearance.
              • Organization address: Barnaul, Altay Territory, Russia
              • Phone: 8 880 7003383
              • Website:


              • Description of activity: BIOTECH UNIVERSITY is a leading educational and research center in Russia in the field of food production, biotechnology, food quality and ecology, food chemistry and mechanical engineering.
              • Organization address: 11, Volokolamskoe Shosse, 125080, Moscow, Russia
              • Phone: +7 (499) 750-0111
              • Website:

              MISTER SNACK

              • Description of activity: Production of high-quality snack products under TM Snekushki and TM Mister Snack: crackers with natural garlic, peanuts in a crispy crust, bread chips, fish and seafood.
              • Organization address: Litera Shch, 150/11, Borodinskaya Str., Krasnodar, Russia
              • Phone: +7 (918) 432-6617
              • Website:


              • Description of activity: Production of frozen semi-finished bread and bakery, flour products and oriental sweets.
              • Organization address: Baku, Nizami District, St. Davud Aslan, 2, Republic of Azerbaijan
              • Phone: +994 (50) 256 0105
              • Website:


              • Description of activity: The company has been on the market since 2004 and produces more than 200 types of delicious sweets of various groups: butter, curd, European, shortbread cookies, biscuit cakes, honey cakes, muffins and more.
              • Organization address: Novaya Usman' Settlement, Voronezh Region, Russia
              • Phone: +7 (473) 333-0156
              • Website:

              VALPIZZA S.R.L.

              • Description of activity: Valpizza S.r.l.: production of frozen pizzas, pizza bases, snaks and finger food.Russian branch: import of frozen food products from Italy.
              • Organization address: Via Sbiffia 97, 40050 Castello di Serravalle (BO), Italy
              • Phone: +39 (051) 6705080, +7 (915) 304-2073 (./mob.)
              • Website:


              • Description of activity: Biskvit offers high-quality products at affordable prices: cookies, crackers, snacks, briohes, Baron Khrum waffles. We are looking to finding partners in various regions of Russia and abroad.
              • Organization address: 1, Druzhinnikov Str., 394026, Voronezh, Russia
              • Phone: +7 (473) 206-68-23
              • Website:


              • Description of activity: Fort-Ground is a producer of premium halva based in the Tver Region. Our halva is hand-made, which is the only way of guaranteeing a top quality product.
              • Organization address: 112, Shishkova Str., Tver, Russia
              • Phone: +7 (910) 424-2996
              • Website:


              • Description of activity: The Monetniy Dvor is a place, where we know the way to make good chocolate! A wide range of high-quality products from milk chocolate and dark chocolate.
              • Organization address: Premises 87, Bldg. 3, 7, Proezd 4801, Zelenograd, Moscow, Russia
              • Phone: +7 (499) 995-2500
              • Website:


              • Description of activity: We produce puff pastry products, choux gingerbreads with filling and without it, bread snacks (pretzels, bread rings, sticks, mini dried biscuits), rusks, dried biscuits, butter biscuits with filling, mini croissants, oriental sweets.
              • Organization address: 7b, Khlebozavodskaya Str., 420006, Kazan, Republic of Tatarstan, Russia
              • Phone: +7 (843) 590-6788
              • Website:

              ALTERNATIVA LLC

              • Description of activity: Alternativa LLC is the frozen flour products manufacturer.
              • Organization address: Bldg. 3, 26, Ugreshskaya Str., 115088, Moscow, Russia
              • Phone: +7 (495) 363-2941
              • Website:

              SLADKIY YUG

              • Description of activity: Sherbet TM refers to the production of Turkish sweets such as baklava, halva and Turkish delight. The company has been successfully operating since 2004, constantly analyzing customers needs and wishes.
              • Organization address: 15, Kubanskaya Str., 295022, Simferopol, Republic of Crimea, Russia
              • Phone: +7 (978) 729-2657, +7 (985) 108-0003
              • Website:

              StarCompany, TK

              • Description of activity: The company produces and distributes packaged nuts, walnut & fruit snacks and confectionery. Production under partners private label is also available.
              • Organization address: 1, Pionerskaya Str., 141074, Korolev, Moscow Region, Russia
              • Phone: +7 (495) 637-6307
              • Website:

              TM FOOD LTD

              • Description of activity: FOOD Ltd is the official representative of the TAZE AY Group of Companies, the leading producer of confectionery and meat products in Turkmenistan. We opened our representative office and warehouse in Moscow.
              • Organization address: Turkmenistan

              ISFARAFOOD LLC

              • Description of activity: Production and processing of dried fruit and nuts.
              • Organization address: 107/3, Prospekt I. Somoni, Isfara, Tajikistan
              • Phone: +992 (98) 718-0009
              • Website:

              D&D LTD

              • Description of activity: D and D Corporation is the only company in Russia's North West that manufactures new generation dietary diabetic food stuffs based on natural ingredients.
              • Organization address: Litera B, Bldg. 2, 8, Zaozyornaya Str., 196084, Saint Petersburg, Russia
              • Phone: +7 (495) 268-0437
              • Website:

              RUSSKY PRODUCT

              • Description of activity: Russky Product is one of the leading Russian grocery manufacturers producing oat flakes, soups, grain and instant coffee, chicory, cereal drinks, kissels, spices and seasonings, baking mixes.
              • Organization address: 77, Moskovskaya Str., Detchino Settlement, Maloyaroslavets District, 249080, Kaluga Region, Russia
              • Phone: +7 (495) 755-8464
              • Website:

              BRYANKONFI, JSC

              • Description of activity: Bryankonfi company is the leader in short biscuits manufacturing in Russia. The company also specializes in the production of dry biscuits, wafers, wafer sweets and cakes, sweets.
              • Organization address: 116, Vokzal\'naya Str., Bryansk, Russia
              • Phone: +7 (4832) 57-47-90
              • Website:


              • Description of activity: We produce puff pastry products (Zolotye Zavitki, Podushechki, Palochki), choux gingerbreads with filling and without it, snacks (pretzel, bread rings, bread nuggets, bread sticks, mini dried biscuit), rusks, dried biscuit, butter biscuit with filling, mini croissant, East sweets).
              • Organization address: 7B, Khlebozavodskaya Str., 420006, Kazan, Republic of Tatarstan, Russia
              • Phone: +7 (843) 564-5253
              • Website:


              • Description of activity: The company has been on the confectionery market for over 20 years. The product line includes 120 kinds of biscuits. Deliveries are carried out in 45 regions of Russia, near and far-abroad countries.
              • Organization address: 3, Temernitskaya Str., Verkhnetemernitskiy Settlement, 344114, Rostov-on-Don, Russia
              • Phone: 8 800 737 77 17
              • Website:


              • Description of activity: Cheremushki is a leading manufacturer of cakes and pastries under the Sdobnaya Osoba, ake Day, Venskiy Tsekh, Kruante, Lucky Zlaki trademarks. Distribution covers all regions of Russia and foreign countries. The Cheryomushki company develops the direction of frozen products under the FROSTMO trademark and offers ready-made and exclusive solutions for your business in the market of bakery and confectionery products. The company's assortment includes puff and pastry semi-finished products, dough, tortillas, bread, dessert line. The production is certified according to the FSSC-22000 standard and is located in Moscow.
              • Organization address: Bldg. 3, Bldg. 2, 9, Akademika Skryabina Str., 109377, Moscow, Russia
              • Phone: +7 (495) 709−8803
              • Website:

              ARYA NUTS & SWEET

              • Description of activity: Confectionery Turkish delight, grape pulp with walnut, spreadable pistachio cream, spreadable pistachio paste, spreadable peanut, cocoa hazelnut cream, spreadable hazelnut cream, roasted pistachio.
              • Organization address: Sanayi Street 60213 Dr. No: 12 Şehitkamil / Gaziantep, Türkiye
              • Phone: +90 532 513 65 15, 613 89 90
              • Website:


              • Description of activity: ALTHEA is a producer of health foods and dietary supplements with history dating back more than 10 years. Our three guiding precepts are natural source produce, safety, and effectiveness.
              • Organization address: Bldg. 1, 11, Sotsialisticheskaya Str., Biysk, Altai Territory, Russia
              • Phone: +7 (3854) 303 202
              • Website:


              • Description of activity: Production and sales of snack products; private label services.
              • Organization address: Pyatigorsk, Stavropol Territory, Russia
              • Phone: +7 (928) 309-6660
              • Website:


              • Description of activity: MOSKOVSKIY DESERT ONFECTIONARY FACTORY is a manufacturer of confectionery, complex desserts, and fruit jelly. The factory works with both retail chains and small wholesale buyers.
              • Organization address: 5, Otraslevaya Str., Rekonstruktor Settlement, Aksayskiy District, Rostov Region, Russia
              • Phone: 8 800 250-7173
              • Website:


              • Description of activity: Manufacture and sale of ice-cream, waffle products, confectionery and bakery products. Production and sale of crops: potatoes, grain.
              • Organization address: 19A, Druzhba Quarter, Neklyudovo Settlement, 606461, Nizhny Novgorod Region, Russia
              • Phone: +7 (83159) 66-280
              • Website:


              • Description of activity: Bogatovsky Oil-Extraction Factory is a producer of refined deodorized and pressed sunflower oil. Modern enterprise of a full cycle of quality control.
              • Organization address: Office 3, Floor 1, 126, Stepana Razina Str., 443099, Samara, Russia
              • Phone: +7 (846) 953-7871
              • Website:


              • Description of activity: ElChoco deluxe confectionary production. Exceptional product range and effective marketing techniques. We manufacture chocolate sausages, Viennese nuts and Praguers.
              • Organization address: Office 288, 4, Revolyutsionnaya Str., Samara, Russia
              • Phone: +7 (846) 268-8851

              MASPEX GMW SP. Z O.O. SP.K.

              • Description of activity: Maspex Group is one of the biggest companies in Central and Eastern Europe in the segment of food products. Maspex is a producer of chocolate dragees, extruded products, instant products and cereals.
              • Organization address: ul. Chopina 10, 34-100 Wadowice, Poland
              • Phone: +48 512409995
              • Website:

              HLEB TH

              • Description of activity: Retail trade.
              • Organization address: 33, Chaykovskogo Prospekt, Tver, Russia
              • Phone: +7 (4822) 32-17-30

              PELIKAN, OMPANY, LLC

              • Description of activity: PELIKAN company deals with production of corn sticks made of merely natural products with no preservatives and colorants added which guarantees healthy food.
              • Organization address: 12A, Chistova Str., 142104, Podolsk, Moscow Region, Russia
              • Phone: +7 (4967) 57-27-98, 62-10-01
              • Website:


              • Description of activity: Konoplex Group is a multifunctional agro-industrial holding with full-cycle production, the leader in hemp growing in Russia. The company produces cold-pressed vegetable oils, hemp seeds, flour.
              • Organization address: Premises 35, Bldg. 151, Stepnaya Str., Kizhevatovo Settlement, 442764, Penza Region, Russia
              • Phone: +7 (495) 230-0507
              • Website:


              • Description of activity: Producer and vendor of fast and instant foods (soups, starch fruit drinks, cereals) in sachets and bars. Crisp breads with traditional and dessert flavors.
              • Organization address: Premises 11, 3rd Floor, 55A, Lenina Str., Work Settlement Oktyabr'skiy, 140060, Lubertsy, Moscow Region, Russia
              • Phone: +7 (495) 924-7526
              • Website:

              VITEKS LLC

              • Description of activity: VITEKS LLC is the official distributor of the Istanbul Kahve trademark in the territory of the Russian Federation.
              • Organization address: Office 2L, Premises III, 4A, Atarbekova Str., 107076, Moscow, Russia
              • Phone: +7 (495) 638-5166
              • Website:

              DIAL-K, LLC

              • Description of activity: DIAL-K LLC (Hlebny Spas trade mark) manufactures more than 40 types of confectionary products with sugar and sugar substitutes. The products are presented in retail stores of all formats in RF and the CIS.
              • Organization address: 3, Sovetskaya Str., Spas-Demensk, 249610, Kaluga Region, Russia
              • Phone: +7 (48455) 2-25-98
              • Website:


              • Description of activity: Miratorg is the leading Russian integrated agribusiness holding. Our key areas of operations include livestock farming, meat processing, plant cultivation, compound feed production, logistics and distribution.
              • Organization address: Bldg. V, 2, Odesskaya Str., Moscow, Russia
              • Phone: +7 (495) 651-9252
              • Website:


              • Description of activity: The company TCE Elza is equipped with modern technological equipment and produces various types of sugar, sweet, oatmeal and glazed cookies, oriental sweets, biscuit and puff pastry products, marshmallow, fruit jelly, fruit candies.
              • Organization address: 2A, Volodarskogo Str., Armavir, Krasnodar Territory, Russia
              • Phone: +7 (86137) 2-76-12, +7 (918) 957-9600
              • Website:

              NEGA, TH

              • Description of activity: Manufacture of bakery and confectionery products: muffins, shortbread biscuits, cakes, biscuit rolls, choux, puff pastry.
              • Organization address: Bidg. 17, 15, Otkrytoe Shosse, 107370, Moscow, Russia
              • Phone: +7 (969) 010-0415

              PAKGRAD LLC

              • Description of activity: Food package creation and production.
                Overall food package production services range.
                High complexity package. Non standard package solutions for standard products
              • Organization address: Bldg. 1, 10B, Vostryakovskiy Proezd, Moscow, Russia
              • Phone: +7 (495) 255-0085
              • Website:


              • Description of activity: Polet Confectionery.
              • Organization address: 42/1, Shosseynaya Str., 140003, Lubertsy, Moscow Region, Russia
              • Phone: +7 (495) 559-1218
              • Website:

              I.D.C. HOLDING, A.S.

              • Description of activity: I.D.C. Holding a.s. is the biggest producer of confectionery, wafers and biscuits in Slovakia. The assortment of company is represented by such products as VERBENA caramel, LUSETTE, DAFFERS and ELA wafers.
              • Organization address: Drienova 3, 821 01 Bratislava, Slovakia
              • Phone: +421 (31) 78-80-247
              • Website:


              • Description of activity: DOVERIE is a manufacturer of breadwheat flour of the highest grade and first grade. DOVERIE also manufactures bran.
              • Organization address: 2, Khalilovskaya Str., 443015, Samara, Russia
              • Phone: +7 (846) 340-6883
              • Website:

              GOOD COOKIES LLC

              • Description of activity: Production and sale of confectionery products from cream puff pastry, sponge cake batter, puff pastry. TM PECHENYUSH and TM PEKKERS. Experience since 1998. We work in Russia and with foreign partners. We invite you to cooperate.
              • Organization address: Bldg. 149, Tsentral'naya Str., Yurovo Village, Ramenskoye District, 140152, Moscow Region, Russia
              • Phone: +7 (499) 110-7141
              • Website:


              • Description of activity: The main activity of the company TOPAZ is a manufacture of plastic products, plastic boxes of proper design, sizes and colors.
              • Organization address: 7, 3rd Lugovoy Proezd, 142608, Orekhovo-Zuevo, Moscow Region, Russia
              • Phone: +7 (496) 423-4484
              • Website:


              • Description of activity: Wholesale of confectionery products. The company offers homemade muffins, pastries, cakes by the Krasnodar Territory producers.
              • Organization address: 17A, Kuzbasskaya Str., Nizhny Novgorod, Russia
              • Phone: +7 (910) 972-7257

              SITIY RICCO

              • Description of activity: Sated Ricco is one of the largest producers of snacks in the Far East. The company has been operating since 2010. We do what we do best!
              • Organization address: 126A, Kalinina Str., Blagoveshchensk, Amur Region, Russia
              • Phone: +7 (914) 570-2653
              • Website:


              • Description of activity: Manufacture and sale of bakery products, non-durable storage of frozen bakery products and semi-finished products, biscuits, marmalades, cakes, pies and cakes to order, biscuits and crackers.
              • Organization address: 6, 1st Oboronny Pereulok, 142211, Serpukhov, Moscow Region, Russia
              • Phone: +7 (4967) 72-56-77
              • Website:


              • Description of activity: OJSC BELOGORYE Confectionery factory is a modern company with 75 years of history. In the product portfolio of the company there are more than 60 types of flour confectionery products and more than 20 types of non-alcoholic beverages.
              • Organization address: 19, Promyshlennaya Str., Belgorod, Russia
              • Phone: +7 (4722) 34-03-34
              • Website:

              APULIA FOOD S.R.L.

              • Description of activity: Our company exclusively produces handmade taralli, made according to ancient traditional methods with the use of only simple and genuine ingredients, carefully selected.
              • Organization address: Via Ugo La Malfa, 5/7 76012 Canosa di Puglia (T), Italy
              • Phone: +39 (0883) 613051
              • Website:


              • Description of activity: We are proud to be the artisans and we feel the custodians of traditional Sicilian pastry.
              • Organization address: Via Alberto Ascari 32 95032 Belpasso (CT), Italy
              • Phone: 39095918970
              • Website:

              We invite small and large companies, manufacturers and suppliers of bakery as exhibitors of the Prodexpo exhibition and as professional visitors from different areas of the food industry.