Prodexpo 2022: sales depend on packaging

08 / 02 / 2022

The Panel on FOOD PACK: Visual Power Strategies for Regional Gastronomy Brands has been held within the conference programme of the Prodexpo 2022 International Exhibition for Food, Beverages and Food Raw Materials. The event was organised by the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, supported by the HSE Art and Design School and EXPOCENTRE AO.

The moderators were Tatiana Krivosheeva, expert at the National Research University Higher School of Economics, and Alexander Alekseev, president of the Art Directors Club of Russia (ADCR) and head of Design and Advertising at the National Research University Higher School of Economics.

In his welcome speech to the panel participants, Ilya Lyubchenko, Director of the Regional Development Department of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, noted that a brand is a very comprehensive concept. "It is not only the name of a company, he explained. A brand is associated with the products the company manufactures, the way it presents them and the emotions we get when we use these products. It is not enough to make a product, you have to be able to sell it. To sell, you need packaging and labels, which are marketing tools for the brand. A good label indicates a successful brand and a good product. For some manufacturers, the label and packaging are a special art.

Elena Glazova, Vice-President of the Perm Chamber of Commerce and Industry Union, Head of the "Buy Perm products" project, shared her achievements and experience in building a branding strategy in the regions. According to her, products with a high trade turnover are foodstuffs in several main commodity groups, which are produced in the climatic conditions of the Perm Territory. For large companies the concepts of branding and marketing exist, they understand what they are and work with them quite successfully. But the segment of small and medium-sized enterprises is at the stage of forming a marketing understanding of what selling packaging is. This is what the "Buy Perm products" project was invented for. The speaker gave examples of sales promotion packaging using territorial affiliation.

Nadezhda Parshina, Creative Director of the Ohmybrand agency, gave an example of the development of a regional gastronomic brand called "Mal da udal". According to the expert, a regional grocery brand emerges when there are multiple producers of the same product as well as an extended knowledge of the product outside the region.

Eduard Khatuyev, Director General of Vneshny Vid-proizvedenie, and Evgeny Razumov, packaging designer, spoke about creating a regional gastronomic souvenir and the techniques used to create strong packaging.

In the report "Packaging for regional souvenirs: consumers' opinion", Tatiana Krivosheeva, expert of HSE Design School, presented a blitz-research on how consumers see gastronomic souvenirs and what attracts them to packaging. She noted that sealed packaging for tasty souvenirs is in demand: name show boxes with attractive illustrations or visual access to the contents, detailed descriptions of the product composition, as well as the region of production and its history.

A presentation "Russian wine labels as art" by Polina Kapelyush, partner of the KM Media advertising agency, and a speech of Emilia Ptitsyna, senior lecturer of Design School of National Research University Higher School of Economics, who told about creation of visual image by the example of "Belaya Dacha" salad rebranding, were also of great interest for the professional audience. Alexander Alekseev, President of the Art Directors Club of Russia (ADCR), Head of Design and Advertising at the National Research University Higher School of Economics School of Design, made a presentation on "What is the visual power of packaging?

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