Feedback from the Prodexpo 2023 participants

14 / 02 / 2023

Denis Polyubin, Minister of Economic Development of the Stavropol Territory:

- Prodexpo is the leading platform where our food and processing companies can present their export potential. We have agreements with our foreign partners. Today we have already met with a delegation from Egypt. In general, our products are in demand. For our enterprises, exhibiting at Prodexpo is a unique opportunity to sign new contracts, find new partners, expand sales channels, enter export markets and receive awards for the high quality and safety of their products. Not a single Prodexpo exhibition goes without an award for Stavropol businesses. This time, there are 38 producers on an area of over 150 sq. m, and over a thousand items of Stavropol products, which are the gastronomic brands of the Stavropol Territory.

Natalia Rogotskaya, President of the Yaroslavl Region Chamber of Commerce and Industry:

- We regularly participate in Prodexpo with a group stand of the Yaroslavl region. We believe that such a tool as a group stand for the region's enterprises is very much in demand by business, as business has an opportunity to unite, among other things. After all, the exhibition is not only about goods, but also about people. And with such group stands we create a certain community of entrepreneurs and professionals, experts in their field, which then helps both us and them in our work. Every year, by taking part in the exhibition, we see that companies, especially those who are regular exhibitors, get new impulses in their development, new contacts and, most importantly, new orders.

Ermek Omuraliev, Counsellor of the Embassy of the Kyrgyz Republic in the Russian Federation:

- Prodexpo is one of the most popular exhibitions not only in Russia, but also internationally. We know this exhibition. Our companies like it very much because it is really a unique opportunity to enter the market of Russia and its constituent entities, as well as the markets of other foreign countries. Next year, our national pavilion at the exhibition will be wider both in terms of space and content. This is a great opportunity for Kyrgyz producers and exporters to find partners in Russia. Many Russian regions are represented at today's exhibition.

The more our companies see each other at such exhibitions, getting to know each other's capabilities in more detail, the more it will be reflected in increasing our bilateral trade turnover and saturation of trade and economic ties. The format of Prodexpo is unique.

I would like to congratulate the management of EXPOCENTRE AO and all those who have contributed to the organisation of the exhibition! This is great work. EXPOCENTREs team has organised the 30th Prodexpo exhibition at the highest level under the current difficult conditions.

Arman Zakaryan, General Director of PromExpo:

- First of all, I would like to congratulate the Prodexpo team on the exhibition's anniversary! I am an exhibition professional myself and I know what it is like. This is not the first year we have participated in Prodexpo with a group stand of Armenia. The aim of our participation is to promote Armenian goods on the Russian market and to conclude new contracts. Here we find new partners, open new horizons. It is also important to find partners for joint ventures. This year we have 28 companies represented at our stand. It is the biggest stand in the history of our participation in Prodexpo: 250 sq. m. We are expanding.

Kirill Zaitsev, Director of the Department of Industry of the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug - Ugra:

- Prodexpo has become a tradition for Ugra. We take part in it almost every year. The exhibition helps our commodity producers, which are engaged in food products, to promote themselves, find new partners, and new markets. That is why we pay special attention to the exhibition. And it is not just sales. Here, there is also an exchange of experience and expert opinions. For us, it is an opportunity to sign agreements significant for the region.

Inna Gulak, Deputy Director of the Krasnodar Region Export Support Centre:

- Prodexpo is one of the priority exhibitions for entrepreneurs in our region. It attracts a large number of visitors and potential buyers. Based on the results of the last year and the year before, our businessmen signed contracts worth $10 million. In other words, the effectiveness of participation in the exhibition is high and every year it becomes more and more attractive to our manufacturers. We try to promote their participation in Prodexpo in order to help them enter international markets, expand their sales geography and maximise the effectiveness of their participation in this event.

Nasima Cherkasova, Head of Marketing at RUSAGRO:

- We have been exhibiting regularly at Prodexpo with large stands for 10 years. We consider Prodexpo to be one of the most effective exhibitions. The maximum number of meetings always takes place here. We meet our partners and find many new contacts. The exhibition has a high attendance rate. New people and new regions always turn up. Prodexpo for us is not just a job, but also a real holiday, which helps us to build good, warm relationships with both partners and our competitors. As soon as the current exhibition is over, we immediately begin preparations for next year's exhibition.

Anvar Abdukarimov, Head of Marketing and Advertising at Za Rodinu Group:

- Za Rodinu Group has participated in Prodexpo for many years. The 30th anniversary exhibition is no exception. It is not only an opportunity for us to meet our existing partners and distributors, to summarise the results of the previous year, to assess plans for this year, to discuss difficulties and solve certain issues, but also to make new acquaintances. The exhibition is taking place practically on the edge of the old and new year. It is the best time to take stock and discuss plans. Every year our stand at the show gets bigger and higher. This is our way of showing our growth and underlining our position in the market.

Kirill Melnikov, Marketing Director at Blago Group:

- We come here every year because Prodexpo is probably the main event in the food industry in Russia and not only in Russia, but also in the near and far abroad. For suppliers who work with exports, and consequently for our export partners, Prodexpo is a platform where they can meet, conclude contracts and see new products. Blago Group operates in the oil and fats industry, which is more than half export-oriented. Therefore Prodexpo is an ideal platform for us. Here we meet both new customers and our longstanding, tried-and-true colleagues, as well as federal and local retail chains. This is a landmark event for us.

Alexander Krivosheev, Head of Distribution Development at SLAVKOM:

- This is the sixth time we have been present at the exhibition. It is undoubtedly the largest and most significant event that directly relates to food products. Therefore, producers who want to introduce their product to the market are simply obliged to be present here in order to show it to buyers, to present it to consumers. This exhibition is a unique platform to meet current and future partners. You can present your product, your company, to expand your sales geography. It is a unique opportunity to introduce a product to the market.

Dmitry Urozhayev, Sales Director at YUZH Group:

- This is the fourth time we have taken part in Prodexpo. It is a positive experience for us. Here we show everything we have done in the previous year: what new products we have released, what we have done with our production. We also get feedback from our clients and partners. We understand what we need to do more. We started with a small stand. We saw that we were getting more and more visitors, and when planning our stand, we started taking into account the need to have more space for negotiations, including private negotiations. Therefore we are now maximising our stand space. We are building the stand so that clients can see our product, and so that there is room for comfortable communication.

Irina Cherepanova, Head of the Entrepreneurship Support Centre of the Altai SME Foundation:

- We take part in Prodexpo every year, since the Altai Territory is an agricultural region with a lot of food companies and small food producers. And Prodexpo is the main, largest international exhibition held in the Russian Federation, and our entrepreneurs come to it with great desire. When this year's exhibition is over, they will start getting ready for the next one. The stand of the Altai Territory showcases 23 companies. The same number of companies would like to come. The desire arises because there is an effect of the exhibition. Our entrepreneurs conduct negotiations with all the regions here. Everyone comes to one venue, including those from foreign countries.

Ksenia Korochkova, Department Head at Gri-Mak:

- Thanks to the Export Support Centre, we had an opportunity to present our products and our region - the Republic of Mordovia. There are eight companies at the stand. They are the representatives of small and medium business. Such exhibitions are absolutely necessary, especially for small business, which find it very difficult to travel and demonstrate their products. And here, in one place, you can meet everyone, get acquainted, talk face-to-face, find new contacts, new markets. That is why, from small businesses, many thanks to the Export Support Centre of the Republic of Mordovia and, of course, to the organisers of such a powerful event! Thanks to this we are developing and moving forward.

Alina Musienko, Head of the Novosibirsk Region Export Support Centre:

- Every year at Prodexpo, we form a group stand of our food industry enterprises. At Prodexpo, the main industry exhibition, every manufacturer dreams of presenting their products and finding business partners. It is also a point of attraction for distributors. As part of the national project, we try to help our companies to showcase using state support, and we co-finance the participation of a group stand in the exhibition. As a result, our companies have developed contacts not only with partners from the Russian Federation, but also from foreign countries. These include the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union, the CIS and the Middle East. There is also a rich conference programme at the exhibition. Therefore our companies have the opportunity not only to present their products but also to attend seminars. We are pleased with the results.