Wholesale frozen meat

Many manufacturers and suppliers of wholesale frozen meat participate in the annual Prodexpo exhibition .

We invite you to familiarize yourself with a list of some of the leading companies participating in our exhibition.

Company name Description Address Phone Website
PINSK MEAT-PACKING PLANT OJSC Production of meat, meat products, sausages. 1, Industrial'naya Str., 225710, Pinsk, Brest Region, Republic of Belarus +375 (165) 648572 http://pikant.by
PROMAGRO LLC PROMAGRO LLC agroindustrial holding specializes in livestock industry, meat processing, crop production, and the processing of grain raw materials. 1, Vasilisy Kozhinoy Str., Moscow, Russia +7 (495) 269-0381 http://promagro.ru
BEREZA MEAT CANNERY PLANT OJSC Bereza Meat Cannery Plant OJSC is one of the largest enterprises of the meat industry in the Republic of Belarus. The company produces various sausages, canned foods, semi-finished products and edible fats. 1, Sverdlova Str., Beryoza, Brest Region, Republic of Belarus +375 (1643) 3-98-65 http://meat.by
KROL & K The company is a major Russian producer and processor of rabbit meat. Sergeevskoe Village, Gagarinskiy District, 215023, Smolensk Region, Russia +7 (48135) 6-59-12 http://kroliko.ru
COMPANY BAISAD Baisad is one of the largest and the most reliable manufacturers of food products in the South of Russia. 24, Promyshlennaya Str., Kislovodsk, Stavropol Territory, Russia +7 (87937) 5-63-64 / 93 http://www.baisad.com
BORISOV MEAT-PACKING PLANT #1 Borisov Meat-Packing Plant No.1 JSC is an exclusive producer of sausage products using the natural cold-smoked wood chips. In the range of the enterprise there are more than 300 product names. 8, Demina Str., Borisov, Minsk Region, Republic of Belarus +375 177 76 94 84 http://borisovmeat.by
CARNEX For 60 years Carnex has been a leader in the market of meat and meat products, recognizable by the high quality of products offered to its consumers. Kulski put 26, 21460 Vrbas, Serbia +381 21 795 36 30 http://www.carnex.rs
BREST MEAT-PROCESSING PLANT OJSC Brest Meat Processing Plant OJSC is one of the largest enterprises in the meat industry of the Republic of Belarus. It has been present in the market for 80 years, providing people with tasty meat products. 4, Pisatelya Smirnova Str., 224034, Brest, Republic of Belarus +375 (162) 27-78-30, 24-37-02 http://www.brestmeat.by
FRIGOCHORTI Avda. Artigas 2006, Paraguay +595 21 293-301/8 http://www.chortitzer.com.py
MIRATORG TC LLC Miratorg is the largest agricultural holding in the country, covering such product categories as beef, pork, poultry meat, frozen semi-finished products and meals. The vertically integrated system is a guarantee of high quality at all production stages. 57, Kavkazskiy Bulvar, 115516, Moscow, Russia +7 (495) 651-9252 http://www.miratorg.ru
OHOTNO AGRO-INDUSTRIAL HOLDING OHOTNO Agro-Industrial Holding is the flagship in agriculture and processing industry in the Bryansk Region. The main directions are meat processing and production of half-finished meat products. Bldg. 1, Bldg. 1, Glavnaya Str., Glinishchevo Settlement, Bryansk Region, Russia +7 (4832) 31-80-00 http://www.ohotno.com
PRIVOPYE TPK LLC Production of meat products under the Dary Privopya trademark. Supply of raw meat for factories. Wholesale and retail trade in frozen meat products. Deliveries throughout Russia. 2V, Zaozernaya Str., Yartsevo, Smolensk Region, Russia +7 (926) 189-6596 http://privop.ru
BaltAgroS Modern meat processing company specializing in production and sale of sausages, deli meat from pork, beef and poultry. 1A, Pobedy Str., Sovkhoznoe Settlement, Bagrationovsk District, 238460, Kaliningrad Region, Russia +7 (4012) 59-07-84 http://www.baltagros.ru
KHAKASSKAYA BARANINA LTD A modern meat processing enterprise. Special climatic conditions for raising sheep natural grazing, grass-fed feeding. A full range of processing with a continuous cycle. Retail and HoReCa. Office 26, Litera A, 39, Vyatkina Str., 655017, Abakan, Republic of Khakassia, Russia +7 (3902) 21-44-55 http://hb19.ru
DAMATE DAMATE Group is a Russian agricultural holding, successfully developing three business areas: turkey production and processing, dairy farming, milk processing. 6th Floor, 3rd Entrance, Bldg. 5, RigaLand Business Center, 26th km of Baltia Automobile Road, Krasnogorsk District, 143421, Moscow, Russia +7 (495) 646-2075 http://www.acdamate.com
SLUTSK MEAT-PROCESSING PLANT One of the largest meat-processing enterprises of a full production cycle in the Republic of Belarus. The main processing activities include beef and pork, sausages, meat products, canned meat. 18, Tutarinova Str., Slutsk, Minsk Region, Republic of Belarus 375179545616 http://www.sluckmeat.by
MOGILEV MEAT-PACKING PLANT JSC Production of more than 350 product brands, including over 250 sausage product brands. The monthly manufacture of sausage products is over 700 tons, 400 tons of manufactured meat and 1000 tons of meat byproducts. 11, Dimitrova Str., 212040, Mogilev, Republic of Belarus +375 (222) 734085 http://www.mogmk.by
SIBERIAN FOOD COMPANY LLC A Russian meat processing holding engaged in production of sausages, delicacies and semi-finished meat products, with 7 production sites in Kaliningrad, Siberia and Altai and output of more than 300 tons per day. 1, D. Koval'chuk Str., 630001, Novosibirsk, Russia +7 (3832) 334-0710, 334-0654 https://spkfood.ru
QINGDAO SUNNYWELL IMP & EXP CO. LTD Our company has been exporting frozen rabbit, fish, seafoods, vegetables and fruit to Russia for more than 20 years. Rabbit, tilapia, hake, mixed seafoods, squid, berries, cauliflower, broccoli, mushrooms. Room 2601, Unit 1, No. 41 Donghai West Road, Shinan District, Qingdao, China +86 (532) 85790136 http://www.sunnywellfoods.com
RESOURCE GROUP OF COMPANIES The Resource Group of Companies is one of the largest poultry meat manufacturers and poultry meat exporters in Russia. Broylernaya zona #1, Broylernaya Industrial Zone, Shpakovskiy District, 355026, Stavropol Territory, Russia +7 (495) 741-7021 https://www.gapresurs.ru
TOPAZ PKF JSC PKF TOPAZ JSC has been on the market for over 20 years. The main activity of PKF TOPAZ JSC is a manufacture of plastic products, plastic boxes of any design, size and color. 7, 3rd Lugovoy Proezd, 142608, Orekhovo-Zuevo, Moscow Region, Russia +7 (496) 423-4484 http://www.toptara.ru
OFFAL EXP S.A. We are the main exporter of beef offal from South America to the world market. Gorriti 196 Bldg., Cubo a 7th Floor Forum, Argentina 543414345000 http://www.offalexp.com.ar
JORGENSEN FOODS Founded in 2003 as a trading company, Jorgensen Foods has grown to become a trusted leading company in sourcing, processing, handling and marketing of commodities: sugar, coffee, frozen protein, spirits and fruit. Estrada Petrolina, casa Nova s/n, Santana do Sobrado, BA, Brazil +33 6 8086 3250 http://www.jorgensenfoods.com
RXM RXM is a dynamic and competitive company, that stands out professionally for its commercial skills. We work in the animal protein segment (bovine, poultry, pork and sheep) with a huge network. Office 293, 1116, Ave. Cauaxi, Arphaville, Barueri/SP, Zip Code 06454-020, Brazil +55 11 4133 2599 http://www.rxm.com.br
KALINKOVICHI MEAT PROCESSING PLANT Kalinkovichi Meat-processing Plant JS is the producer of high-quality, healthy and real products manufactured under the Grand Duchy trademark. 8, Severnaya Str., 247710, Kalinkovichy, Gomel Region, Republic of Belarus +375 (2345) 26023 http://www.kmk.by
RUSPRODTORG Frozen and chilled semifinished meat and poultry products. 1, 2nd Kotlyakovskiy Pereulok, 115201, Moscow, Russia +7 (495) 637-8403 http://www.rpt.ru.com
SIBERIAN AGRARIAN GROUP MP Production and marketing of pork, sausages, delicatessen products, processed meat and pelmeni. Delivery to all regions of Russia and abroad. Bldg. 2, 12th km of Tomsk-Itatka Trakt, Tomsk District, 634537, Tomsk Region, Russia +7 (3822) 902-084 http://mktomskiy.ru
BOBRUISK MEAT PROCESSING PLANT JSC Bobruisk Meat Processing Plant JSC specializes in production of sausages, finished beef and pork products, meat semis. 333, K. Marksa Str., 213823, Bobruysk, Mogilev Region, Republic of Belarus +375 (225) 47-47-17 http://bobrmk.by
LINIYA VKUSA LLC Liniya Vkusa LLC is the producer of spices and seasonings, sausages and delicacies, and also the distributor of a number of other food products.The company has house brands: Myasadel, Svejeproduct, lmenitye. 59/1, Lesozashchitnaya Str., Engels, Saratov Region, Russia +7 (8453) 79-56-05 http://www.imenit.ru
BELOVEZHSKIY JCS Belovezhskiy JCS is a large agro-industrial holding, which includes agricultural land, cattle farms, a pig farm, feed mill and meat factory. 2, Lenina Str., Belovezhsky Agrogorodok, Kamenets District, Brest Region, Republic of Belarus +375 (1631) 50048 http://www.belmoris.by
KAMSKY AIC Kamsky AIC is one of the most modern companies producing meat products and delicacies. The company produces premium quality fresh meat products under the Sosnovoborskaya brand. 26/25, Proizvodstvenniy Proezd, Naberezhnye Chelny, Republic of Tatarstan, Russia +7 (8552) 30-62-22 http://apkkam.ru
BORISOGLEBSK DELICATESSEN LLC Quality, traditions, innovations are the fundamental principles in the work of the Borisoglebsky Meat-packing Factory. BMKK is the largest producer and supplier of canned meat to Rosrezerv. 2, Kotovskogo Pereulok, Borisoglebsk, Voronezh Region, Russia +7 (47354) 30-611, (905) 051-87-67 http://www.bormkk.ru
FRIGOMERC S.A. Cap. Lombardo y Calle Corta, Paraguay +595 21 292-102 http://www.minervafoods.com
INSTITUTO NACIONAL DE CARNES (INAC) URUGUAY Non-governmental public body. Rulling, coordination, advising, promotion of Uruguayan natural meat and meat products such as frozen meat, beef, lamb, horse offals. Rincon 545, ZIP Code 11000, Montevideo, Uruguay +598 2916-0430 http://www.inac.uy
FRIGOCHACO Planta Limpio, Cia. El Salado, Paraguay +595 21 219 5701 http://www.paraguaymeat.com
RusAgroMarket RusAgroMarket was created to implement a wholesale distribution centre project.
RusAgroMarket's goal is to create a platform where products can be finished, stored, sold, transported to and from, and redistributed among regions.
Office 601, 6th Floor, 5A, Magistral'ny 1st Tupik, 123290, Moscow, Russia +7 (495) 545-3540 http://www.rosagromarket.ru
VELIKAN Velikan Rabbit farm was set up in 2011. We produce products from rabbit meat. Thanks to the in-house processing plant, we also produce canned meat, sausages and semi-finished products. 111, Shkol'naya, Nebyloe Settlement, Vladimir Region, Russia +7 (4922) 33-62-99 http://www.ksk-agro.ru
PINSK MEAT COMBINAT OJSC Production of meat, meat products and sausage products. 1, Industrial'naya Str., 225710, Pinsk, Republic of Belarus +375 (165) 34-85-72 http://pikant.by
CORALL The agro-industrial enterprise includes modern technological plant with feed complex and specializes in production of chilled and frozen pork. 5, Alekseevskoe Village, 171940, Tver Region, Russia +7 (495) 252-0534 (./ext. 1008) http://www.coral-meat.ru
BELORUSNEFT-OSOBINO RUE More than 250 types of products have been manufactured under the Asobina brand.
The production of poultry meat, sausages and high quality by-products is the main goal of the company.
1, Priozernaya Str., a/g Kommunar, Buda-Koshelevskiy District, 247382, Gomel Region, Republic of Belarus +375 (2336) 4-11-12 http://osobino.by
QINGDAO SUNNYWELL IMP & EXP CO. LTD. Our company has been exporting frozen meat, berries, fruit and vegetables to Russia for more than 15 years, we hope to build new business relationship with more customers. Room 2601, Unit 1, Building 2, No. 41 Donghai West Road, Shinan District, Qingdao, China 8653285790136 http://www.sunnywellfoods.com
AGROEXPORT 168 Agroexport 168 is Russia's leading exporter of frozen poultry, pork, beef and offals. The company's constantly expanding the product range offered for exports and offers turn-key solutions. 12, Kashirskoe Shosse, Moscow, Russia +7 (915) 022-9615 http://www.agroexport168.com
ZNAMENSKY SGC LLC Znamensky SGC is one of the largest Russian producers of genetics for pig breeding industry. The Center manufactures ham of own-produced pork under the Ieshio Lomtik brand name. 70, Naberezhnaya Dubrovinskogo, 302030, Orel, Russia +7 (4862) 54-38-07/32 http://www.nsgc.ru
MPK OBNINSKY LLC MPK Obninsky LLC produces more than 60 types of products: frozen cooked sausages (sausages, sausages), chopped frozen semi-finished products in breading and without breading, Halal. 33, Kievskoe Shosse, 249032, Obninsk, Kaluga Region, Russia +7 (48439) 96094 http://www.mpkobninsk.ru
PETROVSKIE DELIKATESY TM Onega and Petrodel are both dynamically developing sausage manufacturers.
A wide range of products, strict quality control, representation throughout the Russian Federation.
Litera AE, 13, Moskovskoe Shosse, 196158, Saint Petersburg, Russia +7 (812) 415-1648 http://www.petrodel.ru
BREST MEAT PROCESSING PLANT OJSC Brest Meat Processing Plant OJSC is one of the largest enterprises in the meat industry of the Republic of Belarus. It has been present on the market for over 75 years, providing people with tasty meat products. 4, Pisatelya Smirnova Str., 224034, Brest, Republic of Belarus +375 (162) 27-78-30, 24-37-02 http://www.brestmeat.by
RYBNYY DVOR Manufacturer of sausages, semi-finished meat products and delicacies. Two Banks TM. 14, Stroitel'naya Str., Pavlovskiy District, 396420, Pavlovsk, Voronezh Region, Russia +7 (47362) 2-10-01 http://rybnyydvor.ru
Natural, chilled and frozen meat from the very farm.
Environmentally friendly products.
In-house manufacture of semi-finished products, delicacies. Wholesale and retail.
Bldg. 2, Znamenskaya Str., Lobanovo Village, Domodedovo Urban District, Moscow Region, Russia +7 (926) 666-4031 http://www.lobindika.ru
DARY SEVERA North Gifts LLC is an enterprise specializing in primary processing of meat of wild animals (wild reindeers, mooses, roe deers, wild boars). 37, Pionerskaya Str., Saint Petersburg, Russia +7 (911) 992-0020 http://dar-sever.ru
SLONIM MEAT PROCESSING PLANT OJSC The Slonim Meat Processing Plant OJSC is one of the leading meat processing enterprises in the Republic of Belarus. Its main line of activity is production of meat, sausages, meat delicacies, prefabricated and canned products. 35, Chkalova Str., 231800, Slonim, Grodno Region, Republic of Belarus +375 (1562) 5-03-06 http://slmeat.by
MESAR Eco delicacies Manufacturer of dried delicacies and semi-finished products from Wild Reindeer meat in Krasnoyarsk, Russia. High-quality, environmentally friendly products made from selected reindeer meat. Bldg. 6, 35A, Tambovskaya Str., 660124, Krasnoyarsk, Russia +7 (983) 506-2814 http://www..
Myas.Com Ltd. Meat wholesale . Bldg. 5, 65, Leningradskoe Shosse, Moscow, Russia +7 (499) 271-5591 http://myas.com.ru
AGROCOMBINAT DZERZHINSKIY Close-integrated agro-industrial complex with a closed production cycle from field to shop. The main activity area is poultry and all kinds of chicken products. 8, Zavodskaya Str., 222750, Fanipol, Minsk Region, Republic of Belarus +375 (29) 377-67-26 http://www.akd.by
GOMEL MEAT PACKING PLANT GOMEL MEAT PACKING PLANT is one of the largest enterprises in meat processing, production of sausages, and semi-finished meat products in the Republic of Belarus. 2, Il'icha Str., Gomel, Republic of Belarus +375 232 50-65-10 http://www.mkgomel.by
RUSAGRO SlOVO MYASNIKA is a new RUSAGRO brand in the field of chilled pork meat in consumer packaging. RUSAGRO farms operates in accordance with international standards and uses the latest advances in science and technology in the pig production and nutrition. SlOVO MYASNIKA presents natural meat from ecologically clean areas of Belgorod and Tambov regions.
SlOVO MYASNIKA proper and genuine meat!
104, Bazarnaya Str., 392036, Tambov, Russia 8 800 707 72 02 http://www.rusagrogroup.ru
FRIGORIFICO SAN JACINTO-NIREA S.A. Producers and sellers of fresh/frozen, bonein/boneless, beef/lamb cuts, their offals and by-products. Ruta 7 km 59.500 San Jacinto, Canelones, Uruguay +598 (4399) 2446 http://www.nirea.com.uy
INSTITUTO NACIONAL DE CARNES (INAC) Non-governmental public body. Supply management, coordination, advising, promotion of Uruguayan natural meat and meat products such as frozen meat, beef, lamb, horse offals. Rincon 545, Montevideo, Uruguay 59829160430 http://www.inac.uy
ES AGRO Production, processing, sale of chicken products. Bldg. 8, 41, Talalikhina Str., 09316, Moscow, Russia +7 (495) 212-9344 http://www.esagro.ru
ALLANASONS PVT. LTD. Allanasons Pvt. Ltd. established in 1865 is India's largest producer & exporter of branded processed food products & agro commodities to over 70 countries with leadership in frozen & chilled buffalo meat, aseptic & frozen fruit pulps, vegetable products, coffee, spices & pet food. Allana Centre, 113/115 M.G. Road, A R J Allana Marg, Fort, Mumbai 400001, India +91 22 66569000 http://www.allana.com
ARGENTINE BEEF PROMOTION INSTITUTE (IPCVA) The Argentine Beef Promotion Institute (IPCVA) works to improve the positioning of Argentine Beef products throughout the whole world. Profiting from the long tradition and prestige of our cattle in international markets, IPCVA is the leading voice for Argentine Beef, promoting the generation of new business opportunities worldwide. Esmeralda 130, Piso 22, Buenos Aires, C1035ABD, Argentina +54 (11) 4328-8152 http://www.ipcva.com.ar
EKOL Ekol started working in fresh meat sector in 1998. With integrated meat plant, it is the first and the biggest halal meat producer in the Russian Federation. 11, Novaya Str., Staros'yanovo Village, Domodedovo, Moscow Region, Russia +7 (495) 510-6311/13 http://www.ekolmeat.com
ULYBINO PF LLC Ulybino is the first large enterprise dealing with the production of duck meat beyond the Urals. This is a healthy, natural and delicious product. 5, Elevatornaya Str., 633204, Iskitim, Novosibirsk Region, Russia +7 3833495550 http://www.ulibino.ru
RUSAGRO GROUP Butcher's Word is a semi-finished pork brand of RUSAGRO GROUP, one of the top 3 pork producers in Russia. Butcher's Word products are thoroughly tested and safe. Meat from environmentally friendly areas in Belgorod and Tambov Oblast is cut and packed on modern certified production lines. Every year Butcher's Word products get prestigious awards such as the Product of the Year, One Hundred Best Products of Russia, Quality Guarantee. Butcher's Meat is the Benchmark Meat! 104, Bazarnaya Str., 392036, Tambov, Russia 8 800 707-7202 http://www.rusagrogroup.ru
KRAZ The KRAZ meat processing plant produces a wide range of sausage and meat natural high-quality products from premium farm meat. Premises 1, 1, Trudovaya Str., Gremyachka Village, Kursk District, 305520, Kursk Region, Russia +7 (985) 344-8888 http://www.zdravayatrapeza.com
RUSSKOE POLE UK Russkoe Pole is a full cycle agricultural holding, specializing in the production of poultry meat products. In 2019, a broiler duck project was launched. Products are presented under the Utinaya Ferma trademark. 10A, Kholodny Pereulok, 603000, Nizhny Novgorod, Russia +7 (831) 260-0030 http://utinayaferma.ru
ECO Halal Trade House EO Halal is the trademark of high-quality products made from broiler meat by the standards of Halal food. While producing our meat, we are guided by the canons of Islam, that is why we use manual slaughtering in our work. 36, Vasenko Str., Saransk, Republic of Mordovia, Russia +7 (8342) 77-70-01 https://eko-halal.ru
MATABOI Mataboi Alimentos is one of Brazils longest-established meat producers operating in Brazil. Founded in 1949, the company is renowned for the quality of its products, ensuring confidence and trust. Office 3927, Ave. Rondon Pacheco, Cazeca, Uberlandia/MG, Zip Code 38.400-015, Brazil +55 34 3221 27 05 http://www.mataboi.com.br
FILIERA ITALIA Filiera Italia is an alliance to protect and represent the distinguishing qualities and excellence of Italian agri-food production and transformation system. via XXIV Maggio 43, Roma, Italy 390646974622 http://www.filieraitalia.it
KRASNOBOR CJSC Krasnobor is the biggest turkey meat producer in Russia. We have been working for you since 2000. We breed, process and supply turkey meat to retailers and public catering facilities. Rassvet Settlement, Leninskiy District, 117393, Tula Region, Russia +7 (495) 782-3990 http://www.krasnobor.ru
SLONIM MEAT PROCESSING PLANT Slonim Meat Processing Plant is one of the meat processing industry leaders in the Republic of Belarus. It specializes in the production of meat, sausages, meat specialty, ready-to-cook products, canned food. 35, Chkalova Str., 231800, Slonim, Grodno Region, Republic of Belarus +375 (156) 22 72 16 http://www.slmeat.by
AGROKOMBINAT DZERZHINSKY Close-integrated agro-industrial complex with a closed production cycle from field to shop. The main activity area is poultry and all kinds of chicken products. 8, Zavodskaya Str., 222750, Fanipol, Minsk Region, Republic of Belarus +375 (29) 377-67-94 http://www.akd.by
PORTO WORLD UNION We work with producers, importers and exporters around the world, providing beef, pork and poultry meat, as well as fish, with a high level of service. Rua De Midoes, 920, 4515-662 Gens-Foz De Sousa, Gondomar, Portugal 351913362173 http://www.portoworld.pt
APEX-BRASIL (REPRESENTATION IN MOSCOW) Apex-Brasil works to promote Brazilian exports (organization of trade and prospective missions, business rounds, Brazilian companies participation in trade fairs, etc). Brazil http://www.apexbrasil.com.br
BAISAD Baisad is one of the largest and the most reliable manufacturers of food products in the South of Russia. 24, Promyshlennaya Str., Kislovodsk, Stavropol Territory, Russia +7 (87937) 5-63-64 http://www.baisad.com
GOMEL MEAT-PACKING PLANT JSC Gomel Meat-packing Plant JSC is one of the largest enterprises in the Republic of Belarus engaged in meat processing, production of sausages and meat semi-finished products. ISO 9001 certified. 2, Il'icha Str., 246021, Gomel, Republic of Belarus +375 (232) 37-11-46 http://www.mkgomel.by
AgroCargo Agricultural logistic portal to optimize the logistic costs in agriculture, increase the profitability of logistic companies, reduce the cost of agricultural products and increase its competitiveness. Bldg. 9, Greenwood Business Park, 69th km, MKAD, Moscow Region, Russia 88007077674 http://agrocargo.ru
GRODNO MEAT PLANT JSC Grodno Meat Plant JSC is one of the largest leading producers of meat and meat products in the Republic of Belarus. All products by the Grodno Meat Plant are manufactured according to the Technical regulations. 25, Myasnitskaya Str., Grodno, Republic of Belarus +375 152 45 50 00 http://www.grodnomk.by
BELORUSNEFT-OSOBINO Production and sale of poultry meat, finished products and semi-finished products. 1, Priozernaya Str., a/g Kommunar, Buda-Koshelevskiy District, Gomel Region, Republic of Belarus +375 (2336) 41-300 http://www.osobino.by
BOGORODSKIE DELIKATESY Bogorodskie Delikatesy is one of the leading manufacturers of semiproducts from meat and poultry. Bldg. 1B, Nazimikha Village, Schyolkovo District, 141131, Moscow Region, Russia +7 (495) 797-9293 http://www.domosedka.net
FRIGORIFICO ALBERDI S.A. Beef slaughtering and processing plant. Export of beef and pork meat, by-products and casings. Ruta 11 km 9,5 Oro Verde Prov. Entre Rios, Argentina 543434975070 http://www.falberdi.com
PROMAGRO APK LLC PROMAGRO APK specializes in livestock production, meat processing, plant growing and processing of grain raw materials. It is one of the largest producers of pork in the Black Earth region. 71/12, Lenina Str., 309514, Stary Oskol, Belgorod Region, Russia +7 (4725) 45-04-50 http://www.promagro.ru
ZARECHNOE Zarechnoe Group of Companies is a producer of marbled beef in Russia and a major supplier of farm beef. Zarechnoe is a full-cycle enterprise that manufactures products such as Primbeef and Zarechnoe. 52 D, Krasnoarmeyskaya Str., Voronezh, Russia +7 (473) 250 27 79 http://zarechnoe.ru
FRIGORIFICO GUARANI SACI Santa Teresa Chaco Boreal, Paraguay +595 21 670-796 http://www.fguarani.com.py
GRODNO MEAT-PACKING PLANT Grodno Meat-Packing Plant OJSC is one of the largest full-cycle meat processing companies in Belarus. 25, Myasnitskaya Str., 230005, Grodno, Republic of Belarus +375 (152) 45-50-00 http://www.grodnomk.by
AZUL NATURAL BEEF S.A. Azul Natural Beef/ DEVESA is a family business that has been involved in the meat industry and raising cattle for over a century in Europe and Argentina. We offer a wide portfolio of meat products. Maipu 374, Buenos Aires, Argentina +54 11 5297-0000 http://www.devesa.com
ITDA Inc. ITDA Inc. is a specialized food distribution and food service company that contributes to healthy and rich food culture. 5F, 20, Yanghwa-ro 10-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea +82 2 6212 5001 https://www.itda.io
IRSETSKIE PROSTORY (PEASANT FARM ENTERPRISE TSYPTSYNA VALENTINA GRIGORYEVNA) Organic meat and milk products made by the Irsetskie Prostory farm. Staroshaygovsky District, Irset Village, Republic of Mordovia, Russia +7 (8342) 36-10-91 http://irsetskie-prostori.ru

We invite small and large companies, manufacturers and suppliers of wholesale frozen meat as exhibitors of the Prodexpo exhibition and as professional visitors from different areas of the food industry.