Wholesale cocktails

Many manufacturers and suppliers of wholesale cocktails participate in the annual Prodexpo exhibition .

We invite you to familiarize yourself with a list of some of the leading companies participating in our exhibition.

Company name Description Address Phone Website
SladMiks A Russian manufacturer that makes products using its own technologies based on natural raw materials for dietary, sports and healthy nutrition. We manufacture sweets without sugar and harmful substances. 2D, Khudozhestvenny Proezd, Podolsk, Moscow Region, Russia +7 (495) 926-7947 http://www.sladmiks.ru
FONT SALEM FONT SALEM is a Spanish market leader in private label (MDD) and CO-PACKING, specializing in different types of beers, fizzy/non fizzy beverages and water. Partida del Fronto (poligono), s/n, 46843, Salem, Valencia, Spain 34902283003 http://www.fontsalem.com
PITEKO The company is a manufacturer of sugar substitutes and sweeteners, products for diabetics, sports nutrition, products for healthy and proper nutrition of people leading an active lifestyle. 110, Engel'sa Str., 606402, Balakhna, Nizhny Novgorod Region, Russia +7 (83144) 6-90-55 http://www.fitparad.com
MOGILEVOBLPISHCHEPROM OJSC Natural and fruit wines, low-alcohol and non-alcoholic drinks, fermented kvass, ciders, wine cocktails, fillings for meat marinating. 64, Ostrovskogo Str., Mogilev, Republic of Belarus +375 (222) 70-63-69 http://www.mognat.by
BOSCA-RUS CJSC Enterprise is engaged in the production of champagne and sparkling wines. 25, Tramvaynaya Str., Ufa, Republic of Bashkortostan, Russia +7 (347) 293?5356
ARIANT Ariant is the largest wine group, which includes CPI-Ariant, Kuban-Vino and vineyards of Yuzhnaya agrofirm. 5, Radonezhskaya Str., 454036, Chelyabinsk, Russia +7 (351) 789-8101 http://www.ariant.ru
VellTreid Production, delivery and import of products under private and licensed trademarks: ALKO beers, Kursk Kvas in 0.5 and 1.5 liter containers, Highbliss cider in 1 liter plastic bottles, lemonades. 1, Partiyny Pereulok, Moscow, Russia +7 (495) 768-2119
VEGA-TU (LAVKA PRYANOSTEY) Production of spices, seasonings, condiments, confectionery supplements, dry ice-cream, milkshakes, cake cream, jelly crystals, jellies. Sale of snacks, cereals, muesli, instant porridges. Bldg. 2, 15, Shirokaya Str., Moscow, Russia +7 (495) 782-4966 / 4965 http://www.lawka.ru
MORDOVIA HEMP FACTORY LTD (FEEL RIGHT) Hemp growing and processing in-house. Production of oils, kernels, healthy lifestyle food, mats for microgreens. Office 1, 93 A/8, Sovetskaya Str., 431430, Insar, Republic of Mordovia, Russia +7 (8344) 92-22-73 http://www.feelright.me
NEOBULLES SA Vintense (www.vintense.be) is a range of non-alcoholic sparkling and still wines. Biere des Amis (https://bieredesamis.be) is a Special Belgium Blond (5,8% alc.) with a second fermentation in bottle. Centre 52, 4890 Thimister, Belgium +32 87 36 10 60 http://www.neobulles.be
MolPromKuban Ltd MolPromKuban is the only Russian producer of natural Kuban ultra-pasteurized dairy products in a convenient Tetra Pak TBA 1000 EDGE package with a Wing Cap 30 screw cap. 2, Michurina Str., 352900, Armavir, Krasnodar Territory, Russia +7 (86137) 2-95-74 http://molpromkuban.ru
BierStadt BierStadt specializes in production of beer. We brew our beer from natural ingredients. There are 20 varieties in the Company's product range, each having its own unique taste. 8, Mira Str., Novovoronezh, Voronezh Region, Russia +7 (473) 228-7882 http://www.bierstadt.ru
!DEAS !DEAS manufactures innovative foodstuffs that help maintain and improve health. We grow our own raw materials, then create and promote unique products. Apartment 4, 9, Sovkhoznaya Str., 141406, Khimki, Moscow Region, Russia +7 (909) 967-6257 http://ideas-beup.com
LABORATORY 63 (SPOOM SYRUP) SPOOM SYRUP has been a manufacturer of syrups and toppings since 2010.
More than 120 items,
Modern in-house production,
Innovation laboratory,
ISO 9001 Quality Standards.
Bldg. 6, 3B, Elektrolitny Proezd, Moscow, Russia +7 (495) 540-4500 http://spoombar.ru
TAMBOVKRAHMAL AGROKOMBINAT The company produces millstone-ground wholegrain flour, an exclusive organic product certified for state standard compliance. Grace period and timely deliveries. Successful private brand launches for retail chains. 55, Rabochaya Str., Umet Workers' Settlement, Tambov Region, Russia +7 (47559) 2-40-60 http://www.td-tambovkrahmal.ru
SPOOM TM Russian manufacturer of syrups and toppings. Leader in the Russian market! Its range includes over 100 articles. In-house laboratory for development of tastes. Show room at Nagornaya street. According to the best standards. Bldg. 6, 3B, Elektrolitny Proezd, Moscow, Russia +7 (495) 540-4500 http://www.spoombar.ru
CHEBARS Brewery Chebars is a trading and manufacturing company dealing with draught beers and drinks.
The staff of the company is a team of professionals using only advanced technologies at the heart of the activity.
27D, Zavodskoe Shosse, Samara, Russia +7 (846) 207-4106, 8 800 550-0474 http://www.pintasamara.ru
MERAK SPIRITS & DRINKS SRL Our company is active since 1885 in Putignano (Bari). Merak Spirits & Drinks srl is one of the main manufacturing authentic liquors and beverages in Puglia. Via Cavalieri Del Lavoro Z.I. 70017 Putignano (BA), Italy 390804911777 http://www.merak.net
KRISTALL Kirsanov, Tambov Region, Russia http://www.kirsanov-maslo.ru
AGROSERVIS NPO Manufacturing and wholesale of wine products under own and private label: wine, carbonated beverages, wine and wine drinks in Tetra Pak cartons, vermouth, cider, champagne. 31st Floor, Office 6, IMPERIYA Business Center, Bldg. 2, 6, Presnenskaya Naberezhnaya, Moscow, Russia +7 (499) 643-8347
A. LE COQ Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages producer. Our products are of high quality and trendy. We are experienced in exporting and will be a reliable partner for you. Laulupeo pst 15, Tartu 50050, Republic of Estonia +372 7449 711 https://www.olvi.fi/export
SIMVOL GLASS FACTORY Zavod Simvol is a diversified company that produces glass containers of various shapes and technical complexity, sheet glass with thickness from 1.3 mm and apparatus glass, glass souvenirs. Russia +7 (49241) 55-560 http://www.firmasimvol.ru
EVANGELISTA LIQUORI SRL Evangelista Liquori is a factory established in 1907 and producing liqueurs appreciated for their high quality not only in Italy but abroad: in Canada, USA, Australia, England. Via Aterno, 56/58, San Giovanni Teatino (CH), Italy +39 0854462801 http://www.evangelistaliquori.it
NEOLINE LLC Our company offers a new category of instant
cereals 5in1 under TM STARTUM in single sachets
on Russian & CIS markets. Looking for distributors.
Office 16, 2nd Floor, 4B, Elektrodnaya Str., 111524, Moscow, Russia +7 (495) 708-4652 http://www.startummix.ru
BOCHKAREVSKY BREWERY LLC Bochkarevsky Brewery is a modern company, mostly dealing with production and sale of natural beverages: beer, kvass, fizzy drinks and drinking water. 1A, Molodezhnaya Str., Bochkari Settlement, Tselinny District, Altay Territory, Russia +7 (38596) 32-5-94 http://www.bochkari.ru
CIDER HOUSE Cider House (Fonte) is a producer of the natural original cider, poiret and flavouring meads with addition of natural juices: cherry, cranberry, pomegranate and others. Cider the way it should be! 1, Krasnogvardeyskaya Str., Oktyabr'skaya Settlement, Krylovsky District, 352085, Krasnodar Territory, Russia +7 (495) 177-1264 http://www.ciderhouse.life
X-BIO Patented unique technology for the production of live Chlorella. The concentration of algae per 100 ml is 5 billion living cells. Growing Chlorella in sterile bioreactors. 40, Yubileynaya Str., Togliatti, Samara Region, Russia +7 (927) 617-1336 https://newbix.ru
ZPR OT P NP The development of trademarks, trademark registration, trademark promotion. Production of alcoholic beverages (vodka). Office 4, 137, Nemirovicha-Danchenko Str., 630048, Novosibirsk, Russia +7 (905) 952-1701
OPTMARKET (MR.TREE TM) Manufacturers of fruit mead and apple cider. All drinks are made from natural ingredients and natural water, the alcoholic content is achieved only by fermentation. Premises 15A, 87, Leninskiy Prospekt, 119313, Moscow, Russia +7 (495) 540-5029 http://www.salair.pro
DAUSUZ DAUSUZ is a new Russian premium water brand. Water is bottled directly on the spring, in an eco-friendly area in Dausuz village. It has a naturally low mineralization, ideal for daily use. 55, Bldg. 3, Ryabinovaya Str., Moscow, Russia +7 (951) 641-2202 http://dausuz.com
GLOBALEAST DIS TIC. LTD. STI. Global Distrubutor of producers in partnership. Products range includes coffee, tea, authentic drinks, froozen cakes, syrups, purees, vodka, hookah tobacco, black pepper and a wide variety of cosmetic, make up products. Altaycesme Mah. Efe Boz Sok. Freeland Is Merk. Kat:7, Daire:49 Maltepe/Istanbul, Turkey +90 216 455 89 01 http://www.global-east.com
NAT TECH GROUP Nat Tech Group is a team of young, ambitious professionals with advanced technology competencies, who are committed to the same goals and principles. We work for the end consumer. Premises 9, 1st Floor, 8/23, Armavirskaya Str., 109382, Moscow, Russia +7 (499) 841-0213
ERIDAN A plant is engaged in the extraction, production and sale of mineral water and carbonated beverages. Room 5, Litera AA1, 178, Internatsionalnaya Str., 446013, Syzran, Samara Region, Russia +7 (846) 499-4961 http://www.voda-eridan.ru
LYNX CORPORATE GROUP The company produces and distributes non-alconolic and low-alcohol beverages under own brands, including the famous beverage under the RAZOR brand (6.9 % alc.). Office 306, 41, Kuybyshevskoe Shosse, Ryazan, Russia +7 (905) 541-3252 http://www.lynx-rus.com
AS A. LE COQ / OLVI EXPORT Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages producer. Our products are of high quality and trendy. We are experienced in exporting and will be a reliable partner for you. Laulupeo pst 15, Tartu 50050, Republic of Estonia 3727449711 https://www.olvi.fi/export
YARTSEV ALCOHOL AND SOFT DRINKS PLANT Soft drinks production: juices, fruit drinks, nectars, energy drinks, carbonated sweet water, drinking water. Premises 1, 14, Serebryanka Residential District, 141202, Pushkino, Moscow Region, Russia +7 (495) 767-0482 http://www.yesta-juice.ru
VINADEIS CORDIER Frances No.1 winery: 15,000 ha and 32 Châteaux in Languedoc. AOP Bordeaux and Grands Crus-varietals-private label-organic-entry level-sparkling and No alcohol wines. All formats of bottles: Tetra-BIB-pouches. Domaine de Jonquières, 11100 Narbonne, France +33 634678130 http://www.vinadeis.com
AB VOLFAS ENGELMAN-OLVI GROUP EXPORT DEPARTMENT A brewery that produces and sells beverages. Kaunakiemio g. 2, Kaunas LT-44354, Republic of Lithuania +370 (37) 354-546 https://export.olvi.fi
PRODALYANS Production of juice and dairy products under the Krzhmelka, Good Cashalot, Southern Taste, GREEN Ranch, Sabrina, Chevelet, Oatmeal Sir trademarks. Room 6, Premises 1, 1st Floor, Bldg. 4, 8, Avtomobil'ny Proezd, Moscow, Russia +7 (8352) 507-555 http://www..
ISTOK CORPORATION ISTOK CORPORATION is engaged in manufacture and sale of high quality alcoholic beverages. We also offer contract bottling of products under third party trademarks. 2A, Podgornaya Str., Beslan, Republic of North OssetiaAlania, Russia +7 (495) 133-9703
ProdRazvoz Ltd Wholesale of milk, dairy products and long-term storage juices under the house brands in 1 liter Tetrapak packaging. Quality: no milk fat analogs, GOST, the Mercury system. Delivery to Moscow and the Moscow Region. Room 20, Premises VII, 6th Floor, 141, Lyublinskaya Str., 109382, Moscow, Russia +7 (495) 798-2359 http://www.prodrazvoz.ru
SGARZI LUIGI CANTINE Production and sale of DOCG, DOC and IGT wines, organic, table wines, both bottled and in bulk. Concentrated and rectified grape musts, grape juices, alcohol-free beverages. Private label development. Via Bernarda, 1650, 40024 Castel San Pietro Terme (Bologna), Italy +39 051 940962 http://www.cantinesgarzi.com
VENETO DIVINO Veneto Divino distributes wines made from grapes of the Veneto region. Together with our sommeliers we select the best types of high quality local wines to satisfy even the most sensitive palates. Via Uruguay 26, 35127 Padova, Italy 393207259451 http://www.venetodivino.com
OCHAKOVO LTD Ochakovo is the largest Russian company in the beer and non-alcoholic industry without foreign capital, a leading producer of natural drinks and the ultimate leader in the kvass market. 44, Ryabinovaya Str., 121471, Moscow, Russia 88001007777 http://www.ochakovo.ru
TAJ LLC TAJ LLC is the Azerbaijan largest producer of products in the water and non-alcoholic beverages category. Founded in 1997 it has been occupying a leading position in the local market for over 20 years. Ruslan Allahverdiyev Street, 7, Baku, Republic of Azerbaijan +994 (12) 447-2991 http://www.tajbev.com
VellTrade Production, delivery and import of products under private and licensed trademarks: Emela beer in 0.5 liter containers
KASKAD LTD Production of cider, mead, poiret, as well as soft drinks. 97, Sovetskaya Str., 243600, Bryansk Region, Russia +7 (4832) 37 77 97 http://kaskads.ru

We invite small and large companies, manufacturers and suppliers of wholesale cocktails as exhibitors of the Prodexpo exhibition and as professional visitors from different areas of the food industry.