Wholesale mineral and medicinal water

Many manufacturers and suppliers of wholesale mineral and medicinal water participate in the annual Prodexpo exhibition .

We invite you to familiarize yourself with a list of some of the leading companies participating in our exhibition.

Company name Description Address Phone Website
LYNX CORPORATE GROUP The company produces and distributes non-alconolic and low-alcohol beverages under own brands, including the famous beverage under the RAZOR brand (6.9 % alc.). Office 306, 41, Kuybyshevskoe Shosse, Ryazan, Russia +7 (905) 541-3252 http://www.lynx-rus.com
TASSAY TASSAY is a natural drinking water extracted from a deep well in the foothills of Tan-Sheng, with the water being preserved by nature itself. BTS Rumyantsevo, 22nd km Kievskogo Shosse, Moscow, Russia +7 (495) 025-2760 http://tassay.ru
LigaOpt Intellect Torg LLC is the largest wholesale supplier of confectionery products, beer and drinks in the territory of the Central Federal District. Our portfolio includes the most famous brands of national and foreign producers. 11, Vostochnaya Str., Gorki Leninskie Settlement, Leninsky District, 142712, Moscow Region, Russia +7 (925) 216-1957 https://ligaopt.com
AQUALINE JSC AQUALINE is one of the leading producers of mineral water and soft drinks. Ranked among TOP-3 producers on HOD market. Key brands are PSIZH, ARKHYZ legenda gor, DlyaLyal, Gornaya vershina. 45, 1st Podgornaya Str., Cherkessk, Russia +7 (8782) 21-06-09 http://www.aqualine.ru
TRADING HOUSE GEORGIA, MKS BONAT LLC Importer of products from Georgia to Russia. We cooperate with such brands as Natakhtari, Kazbegi, Kula, Kampa, Dzala, Ojakhuri, Sno, Sairme. Litera L, 1, Irinovskiy Prospekt, Saint Petersburg, Russia +7 (911) 774-6884 http://www.mksbonat.ru
ASCANIA Manufacturer of soft drinks. Bldg. 2, 6, Promyshlennaya Str., 357210, Mineralnye Vody, Stavropol Territory, Russia +7 (87922) 304-35 http://ascania-aqua.ru
DARIDA PRIVATE ENTERPRISE Darida is a leading company in Belarus engaged in the production of natural mineral and drinking water, as well as soft drinks. The products are well known both in the domestic and international markets. 1A, Lineynaya Str., Zhdanovichi, Minsk District, 223028, Minsk Region, Republic of Belarus +375 17 500 16 67 http://darida.by
LASER TRADE Food distribution is the main activity of the company. We work directly with the factories of the world's leading brands. The geography of our sales covers Russia and the CIS. Bldg. 37, 13, 2nd Zvenigorodskaya Str., Moscow, Russia +7 (495) 668-0917 http://www.laser-trade.ru
PRODTORG M Wholesale trade in imported beer and soft drinks. Office 10, Bldg. 3, Structure 9, Pyatnitskoe Shosse, Otradnoe Settlement, Krasnogorsk District, 143442, Russia +7 (499) 450-5828 http://beerlogistic.ru
ENERGY TORGOVYI DOM LTD Implementation and promotion of unique natural drinking water SiEnergy with a silicon content, which has no analogues in Russia, Asia and Europe. Office 42, 15, Eroshevskogo Str., 443056, Samara, Russia +7 (902) 371-7813 http://www.sienergy.club
ARIANT wine group Ariant is the largest wine group, which includes CPI-Ariant, Kuban-Vino and vineyards of the Yuzhnaya farming company. 5, Radonezhskaya Str., 454036, Chelyabinsk, Russia +7 (351) 789-8101 http://www.ariant.ru
LECHEBNYE VODY CHEHII (RODNIK LLC) Rodnik LLC is the exclusive distributor in Russia of the mineral therapeutic and medicinal-table waters of the premium segment of the best balneological resorts in the Czech Republic and Serbia. 16, 7th Sovetskaya Str., 191036, Saint Petersburg, Russia +7 (812) 309-9208, (495) 969-2792 http://minervoda.ru
NIAGARA NWC LLC Niagara is one of the largest producers of soft drinks in Russia (according to AC Nielsen). Our wide range of products is represented in every seventh trade outlet in Russia. 1, Buguruslanskiy Pereulok, Chelyabinsk, Russia +7 (351) 252-9585 http://niagara-drinks.ru
DENEB Company Deneb is an expert in thirst quenching. The leader of the market of soft drinks in the Republic of Dagestan. 39, Yuzhnaya Str., Semender Settlement, Makhachkala, Republic of Dagestan, Russia +7 (8722) 60-00-99 http://deneb.ru
EXPRESS-TORG LTD Supply of food to federal networks, major and regular wholesalers. uch. 1, 43, Industrial'ny Prospekt, Saint Petersburg, Russia +7 (812) 645-7005 http://www.express-torg.ru
!DEAS !DEAS manufactures innovative foodstuffs that help maintain and improve health. We grow our own raw materials, then create and promote unique products. Apartment 4, 9, Sovkhoznaya Str., 141406, Khimki, Moscow Region, Russia +7 (909) 967-6257 http://ideas-beup.com
AKVADAR LLC Production and sale of soft drinks and mineral waters. 2, Pereulok Elevatorny, 344016, Rostov-on-Don, Russia +7 (863) 223-3535 http://www.akvadar.ru
AGROFIRMA FAT LLC AGROFIRMA FAT LLC makes a wide range of production: Bavaria live beer, sweet carbonated drinks, mineral medical-table water, TBAU natural mountain spring water. 45, Telmana Str., Vladikavkaz, Republic of North OssetiaAlania, Russia +7 (928) 927-1880, (928) 065-0295, (8672) 24-12-45 http://www.bavaria-group.ru
LAYLA LLC The young, dynamically developing company specializing in production and sale of high-quality juice of a direct extraction and soft drinks. Litera A, 71, Prospekt Volkovskiy, 192102, Saint Petersburg, Russia +7 (812) 331-1702 http://www.laylagroup.com
ESSENTUKSKIE MINERALNYE VODY+ Bottling of medical, medical-table mineral and drinking water: Gallery of Sources, Slavyanovskaya, Smirnovskaya, Nagutskaya, ZhiVoda. Production of carbonated soft drinks. 129, Pyatigorskaya Str., Yessentuki, Stavropol Territory, Russia +7 (962) 014-0888 http://essminvody.ru
ANAKLIA LTD Anaklia mineral water contains a trove of useful micro- and macro elements. The balanced structure allows using it both for daily drinking, and for the prevention and treatment of diseases. 95, Zh. Shartava Str., Zugdidi, Georgia +7 (987) 296-3168 http://anaklia.su
DAGMINVODA Dagminvoda LLC is a supplier of Dagestan mineral water, Iran natural juices and soft drinks to the Russian market. 2, Svyatoozerskaya Str., Moscow, Russia +7 (495) 889-8756 https://dagminvoda.com
BOBRUYSK BREWERY CJSC Production and distribution of beer, kvass, juices, baby food. Market leader in Belarus. 11, Narochanskaya Str., Minsk, Republic of Belarus +375 29 6277387 http://www.oasisdrinks.by
DJINIES LTD Anaklia mineral water contains a trove of useful micro and macro elements. The balanced structure allows using it both for daily drinking, and for the prevention and treatment of diseases. 50, F. Amirkhana Str., Kazan, Republic of Tatarstan, Russia +7 (987) 296-3168 http://anaklia.su
PackResource LLC PackResource is one of the largest Russian producers of plastic and aluminum caps and caps for plastic and glass bottles. Lyubuchanskoe Settlement, Chekhov District, Moscow Region, Russia +7 (495) 797-4186 http://www.pack-resource.ru
A. LE COQ Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages producer. Our products are of high quality and trendy. We are experienced in exporting and will be a reliable partner for you. Laulupeo pst 15, Tartu 50050, Republic of Estonia +372 7449 711 https://www.olvi.fi/export
CHECHENSKIYE MINERALNIYE VODY The company specializes in the production of 100% natural juices, nectars, highly carbonated soft drinks, cold teas, and mineral drinking water. 23A, Kurortnaya Str., Sernovodskoe Settlement, Sunzhenskiy District, Chechen Republic, Russia +7 (871) 229-4642 http://sernovodskaya.ru
SVETLOYAR Production of ecologically clean potable water. Office 33, 10, Lenina Str., 156000, Kostroma, Russia +7 (4942) 63-03-13 http://www.svetloyar-aqua.ru
BEVERAGE LLC Manufacturer, importer, distributor.
Brands: Lotte, Chupa Chups, Haitai, Encampa, Coca Cola, Fanta, Dr Pepper, Schweppes, etc.
Import and wholesale of food products from South Korea, USA, EU and Russia.
Bldg. 20, 100, Shchyolkovskoe Shosse, 105523, Moscow, Russia +7 (495) 508-5594 http://www.eastfoods.ru
AKVADIV MALINOVSCHIZNENSKY DISTILLERY JV Malinovschiznensky Distillery JV AKVADIV is a modern integrated enterprise producing spirit and vodka in the Republic of Belarus. 22, Tsentral'naya Str., Malinovshchina Village, P/O Lebedevo, Molodechno District, Minsk Region, Republic of Belarus +375 (176) 72-00-98 http://www.akvadiv.by
AQUA HOLDING LLC Aqua Holding LLC is one of the largest enterprises in extraction, bottling and distribution of mineral waters of the Caucasian Mineral Waters region. Aqua Holding LLC is the sole manufacturer of the Essentuki No. 4 and Essentuki No. 17 real mineral water. 4, Novopyatigorskaya Str., Yessentuki, Stavropol Territory, Russia 88005507452 https://www.holdingaqua.ru
JV MIRNY LTD Production of natural vinegars, sauces and water. 3A, Fabrichnaya Str., Reutov, Moscow Region, Russia +7 (495) 249-1716 http://www.sp-mirny.ru
BRYANSKPIVO JSC Bryanskpivo JSC is the beer and soft drink products and rye malt manufacturer.
Our facility today means GOST standards compliance, traditional production technology preservatives free. Quality is our priority!
16A, Pushkina Str., 241022, Bryansk, Russia +7 (4832) 729-577 http://www.bryanskpivo.ru
MobilGroup LLC Wholesale trade in glass containers for alcohol, soft drinks and food products. 27-A, Dvoryanskaya Str., Vladimir, Russia +7 (960) 737-0533 http://www.mobilgroup33.ru
BEER & SOFT DRINKS PLANT KRYM One of the largest producers of beer, soft drinks, mineral and drinking waters in Russia. It was commissioned under the guidance of the best European specialists in 1982. 12, Geroev Stalingrada Str., Simferopol, Republic of Crimea, Russia +7 (3652) 548-203 https://krym-pbk.ru
ATARDO The company ATARDO is one of the market leaders in FMCG. Reliable manufacturer and supplier of soft drinks, snack products, fish and canned vegetables under TM The Helm, Fish King, SWAG, NATTIKA, Shiborshi. Room 3, Premises 11, Bldg.1, 91, Ryazanskiy Prospekt, 109542, Moscow, Russia +7 (495) 137-79-54 http://www.atardo.com
UGLICHSKIY ZAVOD MINERAL'NOY VODY LTD Production and sale of natural drinking water, natural mineral water with medicinal properties, magnesium natural mineral water with medicinal properties, medium-carbonated soft drinks. 44, Kirova Str., 152611, Uglich, Yaroslavl Region, Russia +7 (48532) 5-51-77 http://.
NIAGARA NATIONAL WATER COMPANY LLC NWC Niagara is in the TOP-10 of largest manufacturers of non-alcoholic drinks in Russia (according to the International AC Nielsen Agencys data). The company portfolio includes 12 brands in all competitive categories. 1, Buguruslanskiy Pereulok, Chelyabinsk, Russia +7 (351) 252-9585 http://niagara-drinks.ru
KURSK NONALCOHOLIC PLANT + LLC The company is engaged in production and sale of natural mineral table water, drinking water of the highest quality and soft drinks. 134A, Engel'sa Str., Kursk, Russia +7 (910) 310-7887 http://santavoda.ru
MAISALOUN Production of unique soft drinks, special recipes, natural ingredients, glacial water. Sugar-free sweet drinks. All drinks are bottled only in aluminum cans. 221A, Georgievskaya Str., Pyatigorsk, Stavropol Territory, Russia 8 800 770 08 15, +7 (962) 422-2228 http://www.maisaloun.ru
FONT SALEM FONT SALEM is a Spanish market leader in private label (MDD) and CO-PACKING, specializing in different types of beers, fizzy/non fizzy beverages and water. Partida del Fronto (poligono), s/n, 46843, Salem, Valencia, Spain 34902283003 http://www.fontsalem.com
ESSENTUKSKIE MINERAL'NYE VODY+ Bottling of medical, medial table mineral and drinking water: Gallery of Sources, Slavanovskaya, Nagutskaya, ZhiVoda. Production of carbonated soft drinks. Iced tea. 129, Pyatigorskaya Str., Yessentuki, Stavropol Territory, Russia +7 (962) 014-0888 http://essminvody.ru
ASNA Sales of vitaminized products and dietary supplements. Bldg. 1, 16, Dokukina Str., 129226, Moscow, Russia +7 (965) 167-2692 http://www.asna.ru
KAPELIYA PLANT The Kapeliya plant specializes in the extraction from an underground glacier, bottling and sale of water in 0,33, 0,5, 1,5, 5 and 19 litres bottles through trade networks and official representatives. Office 8, Litera A, 40, Sukhara Village, Krasnoselsky District, Kostroma Region, Russia +7 (4942) 47-17-84 http://www.kapeliya.ru
HOLDING AQUA Holding Aqua is the exclusive manufacturer of the Yessentuki No. 4 and No. 17 legendary water, as well as water under the NARZAN, Slavyanovskaya, Nagutskaya-26 trademarks. Bldg. 1, 8, Tvardovskogo Str., Moscow, Russia +7 (495) 445-7452 https://www.holdingaqua.ru
MAYKOPSKAYA LEMONADE FACTORY Production and bottling of mineral, drinking water and soft drinks. The company's portfolio includes more than 30 types of products. 28, Promyshlennaya Str., 385006, Maykop, Republic of Adygea, Russia +7 (8772) 57-69-96 http://www.lfmmaikop.ru
DAUSUZ DAUSUZ is a new Russian premium water brand. Water is bottled directly on the spring, in an eco-friendly area in Dausuz village. It has a naturally low mineralization, ideal for daily use. 55, Bldg. 3, Ryabinovaya Str., Moscow, Russia +7 (951) 641-2202 http://dausuz.com
ARYANA History of Aryana began in 1994. It was founded as the largest mineral water factory in Vladikavkaz. The famous Nizhni Karmadon and Aryana mineral waters have occupied its rightful place in the Russian market. 2, 3rd Promyshlennaya Str., 362013, Vladikavkaz, Republic of North OssetiaAlania, Russia +7 (8672) 51-5630, (495) 230-0629 https://aryana.ru
BuharDon Production of mineral water and soft drinks. 21, Dzusova Str., Zamankul Settlement, Pravoberezhny District, Vladikavkaz, Republic of North Ossetia Alania, Russia +7 (909) 472-6036 http://www.buhardon.ru
VYATICH Production of Vyatich, Trifon beer, Vyatsky kvass, non-alcoholic beverages. 63, Blyukhera Str., 610027, Kirov, Russia +7 (8332) 67-52-69 http://vyatich.ru
BUKET CHUVASHII JSC Buket Chuvashii JSC was founded in 1974. It is one of the leading Russian enterprises engaged in production of beer, kvass, nonalcoholic drinks, mineral water and malt. 7, Proezd Solyanoe, 428022, Cheboksary, Chuvash Republic, Russia +7 (8352) 63-08-05 http://www.buketbeer.ru
ACHALUKI The plant produces medicinal-table mineral water and soft drinks. 1, Tsechoeva Str., Srednie Achaluki Settlement, Republic of Ingushetia, Russia +7 (928) 211-10-10 http://www.achaluki.ru
AKVA-KRISTALL LLC The enterprise is the manufacturer, supplier and exporter of drinking and mineral water, soft drinks, kvass, ice tea in stock. Brand products are bottled in 0.25 l and 0.5 l glass bottles, in standard glass bottles and PET. 6, 3rd Promproezd Str., Nalchik, Kabardino-Balkar Republic, Russia +7 (8662) 96-13-72 http://akva-kristall.ru
GLOBAL BEVERAGES Global Beverages is the Kazakhstan holding, representing several enterprises producing mineral water, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Nature. Innovations. Quality. n.p. 6, Bldg. 116/23, Al'-Farabi Prospekt, Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan +7 727 331 1331 http://www.turanwater.com
AKVADIV JOINT VENTURE MALINOVSCHIZNENSKY DISTILLERY LTD JV Malinovschiznensky Distillery AKVADIV is one of the oldest enterprises producing spirits and liquors in the Republic of Belarus. 22, Tsentral'naya Str., Malinovshchina Village, P/O Lebedevo, Molodechno District, 222315, Minsk Region, Republic of Belarus +375 (176) 72-00-98 http://www.akvadiv.by
FRIGOGLASS EURASIA LLC Frigoglass Eurasia LLC is one of the biggest manufacturers of ICMs (commercial coolers). The company has been successfully leading business in Russian market for more than 20 years. It is a part of the Frigoglass International Corporate Group. Winner of the Best Industrial Enterprise-Exporter Award of the Leader of industry in the Russian Federation 2019 Competition. 20, Novosil'skoe Shosse, 302031, Orel, Russia +7 (4862) 200-100 http://www.frigoglass.com
EIGHT PEAKS JSC Eight Peaks is engaged in production of mineral water and drinks. Our mission is to offer the customers the best water in each specific region the Caucasus, Altai, Kamchatka or Baikal. Apartment 28, Bldg. 1, 6, Malaya Filevskaya Str., 121433, Moscow, Russia +7 (915) 339-5923 http://www.eightpeaks.ru
KOSTROMA REGION The exhibition stand of the Kostroma Region demonstrates products of agrobusiness companies: canned mushroom and berries, meat processing products, cheeses, confectionery and alcoholic products. 24, Komsomol'skaya Str., 156000, Kostroma, Russia +7 (4942) 62-99-64 http://www.kostroma.tpprf.ru
BAVARIA BREWERY HOUSE GROUP OF COMPANIES LTD Bavaria Group of Companies is an industry leader in the production of beer and soft drinks in the North Caucasus Federal District. 45, Tel'mana Str., Vladikavkaz, Republic of North Ossetia Alania, Russia +7 8672241245 http://www.bavaria-group.ru
DARIAL VLADIKAVKAZ BEER AND SOFT DRINKS FACTORY LLC The oldest in the North Caucasus beer and soft drinks factory. We produce live beer, fruit carbonated drinks on the basis of natural ingredients, artesian drinking table and mineral water. 80, Tel'mana Str., Vladikavkaz, Republic of North OssetiaAlania, Russia +7 (8672) 76-29-71 http://www.darialgroup.ru
URAL SOURCES INDUSTRIAL ASSOCIATION LLC The plant was founded in 1996. Production includes six automated high-speed lines, a certified laboratory that controls the production process at all its stages. 2, Novinskaya Str., 620024, Ekaterinburg, Sverdlovsk Region, Russia +7 (343) 297-1235, 264-4940 http://ui66.ru
EXPORT PROMOTION CENTER OF KAMCHATKA TERRITORY The Export Promotion Center presents goods of Kamchatka producers ready for export. Center stimulates and involves SME of Kamchatka in export activities and facilitates entering international markets. Office 508, 23, Prospekt Karla Marksa, 683031, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Kamchatka Territory, Russia +7 (4152) 21-50-52 http://www.kamexport41.ru
FLEXO-PACK Production of self-adhesive labels on various materials for alcoholic and soft drinks, food products. 24, Korolyova Str., Streletskoe Settlement, Belgorodsky District, Belgorod Region, Russia +7 (4722) 40-20-10 http://fpack.ru
BOCHKAREVSKY BREWERY LLC Bochkarevsky Brewery is a modern company, mostly dealing with production and sale of natural beverages: beer, kvass, fizzy drinks and drinking water. 1A, Molodezhnaya Str., Bochkari Settlement, Tselinny District, Altay Territory, Russia +7 (38596) 32-5-94 http://www.bochkari.ru
AquaYug H2O The PKF AquaYug H2O Ltd mineral water plant is the huge industrial complex engaged in drawing, packing and selling of the natural drinking and mineral water located in the South of Russia. It has HASSP and ISO 22000:2015 certificates. 5G, Zapadnaya Str., Aksay, Rostov Region, Russia +7 (863) 280-06-32 https://aqua-ug.com
BEER OF YEREVAN CJSC Yerevan Beer Factory was established in 1952. In 1997 it was reorganized into a Close Joint-Stock Company, Kilikia trademark. The quality control is implemented according to ISO 22000 standards. 8, Tsovakal Isakov Str., Yerevan, Republic of Armenia 37410542141 http://www.kilikia.am
EcoVar Production and sale of bottled drinking water with natural silver content, carbonated and non-carbonated, 0.5 l / 1.5 l / 5 l. 5B, Severnaya Str., 391306, Kasimov, Ryazan Region, Russia +7 (49131) 3-39-97 http://www.mesherov-key.ru
CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY OF THE REPUBLIC OF TAJIKISTAN The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Tajikistan is a non-state, non-profit organization uniting and representing the interests of large, small and medium-sized businesses, contributing to the development of the economy of Tajikistan. 21, Valamatzade Str., 734012, Dushanbe, Tajikistan 992900919999 http://www.tpp.tj
ATLAS-STANDART Ltd Wholesale and retail company engaged in the production of dietary supplements and vitamins. Quality products of domestic production! The product is certified. Deliveries throughout Russia and neighboring countries. Looking for partners! 1, Ivana Chernykh Str., Saint Petersburg, Russia +7 (991) 674-5393 http://www.vitastandart.com
HEALTH INK Our group of companies is presenting 100% natural soft drinks and water of life on the CIS market. Our drinks are not from concentrates, preservatives, GMO free, they have Vegan and BIO certificates. Premises 1, Bldg. 15, 15, Rochdel'skaya Str., 123022, Moscow, Russia +7 (495) 211-5287 http://www.healthinked.ru
INTERTECHSERVICE Supply of closures: aluminium and polymer caps, dispensers, cortical and T-shaped corks, heat shrink caps, PE caps, DI. Development and production of labels. Design. Bldg. 4, 168, Leninskiy Prospekt, 196191, Saint Petersburg, Russia +7 (812) 371-5881 http://www.intertechsevice.com
ERIDAN A plant is engaged in the extraction, production and sale of mineral water and carbonated beverages. Room 5, Litera AA1, 178, Internatsionalnaya Str., 446013, Syzran, Samara Region, Russia +7 (846) 499-4961 http://www.voda-eridan.ru
BEZHITSKIY PISCHEKOMBINAT The production and sale of flour confectionery products (crackers, cakes, oatmeal, butter, sugar and hard-dough biscuits, bread, round-shaped cracknels) and non-alcoholic beverages. 52, Kromskaya Str., 241013, Bryansk, Russia +7 (4832) 57-36-03 http://www.bpkom.ru
DARIAL VLADIKAVKAZ BEER AND NON-ALCOHOLIC COMPANY Darial is the oldest factory in the South of Russia, the industry leader in the North Caucasus Federal District in the production, wholesale of live beer, soft drinks and drinking table water. 80, Tel'mana Str., Vladikavkaz, Republic of North Ossetia Alania, Russia +7 (8672) 76-98-05 http://darialgroup.ru
NOVOTERSKAYA TM (WELLNESS FOUNTAIN LLC) Wholesale of juices, mineral water and other soft drinks. 31, Dmitriya Ul'yanova Str., 117447, Moscow, Russia +7 (495) 792-3940 http://novoterskaya-kmv.ru, novoterskaya.ru

We invite small and large companies, manufacturers and suppliers of wholesale mineral and medicinal water as exhibitors of the Prodexpo exhibition and as professional visitors from different areas of the food industry.