Wholesale olives

Many manufacturers and suppliers of wholesale olives participate in the annual Prodexpo exhibition .

We invite you to familiarize yourself with a list of some of the leading companies participating in our exhibition.

Company name Description Address Phone Website
ACEITUNAS GUADALQUIVIR One of the largest and most technological producers of table olives in Spain. Every kind of olives is at your disposal. Solutions for food retail, industry and hospitality. Camino de la Alcoba, 2-A, 41530, Moron de la Frontera, Sevilla, Spain 34955854710 http://www.aceitunas.es
AMERIA RUSS LTD For 25 years Ameria Russ has been one of Russia's largest food products distributors in grocery and canned products segments. It produces pasta as well. Bldg. 1, 17, Krzhizhanovskogo Str., 117218, Moscow, Russia +7 (499) 685-1111 http://www.ameria.ru
ACEITUNAS SANMER OLIVES Established 50 years ago, Sanmer Olives, has got a 3-generation experience in olives manufacturing. Specializes in black olives, green olives and stuff olives. Enjoy the best olives. Carretera Nacional 110. Km 374, 10610, Cabezuela del Valle, Caceres, Spain 34927472093 http://www.sanmer.com
ARTESANO LLC Our company specializes in the sale of farm products from the Mediterranean countries. We personally choose, buy and deliver goods to Russia, so our prices are reasonable and the goods are of high quality. Office 402, Litera A, 9, Smolenskaya Str., 196084, Saint Petersburg, Russia +7 (916) 360-1414 http://www.artezano.ru
ACENORCA We are an olive producing company located in Extremadura with over 25 years in packaging and selling of table olives, complemented by competitive highly successful gourmet olive oils and quality wines. Carretera Pozuelo de Zarzon Pol. Ind. MonteheriiI Fase Parc 33, 10810, Montehermoso, Caceres, Spain 34927430343 http://www.acenorca.es
AST Foods The main activity area of the company is wholesale of canned vegetables, delivery of concentrated juice and fruit purees to the leading Russian juice and nectar manufacturers. Office 204.5, 1B, Sharapovskiy Proezd, 141006, Mytishchi, Moscow Region, Russia +7 (495) 783-4807
AFONSKIY SAD AFONSKIY SAD has been importing products from Greece to Russia since 2007. Our assortment includes olive oil, olives, groceries and natural Greek cosmetics. Moscow, Greece
AGRO SEVILLA ACEITUNAS Spanish green and black olives and olive oil manufacturers. Avda. de la Innovacion s/. Edificio RentaSevilla. Pl. 8A, 41020, Sevilla, Spain 34954251400 http://www.agrosevilla.com
AZ. AGR. OLEIFICIO TIMANDO DE JULIIS DI D'ALOISIO OVIGLIO In the heart of Italy De Juliis family tradiotionally produces extravirgin olive oil with love and passion. The particular attention to all phases of oil production
ensures the unique and quality product.
Contrada Nardangelo, 2, 65019 Pianella (Pe), Italy 393920971735 http://www.oliodejuliis.it
AVANGARD LLC Wholesale of canned fruit, vegetables and mushrooms: champignons, honey agarics, boletus, milk mushrooms, pineapples, peaches, pears, olives. As well as ginger, asparagus, funcheza, sea kale, monosodium glutamate. HoReCa. Office 201, 1/98, 2nd Kotlyakovskiy Pereulok, 115201, Moscow, Russia +7 (499) 504-8862 http://www.fenix-tk.ru
AGRO CONSERV JSC Production and distribution of canned products. 58, Kantemirovskaya Str., 115477, Moscow, Russia +7 (495) 640-9212 http://www.agroconserv.com
BARKO Barko is a group of companies for over 15 years specializing in the sale of high quality canned food products. In the product line there are meat, fish, dairy, fruit and vegetable cans. Premises 2, Bldg. 1, 47, Pyatnitskaya Str., 119017, Moscow, Russia +7 (495) 953-0067 http://www.barko.ru
BARS LTD. Production of canned meat and fish. 7, Sadovaya Str., Rodniki Settlement, Gur'evskiy District, 238312, Kaliningrad Region, Russia +7 (4012) 67-53-53, 67-52-52 http://www.bars-ltd.ru
D. A. KALATZIS & CO The company specializes in processing and packaging of different kinds of table olives mainly GREEN HALKIDIKI OLIVES. Available packaging for wholesalers and retailers. ISO 22000, BRC & IFS certified. Kalyves, Halkidiki, 63100, Greece 302371052988 http://www.kalatzisolives.gr
DCOOP World's olive and olive oil leading producer, as well as leading winery. Crtra. de Cordoba s/n. Apdo. Correos n?: 300, 29200, Antequera, Malaga, Spain 34952841451 http://www.dcoop.es
DELIZIE DELL'ORTO S.R.L. The company produces preserved fresh vegetables (in olive oil, in sunflower oil or in natural liquid, packed in tin cans or glass jars) and ready-made tomato sauces, under its own brand or private label. S.P. 110 Km. 31+259 PO BOX 70 71045 Orta Nova (FG), Italy 390885782516 http://www.deliziedellorto.it
DIONYSSOS IMPORTS Wholesellers of Greece food products. Premises 1, 2A, Shchyolkovskoe Shosse, 143909, Balashikha, Moscow Region, Russia +7 (499) 674-0477 http://www.dionyssos.ru
Dobry KIT TD LLC Importer of olives and canned vegetables from Armenia. Republic of Armenia
EL PARADOR Official distributor of delicious food of European producers (deli meats, preserves, cheeses, olive oil products, confectionery). Bldg. 1, 26, Ryabinovaya Str., 121471, Moscow, Russia +7 (495) 969-7929 http://www.elparador.su
ELBRUS TD JSC Our company is the importer of food products from Europe (Greece, Italy, Spain). Our product range includes olives, olive oil, various preserves, balsamic products and more. 25, Sokolovo-Meshcherskaya Str., 125466, Moscow, Russia +7 (499) 402-8016 http://www.td-elbrus.ru
ELLATIKA ELLATIKA is a producer of premium quality natural food products from Greece, such as olive oil, natural olives, dressings and mediterranean appetizers. Greece
EMPERICA EUROPA Emperica Europa is a company representing some Spanish wineries and other gourmet products. Emperica Europa export, import and distribute all its products throughout the Russian Federation for customer convenience. Calle Azucena, 17, 28863 Cobena, Madrid, Spain 34916208967
FILIPPO BERIO RU LLC Production and sale of oilve oils, olives, pesto sauces, balsamic sauces and vinegars. Room 18, Premises I, 7th Floor, 15, Savvinskaya Naberezhnaya, Moscow, Russia +7 (495) 730-0360 http://www.filippoberio.ru
F.LLI POLLI S.P.A. Vegetables in sunflower oil, vinegar and brine, olives, tapenade, pesto and sauces for pasta and bruschetta. Organic and Vegan products. Via . Battisti, 1059-51015 Monsummano Terme (PT), Italy 39057295621 http://www.polli.it
FJ SANCHEZ SUCESORES Spanish ompany founded in 1995 specialises in the production, processing and packing of olive oils, capers and olives in BRC and IFS at a high level. Calle Campanario (Apdo Correos 4) S/N, 04270, Sorbas, Almeria, Spain 34950364038 http://www.fjsanchez.com
FOODEAST TRADE SRL Foodeast Trade handles a wide range of Italian Food Products. Our assortment includes legumes, pasta, tomato and olive oil, and also PDO cheeses, mozzarella products, frozen food and confectionery. Viale Delle Industrie, 2 80040 San Sebastiano Al Vesuvio, Naples, Italy 3908104801015 http://www.foodeast.it
IBERANDALUS Export company characterized by personalized, high-quality client addressing, and a wide range of products for industry, HoReCa, and supermarket distribution. Avda. Gran Capitan 46, 2? 5, 14006, Cordoba, Spain +34 957 47 85 55 http://www.iberandalus.com
LAFFITTE Canning of high-quality stuffed olives and gourmet and ecological specialties. Ctra. Ex-101, km 20,0 Pol. Ind. Las Cabezas , n?1, 06378, Valverde de Burguillos, Badajoz, Spain 34924667234 http://www.qualityolives.com
MAKARENA Manufacture and sale of olives and olive oil. Calle Quimica (Pol. Ind. De Can Sunyer), 23, 08740, Sant Andreu de la Barca, Barcelona, Spain 34934705160 http://www.laintex.com
MAMMINGER CO. LTD Mamminger Co. Ltd is an official representative of Mamminger Konserven GmbH & Co. KG, the leading German manufacture.
Mamminger Konserven GmbH & Co. KG is an expert in the production of pickled vegetables.
95, Sofiyskaya Str., 192289, Saint Petersburg, Russia +7 (812) 611-0026 http://www.mamminger.ru
NEMEA LLC Nemea LLC is the exclusive distributor and supplier of Greek food products. Nemea LLC has been operating in the Russian market since 2011 and has a wide range of high-quality goods from Greece. Greece
OrgBioRus Distributor of organic products with European certification. Large or small wholesale of organic bio products for business. More than 3,500 organic product SKU. Over 10 years of experience with organic products. More than 5 European countries. Office 2, Structure 4, Bldg. 5, 1, Dorozhnaya Str., 117545, Moscow, Russia 88005559013 http://orgbio.ru
OLIVE LINE INTERNATIONAL We have the largest range of olive oils and olives items in the market (our famous: Iberica and Maestro de Oliva). We are one of the largest Spanish olive producers who deliver its products to more than 30 countries. C/ Manuel Pombo Angulo, 24.Of.13, 28050, Madrid, Spain 34916518089 http://www.oliveline.es
OLIVELLAS SA Olivellas specializes in processing, packing and exporting Greek olives of different varieties and types. The company exports its products to more than 60 countries all over the world. Gerakini 63100, Halkidiki, Greece 302371052260 http://www.olivellas.gr
OPHELLIA MEDITERRANEAN TASTE Ophellia brings to your plate tastes and aromas of Greece. By selecting producers from the Greek mainland and the islands, we have selected for you the most natural and salutary products. Monastiriou 63, 54627, Thessaloniki, Greece 3020556989 http://www.ophellia.eu
PROSHU K STOLU TH Proshu k Stolu TH is a reliable Russian manufacturer. The company manufactures and sells canned fruit and vegetables under its own trademarks. Website: pks_food.ru 13, Kutuzovskaya Str., Podolsk, Moscow Region, Russia +7 (495) 272-0751 http://pks-food.ru
PUCCI S. R. L. Tinned vegetables (artichokes, capers, semi-dry tomatoes), pesto, olives, souces for pasta, vegetables creams, mushrooms, jams for meat, fish and cheese, mustards. Products for retail and foodservice. Via Tomba, 15/1, 48022 Lugo (RA), Italy +39 (0545) 31950 http://www.pucci.it
SANDER TRADE HOUSE LLC SANDER TRADE HOUSE is one of the largest companies in Russia engaged in distribution of tea, coffee and foods. 2A, Olimpiyskiy Prospekt, 141009, Mytishchi, Moscow Region, Russia +7 (499) 703-4111 http://tdsander.ru
SEMAK Semak is an international company engaged in cross-trade of food products in 20 countries. At the PRODEXPO 2019 exhibition we present the products of the best Greek agricultural companies located in Greece and Crete. 80-111, Frunze Str., Omsk, Russia +7 (926) 021-8355 https://www.semakagency.com
SALYSOL We are a modern producer of canned dried nuts and sweets. The quality of our products as well as the innovative concept of automatic distribution make us leaders in the canned snacks market. Calle Fridex Seis. Parcela n?: 79. Polig. Ind. Fridex, 41500, Alcala de Guadaira, Sevilla, Spain 34955631013 http://www.salysol.com
SOCIETA SEMPLICE AGRICOLA F.LLI ORRU' Company specializes in food-in-oil production, in particular tomatoes, asparagus, artichokes, chili peppers, aubergines, cardoncello mushrooms, etc., all in glass jars. Via Portobotte 16, 09010 Giba (SU), Italy 393408526789 http://www.sottolishardana.it
ACEITES YBARRA We specialise in producing a full range of oils, vinegars, olives, mayonnaise and sauces. Avenida Rafael Ybarra, 1, 41703, Dos Hermanas, Sevilla, Spain 34955675060 http://www.ybarra.es
ACEITUNAS GONZALEZ Aceitunas Gonzalez is a family company dedicated to manufacture and marketing of olives for over 40 years. arretera del Puente, s/n, 10711, La Granja, Caceres, Spain 34927486555 http://www.aceitunasgonzalez.com
ACEITUNAS SERPIS Whole and pitted olives, stuffed with natural products. Olives with license of the famous brand Tabasco. Olives in doypack marinated with herbs and olive oil without brine, open & eat. Carretera Banyeres, km2, 3802, Alcoi, Alacant, Spain 34965523511 http://www.serpis.com
AGRA' CONTADO DEGLI ACQUAVIVA S.R.L. We offer a wide range of typically Italian antipasti and oil preserved vegetables processed from fresh domestic raw materials. Our products are suitable for foodservice and retail. Contrada Santa Maria 35, 65010 Collecorvino (PE), Italy +39 (0) 858205095 http://www.agracontado.com
AZIENDA AGRICOLA OLEIFICIO TIMANDO DE JULIIS di D'ALOISIO OVIGLIO In the heart of Italy, De Juliis family tradiotionally produces extravirgin olive oil, with love and passion. The particular attention to all phases of the oil production ensures a unique and quality product. Contrada Nardangelo, 3, 65019 Pianella (Pe), Italy 393920971735 http://www.oliodejuliis.it
ADRIA FOOD LTD Adria Food is a direct wholesale importer and distributor of unique Italian and Portuguese healthy-nutrition products for the BIO, Gluten-Free, Vegan segment on the Russian market. Bldg. 1, 55, Admirala Kornilova Str., Moscow, Russia +7 (495) 166-1515 http://adriafood.ru
CALACIURA SALVATORE S.R.L. For more than 45 years Calaciura has been dealing with the conservation of table olives of the nocellara variety of Etna and the conservation of vegetables in oil and vinegar. Contrada Pracchio Sn-95032 Belpasso (Ct)-Sicily, Italy 39095302154 http://www.calaciura.it
CIRILLO GROUP SPA Canned vegetables, olives, sauses, extra virgin olive oil, pasta, confectionery products, wine products from Italy! Products for retail, HoReCa and food processing. S.S 16 KM 701, 71045 Orta Nova FG, Italy 393335346933 http://www.bellacontadina.it/
D'AMICO D&D ITALIA SPA The company specializes in vegetables in oil, vinegar, brine, pasta sauces and condiments, olives, pickles. Presented on the market with DAmico, Logro, Montello, Robo and Dega brands for retail and foodservice. Via Irno SNC, 84098 Pontecagnano Faiano (SA), Italy +39 (089) 2021232 http://www.damico.it
DCOOP S. COOP. AND The largest producer of olives and olive oil in the world. We are also producer of wines. We control the full trazability of the raw materials. We are farmers. Crtra. de Cordoba s/n. Apdo. Correos n?: 300, 29200, Antequera, Malaga, Spain 34952841451 http://www.dcoop.es
EL PARADOR LLC El Parador is an importer of food products from Europe and South America: cured meat, cheeses, preserves. In the assortment there are products of both premium-class and oriented to the middle class consumers. Bldg. 2, 3, Kapranova Pereulok, 123242, Moscow, Russia http://elparador.net
GLAVPRODUCT The leading Russian company in production of canned food. Over 500 items of high-quality canned meat, condensed milk with sugar, canned vegetables and fish. With active advertising policy on the market, it is the undisputed market leader. 125167, Moscow, Russia +7 (495) 937-7577 http://www.glavproduct.ru
GRECO GRECO production company. The best varieties of world olives, olive oil EV. Products and drinks for healthy food. Factory 28SEEDS is engaged in SUPERFOOD production. Office 510, 36/1, Babushkina Str., 192171, Saint Petersburg, Russia 88005005628 http://www.olives.ru
HAGRIS GROUP OY Hagris Group Oy is one of the biggest suppliers of canned mushrooms, sweet corn, green peas, marinated cucumbers (gherkins), as well as chilli and soy sauces and roasted peanuts. The significant share of goods is supplied to Russia and CIS countries. Runeberginkatu 13A, 48000 Kotka, Finland +358 (44) 970 4645 http://www.hagris.com
HUTESA AGROALIMENTARIA Family company specializing in the production of table olives using only genuine Andalusian olives. 100% of our production is destined for export. Carretera Nacional 334, (KM 136, 000), 29520, Fuente de Piedra, Malaga, Spain 34952735225 http://www.hutesa.com
INTERCOMM S.A. / OLIVE YOU Production of olives in jars, tins, drums, pl. packaging. Tapenades, pastes in jars. Production of peaches and apricots in tins and glass jars and in aseptic packaging. 8th Km Road Larissa Sykourion, 41500, Greece 302410575092 http://www.intercomm.gr
LUBIMO GROUP LUBIMO GROUP is engaged in the manufacturing and distribution of food from Russia and Balkan countries. Our brands are Lubinskoe, Lubimo & Zdravo, KuC, Biser, Carnex, Hina, Mara, Kozari and Nectar. 10, Komissarzhevskoy Str., Voronezh, Russia +7 (473) 200-8740 http://lubimogroup.com
MEAT UNION LTD Meat Union is a Russian producer of high-quality canned meat, condensed milk, vegetables and fish. The Companys range includes top selling products at the reasonable price available for most consumers. All products have a good balance between price and quality. 125167, Moscow, Russia +7 (495) 223-7577 http://www.m-union.ru
MARIMOLOKO MARIMOLOKO is a leading manufacturer of condensed milk in Russia. The company has its manufacturing facility in the Republic of Mari El. We're actively developing a chain of regional distributors in Russia and the CIS. Premises 7, 18, Dolgininskaya Str., 249038, Obninsk, Kaluga Region, Russia +7 (495) 724-20-60 http://www.marimoloko.ru
MERIDIAN MERIDIAN is the representative of Master Foodeh, Iranian chewing gum manufacturer, in Russia and the CIS. Natural BIODENT, Action chewing gum sugar-free, aspartam-free. Bldg. 9, 105, Prospekt Mira, Moscow, Russia +7 (495) 640-1841 http://www.meridian110.ru
MIRANDA EXPORTATION Import of products from Spain. Turron (Onzo De Oro), olive oil (Oleum Hispania), olives (Escamilla, Carina), confectionery (Estepena). 7/19, El'doradovskiy Pereulok, Moscow, Russia +7 (915) 263-5927 http://www.miranda-export.ru
OrgBio The official wholesale and retail distributor of organic foods (with special vegan, gluten-free, and lactose-free ranges). Moscow, Russia +7 (495) 798-3567 http://orgbio.ru
OLIVES LOS CURADO Company with 5 generations of experience exporting olives from Spain: green and black olives with and without bone, sliced and stuffed in glass jars like in tins. Carretera BADAJOZ, 118, 06200, Almendralejo, Badajoz, Spain 34924671293 http://www.loscurado.com
PROSTOR Food sales: canned vegetables, syrups, sauces, desserts under the Pikanta, Restoratsiya Oblomov, BALKANIKA, Ugoshcheniye Slavyanki, Babuliny Retsepty trademarks, syrups under the Baresto trademark for HoReCa. Room 25, Bldg. 1, 61, Svobody Str., 125364, Moscow, Russia +7 (495) 740-8282 http://www.pikanta.ru
PROSHU K STOLU TD Proshu k Stolu Trading House is a detail-oriented Russian producer. The company manufactures and sells canned fruit and vegetables under the house trademarks. Website: http://pks-food.ru. 13, Kutuzovskaya Str., Podolsk, Moscow Region, Russia +7 (495) 272-0751 http://pks-food.ru
PEMETE / OLIVE YOU PEMETE protects and promotes the exports of Greek table olives and is currently implementing 4 EU programs, Olive You, aiming to promote table olives from Greece in 13 countries around the world. Agiou Konstantinou 12, GR-10431, Athens, Greece 302105201576 http://www.pemete.gr
PUCCI S.R.L. Tinned vegetables (artichokes, capers, semi-dry tomatoes), pesto, olives, souces for pasta, vegetable creams, mushrooms, jams for meat, fish and cheese, mustards. Products for retail and foodservice. Via Tomba, 15/1, 48022 Lugo (RA), Italy +39 (0545) 31950 http://www.pucci.it
RosProdukt LLC RosProdukt LLC is one of the biggest suppliers in food sales in Russian market of bulk delivery. Our Olivissimo and Pan Konservich trademarks are famous all over Russia. Office 28, 139, Yuzhnobutovskaya Str., 117042, Moscow, Russia +7 (495) 916-6500 http://www.ros-prod.ru
SAOR ITALIA SRL Italian manufacturer of pasta sauces, pesto, antipasti, soups and fruit spreads & toppings with fresh ingredients locally sourced. Contrada Palma Snc, 89042 Gioiosa Ionica, Italy 390119211444 http://www.saorsrl.com
BRANDIMPORTLOGISTIC Wholesale and retail of canned meat, fish, milk products and vegetables under the Dad's Reserve and Golden Fish brands. 24B, Vashutinskoe Shosse, Khimki, Moscow Region, Russia +7 (495) 989-7756 http://www.brandlog.ru
DOBRY KIT TH Manufacture and sale of foodstuffs. Republic of Armenia
FALCON TRADING GROUP LLC The company specializes in wholesale of canned fruit and vegetables, canned fish, canned olive oil, juice concentrates and fruit puree. Office 1.01, 1G, Proezd Sharapovskiy, 141006, Mytishchi, Moscow Region, Russia +7 (495) 775-7255 http://www.astfoods.com
KONSERVATOR TH KONSERVATOR TH has been in the Russian food market for over 20 years. We have in-house manufacturing facilities, distribution system, a strong professional team, and high development potential thanks to our extensive experience. 55/59, Bol'shaya Pochtovaya Str., 105089, Moscow, Russia +7 (495) 980-0171 http://www.konservator.ru
SWEET LTD The owner of Lorado and Ferragosto fruit and vegetable canned food. Our assortment include canned fruit and berries, vegetables, mushrooms, beans, corn and olives, marinades and snacks. Premises 1, 147, Starokubanskaya Str., Krasnodar, Krasnodar Territory, Russia +7 (861) 299-5439
SHREDER RETAIL Russian importer of canned food, olive oil, delicacies. More than 250 SKU under house brands (ISKA, GUSTORIA, KIMPAO, GREEN HARVEST) from more than 10 countries of Europe and Asia. Retail and HoReCa supplier. Office 301, 153, Leninskiy Prospekt, Saint Petersburg, Russia 8 800 770-7797 http://www.iska.ru
TORGOVIY PROSPEKT Exclusive importer of the Rabitos Royale, Torres, Pablo Garrigos, Cuevas TM in the territory of Russia. Bldg. 1, 25, Turistskaya Str., 125480, Moscow, Russia +7 (495) 646-0705 http://www.mercader.ru, mechtagurmana.ru
U AVGUSTA Importers of high quality food stuffs. Office 7, Premises 1, 3 Floor, 45, Ryabinovaya Str., 121471, Moscow, Russia +7 (926) 330-1224 https://www.uavgusta.net
UNONA INVEST LTD The following products are widely represented in the market: beans, peas, corn, marinades, caviar from zucchini, and a delicacy group: wild cherry, cauliflower. A large selection of fungi and house recipes: adzhika, salads, etc. 2, Imeni Furmanova Str., Krasnodar, Russia +7 (964) 929-2583 http://grib-prom.ru
VICTORIA Moscow, Russia
VIROSCO VIROSCO Group of Companies has been delivering GOLD VALLEY canned fruit, vegetables and mushrooms, SHAN Dinasty sauces, VALLE de ORO olives, CHOCO PIE VIROSCO products and SUNBERRY drinks. 30 A, Prospekt Krasnogo Znameni, Vladivostok, Primorsky Kray, Russia +7 (423) 249-1915
VKT TRADING HOUSE DISTRIBUTION COMPANY TH VKT is a large distributor of food products in the Volga Federal District. Modern logistics, 3 PL, cross-docking, 13,000 clients, 26,000 sq m of warehouse area, more than 5,500 product items, 400 vehicles. Premises 18, Litera P, 52, Moskovskoe Shosse, Nizhny Novgorod, Russia +7 (831) 281-7000 https://td-vkt.ru
ZNATOK Wholesale trade. 84, Volokolamskoe Shosse, 170043, Tver, Russia +7 (4822) 44-08-11 http://znatokrf.ru

We invite small and large companies, manufacturers and suppliers of wholesale olives as exhibitors of the Prodexpo exhibition and as professional visitors from different areas of the food industry.