Wholesale ice cream

Many manufacturers and suppliers of wholesale ice cream participate in the annual Prodexpo exhibition .

We invite you to familiarize yourself with a list of some of the leading companies participating in our exhibition.

Company name Description Address Phone Website
ICE AND GOLD LLC One of the biggest producers of high-quality ice cream and semi-finished products in Uzbekistan established in 2009 (over 75 items). 325B, Karasaray Str., Olmazor District, Tashkent, Republic of Uzbekistan +998 90 900 36 65, +998 71 248 36 72 http://www.iceandgold.uz
RUSSKOE MOLOKO LTD A supplier of natural diary, ice cream and frozen uncooked foods. Its range includes more than 200 articles. We deliver products across Russia and to CIS countries. Bldg. 2, 2A, Kar'er Str., 117449, Moscow, Russia 8 800 333-8822 http://svitlogorie.ru
MOLKOM PENZENSKY DAIRY FACTORY JSC Manufacture of dairy products. 70, Kurskaya Str., 440031, Penza, Russia +7 (8412) 23-14-00 http://www.molkom-penza.ru
PASHIN A. Y. IP (DAVAICE TM) Production of ice cream and wafer products according to FSSC standards. Annual participant of the ProdExpo exhibition since 2011. The factory is located in Kstovo, in Nizhny Novgorod Region. 2, Stupishina Str., 607650, Kstovo, Nizhny Novgorod Region, Russia +7 (831) 459-1145, 453-7107 http://www.davaice.ru
MINSKIY KHLADOKOMBINAT NO. 2 TRADE AND INDUSTRIAL UNITARY ENTERPRISE Minskiy Khladokombinat No. 2 (Minsk Cold Storage Plant No. 2) is the largest producer of ice cream in Belarus. Natural composition, more than 70 items, production capacity is more than 40 tons per day. 182, Mayakovskogo Str., Minsk, Republic of Belarus +375 (17) 374-3411 http://snegoviki2.by
HOLOD TRADE HOUSE LLC Distributor of biggest European and Russian premium ice-cream and frozen food producers. Direct delivery to freezer in Moscow and the Moscow Region. Wholesales all over Russia Russia +7 (495) 231-2534 http://www.marsic.ru
UNIVITA UNIVITA Group of Companies has its own brands: LAIME (cheese, frozen desserts, pasta, pizza, ice-cream), ZELENA-BURENA (cheese, ice-cream), GRADIALE (cheese), ZELENA-RASTENA (frozen vegetables, fruit), ARITAL (analogue cheese). UNIVITA is the official distributor of SVALIA TM, EMMI, WISSOTZKY TEA, ELSA'S STORY, GRANAROLO, SURGITAL and ITALPIZZA S. r. l. and DOLCERIA ALBA plants. Bldg. 2, 24, Radio Str., 105005, Moscow, Russia +7 (495) 780-7677 http://www.univita-m.ru
CJ Raviollo Rus LLC Manufacture and sale of food products. 73, Petergofskoe Shosse, 198206, Saint Petersburg, Russia +7 (812) 303-8877 http://www.bibigo.com
MacomRUS MakomRUS has been supplying high-quality natural flavoring and scenting ingredients from leading global manufacturers such as Butter Buds, Blue Mountain Flavors, IBS, and Virginia Dare since 2003. Bldg. 2, 4, Rubtsovskaya Naberezhnaya, 105082, Moscow, Russia +7 (495) 989-5220 http://www.macomrus.ru
IL MIO MOROZHENKO IceCro manufactures the healthy lifestyle products to suit your taste. Healthy ice cream and sugar-free protein, fermented milk, and vegan products from Solnechnogorsk. 38p, Novaya Village, Solnechnogorsk District, Moscow, Moscow Region, Russia 7 (495) 647-0335 http://www.icecro.ru
ICECAKE-ECO LLC Icecake Moscow is a distinguished ice cream producer. 100% natural hand-crafted ice cream with a wide variety of flavors. Our product is based on our expertise, best milk and in-house ingredient production. 1, Yakova Gunina Str., 141703, Dolgoprudniy, Moscow Region, Russia 8 800 550-1707 http://www.icecakemoscow.ru
ICE COM HgmbH VOJTA Ice Cream Equipment for industrial ice cream production.
Extrusion lines, filling machines, hardening tunnels, freezers, mixing plants.
Complete solutions and turn-key projects.
Mahlerstrasse 12/6/3/1, 1010 Vienna, Austria 43676833221552 http://www.vojta-equipment.ru
MZPPP The manufacturing company processes vegetables, fruit and greens. Manufacture of mashed potatoes, jam, juices, nectars. Office 7, 97, Telegrafnaya Str., Medvedovskaya Settlement, Timashevskiy District, 352721, Krasnodar Territory, Russia +7 86130-75-3-17, (918) 433-3859 http://medvedprod.ru
IRBIT DAIRY PLANT Irbit Dairy Plant is one of the largest dairy enterprises in the Middle Urals. For decades it has been the benchmark for the development of the dairy industry in the region. 3, Elizar'evykh Str., , Sverdlovsk Region, Russia +7 (34355) 67-005 http://www.irbit-mz.ru
MOROZOFF Production and sale of frozen semi-finished products, culinary products, sausages and gourmet products, as well as high-quality ice cream. 53, Plekhanova Str., 170021, Tver, Russia +7 (4822) 70-53-71 http://morozoff-prod.ru
KOSMOL Production of high quality natural dairy products and natural ice cream. 144A, Sovetskaya Str., Kostroma, Russia +7 (499) 394-59-02 http://www.kosmol.ru
PROMTEH Manufacture of refrigerator trucks based on imported and domestically sourced chassis: 2 to 15 cubic meters capacity, -20 C to +12 temperature range, 0.6 to 3.0 tonnes load carrying capacity, two-side loading/unloading is available. 1D, Perekhodnikova Str., Nizhny Novgorod, Russia 8 800 500 07 65 http://www.promteh-nn.ru
ANRY Anry is an exlusive importer of the South Korean LOTTE BINNGRAE HITI ice cream, BINGRRAE beverages, OURHOME frozen dishes, and LOTTE dumplings. 74, Vyselkovaya Str., Vladivostok, Primorsky Kray, Russia +7 (423) 207-8787, 209-4949 http://anryfood.ru
JUKA-INVEST LTD JUKA-Invest Ltd is a manufacturer of refrigeration equipment, Ukraine
+7 (495) 108-5170
Belaya Byaroza Ltd is a manufacturer of ice cream and frozen food
E-mail: office@bbyaroza.ru
+7 (4712) 37-90-20
12B, Zvyagel'skaya Str., Olievka Settlement, Zhitomir District, 12402, Ukraine +7 (495) 108-5170 http://www.juka.ua
NOVOKUZNETSKIY KHLADOKOMBINAT Novokuznetskiy Khladokombinat is a modern company with established trade traditions and stable image of ice cream, semi-finished products and fish products producer. 12, Vokzal'naya Str., Novokuznetsk, Kemerov Region, Russia +7 (384) 372-3671
CENTRE FOR EXPORT SUPPORT OF THE PSKOV REGION The main goal of the Center is to stimulate and involve small and medium-sized enterprises in export activities. 34, Rotnaya Str., 180004, Pskov, Russia +7 (8112) 622-538 http://mppskov.ru/export60
GRAM EQUIPMENT GRAM EQUIPMENT is the leader in supply and development of equipment for production of ice-cream including such items as multifunctional extrusion lines, ice-cream freezers, ice-cream stick machines, filling machines. Nordager 2 , DK-6000 Kolding, Denmark +45 (7320) 1700, +7 (985) 921-8319 http://www.gram-equipment.com
LAIeF S.r.l. Linear and rotary GSL ice cream stick machines production. Sandwiches and cake machines, wrapping machines. Via Monte Rosa, 34 20814 Varedo MB, Italy 390362554355 http://www.laief.it
BREST ICECREAM JSC Brest Icecream JSC is the modern enterprise that uses only top-quality and premium milk in its production. The range of products includes more than 120 SKU. 42, Internatsional'naya Str., 224030, Brest, Republic of Belarus +375 (162) 22-15-41 https://ice-cream.by
GULLIVER LLC The modern and dynamically developing industrial company engaged in the production of ice cream, waffle products and fruit toppings. 49/5, Severny Proezd, 630088, Novosibirsk, Russia +7 (383) 3440101 http://www.grand-gulliver.ru
MULTYDEX (STARCH PLANT GULKEVICHSKY) Gulkevichsky Starch Factory is one of the leaders in the starch and powder industry in Russia. In 2018, the plant mastered the production of a Multydex unique product series a wide range of maltodextrins with quality parameters surpassing existing world analogues. 6, Promyshlennaya Str., Krasnosel'skiy Settlement, Gul'kevichi District, 352188, Krasnodar Territory, Russia +7 (86160) 3-08-73 http://www.kzg.ru
KURSKIY HLADOKOMBINAT LTD Belaya Byaroza Ltd is a manufacturer of ice cream and frozen food.
E-mail: belayabyaroza@mail.ru
+7 (4712) 379020
JUKA-Invest Ltd is a manufacturer of refrigeration equipment, Ukraine
E-mail: sheina@juka.ua
+7 (495) 108-5170
14, Magistral'naya Str., 305025, Kursk, Russia +7 (4712) 379020 http://www.kurskhladokombinat.ru
BARRY CALLEBAUT NL RUSSIA LLC Barry Callebaut is a world leader in high-quality chocolate and cocoa production. In Russia, the company has two production sites in Chekhov and Kasimov. The renewed Moscow Chocolate Academy conducts training and advanced learning for Masters and Professionals. The company offers a full range of products for the confectionery market: chocolate, chocolate coatings and toppings, lauric and non-lauric compounds, fillings, decorations, cocoa products and speciality fats. Bldg. 1, Estate 18, Uezdnaya Str., 142300, Chekhov, Moscow Region, Russia +7 (499) 922-1930 http://www.barry-callebaut.com/ru-Ru
POLARIS Polaris is the largest and most experienced ice cream manufacturer in the Novosibirsk Region. We make ice cream the way it was made in the Soviet Union. We have been producing ice cream for over 45 years! 54, Sibiryakov-Gvardeytsev Str., Novosibirsk, Russia +7 (383) 342-2517 http://www.polaris.su
TEHNIKA+ Tehnika+ offers complex equipment for movie theaters and catering establishments, as well as a full range of services for helping organize a business. Litera A, 34, Petrogradskaya Naberezhnaya, Saint Petersburg, Russia +7 (812) 448-8623 http://www.popcornplus.ru
KIROV REGION Kirov Region offers the production of the leading local manufacturers: kvass, beer, soft drinks, milk and meat products, ice cream, packages. 4, Profsoyuznaya Str., 610004, Kirov, Russia +7 (8332) 65-15-65 http://vcci.ru
RUSSKI KHOLOD The company is the leading Russian ice cream producer and the only one Russian company that exports ice cream to Europe and the USA. 2, Stary Dvor Str., Oktyabr'skiy Settlement, Lyubertsy District, 140060, Moscow Region, Russia +7 (495) 229-1008 http://www.rusholod.ru
PETRUZ ACAI Our acai is extracted directly from the Amazon rainforest, and our factories process over 189 tons of fresh fruit per day. We are proud to produce products that are 100% safe and pasteurized. 250, Trav. Duque de Caxias, Brazil +55 91 9807 40033 http://www.petruz.com.br
KOBRIN BUTTER CHEESE MAKING FACTORY JSC One of the leading enterprises of the dairy industry in Belarus. The product range includes hard, semi-hard, small-size packing, melted and soft cheeses, butter, ice cream, mayonnaise, mustard, dry whey. 128, Sovetskaya Str., 225304, Kobrin, Brest Region, Republic of Belarus +375 (1642) 2-23-21, 4-16-91 http://www.kobrincheese.com
NEFEDOV D.N. The company Nefedov D. N. is a manufacturer of frozen bakery products and ice cream presented in the market under the Healthy Foods and Our Ice Cream trademarks. 1, Privokzal'naya Str., Kurganinsk, Krasnodar Territory, Russia +7 (86147) 2-28-00
DMITROVSKIY ZAVOD GIBKOY UPAKOVKI Production of packaging materials: doy-pack bags, three-sutural, wicket, laminated aluminium foil for butter, spreads, frozen food, confectionery, film for trays sealing, flow-pack and sachets. 20, Promyshlennaya Str., Dmitrov, Moscow Region, Russia +7 (495) 925-3125 http://www.dzgu.ru
AJS GRUPP LLC Ice cream production, specialization in the production of functional ice cream (bifidus bacteria, probiotics) and a broad range of ice cream under the customer trademarks. 6, Leskova Str., Omsk, Russia +7 (3812) 90-45-05
INFORUM PROM JSC Russia's largest trading and manufacturing company. Inforum Prom produces industrial chocolate, glazes and fillings. It is a supplier of cocoa products, specialized fats and ingredients for the confectionery industry from the world's leading manufacturers. Bldg. 1, 3A, Malaya Semyonovskaya Str., 107023, Moscow, Russia +7 (495) 796-9077 http://www.inforum.ru
ICE CREAM ASSOCIATION OF NEW ZEALAND The Association represents the major producers of high-quality, natural and clean ice cream from New Zealand, as well as their products and interests in international markets. 1 Ngaire Avenue, Auckland, 1051, New Zealand http://icanzllc.co.nz
PENZAHOLOD The company has been engaged in the production and sale of ice-cream under the NASHE (OUR) brand and frozen convenience foods for 18 years. Sale is carried out through a distribution sales channel. 15G, Sovkhoznaya Str., 440015, Penza, Russia +7 (8412) 99-01-11 http://www.penzaholod.com
VendShop VendShop is a manufacturer of commercial equipment for automated sales of any goods: ice cream and semi-finished products, meat, fish, vegetables, confectionery, snack products and beverages. 67, Novouglichskoe Shosse, Sergiev Posad, Moscow Region, Russia 8 800 775-7349 http://vend-shop.com
COLD CAR SpA Truck refrigerated bodies manufacturer. Refrigerated trucks for Ice Cream & Frozen Food delivery. Multitemperature refrigerated truck bodies. E-Commerce delivery trucks. Strada Paniate n1, 15040 Occimiano (AL), Italy 390142400611 http://www.coldcar.com
ARKTIKUM VSM LLC Production and sale of ice-cream and frozen desserts. 10, Kashirskoe Shosse, 142000, Domodedovo, Moscow Region, Russia +7 (495) 003-8593 http://www.arktikum.pro
GROSPIRON ICE-CREAM FACTORY We produce and sell ice cream from fresh milk. This gives us the right to consider ourselves professionals. The story of Grospiron is a true story of love for ice cream, traditions and natural taste! Office 613, 30/1, Prospekt Karla Marksa, 630087, Novosibirsk, Russia +7 (383) 285-5224 http://grospiron.ru
MINSKIY KHLADOKOMBINAT NO. 2, UP Minsk Cold Storage Plant No. 2 is a leading ice-cream producer in Belarus. We observe our long established traditions and use only natural raw materials. The quality of our products is confirmed by numerous laboratory studies and the trust of consumers. 182, Mayakovskogo Str., Minsk, Republic of Belarus +375 (17) 223-3417 http://snegoviki2.by
AGROTRADE Distributor of the original LOTTE ice cream dessert, Republic of South Korea. Bldg. 4, 7, Izhorskaya Str., 125599, Moscow, Russia +7 (495) 369-3041 http://www.morozhenoelotte.ru
CHUDSKOJE OZERO TM (TRADE GROUP SOYUZ LLC) Producer of natural dairy products for professional use under the Chudskoje Ozero brand name: milk cream, cream for sauces, cream with vegetable fat, milk, soft ice mixes. 43, Zheleznodorozhnaya Str., 180004, Pskov, Russia +7 (495) 369-1127, (812) 244-7623, (8112) 72-23-26 http://chudozero.ru
PROKSIMA PRODUCTION COMMERCIAL COMPANY LLC Production of ice cream, wafer products. Production of plastic packaging for food, household chemicals and personal care products. 7, Kagal'nitskoe Shosse, 346780, Azov, Rostov Region, Russia +7 (86342) 67695 http://www.proksima.ru
KOZELSKY MILK KOZELSKY MILK has more than 40 years of success in the production of natural dairy products. Only from whole milk, without milk fat substitutes. Assortment comprises more than 50 SKU. 106, Chkalova Str., 249720, , Kaluga Region, Russia +7 (4842) 200-157 http://www.af-optina.com
LEPEL MKK, BRANCH OF VITEBSK MEAT-PACKING PLANT JSC Lepel MKK, branch of Vitebsk Meat-packing Plant JSC, is one of the largest producers and exporters of powdered milk and butter in Belarus, producer of whole-milk products. 120, Borisovskiy Trakt, 211099, Lepel', Republic of Belarus +375 (2132) 6-06-14 http://lepelka.by
MEGALICENSE LICENSING AGENCY The biggest and the most famous player on the license market in Russia and the CIS. The portfolio of the company includes such well-known brands as Angry Birds, DC Comics, Harry Potter and many others. Office 1, 3rd Floor, 12, Konny Pereulok, 115162, Moscow, Russia +7 (495) 661-6154
BELARUSIAN PLUMBER (TEHNOTREYD LTD) Belaruski Plumber brand. Belarusian ice cream and milk products. Republic of Belarus +375 (29) 644-0501 http://plambir.by
RUSFUD The official distributor of the Glinter low carbonated and juice based beverages (Malaysia) in Russia. Office 1, 3rd Floor, 40, Prospekt A. A. Kadyrova, 364021, Grozny, Chechen Republic, Russia +7 (999) 112-3126 http://www.glinter.ru
YALOGA-NT (KREDA) Russian manufacturer of plant-based food dyes for confectionery and bakery products, ice cream, beverages, snacks etc. The production is certified according to the ISO 22000:2018 system. 31, Salyutovskaya Str., Izhevsk, Udmurtia Republic, Russia +7 (3412) 46-02-62 http://ntcolor.ru
BELAYA DOLINA GC ELAYA DOLINA GC is the largest production
association of the Saratov Region.
It comprises Engelsski Molochni Kombinat, Myasokombinat MiTek, two trading houses: OOO TD Belaya Dolina and OOO Miline Invest Group. GC Belaya Dolina operates in the following areas: production of dairy products and ice cream, production of sausages and meat delicacies, Belaya Dolina retail chain. Main brands: Belaya Dolina, Iz Sela Udoevo, Molochnoe
izobilie, Schneller, Fileevo.
49, Tomskaya Str., 413112, Engels, Saratov Region, Russia +7 (8453) 52-00-00 http://www.beldolina.com
PALETA We are the first and, at the moment, the only production of unique Paletas ice cream. Real Paletas is considered to be the most natural type of ice cream, its consistency and taste conquered the whole world! Office 701, 19/1, Serebrennikovskaya Str., Novosibirsk, Russia +7 (952) 809-1145 http://www.mypaleta.ru
ICE BURO Equipment, complete lines and technologies for the production of the entire range of ice-cream. Fruit feeders, dispensers, freezers. Packaging machines, automated mix preparation lines, washing systems. 1, Egor'evskiy Proezd, 109382, Moscow, Russia +7 (495) 775-0583 http://www.iceburo.ru
DALIMO Trader and distributor of FMCG in Russia and the CIS, we provide logistic and marketing services. 2, Zavodskoe Shosse, 443022, Samara, Russia +7 (846) 977-9000 http://dalimo.com
DEP LLP DEP is one of the biggest companies in Kazakhstan, that produces ecologically clean dairy products. Everyday we provide our partners with more than 200 tons of dairy products. 32/1, Lermontova Str., Kostanay, Republic of Kazakhstan +7 (7142) 56-00-71 http://www.dep.kz
INGREDIENTS PTC PTC Ingredients LLC is a distributor of Borregaard AS in the Russian Federation. We offer a wide range of vanilla products, including ethyl vanillin, natural mixtures. Office 105, 8, Predportovaya Str., Saint Petersburg, Russia +7 (812) 934-7329 http://ptc-ru.com
ICETRUCK LLC Aystrak LLC is the representative of the factory CofiEurope srl (Italy). The plant produces ice-cream trucks for transportation of ice-cream and frozen foods. Installation. Warranty. Service. 34/4, 1 Maya Residential District , Balashikha, Moscow Region, Russia +7 (499) 685-4649 http://www.icetruck.ru
GOAT DAIRY COMPLEX NADEZHDINSKY LLC Our enterprise manufactures goat milk products kefir, fermented baked milk, pasteurized milk, matured hard cheeses, young cheeses (feta cheese), yogurts, curd creams, cottage cheese, butter. Over 40 products in total. Bldg. 1, 1, Gagarina Str., Nadezhda Settlement, Shpakovskiy District, Stavropol Territory, Russia +7 (8652) 43-23-23, (962) 443-2323 http://-.
ANGARIA ICE CREAM FACTORY The Angaria Ice-Cream Factory is a leading ice-cream producer in Siberia, a leader in the ice-cream market in the Irkutsk Region. The factory offers over 100 kinds of ice-cream. Office 201, Bldg. 3/1, 108th Quarter, Angarsk, Irkutsk Region, Russia +7 (3955) 52-27-90 http://www.angaria.ru
LEPEL MKK BRANCH Our product range includes dry milk products (fat-free milk powder, whole milk powder, cream powder), sweet cream butter, and whole milk products (milk, kefir, etc.), and ice-cream. 120, Borisovskiy Trakt Str., 211099, Lepel, Vitebsk Region, Republic of Belarus +375 213236437 http://www.lepelka.by
Novosibirsk Region Instant products, natural ice cream, confectionery, functional products, processed and preserved foods. 37/1, Ordzhonikidze Str., 630099, Novosibirsk, Russia +7 (383) 223-20-77
BEST INGREDIENTS Sale of equipment for the production of ice cream, Italian gelatos, production of ingredients. Development of technologies, recipes. Production of Italian ice cream, Sicilian pastry chef. 4, Kotsyubinskogo Str., 121351, Moscow, Russia +7 (495) 739-4780 https://www.matrix-gelatomachines.ru
MOLOCHNY MIR JSC Molochny Mir JSC specializes in the production of whole milk products, hard, semi-hard and processed cheeses, ice cream, butter and water. 28, Gaspadarchaya Str., Grodno, Republic of Belarus +375 (152) 43-01-72 http://www.milk.by
GURMANOV LLC The company is a manufacturer of premium-class desserts under TM Betty's cake. Frozen cheesecakes and cakes only from natural ingredients are made for distributors, wholesalers, retailers and HoReCa. 24, 2nd Pereulok Mira, Ulyanovsk, Russia +7 (951) 095-8909 http://bettyscake.ru
MOGILEV ICE CREAM FACTORY OJSC Mogilev Ice Cream Factory is a morden and successful manufacturer of a wide range of products: ice cream, semi-finished dough, bake off products, cottage cheese desserts and mayonnaise. 58A, Lazarenko Str., 212022, Mogilev, Republic of Belarus +375 (222) 424159 http://leva.by
PROKSIMA TH Production of ice cream and waffle products. Production of plastics for food products, household chemicals and personal hygiene products. 7, Kagal'nitskoe Shosse, 346780, Azov, Rostov Region, Russia +7 (86342) 6-76-98 http://www.proksima.ru
RAMOZ TD LLC Production of state-standard compliant natural ice cream from whole milk. We're situated in an environmentally clean area of the Yaroslavl Oblast. HAP certified as one of the 10,000 best companies in Russia. 12, Bol'shaya Togovshchinskaya Str., 152920, Rybinsk, Yaroslavl Region, Russia +7 4855 550155 http://iceramoz.ru
ALFA-PRODUCT At present we are the first and only manufacturer of Paletas ice cream and Wild-Brew high-prefabrication mixes of whole berries and fruit for hot beverages. We create an honest and unique product. Office 701, 19/1, Serebrennikovskaya Str., 630007, Novosibirsk, Russia 88007778140 http://www.mypaleta.ru
PRESTIGE ICE CREAM AND DESSERTS FACTORY Production of ice cream, sorbets and desserts for the HoReCa segment. Exclusive recipes and use of only natural ingredients ensures excellent taste and high quality of the products. 2A, Inzhenernaya Str., Romanovka Settlement, Vsevolozhsk District, 188670, Leningrad Region, Russia +7 (812) 643-0383 http://www.ice-cream.spb.ru

We invite small and large companies, manufacturers and suppliers of wholesale ice cream as exhibitors of the Prodexpo exhibition and as professional visitors from different areas of the food industry.