Equipment for food production

Many manufacturers and suppliers of equipment for food production participate in the annual Prodexpo exhibition .

We invite you to familiarize yourself with a list of some of the leading companies participating in our exhibition.

Company name Description Address Phone Website
FLIGHT-M Production and sale of:
vacuum evaporation plants
lines for processing of fruit and vegetables
drying lines
membrane filtration plants
conveyor equipment
bottling lines, including aseptic bottling lines
washing machines, crushers, spatulas, wipers
order selection conveyor lines.
3rd Floor, Bldg. 1, 15, Krzhizhanovskogo Str., Moscow, Russia +7 (499) 124-2043, (495) 972-8663
ICE BURO Equipment, complete lines and technologies for the production of the entire range of ice-cream. Fruit feeders, dispensers, freezers. Packaging machines, automated mix preparation lines, washing systems. 1, Egor'evskiy Proezd, 109382, Moscow, Russia +7 (495) 775-0583
ICE COM HgmbH VOJTA Ice Cream Equipment for industrial ice cream production.
Extrusion lines, filling machines, hardening tunnels, freezers, mixing plants.
Complete solutions and turn-key projects.
Mahlerstrasse 12/6/3/1, 1010 Vienna, Austria 43676833221552
TYPHOON-INNOVATION SPA LLC The largest food industry equipment manufacturer in Southern Russia. Typhoon-Innovation has been manufacturing and operating high-tech equipment for over 20 years. 100, Pervomayskaya Str., Khutor Vyazniki, Shpakovskiy District, Stavropol Territory, Russia +7 (8652) 51-16-11
SANDINAVIA Scandinavia plant constantly improves its products according to the market tendencies. We produce refrigerated and freezing display cases, tables, cube and vertical display cases. Warehouses located in Moscow. Office 213, 1, Kutuzova Str., Krasnoyarsk, Russia 88001009091 http://24.
RYAZAN EXPORT SUPPORT CENTER Mineral water, frozen foods, canned meat, equipment for cooking, handmade chocolate, honey, dried herbs, berries, mushrooms, dairy products, sausages (salami). Ryazan, Russia +7 (4912) 70-10-55
PISCHMASHSERVICE We develop and produce pumps (centrifugal, pumping, screw, rotary, sliding, piston), homogenisers, dispersants, capacitive equipment, fittings, and mechanical seals. Bldg. 2, 8, Sredniy Mezhdunarody Pereulok, 109544, Moscow, Russia +7 (495) 775-1800
INITSIATIVA MNPP Production of meat and fish processing equipment: KTD with loading from 50 to 2000 kg, modular workshops. 26, Institutskaya Str., 601655, Aleksandrov, Vladimir Region, Russia +7 (49244) 2-20-53, 2-27-05
COGIL ENGINEERING S.R.L. Supply of equipment for ice cream production and milk processing. Bldg. 238, 212V, Krasnoy Armii Prospekt, 141310, Sergiev Posad, Moscow Region, Russia +7 (496) 549-2321/22
GSC Customs clearance, forwarding services, certification, warehouse services, survey, cargo insurance, legal support, outsourcing of foreign economic activity. BC Mekhanobr, Litera A, 3, 22nd Liniya V. O., Saint Petersburg, Russia 8 800 222-3000
ALTERVIA Altervia is a distributor of goods by HEINRICH KIPP WERK GmbH & Co. KG, Germany.
Kipp has been professionally producing industrial fittings for more than 60 years. The product range contains more than 42,000 items.
Bldg. 31, 41, Talalikhina Str., Moscow, Russia +7 (499) 520-0019
PLANT OF CHEMICAL PROCESS EQUIPMENT Design, production, delivery, and installation of technical metering tanks, containers, tanks, vessels, and production equipment for dairy, wine, distillery, and alcohol enterprises. Bldg. 2, 42, Ozerskoe Shosse, 456780, Ozersk, Chelyabinsk Region, Russia +7 (35130) 7-57-04, 7-94-00
ITALIAN TRADITION LTD Italian Tradition is a producer of cheeses based on Italian technologies in Moscow. Bldg. 7A, 35, Lyusinovskaya Str., 115093, Moscow, Russia +7 (495) 507-1597
VOPLOSCHENIE LTD. Equipment for pre-sale preparation and deep processing of vegetables, production of French fries, vacuum packed vegetables, potato chips, converted starch; mixing and packaging of bulk products. Office 1A, Bldg. 102, 43, B. Serpukhovskaya Str., 142104, Podolsk, Moscow Region, Russia +7 (499) 941-0890
EKSPOMARKET Design of food production, sale and service of food equipment. Production of trays and vacuum bags. Machine vision and remote analysis of personnel work. Russia +7 (495) 967-1-967
KZPO LTD The assembly plant of the KZPO company represents professional smoking chambers under the IZHIZA brand. The line includes jerking and drying cabinets, hot and cold smoking chambers, universal heat chambers. Office 105, 21, im. Khadi Taktasha Str., 423803, Naberezhnye Chelny, Republic of Tatarstan, Russia +7 (906) 330-155 http://www..,
OZ STAR MAKINA The equipment for drying, salting and roasting seeds, pistachio nuts and all kinds of nuts. Bldg. 3, 57, Maly Prospekt V. O., 199178, Saint Petersburg, Russia +7 (812) 610-03-23, (925) 429-80-17
PROMINKOM (INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING COMPANY LLC) Prominkom, together with Polyfilter, provides services for the construction of modern breweries. Own production, warranty on the equipment supplied, quality service. Litera G64, 144, Ural'skaya Str., 350080, Krasnodar, Russia +7 (861) 210-3874
PIFAGOR BURO PROEKTIROVANIYA HOLODA LLC Refrigeration equipment, delivery, installation, 24-hour service. Storage, cooling and freezing chambers. Refrigeration equipment for food production. Building of refrigerator warehouses. 2A, Sharikopodshipnikovskaya Str., 115088, Moscow, Russia +7 (495) 662-8218
NOMAS We ensure engineering, manufacture and fitting of technologic capacity equipment for beer, quass and mead production. Engineering and production of mobile afterfermentation/ maturation tanks. Service and guaranty. Beer plants turnkey. 56, Makeeva Prospekt, Miass, Chelyabinsk Region, Russia +7 (351) 211-0777
OSKON Design and manufacture of process equipment for dairy, oil, fat, confectionery, beer and alcoholic beverage industries. 1, Khimmashevskoe Shosse, 427626, Glazov, Udmurtia Republic, Russia +7 (34141) 3-83-93, 3-73-70
GRAM EQUIPMENT A/S GRAM EQUIPMENT is the world leader in supply and development of equipment for production of ice cream including such items as multifunctional extrusion lines, ice cream freezing machines, ice cream stick machines, filling machines. Nordager 2, DK-6000 Kolding, Denmark +45 (73) 201-700, +7 (495) 921-83-19
PRODIDNDUSTRY MAGAZINE PROM MEDIA Publishing House publishes PRODINDUSTRY analytical magazine for food-processing industry: technologies, equipment, industries' economics, business strategies, news and etc. Bldg. 43, 38G, Khoroshevskoe Shosse, Moscow, Russia +7 (495) 795-9533
MEAT ENGINEERING LLC Production and supply of equipment and tools for the food industry. Equipment for sanitation and hygiene of enterprises. Equipping of cattle slaughter and meat processing shops, sausage production facilities. Office 26, 13, Krasny Pereulok, Aleksandrov, Vladimir Region, Russia +7 (499) 641-0454
OSNOVNOY PRODUKT Produce and sell products under the brands: Ruzik sweet snacks and cereals, Choshki salty snacks, MaxiVita healthy meals and breads. Production of ingredients for confectionaries. Office 204, 165, Tashkentskaya Str., Samara, Russia +7 (846) 276-0530
DRAFT LLC Sale and production of equipment for filling drinks. Office 3, Litera L, 5A, Mashinostroitel'ny Pereulok, Rostov-on-Don, Russia +7 (863) 201-7730
SPEKTRUM Manufacturer of food processing equipment for fruit, berries, and vegetables. Office 9, 8B, Shchorsa Str., 308024, Belgorod, Russia +7 (962) 303-7353
VOSKHOD SPE FIRM JSC Russian leading manufacturer of bakery and pastry equipment. Quality control system is certified according to the BS EN ISO 9001:2015 standards. 14, Sakko i Vantsetti Str., 410012, Saratov, Russia +7 (8452) 39-10-01 / 02 (/multi-line)
TEKNOICE Teknoice is an Italian manufacturer of systems to produce semi-industrial /industrial ice-cream such as pasteurizing plants, continuous freezers, filling machines, extrusion lines, wrapping machines. Via Lazio, 37, 20090 Buccinasco (Milan), Italy +39 (02) 488-676-1
MASHDETAL PLUS LLC High-speed roll-up doors, swing doors, PVC curtains, dock-levellers, dock shelters for snap opening of retail, warehouse, industrial premises and premises of public catering. Manufacture, installation. 11, Talsinskaya Str., 141100, Shchyolkovo, Moscow Region, Russia +7 (499) 703-4422
VOPLOSCHENIE Ltd Equipment for pre-sale preparation and deep processing of vegetables, production of potato fries, vacuum-packed vegetables, crisps, modified starch, mixing and packing of bulk products. Office 1A, Bldg. 102, 43, B. Serpukhovskaya Str., 142104, Podolsk, Moscow Region, Russia +7 (499) 941-0890
TEKNOICE S.r.l. Manufacturers of machines and plants for industrial ice-cream. Our range includes ice-cream mix pasteurizing plants, continuous freezers, filling machines, extrusion lines, wrapping machines. Via Lazio, 37 20090 Buccinasco (Milano), Italy 39024886761
LAIeF S.r.l. Linear and rotary GSL ice cream stick machines production. Sandwiches and cake machines, wrapping machines. Via Monte Rosa, 34 20814 Varedo MB, Italy 390362554355
LETSMARK For many years ZNAK Corporation has been developing various technical solutions and systems in the field of industrial marking, including for the Chestny ZNAK system. 3rd Floor, Premises I-II, 12, Bashilovskaya Str., 127287, Moscow, Russia +7 (495) 995-3309
SEA STAR LTD Sea Star is the sales department of the Balt-Ost plant. We produce more than 60 SKU of canned fish under private labels and under Morskaya Dergava house brand. Also products from Rosrezerv (Federal State Reserve Agency) are always available. 11, Proizvodstvennaya Str., Moscow, Russia +7 (499) 727-7006
Bread & C magazine PROM MEDIA Publishing House publishes BREAD & Co specialized magazine for bakery and confectionery industry: technologies, equipment, industries' economics, business strategies, news and etc. Bldg. 43, 38G, Khoroshevskoe Shosse, Moscow, Russia +7 (495) 795-9533
KYUNGHAN CO. LTD. Kyunghan has ASME, CE and GOST certificates. High temperature and high pressure STERI-ACE retorts have a rectangular chamber, that gives high effect to save installation space and running cost. 58, Gongdan 8-Ro, Jillyang-Eup, Gyeongsan-Si, Gyeongsangbuk-Do 38463, Republic of Korea +82 (53) 856-8855
MBB GROUP LLC Export/import and distribution of beer, beverages and food additives, processing and sales of organic raw materials and agricultural products, supply of equipment for mechanical engineering and the beer industry. 9, Rublevskoe Shosse, 121108, Moscow, Russia +7 (499) 707-7133
MP-TECHNOLOGIES MP-Technologies GC supplies unique solutions for food enterprises. Vacuum packaging equipment, equipment for food industry and meat processing. Office 5, 3rd Floor, 164, Aleksandra Nevskogo Str., Kaliningrad, Russia +7 (911) 492-8912
RussCom Since 1992 RussCom has been offering full-cycle equipment for short-run production of labels, stickers and price tags. An automatic printing and cutting system virtually eliminates the need for an operator. Bldg. 5, 2, Rubtsovskaya Naberezhnaya, Moscow, Russia +7 (495) 785-5809
P. T. GROUP Design and manufacture of conveyor systems, conveyors, roller conveyors, control systems and electrical cabinets for companies of various industry sectors. 10, Kolomyazhskiy Prospekt, 197348, Saint Petersburg, Russia +7 (812) 329-0734 http://www..
ICE GROUP LLC Extrusion and hardening tunnels, freezers, filling and extruding stations and more equipment for ice-cream production. Designing of new types of ice cream and equipment for their production. 43, Kadlubka Str., 44-270 Rybnik, Poland +48 (32) 422 9835
OlMag Russian maker of magnetic separators for the food industry (grain, flour, groats, sugar, salt, spices, cereal breakfasts, tea, coffee, chocolate, liquid products). Office 308, Bldg. 1, 3, Peschany Kar'er Str., 109388,, Moscow, Russia +7 (495) 971-5304
UHDE HIGH PRESSURE TECHNOLOGIES GMBH Uhde High Pressure Technologies, a company of thyssenkrupp AG, and system provider in the sector of high-pressure technology, has been developing, designing and manufacturing components and complete systems (turnkey systems) for more than 80 years. These systems are used mainly in the food and pharmaceutical industry. The delivery program for the food industry also includes systems, which can be used to preserve the foodstuffs gently through high-pressure treatment. The advantage of this technology is that the products can be treated in their final packaging so that contaminations from the handling and packaging processes are eliminated effectively. Foodstuff treated in this manner retains its vitamins, aromas and flavourings and even thermally susceptible products can be handled as the process is conducted at cool temperatures. From the customer perspective, this type of treatment is therefore a safe, sustainable and biological process as the shelf life is extended and preservatives can be dispensed with. In addition to industrial production systems with a capacity of up to 700 l and an operating pressure of 6,000 bar. Buschmuehlenstr. 20, 58093 Hagen, Germany +49 2331 967-0
PROMPOTOK LTD. Supply of pumping equipment and valves. Office 4, Litera A, 29, Mikhaila Milya Str., 420127, Kazan, Republic of Tatarstan, Russia +7 (843) 245-1805
POLICON JSC Automation of the technological process. Filling equipment. Equipment for introducing fillers. Auxiliary, non-standard equipment. Recovery of equipment. 194, Lermontova Str., 644009, Omsk, Russia +7 (3812) 36-74-02
MilkAgroServis LTD MilkAgroServis is a Russian manufacturer of milk coolers, capacitive equipment and equipment for milk processing. Bldg. 4, 18, Muromskaya Str., Kovrov, Vladimir Region, Russia +7 (920) 944-0872, (919) 005-8410, (929) 029-1856 http://.
MIRBEER The company sells equipment and ingredients for home breweries, home manufacture of alcoholic beverages, wine making and cooking. 45, Bol'shoy Sampsonievskiy Prospekt, Saint Petersburg, Russia +7 (812) 640-0381
TERAS COMPANY LLC Teras Company LLC designs and manufactures confectionery, transporting and auxiliary equipment of any complexity. Manufacturing according to the customer's specifications. Warranty and service. 17A, 50 Let Oktyabrya Prospekt, 170040, Tver, Russia +7 (4822) 41-71-37
ECOMASH Co. LTD. Production of equipment for the processing industries of the agro-industrial complex: pasteurizers, heat exchangers, CIP stations, pumps, equipment for the production of cottage cheese, butter cutting machines, etc. Premises 1, 50B, Klimova Str., Noginsk, Moscow Region, Russia +7 (495) 663-9204, 663-9205
FORKOM LLC Forkom LLC is a leading manufacturer of autoclaves for home canning, cheese-making facilities, cabbage shredders, home and farm wine-making equipment. 69, Moskovskaya Str., Krasnodar, Russia +7 (918) 458-9647
VEMATA The VEMATA company specializes in equipment for packaging, labeling, quality control. Our technicians are trained by the manufacturer. The full selection f spare parts in stock, warranty, startup. Office 106, 1st Floor, Bldg. 7, 100, Shchyolkovskoe Shosse, Moscow, Russia +7 (499) 685-1058, (383) 312-0207
MP-TECHNOLOGIES KALININGRAD The company is engaged in the sale and supply of vacuum packaging and meat processing equipment. 164, Aleksandra Nevskogo Str., Kaliningrad, Russia +7 (4012) 59-52-10
PROMBIOFIT ITP Russian developer and manufacturer of packaging equipment for small and medium-sized business. 4, K. Tsetkin Str., 127299, Moscow, Russia +7 (495) 459-0618
ISOPAN RUS ISOPAN RUS produces facade and roofing sandwich panels with mineral wool and polyurethane insulation for facilities with controlled temperature, industrial, agricultural and livestock constructions. 51, Aleksandrova Str., 404130, Volzhskiy, Volgograd Region, Russia +7 (8443) 21 20 30
RUSSKAYA TRAPEZA Packaging, bakery, confectionery equipment, bulk storage and transportation of bulk products. Flexographic printing on film. Film for packaging machines. Bldg. 3, 57, Maly Prospekt V. O., 199178, Saint Petersburg, Russia 8 800 333 09 36, + 7 (812) 303-92-22, (495) 727-4427
SILICO Thanks to its own production SILICO can offer you the widest range of products and services in the Russian market of the manufacture of silicone rubber products. 20A, Mitrofanova Str., Lubertsy, Moscow Region, Russia +7 (499) 110-7807
ALGA Serial production of ready-made mini-kitchens for offices, shops, cottages. 4A, Institutskaya Str., Nakhabino Settlement, Krasnogorsk District, Moscow Region, Russia +7 (963) 620-9608
MILKAGROSERVIS Milkagroservice LLC is a manufacturer and supplier of high-quality stainless steel equipment for cooling, storing and processing milk (cheeses, cottage cheese, kefir, yogurt, sour cream, butter production, etc.). Bldg. 4, 18, Muromskaya Str., 601909, Kovrov, Vladimir Region, Russia +7 (920) 944-0872 http://.

We invite small and large companies, manufacturers and suppliers of equipment for food production as exhibitors of the Prodexpo exhibition and as professional visitors from different areas of the food industry.