Bakery products companies

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the production and supply companies of bakery products that participated in the annual Prodexpo exhibition .

Company name Description Address Phone Website
GreenLine LLC The company is an importer of nuts, seeds, dried fruit. We can offer the best quality goods at good prices from the whole world thanks to our rich experience in international supplying. Room 25, Premises VI, 3rd Floor, Bldg. 1, 16, Basovskaya Str., 109202, Moscow, Russia +7 (499) 707-2212
MIROSLADA CONFECTIONARY Miroslada Confectionary has been producing the most delicious sweet stuffs and cookies for 24 years. The assortment line is presented by butter and sugar biscuits, jelly sweets, rusks and other tasty products. 16, Erevanskaya Str., Penza, Russia +7 (8412) 38-17-08
ISTANBUL EXPORTERS ASSOCIATIONS (IEA) The activities of IEA is to assist and drive exporters in reaching new markets by implementing regulations of export procedures designed by Turkish Ministry of Trade. Cobancesme Mevkii, Sanayi Caddesi Dis Ticaret Kompleksi, C Blok Yenibosna, Istanbul, Turkey 902124540500
MOROZOV CONFECTIONERY The company has been on the confectionery market for over 20 years. The product line includes 120 kinds of biscuits. Deliveries are carried out in 45 regions of Russia, near and far-abroad countries. 3, Temernitskaya Str., Verkhnetemernitskiy Settlement, 344114, Rostov-on-Don, Russia 8 800 737 77 17
NEW EAST JSC New East is a Russian manufacturer of snack products. Salted and fried peanuts in seasonings, in glaze and in a crispy crust. More than 30 flavors. Experience since 2008. Production of fish snacks. 51, Zarechnaya Str., Vladivostok, Primorsky Kray, Russia +7 (914) 791-5979 http://.
HLEB TH Retail. 33, Prospekt Chaykovskogo, Tver, Russia +7 (4822) 32-17-30
HAITAI CONFECTIONERY AND FOODS CO. LTD. HAITAI CONFECTIONERY AND FOODS CO. LTD. were established in 1945. We are a leading confectionery & food company and one of the largest manufacturers. We are exporting products to more than 60 countries around the world. 3, Hangang-Daero 72-Gil, Yongsan-Gu, Seoul 04352, Republic of Korea +82 2 7097652
AZAROV VLADIMIR ALEKSEEVICH INDIVIDUAL ENTERPRENEUR Production of TM Caucasian Feasts snacks: pita chips, snacks for wine, peanuts, crackers. Snacks from the Caucasus will be pleasant at once. 75, Furmanova Str., Krasnodar, Russia +7 (917) 558-8699
GRANAROLO S.p.A. Established in 1957 in Bologna, Granarolo is today the No 1 Italian Milk & Dairy Group. The Group has 14 production sites located throughout Italy and 7 ones abroad. Via Cadriano 27/2 40127 Bologna, Italy 390514162751
MODNAYA KONDITERKA LTD (FANCY CONFECTIONERY) A producer and a provider of confectionery products that meet high quality standards. The art of creating new tastes and forms, presenting a unique style in confectionery production! Bldg. 4, 15, Yuzhnoportovaya Str., Moscow, Russia +7 (499) 550-9447, 8 800 200 0404
MMK UAK UAK MMK includes flour manufacturies, they are Tulskiy Hlebokombinat (bakery products), Alexinskiy Hlebozavod (crackers, drying, bagels, cookies), Slavyanskiy Hleb, Vologda city. 1, Lavrovskiy Pereezd, 393764, Michurinsk, Tambov Region, Russia +7 (495) 212-9033, (4872) 75-33-01 (./ext. 3508)
NEW EAST TRADE HOUSE JSC New East is a Russian manufacturer of snack products. Salted and fried peanuts in seasonings, in glaze and in a crispy crust. More than 30 flavors. Experience since 2008. Production of fish snacks. 51, Zarechnaya Str., Vladivostok, Primorsky Kray, Russia +7 (929) 557-6939 http://.
MOYA SLADKAYA PROVINTSIYA Moya Sladkaya Provintsiya. High quality confectionery at fair price. Over 20 years in the Russian and near-abroad market. Over 25 brands. Constantly changing, move to the target. 23, Promyshlennaya Str., Stroitel' Settlement, Tambov District, Tambov Region, Russia +7 (4752) 777-877
PIZZA D'ORO Pizza D'Oro is a handcrafted pizza producer, manufacturing premium quality, 24 hour leavened dough pizzas and pizza snacks, pizzeria like quality frozen and chilled. Taste our products at stand 1G36! 4002 Debrecen, Madar Utca, 2, Hungary 3652403510
KONYA SEKER SAN. VE TIC. A.S. Konya Seker produces a wide range from crystal sugar to sweet sherbet, medicine sugar to candies and chocolate, snacks to meat and dairy products, frozen products to sunflower oil, in the last 13 years. Beysehir Yolu Uzeri No: 47 42080 Meram Konya, Turkey +90 332 324 34 58
KONTI-RUS JSC KONTI-RUS JSC is one of the largest confectionary plants in Russia which ranks among TOP-10 leaders in production output and sale of confectionary products. The main brands are Konti, Bonjour, Timi, Super-Kontik.
The company occupies the top rating positions on the confectionary market in the Russian Federation in the segment of loose sweets. During the last 10 years it almost doubled its production capacity to 136 thousand tons of finished products per year. Sales geography is more than 30 countries of the world. Assortment includes over 300 types of products in almost all the confectionary categories: sweets, caramel, chocolate bars, cookies, wafers, compound desserts, tartlets, marshmallow, soft biscuits, New Years gifts for children and adult target audiences.
Assets of the company comprise two confectionary plants in the city of Kursk, equipped with 22 modern production lines, logistic center of AAA class.
The company has implemented the quality management system in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 and food safety management system in accordance with the requirements of FSSC 22000. All products are GMO-free. The company produces an assortment of the Halal certified foodstuffs.
13, Zolotaya Str., 305000, Kursk, Russia +7 (4712) 73-02-20
MICHURINSKZERNOSTANDART Leading manufacturer of wheat flour in Russia. Processing of more than 2,200 tons of grain per day. Shipment of non-bulk and bulk products, as well as by railway transport from Tambov, Tula and Ryazan regions. 1, Lavrovskiy Pereezd, Michurinsk, Tambov Region, Russia +7 (495) 215-2402
MON SHARNE LTD MON SHARNE LTD was set up in 2013. It manufacturers a broad range of cookies and cupcakes. Every year the company's engineers introduce new products. In the manufacturing processes high quality natural raw materials are used. 3A, 9th Yanvarya Str., Latnaya Settlement, Semilukskiy District, 396950, Voronezh Region, Russia +7 (473) 251-6416
REGION-PRODUCT JSC Region-Product JSC is a producer of crusts and rusks under own brands Khrust and Zhigulevskoe and private brands for retail and wholesale companies. 29, Avtomobilistov Str., Bogoslovka Settlement, Penzenskiy District, Penza Region, Russia +7 (8412) 20-82-00
GRENKOFF COMPANY LLC Production and sale of toasts, crackers, bread crumbs. GRENKOFF trade mark dry products for salads, first courses and snacks. Snacks, bar toasts for beer. RM1G, Office 1, Premises I, 1st Floor, 2, Solov'iny Proezd, 117593, Moscow, Russia +7 (499) 372-2999
CROWN OF STAVROPOL BRAND (PASHCHENKO I. N. IE) Wheat flour, cereals, pasta, sugar cookies, dried biscuits under the Crown of Stavropol brand are famous for the invariable quality, which is tested by the in-house certified laboratory. 18, Tenistaya Str., Svetlograd, Stavropol Territory, Russia +7 (86547) 4-90-16
FOODAXY Foodaxy has been on the market since 2010. The main product range includes confectionery and bakery products. It has exclusive contracts for such trademarks as CorNichE and Gummi Zone. 14, Baltiyskaya Str., Moscow, Russia +7 (495) 647-8899
RUKUN MAPAN BERSAMA (RMB FOOD), PT Production of different snacks: cookies, creckers of premium quality with different tastes (peanuts, fish, shrimp, soya bean, seaweeds, etc.). Office 8, 18th Floor, Jl. Senopati Raya 113, Jakarta 12190, Indonesia 628119841250
KAZANSKY KHLEBOZAVOD NO. 2 LLC We produce puff pastry products (Zolotye Zavitki, Palochki), choux gingerbreads with filling and without, bread snacks (pretzels, bread rings, sticks, mini dried biscuits), rusks, dried biscuits, butter biscuits with filling, mini croissants, oriental sweets. 7B, Khlebozavodskaya Str., 420006, Kazan, Republic of Tatarstan, Russia +7 (843) 564-5253
NEVSKY DESSERT Production of confectionery products: marshmallows, jellies, etc and wholesale of confectioneries. Premises 31-N, 94, Shosseynaya Str., Yanino-1 Urban Settlement, Vsevolozhsk District, 188689, Leningrad Region, Russia 88002503008
IMPICE Production and sales of frozen berries, vegetables, mushrooms and vegetable mixes under Svoy Urozhay trademark and products sold by weight. Sale of dried cranberry. Office 222, Premises 1N, Litera A, 5, Lomanaya Str., 196084, Saint Petersburg, Russia +7 (495) 741-1304
PRODPOSTAVKA LLC Prodpostavka is a dynamically developing company, which produces bread from whole grains and confectionery. The company's goal is to offer customers the products of the highest quality. 131A, Bol'shevistskaya Str., Novosibirsk, Russia +7 (383) 212-0536 http://.
LOTTE CONFECTIONERY RUS Lotte CF RUS, the Russian representative office of LOTTE CONFECTIONERY Ltd, was opened in Moscow in April 2007. Our product range includes Choko-Pai, LOTTE CARAMEL, and other products. Bldg. 1, 65, Profsoyuznaya Str., Moscow, Russia +7 (495) 287-4601
KREMBER The KREMBER confectionery company is a manufacturer of confectionery products such as cookies, waffles, sweets, chocolate spread, crackers and marshmallows. 34, Choshtepa Str., Tashkent, Republic of Uzbekistan +998 95 1939933
POLET CONFECTIONARY LLC Production of confectionery. 42/1, Shosseynaya Str., Lubertsy, Moscow Region, Russia +7 (495) 744-9260, 559-1218
IZOBILIE PTK Production of a broad range of confectioneries. 48, Odesskaya Str., Krasnodar, Russia 88007707755
MULTI BRAND Production and sale of chips from pita, soft crackers, snacks. Rural tobacco for the agricultural purposes is a novelty of 2019. Import of lighters, electronic cigarettes and liquids under TM Prometey, Humanoid and Loky. 58, Kantemirovskaya Str., Moscow, Russia +7 (985) 757-9141
GOROHOVETSKAYA MANUFAKTURA Production of confectionery and grain products. It is possible to produce under private labels of national chains. Exports to near-abroad countries. 48, Komsomol'skaya Str., 601481, Gorokhovets, Vladimir Region, Russia +7 (49238) 2-41-97
GUNZ-EURASIA LLC GUNZ-EURASIA LLC is an official supplier of Gunz brand products in the territory of the Eurasian Economic Community (confectionery, chocolate, snacks, biscuits, groceries). The product line is shown on the website Office 303, 118, M. Bogdanovicha Str., Minsk, Republic of Belarus +375 (17) 364-2256
MISHKA V MALINNIKE KF/BEAR IN RASPBERRY FIELD Confectionery from Siberia. Own production of flour confectionery. We have been on the market for more than 20 years. In the assortment there are handmade gingerbread, cookies, cakes, muffins, dragees, toffe, marshmallows. 24a-132, Nekrasova Str., Abakan, Republic of Khakassia, Russia +7 (923) 591-73-10 http://.
LUTOV SNACK GROUP Production and sale of snack products croutons, crackers, fish and meat snacks. 13B, Montazhny Proezd, 394028, Voronezh, Russia +7 (905) 623-4399
LIVE GROUP Russian production company, one of the leaders of the local coffee market. Patented coffee beans roasting technology. variety of more than 60 sorts of coffee & tea, honey-souffle and cookies in the assortment. Room 12g (4), Premises IX, Floor 2, Bldg. 11, 1, 2nd Likhachevskiy Pereulok, 125438, Moscow, Russia +7 (495) 989-4464
MISTRAL TRADING LLC Mistral Trading Company is an expert in the rice and grains category. For more than 20 years we have been creating a new quality of life making everyday food rich and varied, and healthy eating delicious. Entrance E3, 3, Poklonnaya Str., 121170, Moscow, Russia +7 (495) 741-7888
GRODNOHLEBPROM JSC Manufacture of bakery products, including frozen, and pastry. Production volume is 90 tons of bakery and 5 tons of confectionary per day. 52, Dzerzhinskogo Str., 230005, Grodno, Republic of Belarus +375 (152) 74-44-94
LIVE CRACKERS Manufacturer of snacks: crackers, croutons, chips, deli meats, peanuts, seeds. 44, Oktyabr'skaya Str., 352919, Armavir, Krasnodar Territory, Russia +7 (900) 229-67-61
PMSweet PMSweet designs and creates luxury artisan patisseries: Sweet macarons, savoury macarons, gourmet large macarons, eclairs, pastries and vegan products (gluten-free, sugar-free, lactose-free). Rue Cesar de Paepe 43, 4683 Vivegnis, Belgium +32 (0) 4 388 10 13
MODERN TEA TECHNOLOGIES LTD Modern Tea Technologies Ltd is a Russian producer of wide range of foodstuffs, including tea under the Maitre de the and Kenika brands, confectionery under the Sweeterella and Golden Dessert brands, crispbread under the Blockbuster brand. Bldg. 14, 35, Korovinskoe Shosse, Moscow, Russia +7 (495) 937-88-33
MOSCOW NUTS COMPANY Moscow Nuts Company has been operating for over 24 years. The company's activity is the production and sale of packaged nuts, dried fruit, sunflower seeds and a wide range of confectionery products. 20, Berezhkovskiy Proezd, Klimovsk Residential District, 142181, Podolsk, Moscow Region, Russia +7 (495) 641-34-14
KelBi A major distributor of a broad range of confectionery products. Trademarks: Kelbi, Bisca, Carletti, Bisquini, Delba, Dan Cake, Italico, Benlian, Fraccaro, Arluy, Cuetara, Nefis, Santiveri, Van Rooy, Yumis. 12th Floor, Bldg. 2, 2, Eniseyskaya Str., 129344, Moscow, Russia +7 (495) 280-7028, (495) 937-6323
MASHDETAL PLUS LLC High-speed roll-up doors, swing doors, PVC curtains, dock-levellers, dock shelters for snap opening of retail, warehouse, industrial premises and premises of public catering. Manufacture, installation. 11, Talsinskaya Str., 141100, Shchyolkovo, Moscow Region, Russia +7 (499) 703-4422
Hanmi F3 Co. Ltd. We manufacture and process a wide range of food products such as beverage bases, pickles, sauces, seasonings, desert premixes, etc. We also specialize in customized products and brand packaging. 1342 Chungmu-ro, Dunpo-myeon, Asan-si, Chungcheongnam-do, Republic of Korea +82 (0) 70 4372 4029/4033/4076
OVEN Production of frozen semi-finished bread and bakery, flour products and oriental sweets. Baku, Nizami District, St. Davud Aslan, 2, Republic of Azerbaijan +994 (50) 256 0105
INFORUM PROM JSC Russia's largest trading and manufacturing company. Inforum Prom produces industrial chocolate, glazes and fillings. It is a supplier of cocoa products, specialized fats and ingredients for the confectionery industry from the world's leading manufacturers. Bldg. 1, 3A, Malaya Semyonovskaya Str., 107023, Moscow, Russia +7 (495) 796-9077
GREEK TRADE SP. Z O.O. Production of heat-stable fruit fillings, fruit in gel, jams, pickles in jars. Export, import wholesale of food stuffs. Plants processing products: frozen fruit & vegetables, concentrates, purees. ul. Tadeusza Sliwiaka 14, 30-797 Krakow, Poland +48 12 345 26 55
NIVA LLC The company was founded in August 2009 in the village of Utevka, Samara Region. The production capacity of sunflower oil is 4,000 tons per month. The plant works on purchasing raw materials. The quality of all products is certified. The company has its own round-the-clock, certified laboratory. In January 2019, an oil bottling line for 4 and 5 liters was launched. 16.08.2019 we received certificates for the Shedraya Zemlyachka and Nashe Solnce trademarks. In September 2019, equipment for the production of packaged oil with a volume of 0.5 liters to 3 liters was purchased. The launch is scheduled for February 2020. Utevka Settlement, Neftegorsk District, 446602, Samara Region, Russia +7 (927) 744-92-37
JB COCOA SDN. BHD Leading cocoa ingredients manufacturer, providing customers all over the world with a wide range of premium quality products and customer service. CP1, Jalan Tanjung A/6, Pelabuhan Tanjung Pelapas, 81560 Gelang Patah, Johor, Malaysia + 60 (7) 504-2888
PROSTOROS (NartStandart) Prostoros is a producer operating on the basis of Beslansky Food Factory, the country's largest complex for fruit and vegetable processing founded in 1968. Office 2, 90, Kominterna Str., Beslan, Republic of North OssetiaAlania, Russia +7 (919) 425-0260
K-K TRADING LLC The company sells bakery ingredients and prepared dry mixes for bakery as well as toppings for confectionery. 2nd Floor, Office 21N, 19, Leninskaya Sloboda Str., 115280, Moscow, Russia +7 (495) 640-6553
MISTER SNACK Mister Snack produces high quality snacks under the SNEKUSHKI brand: natural garlic based croutons, crisp peanuts, bread chips, fish and seafoods. 150/11, Borodinskaya Str., Krasnodar, Russia +7 (861) 991-0959
KUBAN CONFECTIONERY ENTERPRISE The largest confectionery producer in the south of Russia. 2, Gibridnaya Str., 352700, Timashyovsk, Krasnodar Territory, Russia +7 (86130) 42-489
LUDWIG WEINRICH GMBH & CO. KG Weinrich is one of the leading family owned chocolate manufacturers in Germany, founded in 1895. We produce a huge variety of chocolate bars to suit every taste and occasion. Diebrocker Stra?e 17, 32051 Herford, Germany +49 5221 910-0
Mr.Food Mr. Food is one of the largest modern Russian factories producing ready cookery and semi-finished products in Russia. Bldg. 1, Severny Proezd, Khimki, Moscow Region, Russia +7 (495) 118-0888
NEVA CONFECTIONARY LTD. The largest factory in Russia, producing zephyr, marmalade, pastilles and sweets. The products are presented in all regions of the Russian Federation and in foreign markets. Guarantee of quality control and timely deliveries. Litera BSh, 27, Engel'sa Prospekt, 194156, Saint Petersburg, Russia +7 (812) 643-34-34
KVAS KRINITSA Kvas Krinitsa?produces natural Znateevo apple juice. The second direction is the production of DROVA innovative filled snacks. Office 111, 46A, Truda Prospekt, 394026, Voronezh, Russia +7 (920) 215-29-29 http://-.
POLOTSK BAKERY PLANT Production of extrusion flat bread, crumbs, bakery and confectionary products. 56, Oktyabr'skaya Str., Polotsk, Vitebsk Region, Republic of Belarus +375 29 374-91-81
GURMANOV LLC The company is a manufacturer of premium-class desserts under TM Betty's cake. Frozen cheesecakes and cakes only from natural ingredients are made for distributors, wholesalers, retailers and HoReCa. 24, 2nd Pereulok Mira, Ulyanovsk, Russia +7 (951) 095-8909
MONETNIY DVOR UNIVERS LLC The Monetniy Dvor is a place, where we know the way to make good chocolate! A wide range of high-quality products from milk chocolate and dark chocolate. Premises 87, Bldg. 3, 7, Proezd 4801, Zelenograd, Moscow, Russia +7 (499) 995-2500
KRUTOTESTOVO LLC Sale of confectionery and bakery products. Bldg. 1a, Property 8, Proezd 4536, 141006, Mytishchi, Moscow Region, Russia +7 (495) 120-4012
MIRITAL Mirital is a well-known manufacturer of frozen semi-finished products (meat dumplings, stuffed dumplings, meat stuffed pankakes, heburen meat pasties). Since December 2019, we have been offering a unique range of bread and pastry. Office 25, Litera D, 9, Profsoyuznaya Str., Reutov, Moscow Region, Russia +7 (499) 608-1811
MonCharme A forward-looking confectionery company making cookies and muffins. We pride ourselves on offering the best quality, using natural raw materials, having wide assortment and a new production site. 3A, 9th Yanvarya Str., Latnaya Settlement, Semiluksky District, 396950, Voronezh Region, Russia +7 (473) 251-6416
JENS SCHLEICHER GmbH We supply high quality German bakery goods under the QUICKBURY brand. The QUICKBURY brand portfolio inludes the vast range of delicious cookies, cakes, breads and no sugar added products. Max-Weber-Str. 28, 25451 Quickborn, Germany +49 4106 7676 0
ELIZAVETA+ LLC Elizaveta+ LL is the company engaged in production and delivery logistics of organic food. We are constantly working to broaden the range of products, expanding distribution network. 26, Gubenko Str., 214011, Smolensk, Russia +7 (4812) 70-21-58, 8 800 200 22 30
PRODUCT Manufacture and sale of snacks under the trademarks Grenkino, Kruiz (Cruise), Korablik (Toy Boat) trademarks. 39, Mira Str., Pyatigorsk, Stavropol Territory, Russia +7 (928) 309-6660
O'KEICH O'KEICH is a factory of tasty and healthy food. We are engaged in the production of crackers, crisps, deli meats, bread, quick-cooked cereals, breakfast cereals. We're looking forward to a fruitful partnership! Bldg. 7, Yuzhny Industrial Area, Borovskiy Work Settlement, Tumen District, Tumen Region, Russia +7 (3452) 69-96-60
PENZA CONFECTIONERS UNION An organization uniting confectionery companies. Office 114, 2, Volodarskogo Str., Penza, Russia +7 (8412) 45-80-55
KUBANSKIE KHLEBTSY Our company is a manufacturer of bread, breakfast cereals and bran. We make production of the mid-price segment suitable for dietary and diabetic nutrition. Office 14, 42, Str. Named after Ostrovsky, Krasnodar, Russia +7 (861) 205-0512
FORNO POSITANO Forno Positano specializes in offering sweet bakery products: cream or chocolate lobsters, stuffed shortbread biscuits, puff pastry cannoli or small almond paste bon bon. Via F. Baracca 32, Italy 393346211619
LE VIGNE DI SAMMARCO SRL Le Vigne di Sammarco is a company that produces and commercializes wines. It is located in Cellino San Marco, a small town in the heart of Salento (Puglia). The company owns 180 hectares of vineyards cultivated with native grapes. Via Niccolo' Tommaseo, 15/19-72020 Cellino San Marco (BR), Italy +39 (0831) 617776
IVAN DA IVAN DA combines production from the heart of Russia: Altai, Novosibirsk and Tomsk regions. IVAN DA produces 100% natural and organic products. 14/1, Shosseynaya Str., Bochkaryovo Settlement, Cherepanovo District, 633531, Novosibirsk Region, Russia +7 (383) 212-1577
POSOLSTVO VKUSNOY EDI TRAIDING COMPANY A modern company that produces a wide range of high-quality dry biscuits and bread rings, cookies and snacks. We are confident about the future and we guarantee fruitful cooperation. 181B, Moskovskaya Str., 302006, Orel, Russia +7 (4862) 43-33-86, 73-43-52
KONDITER-SERVICE Our Company distributes all the products by Konditerskie Tekhnologii KPS (KPS Confectionery Technologies Company), one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of confectionery in the Krasnoyarsk Region. The sale's hit is a hand-made honey gingerbread Zebra Lebedevskaya. 289/2, Semafornaya Str., 660025, Krasnoyarsk, Russia +7 (913) 042-9981
MINSKHLEBPROM MUE Minskhlebprom MUE is the largest enterprise of the baking industry in the Republic of Belarus, it consists of six bakeries. Production of bakery and confectionery. 17, Vitebskaya Str., 220600, Minsk, Republic of Belarus +375 (17) 203-6450
KREMENKULSKAYA CONFECTIONERY Kremenkulskaya CF is a modern manufactory and the largest producer of biscuits in Russia. Our purpose is to produce delicious biscuits. The company produces three groups of cookies: hard biscuits, sugar biscuits, butter biscuits. 1, Solnechny Bulvar, Novy Kremenkul Settlement, Sosnovskiy Municipal District, 456501, Chelyabinsk Region, Russia +7 (351) 268-93-72, 280-42-51
LUTOV SNACK GROUPS The Lutov Snack Group company is a modern advanced enterprise engaged in the production of snacks in Voronezh. 5D, Tupoleva Str., Voronezh, Russia +7 (905) 623-4399

We invite small and large production and supply companies of bakery products as exhibitors of the Prodexpo exhibition and professional visitors from different areas of the food industry.