19 / 02 / 2008

PRODEXPO'2008 Offering Top-Quality Exhibits

February 11-15, 2008, all available Expocentre Fairgounds pavilions were engaged to support Prodexpo-2008 an international exhibition of foods, beverages and relevant stock supplies.

For 15 years now the Moscow-based Expocentre Fairgrounds has been holding the largest Russian and East European-based Prodexpo forum clearly, a most visible annual event in the world of foods and pertinent supplies. The Exhibition has been enjoying a good deal of backing and assistance from the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, the relevant patronage being extended by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation and Moscow City Government.

Notably, the mega-project Prodexpo has been playing rather a crucial role in shaping and expanding the food sector in Russia. As it works to promote quality food products in the domestic market, Prodexpo thereby helps implement a range of priority national projects aimed at boosting the living standards of Russian consumers. Given its numerous achievements, the Exhibition has received the RUEF (Russian Union of Exhibitions and Fairs) and UFI (World Association of Exhibitors) awards.

Of course, Prodexpo continues to evolve and grow as it demonstrates new business expansion highs year in year out. By way of example, Prodexpo-2008 has come to be much larger than its previous events in terms footprint achieved. The events usable space reached in excess of 44,000 square meters, with as many as 2100-plus exhibitors from 59 European, Asian and American countries having already filed their applications to attend. 

To emphasize, the numbers of national government-sponsored exhibition areas have likewise been incrementally on the rise. Coming up with their integrated display areas were the following 34 world countries.

Prodexpo-2008 visitors and experts were able to view and examine best of the best domestic and foreign food products and beverages. Rolling out their new products were such globally renowned and pedigreed companies as Abipecs, Perdigao Agroindustrial S.A. (Brazil), Newby Teas U.K. Ltd (UK), Tokaj Kereskedohaz Rt (Hungary), Ritter Sport Schokolad GmbH (Germany), Danish Meat Association, Emborg Foods A/S (Denmark), McCain Ee (Canada), Eurovision Llc (US), Nemiroff, Finnish Oat Association, Myllyn Paras Oy (Finland), Bongrain, Lactalis (France), Julius Mein (Austria), Miratorg (Brazil), Miagkov (Ukraine), Nemiroff (Ukraine), Kronen GmbH (Germany), Nordmilch Eg (Germany), Albatros Seafood Aps (Denmark), Scandic Food A/S (Denmark), Chocolate World Ltd (Cyprus), Lamb Weston (Netherlands), SP Santa Bremor (Belarus), not to name a large sequence of other major firms.         

Over 70% of Prodexpo-2008 participants was made by leading domestic enterprises, some of the larger ones including: Angstrem Trading, Baisad, TD Borodino, Brianskspirtprom, Vialko Group, Glavprodukt-Torg, RPK Dalmoreprodukt, Dymovskoe Kolbasnoe Proizvodstvo, Elinsky Pishchevoy Kombinat, Zvezdny, Zolotoy Kliuchik, Zolotiye Kupola, Igristiye Vina, Kamis-Pripravy, MPZ Kampomos, Moscow-based KIN Vinno-Konyachny Zavod, Konkordia, Moscow-based Kristall Zavod, TD Kukhnia Bez Granits, Legenda Kryma, Luding, Kompaniya May, Mikoyanovsky Miasokombinat, Mortadel, Omskvinprom, Chernogolovsky Zavod Alkogolnoy Produktsii Ost-Alko, Mirital, Talosto, Ostankinsky Miasopererabatyvaiushchiy Kombinat, MPBK Ochakovo, KRC Efko-Kaskad, MPZ Rublevsky, Russkaya Trapeza, Severnaya Kompaniya ITA, Torgservice, Yakovlevskaya Chaerazvesochnaya Fabrika, Yantarnaya Grosd, Makfa, Meridian and other businesses.

Importantly, the Exhibition continues to grow its impressive capacities by way of attracting lucrative participants, diversification and more focused thematic restructuring tweaks. 

The more visible Prodexpo-2008 salons included Meats, Frozen Foods and Dairy Products. Also, the Exhibition carried the following smaller-caliber thematic salons: Groceries, Grains, Pasta Products; Condiments and Spices; Vegetable Oils; Confectionery, Snacks, Nuts, Dried Fruits, Breads and Pastries; Teas, Coffees and Tobaccos; Fish and Other Sea Foods; Preserves, Sauces and Ketchups; Foreign Preserves, Deli Provisions and Restaurant Foods; Juices, Drinking Waters and Non alcoholic Beverages; Wines and Liqueurs; Health Foods; Accessory Supplies, Packaging Products and Services.

Notably, making a most eye-catching Prodexpo-2008 novelty was the NutraORGANIC and NutraBIO salon.    

The Exhibitions business support program included a range of large-scale industry-related activities and functions.

The Imperia Company, for one, was holding the 3rd all-Russian trading forum Russian Trade and Its Challenges for XXIst Century, the key topics being new marketing geographies and regional retail chains.

Noted market watchers, consultants and manufacturers were presenting their perspectives on the industry challenges and outlooks for development of the food market, with local marketing stars sharing their innovative solutions pertaining to disparate marketing, promoting and advertising tasks.
Pursuant to the well established tradition, the Forum arrangers put together the Retail Chain Purchasing Center a perfect opportunity for the Exhibition participants to meet with executives and experts dealing in the business of purchasing SKU supplies for assorted retail chains and stand-alone stores. Importantly, Forum delegates were able to hold one-day meetings and talks with executives and managers from close to 50 large-scale domestic retail chains.

Directors and brand-managers from Russias larger food providers were attending the 2nd all-Russian food forum Brands That Make Hits. XXIst Century Technologies.
The Exhibition also included the PRO Beverages conference, 3rd congress of regional distributors, Russian Market for Alcoholic Beverages-2008, and the international conference Outlooks for Russian Market for Organic and Biologically Clean Foods.

The Prodexpo-2008 competition program included the following contest activities: Best Product arranged under the aegis of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, Prodexpo-2008 Novelties, Choice of Retail Chains, Best Enterprise a cross-industry affair, Xth International Wine and Liqueur Tasting Competition and Best ProdExtraPack Product.