06 / 02 / 2020

Bloomberg: Russias fastest-growing grocery chain

Bloomberg: Russias fastest-growing grocery chain

It is a Russia based multi-channel healthy food brand.

VkusVill made a quiet revolution in the Russian food market. From 2009 to 2019 it became the fastest growing company in food retail business. How? We move and make decisions fast. We trust our customers and team members. We build a unique assortment system and logistics.

VkusVill is focused on selling fresh products with short shelf life.

VkusVill stores are neighborhood (or convenience) stores. The average store trade area is 150 sqm.

VkusVill sells only private label goods and conducts strict quality control of its suppliers.

The company sells dairy, vegetables, meat, and other food categories, as well as non-food assortment.

VkusVill opens an average of two stores daily. We also have 300+ points of sales in other supermarkets.

Under VkusVills private label, 600+ suppliers make more than 2,000 SKUs.

200+ mini stores with self-checkout are opened in different offices (called Micromarket).

70+ vending machines are located at different railway stations.

Also, we have a business school.

VkusVill uses lean start-up strategy and experiments with a variety of formats and projects.

VkusVill brings together a team of 10,000 food enthusiasts.

Company has a stable and effective business model proved by practice and is looking forward to openings in Europe and China and other export opportunities.

Meet VkusVill, Russia at Stand FC150