10 / 02 / 2020

Prospects of organic food market discussed at Proexpo 2020

The event programme of the Prodexpo 2020 International Exhibition, which opened at Expocentre Fairgrounds today, started with the Session on the Food and Beverage Market: Focus on Export, Healthy Lifestyle and Organics. The session was organised by RBC jointly with Expocentre AO.

Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry President Vladimir Platonov, Vice-President of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Elena Dybova, Senior Manager of the KPMG Center of Agro-Industrial Competences in Russia and the CIS Lyudmila Zuyeva, Executive Director of the Russian National Organic Union Oleg Mironenko, and General Director of the Gorod-Sad store chain Darya Lisichenko took part in the event moderated by RBC anchor Andrey Levchenko.

While summing up 2019 results, the session participants noted the rapid development of agriculture in Russia. Industry posted 4% growth last year, which was higher than the average economic growth rates. Prodexpo 2020 is a great showcase of this progress.

The Russian food market is changing rapidly. The healthy food segment is broadening, and the demand for organic food has been on the rise. Experts agree that this is one of the most promising areas of the domestic food industry, which has been regulated by the law on organic products since February 1, 2020.

It was said at the session that the global organic food market had grown to 100 billion USD. The United States and EU member countries are the main producers and consumers of such goods. Russia makes 250 million USD worth of organic products, and the amount is expected to reach 4 billion USD by 2024.

"Organic food production in the Russian Federation began only a decade ago, while the industry boasts a century-old history in Europe. We are just at the outset, so we are lagging behind in the field of technologies, regulations, and many other important aspects," said Ms. Dybova. According to her, the government should create relevant infrastructure for developing domestic organic food production, as well as elaborate a system of measures supporting industry actors.

The discussion touched upon the formation of consumer demand for organic products, export opportunities, retail technicalities, and other important issues.

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