11 / 02 / 2020

Organic products in the limelight of Prodexpo 2020

The theme of organic products highlighted by Prodexpo 2020 at Expocentre Fairgrounds has been developed at the Conference on Lawful Organic: Living by New Rules dedicated to the problems of manufacturers and consumers of organic products.

The event organised by the magazine LookBio jointly with the National Organic Union with the support of the Prodexpo event management consisted of two discussion sections.

The first discussion was moderated by National Organic Union Executive Director Oleg Mironenko and addressed the Law on Organic Products that took effect this year.

According to the head of the National Organic Union, the current situation on the Russian market of organic products is characterized by Russias share in the global organic production, which amounted to 0.02% in 2017. The new law and the normative documents developed by the Russian Agriculture Ministry laid a foundation for the industry development, said Mr. Mironenko said. He told the audience in detail about the Russian register of manufacturers and focused on the most sensitive issue certification of organic products.

Organic product market actors manufacturers and distributors spoke about the timeliness of the law, as well as its advantages and flaws.

The second discussion was devoted to the marketing of organic products and moderated by LookBio Chief Editor Tatiana Lebedeva. Participants were discussing the promotion of organic products on the market, recognizability of organic certificates, consumer awareness, and other issues.

Leading retailers that are successfully promoting organic products, such as Globus, Azbuka Vkusa, and others, shared their practices.

The conference also included a tasting of organic products exhibited at Prodexpo 2020.

The event ended with the Prodexpo Organic award ceremony. The winners were the best organic products of 2020, according to LookBio.

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