13 / 02 / 2020

Special projects as important link of Prodexpo 2020 programme

The biggest food show in Russia and Eastern Europe Prodexpo 2020, which is taking place at Expocentre this week, is supplemented with a vast business program comprising international industry forums, congresses, conferences, prestigious professional contests, and expert analytical sessions dedicated to a broad range of aspects of the development of every sector of the global and Russian food markets.

The professional community is no less interested in special projects, which have grown in number this year. For instance, Prodexpo 2020 presents the first-ever project, Street of Retail Technologies. Stand 615 in Pavilion No.6 demonstrates the latest products for optimized functioning of retail chains and stores, business automation techniques, training solutions with gamification elements, LED lighting equipment, shopping carts and packaging.

According to project supervisor Natalia Markova (follow the link to video on, the stand represents numerous companies that could be of interest to retailers. No doubt, Prodexpo is visited by procurers, who are looking for goods for their stores, but many visitors also think about ways to develop their business by means of new technologies and equipment. The goal is to win their attention. I think that the project has been successful. We have just spoken with a retail chain representative interested in six out of ten companies at our stand, she said.

Prodexpo 2020 also saw the premiere of the Refrigerating Technology Consulting Center organized with the assistance of Rossoyuzkholodprom (Pavilion No.6, Stand 694). According to Rossoyuzkholodprom board chairman, member of the International Academy of Refrigeration Yury Dubrovin, the goal of the center hosted by the Prodexpo exhibition is to help exhibitors and visiting professionals manufacturers, procurers, and distributors to choose refrigeration equipment they need in order to avoid losses of goods, and to preserve and deliver foods of due quality from the place of production to the store and consumers.

Rossoyuzkholodprom enterprises can provide a vast diversity of equipment for storage and transportation of foods of various kinds and volumes with due account of needs of every customer. The associations consultative center at Prodexpo has proven its value. The center established over 30 promising contacts within less than two days of functioning at the exhibition. This is a very good result, Dubrovin said.

Prodexpo 2020 gave a boost to the Wine from Russia project (Pavilion No.3, Stand 360). It aims to support Russian wine growers, includes only those manufacturers that use Russian-grown grapes, and has mainly educational purposes. Wine from Russia is a series of coaching seminars and master classes dedicated to wine growing in Russia, wines made of autochthonous or native - grape varieties originating from Russia.

The Employment Center (Pavilion No.8, Hall 5, Stand 8520) is a very popular project of the exhibition, which enables direct contact between employers and industry professionals looking for a job.

The Employment Center has been a part of the exhibition for ten years. Exhibitors know us well and actively use the chance to fill their vacancies, Afina Recruitment Agency General Director Natalia Prokudinasaid. We also help exhibition visitors to find a job. Many of them send us their CVs before the exhibition opens. So, we bring together employers and job applicants on the show premises. This is a remarkable and highly relevant service, she said. According to Prokudina, the service is being more actively used by regional companies, which are in dire need of skilled food industry personnel.

Besides, many exhibitors and visitors are actively using services of the studio of the major industry portal,, which makes short company or project videos for free and posts them on the Facebook page of the Business Center.

We sincerely want every company to be an efficient exhibitor, head of the portals press center at Prodexpo 2020 Alexandra Olkhovik said. She welcomes the fact that exhibitors are more inclined to share information about themselves and their products. Over 30 business interviews are filmed by the press center every day. About 200 videos were filmed and posted within three days of the exhibition. The portal also gives coverage of the exhibitions business program. Emphasis is put on retail issues and key exhibition events, which are significant for the development of the food industry. All information about progress of the exhibition is available for free in the portals media databank. The studio is located in Pavilion No.1, Stand 1210, on a balcony next to the Centre of Retail Chains.

The unique Expocentre for Counterfeit-Free Exhibitionsproject, which is bound to raise the awareness of participants about intellectual property laws and to minimize representation of companies violating copyright of third parties, operates throughout the period of Prodexpo 2020. Stand 21D95 in Hall 1 of Pavilion No.2 provides any exhibitor and visitor with detailed information about protection of intellectual property rights.

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