27 / 03 / 2008

The international conference Prospects of Development in Russia of the Market of Organic and Biologically Pure Food Stuffs

On February, 11th, 2008 on the ground of 15-th anniversary international exhibition of food-stuffs and raw material for their manufacture "PRODEXPO-2008" the All-Russia conference "Prospects of development the natural and ecologically safe food stuffs market in Russia" has passed. Organizers are Expocentre Fairgrounds, Expocalber (France), "FairEx", NP the "St.-Petersburg's Ecological Union".

Importance of this theme has been repeatedly noted by organizers in mass media, so as by representatives of the State authorities and managements invited to "PRODEXPO-2008" opening. For 15 years "PRODEXPO" is the main event of a year in the Russian food-stuffs market, it reflects in the main tendencies and defines prospects of its development.

Since 2008 within the limits of this exhibition the interior of ecologically pure food stuffs "NutraBioOrganic" was organized. Nowadays the interest to such production has considerably increased not only for consumers, but also for manufacturers. As the certificate serves, a desire of the companies-manufacturers to participate in the work of interior of an exhibition and the growing interest of consumers and distributors to its visiting. Organizers are assured that the interest to this food stuffs sector will grow from year to year!

Creation of information and exhibition space for all participants of the Russian market of a biological feed will help to define its place in the general food market and, probably, will reduce the quantity of those problems which now stands before manufacturers and distributors of natural and ecologically safe food stuffs. The All-Russia conference and interior "BioOrganic" was the first project following the purpose to collect a maximum quantity of the companies-manufacturers, distributors and consumers of natural food stuffs. Certainly, participants of the Russian ecological market do not able exclusively by their own strength and knowledge to advance such production and to create a uniform information field. For those aims representatives of State authorities, public organizations and representatives of the foreign firms, have been invited. Their experience is irreplaceable.

There were more than 100 representatives at the conference from such organizations as:

The Moscow Government, Entrepreneurs Council at Mayor and the Moscow Government; Department of wildlife management and preservation of the environment of Moscow; Department of the analysis and monitoring of priority programs of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of the Russian Federation; Embassy of France in Russia (Agro industrial sector); NP the "St.-Petersburg's Ecological Union", National Genetic Safety Association; the All-Russia scientific research institute of certification "Standardization and certification Center"; All-Russian political movement Zemsky the Union - "Zemstvo"; the Russian economic academy n.a. Plehanov; "Eko-Kontrol"; MGUPP; MUMZ; the Independent Networks Union; public organization "Ekolayn"; NPO "INPROMBIOTEKH"; "ORGANIC" Corporation; Ecological club "Eremurus"; scientific research institute of Vegetable growing of the protected ground; "Diabetic products "; "Health food"; "Ecological projects"; the "Macrobiotics" Center; "Biochemical technologies"; "Europe-Biofarm"; "Russian Bread"; "TD "RO-SMAIL"; TD "Karavay"; "PISCHEPROMIZDAT"; PKF "BLYUS"; "Vitan-Akva";"Kayros"; "Odolen-avto ";" Sady Pridonya"; GlP Td "Alpha"; "Ritter Sport Chocolate"; "Allians F"; "Mescherskiy Bor"; "Poleg"; "Kardinal"; "Altays heart"; "Relikt"; PKF "Atlansis-Pak"; "EM-Kooperaziya";"Stolichniy kupez"; KH.A.S of Russia; "Bioferme"; "Biochemtech"; "Swissheart"; "POLVEN OU"; "AGEL"; "Euromonitor Int."; "Foodmilk"; "H.J. Heinz"; "Devik Handels GmbH"; "BOG OAK Designe"; "Arivera".

From the representatives of mass-media: there were correspondents and journalists from the Russian Union of Journalists and such editions as: "News of Trade" magazine; the "Russian Newspaper"; "Food-processing industry" publishing house; "New Diet" magazine; the Russian Diabetic Newspaper; "Garden life" magazine (Organic Gardening); "Ecology and a life" magazine; "Agrochemical bulletin" magazine.

At the All-Russia conference questions of presence and positioning on counters of our shops of harmless products have been mentioned. In big shops they are not present, but if they are, the consumers do not trust their "ecological compatibility". A consumer doesn't understand the meaning of the words "Bio", "organic", "ecological products". Why ecological production is more expensive? Whether it is possible to hope that it could be accessible to all or it basically cannot be cheaper? Can we expect that manufacturers can master mass production of bioproduction and will not export it out of the country, leaving as with our own interests? Whether the state is interested in the development the market of bioproduction in Russia, and what it is going to undertake for this purpose? All these questions excite the consumers.

"There is a demand for such production! Also there are Russian enterprises, which are ready to make it. But self-regulation - here your way!" - considers .Shadrin, acting the deputy director of Department of the analysis and monitoring of priority programs of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of the Russian Federation. "The state is ready to promote the development of the market of bioproduction, but the initiative for you, misters!" The support of development of the market of harmless production by the State was confirmed by E.Neudakhina, the main expert of management of ecological policy of Department of wildlife management and preservation of the environment of Moscow.

The significant part of discussion and interest were caused by a question of occurrence on sale of the "self-named" bioproducts. In our legislation there is no definition of the word "bioproduct" (either "organic"-, or "eco"-). And in general it is not clear: "nature", "bio", "organic", "eco" are the same concept or, this is designations of different properties of production? Even in the organizations which have incurred the responsibility to certificate similar production, there is no consent; there are no precise criteria for definition of bioproduction. May be it and is not important for the consumer? In fact certificated production such as "bio" or "eco" is of the improved quality. The only question is - how much improved? May be it is better to define with concepts and terms and to create the united uniform National system of certification of harmless production? The most important questions of a "bio-certification" as a way to a better ecological market A.Khodus, director of noncommercial partnership on development of an ecological and biodynamic agriculture "Agrosofiya", the deputy the General director "Eko-Kontrol", has shared his opinion. During Mr. Khodus's speech it became clear, that the opinions of participants were divided:

  • On those who does not consider, that the system should be uniform;
  • Those who consider, that it is quite enough of the European standards;
  • And those who consider, that the uniform system of standardization is necessary.
Representation of the general situation at the market of ecologically safe production of Russia nowadays was necessary and interesting to participants. Such analysis I. Anisimova, the director NP the "St.-Petersburg's Ecological Union" has presented. She has noted that the different approach to certification is possible". It is possible to estimate a product, as a result of manufacture. Also it is possible to estimate the manufacture and the level it influences the environment, to consider all the stages of a cycle: extraction of raw material, manufacture, logistics, recycling. All depends on the purposes the certification Center stands. Within the limits of granting an analytical market information of ecologically safe production in Russia ecological marks "The Leaf of the Life" (NP the "St.-Petersburg's Ecological Union") has been presented. Presentation was lead by Y.Gracheva, the director of NP the "St.-Petersburg's Union" development. She also shared the information and innovations in sphere of voluntary ecological certification under the international standards.

For the manufacturer of harmless products it is extremely important, whether the consumer is ready to pay for such product. How much is he ready to pay? Mister Frank Rumpe, the general director of GK "ORGANIC" confirms: "Demand for ecoproduction exists both abroad and in Russia also like manufacturers of such production exist. Moreover, demand exceeds the offer". It is clear, why the European market is ready to accept Russian bioproduction and even is ready to promote the development of the Russian ecological market - to provide people qualitative meal. "But Europeans are ready to share their deficiency. As it was already marked, basically import ecological production in our shops is present".

Rita Medvednik, the expert on import ecological production has told the participants about the difficulties of realization of bio-and ecoproduction. Unlike of domestic production, foreign production enjoys greater trust of the Russian consumer. "Neither wholesale, nor trade enterprises are not ready to work with production which is not having powerful advertising support. The buyer is insufficiently informed!"

Results of the conference are the following: successful development of the market of ecological production is impossible without, at least, three conditions:

  • Legislative maintenance of manufacture, of certification and declaration of ecological production;
  • Uniform national system of voluntary ecological certification;
  • Without active marketing policy and association of efforts of all participants of the market on promotion of ecoproduction.
But for realization of first two conditions, the organization of the third is necessary

The final slogan is:

"Manufacturers of ecological production, let's unit!" On exhibition grounds, at conferences and forums of the healthy food stuffs and their promotion in the market!"