Feedback from the Prodexpo 2021 exhibitors and visitors

19 / 04 / 2021

Pyotr Chekmarev, Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers of Chuvashia - Plenipotentiary of Chuvashia to the President of the Russian Federation:

- The exhibition is necessary to showcase and promote products both nationally and internationally. This platform is very important and interesting for the Chuvash Republic. It allows the best goods to be exhibited here. The Republic is unique in its own way. It is an ecologically clean territory of our country with hardworking Chuvash people, which is embodied in good quality products.

At this exhibition, out of over 1,500 exhibitors, more than 1,300 are Russian manufacturers, and the rest are foreign. The exhibition is also interesting because here you can see how companies from other regions of Russia, as well as foreign companies, demonstrate their products. It is a kind of learning, exploration, adopting experience. This means meetings, acquaintances and much more. We encourage our companies to come to this exhibition so that next year their number will increase as exhibitors, so that they will be known not only in Russia but also on the world markets.

Francesco Pensabene, Director of ICE Moscow:

- The Prodexpo exhibition is the most important event for Italian suppliers to the Russian market. Furthermore, the food sector is very important to Italy, so we could not but take part in this important event. The Russian consumers are sophisticated consumers with high demands. That is why they appreciate Italian products - beautiful, good quality ones. Italian cuisine proves its importance to Russian consumers. It is no coincidence that it ranks third after national cuisine and Caucasian cuisine amongst the preferences of Russians.

Last year, Italy supplied Russia with food products worth more than a billion euros, and in many positions it ranks first or second. Italian cuisine for the Russian consumer is, first and foremost, taste, proper nutrition, and a long gastronomic tradition. Italy has once again confirmed the high level of its participation in the Russian market and, in particular, at Prodexpo, where, despite the pandemic and all the difficulties, 32 Italian companies are represented.

Evgeniy Isaev, Director General of Russian Fish World:

- We are long-standing partners of Expocentre and have been exhibiting at Prodexpo since 2003. We really like it here, the location is great Pavilion No.1. We have a two-storey stand. We all missed due to the pandemic. We wanted to see our partners very much. Moreover, our partners kept calling us and e-mailing us, saying that they wanted to come and talk to us. Therefore, we simply could not but participate this year.

We represent long shelf life goods and delicatessen products. We did not have a downturn last year, as people started stocking up on long shelf life goods during the pandemic. Moreover, we have developed new technologies and developed a lot of offers for our partners, who are constantly interested. These include federal retailers, large wholesalers and our distributors. They are interested in promoting products so that the market is saturated with Russian quality goods.

An exhibition is a place where friends and partners meet to talk, look each other in the eye, and shake hands. After all, no video or telephone conversation can replace a pleasant, good meeting.

Lianna Abelian, Head of International Projects at Vine and Wine Foundation of Armenia:

-  We try to take part in Prodexpo on a regular basis, since our winemaking companies have a great interest in the Russian market. Russia is the first market for Armenian wine products. We also need to find our own distributors and importers, to increase the recognition of Armenian wines in the Russian market and to increase sales volumes. We use Prodexpo to expand and increase the recognition of our brands. There are a lot of importers, distributors, and retailers who find their customers here. We have had successful contracts after the exhibition. The exhibition is also attractive due to the high quality of its organisation. It is always a pleasure to work with the organisers.

Rafael Echavarria, CUBAPLUS International Salesperson:

- The Prodexpo exhibition is of great importance to us, as it gives us the opportunity to cooperate with many companies and enterprises in the Russian Federation. Cuban products are distinguished by their high quality. We also see a lot of Russian products at the exhibition, which we can consume in our country. The exhibition is well organised. This time, I was amazed at how quickly everything was done to participate. The very first day of the exhibition showed great opportunities for networking with different companies and business representatives.