Prodexpo 2022 hosts major alcohol industry forums

10 / 02 / 2022

Today at Expocentre Fairgrounds, Prodexpo 2022 featured the 17th Russian Conference on the Alcoholic Beverages Market AlcoCongress 2022 and the 8th Wine Forum. Prominent alcohol market experts, leading producers and suppliers of alcoholic beverages, and representatives of industry associations discussed a wide range of topics related to the development of the Russian alcoholic beverages market. 

The main topic of the AlcoCongress was alco-branding. In his opening speech, Yuri Yudich, Head of the AlcoCongress Organising Committee, invited his colleagues to talk about what needs to be done to ensure that as many new and interesting long-playing brands as possible appear on the alcohol market.

Pavel Funtikov, Head of Customer Service for the Alcohol Industry at Nielsen Russia, a marketing company that measures the market in the FMCG industry, spoke in detail about current trends on the Russian alcohol market, the rise and fall of individual alcohol product categories and changes in consumer preferences based on the latest research data. 

First and foremost, he highlighted the inflation factor, which has led to an increase in the number of people who are starting to save money and change their purchasing habits. As studies have shown, 7 out of 10 Russians today are forced to save, particularly on entertainment and food, including consumption of alcoholic beverages, outside the home. At the same time, last year saw an increase in sales of such alcohol categories as rum, liquor, brandy, whisky, cognac and gin. Tequila, beer, vodka and champagne were in the neutral zone, while sparkling wine and vermouth were in the red zone of falling sales.

Within the framework of AlcoCongress there were presentations on the following topics: "AlcoBrand: from Birth to... Finale?", "Bringing Brand to Retail: How to Survive on the Shelf and Conquer the Consumer", "Promotion in Media and Internet", "Appellations, Consortia, Patent Protection and Association Branding". 

The participants of the Wine Forum focused on regional branding as an effective tool for wine promotion, as well as on the role of wine tourism.  

The AlcoCongress and Wine Forum were followed by an awards ceremony for the winners of the Prodexpo Wine Guide competition. 

Press Service, EXPOCENTRE AO