Feedback from participants in Prodexpo 2022

15 / 02 / 2022

Kairat Torebayev, Vice Minister of Trade and Integration of the Republic of Kazakhstan:

- This year, for the first time, Kazakhstan is participating as a state and partner of Prodexpo. It is a reputable exhibition which has carved out a niche for itself as an international platform. We see great potential in it. Every year, 10-15 Kazakhstani companies took part in the exhibition on their own. Our exporters said that it was a very good platform and the state should pay attention to it, because there is a large concentration of exporters, importers, chains, distributors. This is where the most impactful contracts are concluded. Therefore, this year we have organised a national stand with 20 companies represented. In addition to the national stand, 23 other Kazakhstani companies are exhibiting independently in different sectors of the exhibition.

Evelina Sargsyan, Marketing Director at ArLeAM:

- For the second year in a row, ArLeAM is the general sponsor of Prodexpo. This year we have expanded our range. We present dried fruit, fruit and vegetable chips, natural juices, honey, and alcoholic products: wines, Armenian brandies, and fruit vodka.

Prodexpo is the largest and most prestigious exhibition in the region. We had a very good experience of cooperation last year. We established useful contacts. And this year we also decided to take on general sponsorship. It is a big bid for our brand, allowing Russian and major international companies to become familiar with our high-quality products.

Almir Ribeiro Américo, Head of Moscow Representative Office of Apex-Brazil Eurasia:

- Times are not easy today. Brazil is very far from Russia. But despite this, we have been present at Prodexpo for over 20 years. We have not missed a single one. Russia is an important market for Brazil. And Prodexpo is the most important showcase for Brazilian products.

David Feijoo, Head of Trade and Economy Department at the Embassy of Spain in the Russian Federation:

- Prodexpo is currently the largest, most powerful and profitable trade show in all of Eastern Europe. People from many countries come here. In terms of the number of exhibitors, it is a huge exhibition. And all companies who have an interest in the Russian market should come here. The Spanish part of the exhibition is not so big - 16 companies represented by a group stand. But there are another 20 Spanish firms taking part here on their own.  

Prodexpo is the annual strategic place and time for our companies in the Russian market. The Russians love Spain. Spanish products are competitive. But sanctions get in the way.

Vilena Yalaltdinova, Head of Brand Management Group at Tkachev Agrocomplex:

- We are a large holding located in the south of Russia: the fifth in sugar production, fourth in poultry meat and second in raw milk. That's why we need to make a very loud statement at this exhibition. We are waiting, like everyone else, for new contracts and clients.

Our stand has a large meeting area on both the first and second floors. Today we had representatives from the company Ozon come to see us. This is about what sort of customers became interesting in the post-pandemic era.

Here we meet distributors from different regions of the product categories we need to sell. They are meat, cheese, dairy products...

Dmitry Gusev, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Slavyanka Confectionary Association:

- Weve been exhibiting at Prodexpo for more than 10 years.  For us, it is always important as a platform for meeting with our partners and for finding new customers, both in Russia and abroad. This year we have a special date: the 90th anniversary of our company.  We receive flattering feedback on our stand and the organisation of the exhibition.

The exhibition contingent includes distributors who sell confectionery, retail chains who have a keen interest in our products. There are also manufacturers who exhibit here and are interested in our print products. We also sell industrial chocolate, which is relevant for confectioneries. We have a wide range of customers here. Export customers come in who have not approached us before. They all comment on the high occupancy of our stand and the demand for this exhibition, its convenience, and the opportunity to talk to a huge number of business partners in one place. 

Dmitry Filimoshkin, Marketing Director at EFKO Group:

- Prodexpo is an occasion for us to present all the key areas of the company's business. This time we are represented by three big lines of business. These are vegetable fats, HoReCa, and the brand business. This is the first time we are exhibiting at Prodexpo in several years. A lot of professional buyers from the food industry, from the food market, come to our stand. The first group of visitors is customers representing national and regional retail chains. The second group is visitors from the HoReCa channel. And the third large group of visitors is customers who come from near and far abroad.

Natalia Muravyeva, Head of Marketing Service at Saratov-Holod Plus:

- We take part in Prodexpo periodically and by all means. Now, when the country is adopting the rules of the game, of life and work in a period of pandemic, it is simply necessary to go out into the open: to talk, to show. And the Prodexpo exhibition has helped us enormously in this respect. Representatives from practically all over Russia visited our stand.

Azat Gimadiev, Wholesale Manager at Unikom:

- Participation in Prodexpo is a must for us every year. Our partners, colleagues and friends, despite the current situation, still gather here to meet in one place, discuss pressing issues and leave for their distant territories with ready solutions.

It is important for us to be represented at Prodexpo again, since our products are in demand not only in Russia, but are also of interest to our partners abroad. This platform is an opportunity to meet the top decision-makers of companies. Here is a good crossing of business and simple human relations, when you shake hands with your partner whom you haven't seen for a year, you can look him in the eyes, smile, read his emotions. And he can discuss pressing issues that he has not been able to ask in the office.

Konstantin Minin, Executive Director of ALIDI Group:

- We feel very comfortable here, if only because we are among those who work in our field of business. We have plenty of networking, a large number of contacts. We were keen to get to this exhibition and be represented here in a worthy manner. We have the best feelings.

Tatiana Chekalova, Head of Range Expansion Project at Arivera OOO:

- Prodexpo is undoubtedly one of the most important events in the food industry. As a rule, Arivera participates in it every year. For us it is, first and foremost, an image event. It is also an opportunity to share experiences with colleagues and partners, to meet key clients, hold important meetings and negotiations, announce our new products and plans for the future.

Prodexpo exhibitions are a success for us. We are always gaining new clients.