PRODFORUM Russian Conference for Suppliers for Retail Chains at Prodexpo 2023

07 / 02 / 2023

Prodexpo 2023 hosts a major event on the Russian food market Prodforum Russian Conference for Suppliers for Retail Chains 2023. The forum is a traditional conference programme event organised by EXPOCENTRE AO and Imperia Forum.

The forum brings together buyers from federal, regional and local retail chains, manufacturers and suppliers of food and packaging. The forum participants get an opportunity to build a business dialogue with retailers and get answers to the topical issues of developing production and trade processes.

Today, surveys show that 45% of Russians reallocate their budget in favour of food and necessities (Romir), while 40% are willing to go to a distant shop for cheaper goods. Demand is highly sensitive to external challenges and economic threats. It signals to all market players what products and at what price customers are willing to pay here and now.

How will structural changes in consumer demand change the food trade in 2023? What steps will retailers take on the road to on-shelf sales growth and what should the manufacturer do to stay in demand? These and other questions are answered by renowned food market analysts, experts in online trading, negotiation techniques with retail chains and purchasers, top managers of international, federal and regional retail chains, managers of leading Russian food producers and suppliers.

For retailers at Prodexpo 2023, the Retail Chains Centre business zone has been set up to host a series of training seminars.

The Retail Chains Procurement Centre provides a unique format for food and beverage suppliers to conduct direct supply negotiations with the heads of departments and commercial directors of more than 120 federal, regional and local retail chains. 

Press Service, EXPOCENTRE AO