Post Show Report PRODEXPO 2022

25 / 02 / 2022

29th edition of the International Exhibition for Food, Beverages and Food Raw Materials 

Prodexpo is the largest in Russia and Eastern Europe and the worlds top ten trade show of food and beverages.

Despite the restrictions related to COVID-19, the 2022 edition showed strong growth in almost all indicators such as the number of exhibitors, floor space, represented Russian regions, national pavilions and group stands, and the number of supporting events. 

Dates: 711 February 2022

Venue: EXPOCENTRE Fairgrounds, Moscow, Russia

Organised by EXPOCENTRE AO

Supported by the Russian Ministry of Agriculture

Under auspices of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Total exhibition area: 95,863 sq m

Attendance: 48,759 unique visitors from 97 countries and 85 Russian regions

Total number of exhibitors: 2,051 companies

Countries: 58 (Abkhazia, Algeria, Argentina, Armenia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, China, Czechia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, India, Indonesia, Iran, Ireland, Italy, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Malaysia, Mexico, Moldova, Mongolia, North Macedonia, Peru, Poland, Portugal, South Ossetia, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Slovakia, South Korea, South Ossetia, Spain, Sri Lanka, Tajikistan, Thailand, Tunisia, Turkiye, the UAE, Ukraine, Uruguay, the UK, the USA, Uzbekistan)

Foreign national pavilions: 18 (the largest ones were Armenia, Azerbaijan, Brazil, France, Italy, Kazakhstan, Portugal, Spain, Turkiye; other countries were Ireland, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, North Macedonia, Serbia, South Ossetia, Sri Lanka, Uruguay, Uzbekistan)

Foreign exhibitors: 562 companies

Russian exhibitors: 1,489 companies

Russian regional pavilions and group stands: 46 regions (representing the total number of 300+ manufacturers from 46 Russian regions): the Republics of Adygea, Bashkortostan, Buryatia, Chechnya, Chuvashia, Crimea, Dagestan, Kalmykia, Karelia, Komi, Mordovia, Tatarstan, and Udmurtia, Altai, Chelyabinsk, Khabarovsk, Krasnodar, Primorsky, and Stavropol Krais, Sakhalin, Astrakhan, Irkutsk, Kaliningrad, Kemerovo, Kostroma, Kursk, Leningrad, Lipetsk, Moscow, Murmansk, Novgorod, Novosibirsk, Omsk, Orel, Penza, Samara, Saratov, Tambov, Tver, Vladimir, Volgograd, Vologda, Voronezh, and Yaroslavl Oblasts, Nenets Autonomous Okrug, and Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug Yugra.

President of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Sergey Katyrin

It is very important that we hold such a major exhibition at this difficult time. In the previous two years, the exhibition industry was one of the hardest hit. Many companies closed down. Therefore today with this show we are opening a new page for the exhibition industry. I hope, holding such a major exhibition as Prodexpo 2022 is a step that will help colleagues both in our country and abroad to actively start exhibition activities.

Show highlights 

Prodexpo 2022 brought together 2,051 companies from 58 countries in 30 product sectors. The show featured a wide range of foodstuffs and beverages, including a large-scale alcoholic showcase and some landmark premieres. Retail and HoReCa buyers met new companies and learnt about new brands and brand names.

Head of the Russian Quality System (Roskachestvo) Maxim Protasov

This year we see an increase in the number and high level of stands of Russian winemakers marked by the Russian Wine Guide, which is a joint project of Roskachestvo, the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade, and the Russian Ministry of Agriculture. The exhibition sectors of healthy lifestyle products, including organic food products certified by Roskachestvo, are also worth noting. And, of course, we are proud to see products bearing the Russian Quality Mark here. This is no surprise: according to the ROMIR research holding, 54% of buyers will prefer a product marked with the Russian Quality Mark. Consumer confidence in such products has grown and as of 2022 stands at 76%. Thus, Prodexpo has been and remains the main barometer of trends in the Russian food market. 

The Italy national pavilion was the largest one. In 2022, ICE (the Italian Trade Agency) presented 79 companies, which demonstrated olives, oil, coffee, confectionery, groceries (2330) and wine (2140). The showcase featured various presentations, master classes and cooking shows.

In addition, 13 Italian companies took part in the show independently in different product sectors, including ProdexpoPack. 

Kazakhstan was a partner country of Prodexpo 2022.

Vice Minister of Trade and Integration of the Republic of Kazakhstan Kairat Torebayev

It is a long established event, which has carved out a niche for itself as an international platform. We see great potential in it. Every year, 10-15 Kazakh companies took part in Prodexpo on their own. This is where the majority of impactful contracts are concluded. Therefore, this year we have organised a national stand with 20 companies represented. In addition to the national stand, 23 other Kazakh companies are exhibiting independently in different sectors of the show.

Russia was represented by 1,489 companies. This year, more Russian regions joined with their group stands and pavilions: 46 regions showcased products of more than 300 companies. The first group stands were arranged by the Republics of Komi, Crimea and Udmurtia, Irkutsk, Lipetsk, Murmansk and Novgorod Oblasts, Kuzbass and Nenets Autonomous Okrug. 

Russian companies presented meat, dairy products, cheeses, groceries, fish, tea, coffee, ice-cream, sauces, juices, jams, frozen berries and mushrooms, craft drinks, health foods, functional foods and biotechnology, as well as equipment, services, and packaging solutions for the food industry. 

This year, Prodexpo exhibitors included winners of the special project '100 Family Companies under the Auspices of the President of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry'. Five companies were given an opportunity to show their products at the exhibition free of charge. They are the Uezdny Dar cheese dairy from the Vladimir region, the Aldini Cheese Dairy and Tsvetkov Farm from the Moscow region, Crafty House from the Smolensk region, and Georgievsky Bakery from the Stavropol region. 

The Meat and Meat Products. Cooked Meats. Poultry, Eggs sector welcomed 109 companies from Russia, Armenia, Belarus, Brazil, France, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Serbia, and Uruguay. They showed a variety of meats such as beef, including marbled beef, pork, lamb, venison and horse meat, as well as poultry such as chicken, duck, turkey, and quail meat. Organic meats were showcased in the Prodexpo Organic salon. 

Dairy products and organic dairy products were demonstrated by more than 150 exhibitors from Russia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Brazil, Kazakhstan and Serbia in the Dairy Products. Cheese and Prodexpo Organic sectors. 

The Ice-Cream sector brought together companies from Russia, Belarus, Italy, and Kazakhstan. For the first time there was ice-cream from Saudi Arabia. Russian companies offered a variety of new products, including ice-cream designed for healthy lifestyle enthusiasts, and sugar-free natural ice-cream with added vitamin-mineral complexes and prebiotics.

The traditionally large sector of Confectionery. Bakery. Snacks. Nuts. Dried Fruit showed a great variety of products of 394 companies from Russia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Brazil, France, Indonesia, Iran, Italy, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Peru, Poland, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Turkiye, the UK, and Uzbekistan. 

The sector of Groceries. Cereals. Pasta. Spices, Kitchen Herbs showed products of 149 companies from Russia, Belarus, Brazil, Italy, Kazakhstan, South Korea, and Turkiye. 

The Canned Food. Sauces. Ketchups sector welcomed 127 companies from Russia, Algeria, Armenia, Belarus, Finland, Greece, Italy, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Poland, Serbia, South Korea, Spain, and Turkiye. The showcase included both everyday and special products such as various game meats, venison, olives, canned exotic fruit and vegetables. 

The participants of the sector of Frozen Food. Semi-prepared Foods and Ready Meals showed products from Russia, Italy, Serbia, and Vietnam, which included frozen fruit and vegetables, ready and semi-prepared meals, pelmeni, vereniki, etc. New products included a frozen fruit puree for production of beverages. 

The sector of Tea. Coffee brought together Russia, Armenia, Belarus, Brazil, Ecuador, India, Italy, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Nepal, Ruanda, Spain, Sri Lanka, and Turkiye. Sri Lanka had a national pavilion to present its products. There were also some premieres: for the first time, a number of coffee and tea producers from Italy, Turkey and Sri Lanka took part in the show. 

One of the most popular current trends is products for healthy eating and living. The sector of Products for Healthy Lifestyle brought together companies from Russia, Armenia, Belarus, and Uzbekistan. 

Organic products and beverages were demonstrated by leading manufacturers from Russia, Armenia, Belarus, Brazil, Italy, Spain, Turkiye and Uzbekistan in the Prodexpo Organic sector. The sectors important feature was the strict selection of exhibitors. Each company that applied to participate in Prodexpo Organic guaranteed that at least 70% of the products it exhibited had a valid organic certificate at the time of the show. The variety of organic products on display allowed retail buyers to greatly expand their assortment and find new offers for restaurateurs. 

The exhibitors of the Juices, Water. Soft Drinks sector demonstrated products of more than 100 manufacturers from Russia, Armenia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Brazil, Georgia, Italy, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, South Korea, and Turkiye.

The sector of Vegetable Fats showed further growth. This year, it welcomed companies from Russia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Brazil, France, Greece, Italy, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Spain, and Tunisia. 

The sector of Fish and Seafood welcomed Russian companies from Vladivostok, Siberia, Salekhard, Yakutia, and Astrakhan. There were also products from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Italy, and South Korea. The exhibitors demonstrated live, chilled and quick frozen fish, seafood, caviar, gourmet fish, snacks, canned fish and seafood. 

Russias largest alcohol showcase Prodexpo Wine welcomed 344 companies. The geography of wine makers was wide. This year the exhibitors came from Russia, Argentina, Azerbaijan, Belarus, France, Georgia, Italy, Moldova, Portugal, Serbia, South Ossetia, Spain, and Uzbekistan. 

The Wine from Russia corner came back with a series of master classes. 

Hard alcohol was presented by companies from Russia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Belgium, Finland, France, Ireland, Mexico, Mongolia, and Serbia. 

The topic of beer was very popular and very well covered with large, medium-sized and small breweries coming from Russia, Belarus, Estonia, and Lithuania. A lot of attention was paid to craft beer, which is very popular now. The Craft Beer special corner presented 17 craft breweries.

Low alcohol (cider, mead) was presented by manufacturers from Russia and Italy. 

The sectors of Packaging Solutions, Glass Containers, New Year and Christmas Gifts. Equipment and Services will present fresh ideas and technologies. 

As usual, EXPOCENTRE AO and the Afina Recruitment Agency arranged Prodexpos Employment Centre, which helped employers to find staff and jobseekers to find work. This year the centre also offered the services of a company specialising in staff leasing, organising teams of workers for warehousing logistics, catering, retail, production, and operational management of these teams. According to the centres experts, recruiters from Kazakhstan were showing great interest in Russian professionals, offering attractive terms to qualified personnel in case of relocation.

Conference programme 

The Prodexpo 2022 conference programme included 48 events and 8 competitions. They all focused on quality and safety of foodstuffs and beverages. Organic products, sustainability and packaging were also in the centre of attention. 

The programme was opened with the Plenary Session on the Russian Quality System: Trends, Projects, Prospects, organised by the Russian Quality System (Roskachestvo), the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and EXPOCENTRE AO. The participants paid particular attention to the Russian President's instruction to check the compliance of federal and regional authorities and organisations with legislative requirements to ensure food quality and safety, as well as to plans to improve the quality of Russian products in the near future. 

The session, moderated by Head of Roskachestvo Maxim Protasov, was held in a hybrid format. The event was attended by Deputy Head of the Presidential Control Department of the Russian Federation Valentin Letunovsky, President of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Sergey Katyrin, and representatives of the Russian Ministry of Agriculture, the Federal Antimonopoly Service, Rosselkhoznadzor, and the General Prosecutor's Office.

The session focused on state support measures to improve the quality of agricultural products and other relevant issues. 

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A special focus was placed on organic products as one of the youngest and fastest-growing areas of the show. This topic was in focus of the Panel on Retail as an Infrastructure to Promote Organic Products, organised by the Russian Quality System (Roskachestvo) and EXPOCENTRE AO. The panel was held in a hybrid format and was moderated by Deputy Head of Roskachestvo Elena Sarattseva

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One more important event devoted to organic products was the Conference on Organic Products in the Light of the Climate Agenda. The event was organised by EXPOCENTRE AO with support of the LookBio magazine and the National Organic Union. 

Russian and foreign speakers discussed cases of using organic practices to improve the environment. The programme ended with the Panel on Food and Climate. Why Not Everyone Will be Taken Into the Future.

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The annual 12th Halal International Congress was devoted to standardisation and certification as an effective development tool for the Halal industry. The event was held in the year of celebration of the 1,100th anniversary of the official adoption of Islam by the Volga Bulgarians and the 20th anniversary of the International Center for Standardization and Certification "Halal".

The congress also hosted an award ceremony for the congress speakers and winners of the Best Halal Product competition, and participants of the Halal Eurasia at Prodexpo group stand at Prodexpo 2022. 

The first day concluded with the Plenary Session on Manufacturers on the Path to Business Perfection, organised by the Russian Quality System (Roskachestvo) jointly with the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and EXPOCENTRE AO. The event was moderated by Deputy Head of Roskachestvo, Head of the Secretariat of the Quality Award Council of the Russian Government Yulia Mikhaleva.

The session participants discussed how to improve performance with the help of the Russian Government's Quality Award. The experts shared best business excellence practices and achievements. According to the speakers, participation in the quality competition helps enterprises maintain their reputation of a reliable manufacturer of high-quality and competitive products, improve the quality of service provision, help attract new partners and customers, and open up additional business opportunities. 

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The key and largest event of the Prodexpo 2022 conference programme was the annual Food Forum with Purchasing Centre for Retail Chains for food suppliers and buyers. It was organised by EXPOCENTRE AO and Imperia Forum.

More than 650 participants from all over Russia and other countries were able to address their business objectives. 

The Food Forum included

  • 17th Russian Food Forum for Suppliers for Retail Chains

  • 26th Russian Food Forum on PLB 2022

  • Hands-on session Becoming a Supplier to Retail Chains

  • 3rd Russian Conference on Modern Food Packaging

  • The years largest Purchasing Centre for Retail Chains in three categories: Brand, PLB, HoReCa 

The conference participants included leading analysts (Romir, INFOLine, NielsenIQ, Data Insight), Russian federal and regional retail chains (Pyaterochka, Gradusy Vsego Mira, United Vostok, Ozon Express) and experts of the food market (Milford, MAY Foods, Daymon, Directfood, Paper Planes).

Leading food market advisory experts Alexandra Nyamina and Sergey Ilyukha presented practical tools for working with retail chains.

The years largest Purchasing Centre for Retail Chains brought together more than 120 federal and regional retail chains: Auchan, METRO, Magnit, Perekrestok, VkusVill, Azbuka Vkusa, Magnolia, Verny, Spar and many others. 

More than 20 restaurant and café chains renewed their assortment and pools of suppliers in the Purchasing Centre for Retail Chains: HoReCa.

In total, Purchasing Centre for Retail Chains welcomed more than 300 buyers and 250 suppliers, who hold about 7,000 talks about the supply of foodstuffs, both supplier-branded and private label products.

Another important event was the Panel on FOOD PACK: Visual Power Strategies for Regional Gastronomy Brands. It was organised by the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry with support of the HSE Art and Design School and EXPOCENTRE AO. The moderators were Tatiana Krivosheeva, expert at the Higher School of Economics, and Alexander Alekseev, President at the Art Directors Club of Russia (ADCR) and Head of Design and Advertising at the Higher School of Economics. 

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The Conference on the Food of the Future: Specialised and Fortified Food a Path to Health Protection  was organised by EXPOCENTRE AO with support of the Federal Research Institute of Nutrition and Biotechnology within the Health, Nutrition, Demographics Consortium. The event generated a great interest among dieticians, nutritionists, food industry professionals, and the Prodexpo exhibitors and visitors. 

According to Head of the Vitamins and Minerals Laboratory at the Federal Research Institute of Nutrition and Biotechnology Natalia Zhilinskaya, who moderated the discussion, the Consortium's work is aimed at increasing the provision of the population with vitamins and minerals through the introduction of innovative scientific developments in the field of specialised and fortified food products into the diet of the Russian population. 

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Two large events were devoted to the alcohol market: the 17th Russian Conference on the Alcoholic Beverages Market AlcoCongress 2022 and the 8th Wine Forum. Prominent alcohol market experts, leading producers and suppliers of alcoholic beverages, and representatives of industry associations discussed a wide range of topics related to the development of the Russian alcoholic beverages market. 

The main topic of the AlcoCongress was branding of alcohol. In his opening speech, Head of the AlcoCongress Organising Committee Yuri Yudich invited his colleagues to talk about what needs to be done to ensure that as many new and interesting long-running brands as possible appear on the alcohol market. 

Pavel Funtikov, Head of Customer Service for the Alcohol Industry at Nielsen Russia, a marketing company that measures the market in the FMCG industry, spoke in detail about current trends on the Russian alcohol market, the rise and fall of individual alcohol product categories and changes in consumer preferences based on the latest research data.

The AlcoCongress also hosted several presentations: AlcoBrand: from Birth to... Finale?, Bringing a Brand to Retail: How to Survive on the Shelf and Conquer the Consumer, Promotion in Media and Internet, and Appellations, Consortia, Patent Protection and Association Branding. 

The Wine Forum participants focused on regional branding as an effective tool for wine promotion, as well as on the role of wine tourism.

The AlcoCongress and Wine Forum were followed by an awards ceremony for the winners of the Prodexpo Wine Guide competition. 

The Panel on Low-Carbon Transformation of Small Suppliers: How Retail Chains Can Help Producers and Earn a Big Plus in ESG Karma was held by the National Ecoresource Union of Organic Producers, Imperia, and Agroprompark Organic Vill with support of EXPOCENTRE AO in a hybrid format. The acronym ESG stands for a combination of environmental responsibility with social policy and corporate governance.

According to First Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on Agriculture and Food Policy and Environmental Management Sergey Mitin, the Federation Council pays special attention to the development of the organic market, the problem of environmental protection and the implementation of sustainable development principles in all regions of Russia. Rational use of forest food resources is of strategic importance in solving these state tasks. The raw material potential, production capabilities in the field of harvesting and processing of wild crops (nuts, fruit, berries, mushrooms, birch sap) are not fully used today, the senator stressed. 

President at the National Ecoresource Union Yuri Rudakov, founder and CEO at Neocon Expert Consulting Company Denis Raksha, Director and Curator of GR Projects at RBC Publishing House Irina Mitrofanova, Head of the Committee on Environmental Development of the Russian Public Relations Association Valery Maltsev, and others discussed trends in the development of organic production in a sustainable development paradigm and ESG transformation and corporate strategies to reduce the carbon footprint by working with suppliers. 

The panel participants highlighted the particular importance of training and development programmes for suppliers of wild and organic products in the context of carbon footprint reduction objectives of chain retailers. 

The programme of professional competitions attracted a large number of participants. 

17th International Competition for the Best Packaging and Label for Foodstuffs, Perfumes, Cosmetics and Beverages ProdExtraPack 2022. Organised by the National Confederation of Packers, the Tara i Upakovka (Packaging) Magazine


The Prodexpo Organic Awards. Organised by Look.Bio Media OOO


The Choice of Retail Chains Competition. Organised by Imperia Forum


The Innovative Product Competition. Organised by Imperia Forum

Results of nomination 1>>

Results of nomination 2>>

Prodexpo Wine Competition & Guide. Organised by Kitmedia Group


24th International Tasting Competition. Organised by Stolichny Stil OOO

Results >> 

16th International Competition for the Best Consumer Properties. Organised by Souzexpertiza ANO of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Results >>

The Best Product 2022 International Competition. Organised by Agroexposervis, the Competition Tasting Committee


The portal, as an official media partner of Prodexpo 2022, covered the show and its exhibitors. It offered both exhibitors and visitors to make a short video interview about their companies, products or projects in a special studio. All interviews are published on a Video page of the website, the official Facebook and YouTube accounts of

The success of Prodexpo 2022 is confirmed not only by the shows statistics but also by the exhibitor and visitor feedback, which you can find in our video diary.

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We are looking forward to seeing you at Prodexpo 2023 at EXPOCENTRE Fairgrounds, Moscow, Russia, on 610 February 2023!

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