Press Release Prodexpo 2024

29 / 01 / 2024

31st edition of the International Exhibition for Food, Beverages and Food Raw Materials

The 31st edition of the International Exhibition for Food, Beverages and Food Raw Materials Prodexpo 2024 will run at EXPOCENTRE Fairgrounds, Moscow, Russia, from 5 through 9 February 2024.   

The opening ceremony will be held on February 5 at 12.30 in the Gallery between Pavilions No.2 and No.8.

Dates: 59 February 2024

Opening hours: 58 February: 10.00 18.00; 9 February: 10.00 16.00

Venue: all pavilions including two temporary ones (Central and Centre-Forum) of EXPOCENTRE Fairgrounds, Moscow, Russia

Organised by EXPOCENTRE AO

Supported by the Russian Ministry of Agriculture

Under auspices of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Exhibition area: about 100,000 sq m

Total number of exhibitors: 2,145 companies

Countries: 40 (Argentina, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Brazil, Bulgaria, Chile, China, Cyprus, Egypt, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, India, Indonesia, Iran, Italy, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Lithuania, Moldova, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Serbia, South Africa, South Korea, South Ossetia, Spain, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, Thailand, Tunisia, Turkiye, Turkmenistan, the UAE, Uzbekistan, Vietnam) 

Foreign national pavilions: Azerbaijan, Belarus, Brazil, China, Iran, Kyrgyzstan, Serbia, Tunisia, Turkiye, South Korea, South Ossetia, Sri Lanka

Russian exhibitors: 1,624 companies

Russian regional pavilions and group stands: 48 regions (the Republics of Adygea, Altai, Buryatia, Crimea, Chuvashia, Kabardino-Balkaria, Kalmykia, Karelia, Khakassia, Komi, Mordovia, North OssetiaAlania, and Udmurtia; Altai, Krasnodar, Krasnoyarsk, and Primorsky Krais; Astrakhan, Belgorod, Chelyabinsk, Irkutsk, Kaliningrad, Kaluga, Kostroma, Kurgan, Kursk, Leningrad, Moscow, Nizhniy Novgorod, Novgorod, Novosibirsk, Omsk, Orel, Penza, Samara, Saratov, Smolensk, Tambov, Tula, Tver, Ulyanovsk, Vladimir, Volgograd, Vologda, Voronezh, and Yaroslavl Oblasts;  Khanty-Mansi Ugra and Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrugs)

Dmitry Patrushev, Russian Minister of Agriculture

Prodexpo has confirmed its status as one of this countrys largest industry platforms and has become one of the leading international trade shows of food, beverages and food raw materials. Every year, the event gives industry participants an opportunity to learn about new products, find the best business solutions, establish new business contacts, and make contracts.

Prodexpo amazes with its scale, variety of exhibiting manufacturers, range of products, equipment and a large number of visitors, a significant part of which are buyers of federal and regional retail chains, non-chain retailers, professionals of the restaurant and hospitality business, as well as distributors and exporters of food and beverages.

For over three decades now, the exhibition has been shaping the development vector of the Russian food market and contributing to strengthening of this country's food security.

For many enterprises, participation in the exhibition is a unique opportunity to find new partners, expand sales channels, and enter export markets.

According to the Russian National Exhibition Rating, Prodexpo is Russias largest show in the Food Products category in all nominations: exhibition space, professional interest, international recognition, and market coverage.

Prodexpo is also among the top ten largest food shows in the world.

Show highlights

The number of companies from China and Turkey has grown, as they seek to expand their sales markets and also show interest in the Russian market in terms of food purchases.

Prodexpo 2024 presents a wide range of food from basic food and drinks for every day to exquisite delicacies, as well as organic, sports, functional and healthy food, halal and exotic products.

Food manufacturers prepared a large number of premieres: new trademarks, brands, innovative products, as well as exclusive specialities of different geographical regions.

The show will present products for a healthy lifestyle, including protein-enriched products for active and sporty people, sugar-free, gluten-free and probiotic products, as well as superfoods, biologically active additives, microgreens grown on vertical farms, and alternative plant-based food products.

Product sectors by pavilions>>

The Meat and Meat Products. Cooked Meats. Poultry, Eggs sector (Pavilion No.2, Halls 1, 2) will welcome more than 120 companies from Russia, Belarus, Brazil, China, India, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Lithuania. The exhibitors include both major holdings and small companies from Russian regions. They will show a wide range of products such as beef, including marbled beef, pork, lamb, venison and horse meat, as well as poultry, i.e., chicken, ducks, turkeys and quails.

The Dairy Products. Cheese sector (Pavilion Forum) will offer abundance of dairy products with SKU (commodity item identifier). It will bring together more than 170 companies from Russia, Belarus, Brazil, Kazakhstan and Serbia. New products are being prepared for the exhibition by both large production facilities, small and medium-sized businesses, and farms. As usual, buyers can expect a huge selection of products, new offers and fresh flavours.  

One of the largest sectors Confectionery. Bakery. Snacks. Nuts. Dried Fruit will be located in Pavilions No.2 (Halls 46), No.4, No.7 (Halls 36) and will offer products of more than 460 companies from 19 countries. Gift wrapping, including wrapping for Christmas and New Year 2025, will be conveniently located nearby in Pavilion No.4.

The interest of Russian consumers in Japanese and Asian cuisine has received a great response. Ethnic products (noodles, sauces, spices, seasonings) will be shown in the Groceries. Cereals. Pasta. Spices, Kitchen Herbs sector (Pavilion No.8, Halls 13). Offers for restaurants and retail are expected. In total, the sector will bring together more than 160 companies from 12 countries.                      

The Canned Food. Sauces. Ketchups sector (Pavilion No.1, Centre-Forum) will welcome 158 companies offering meat, fish, vegetable and dairy products. The geography of producers covers 14 countries, including Russia, Belarus, China, Greece, Italy, Thailand and Turkiye.

More than 70 companies from Russia, China, Chile and Turkiye will demonstrate chilled, smoked, dried fish, snacks, caviar, crabs, mussels and other seafood at the Fish and Seafood sector (Pavilion No.1). For the first time, Russian producer DALPROMRYBA, specialising in tuna supplies, will take part in the show.

The sector of Frozen Foods. Semi-Prepared Foods. Ready-to-Eat Foods (Pavilion No.1) will present 55 companies from Russia, China, Egypt, Kyrgyzstan, Serbia and Turkiye offering frozen fruits and vegetables, semi-prepared products, pelmeni and vereniki.

Fresh vegetables, fruits, mushrooms, berries and wild food will be shown in Pavilion No.1. The exhibitors will come from Russia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, China, Georgia and Serbia.                                              

The Healthy Nutrition sector (Pavilion No.2, Hall 6) will bring together about 100 companies from Russia, Belarus and China.

The Juices, Mineral Water. Soft Drinks sector (Pavilions No.5 (Halls 1, 2), Centre-Forum) has grown. More than 200 companies from 10 countries will offer mineral waters, juices, lemonades, fruit drinks, carbonated and functional drinks, and energy drinks. Russian producers are expanding their presence. For the first time companies from Turkmenistan (Yupekchi E.S., AK YOL Miwe Içgileri Economic Society) and a beverage producer from Germany (Vitasky) will participate in the show.

The Tea. Coffee sector (Pavilion Forum) will present over 120 companies from 12 countries and offer a variety of products: bound, pressed, gift, herbal, berry, fruit, loose tea, black, green, white, oolong, puerh, craft tea blends, the creation of which was inspired by trends in the industry of health and nutrition. Sri Lanka will have a special showcase at the national level. Companies from Indonesia (Kapal Api and PT Sumber Kopi Prima), India (Perfect Brew), Sri Lanka (Royal Touch), Kazakhstan (Tea House and Tea Times), which are new to the Russian market, as well as new Russian brands SDC-Foods (Ahmad Tea TM), Aristocrat, Krasnodar Chai Manual Picking and Iranian (Farzin Tea) will participate for the first time.

New products in the coffee sector, both for restaurants and catering chains, as well as for retail and wholesale, are also expected. The exhibitors will demonstrate coffee for cezve, coffee machines, extra-fine grinds, French press and moka pots, with different degrees of roasting, and ground coffee. Chicory, coffee drinks and cocoa will also be presented.  

The Prodexpo Organic sector has changed its usual location and moved to Pavilion Forum. Thanks to the move, organic products have found a special, dedicated place, so that visitors will have a reliable guarantee that they will find only organic products in the sector. In addition, the location next to Dairy Products. Cheese is very convenient for buyers, as a number of dairy producers will present their own organic lines.

Prodexpo Organic will bring together companies from Russia, Iran, Thailand, Turkiye and Vietnam, and will offer new products of all sectors: meat, dairy, cheese, groceries, confectionery, snacks, fruit and vegetables, nuts, beverages, including alcoholic beverages, seasonings, spices, superfoods and exotic products such as young jackfruit in brine, chia seeds, quinoa, sesame, amaranth, banana and almond flour, and Himalayan pink salt. There are also new exhibitors. A company from Vietnam (Rita Food and Drink Company Limited) will offer its soft drinks for the first time in Russia, and a producer from Iran (Zubin Organic Agro Industry) will offer tea.

Prodexpo offers Russia's largest showcase of alcoholic beverages and wines Prodexpo Wine. Wine and hard alcohol will be located in Pavilions No.2 (Hall 1) and No.3. This year, the traditional corner with a series of masterclasses, the Russian Wine Project the Centre of Wine Culture, will work on two sites: consultations on Russian winemaking will be offered at stand 21F22, and masterclasses will be held in Pavilion No.2, Seminar Hall 1. See the programme>>

Beer and low alcohol will be located in Pavilions Central, No.1 and Centre-Forum. The most interesting part of the sector will be the Craft Beer Corner (Pavilion No.1, stand 1G10). It will bring together the best representatives of small beer brewing and mead brewing, as well as traditional cider making, which is now a relevant and notable trend in the alcohol industry. Learn more>>

The Employment Centre (Pavilion No.8, Hall 5, Stand 85C80) will offer the exhibitors opportunities to place vacancies, get acquainted with CVs of job seekers, as well as receive services in recruitment, personnel leasing, outstaffing (organisation of teams of workers for warehouse logistics, catering, trade and management of these teams). The visitors will post CVs, view current vacancies and get advice from a career development specialist. Learn more>>

Conference programme

The conference programme of Prodexpo 2024 will focus on the topics of quality, food and beverage safety, issues of sales development, and interaction of buyers of retail chains, catering establishments and corporations with manufacturers and suppliers.

On February 5, the Russian Quality System (Roskachestvo) and EXPOCENTRE AO will organise the Plenary Session on New Sales Realities. Growth Points of Export Opportunities. Leading experts from the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Russian Export Center, Agroexport, Rusaccreditation and representatives of major exporting companies will discuss key issues of food export development in 2024.

Roskachestvo and EXPOCENTRE will hold:

  • the Panel Discussion on Strategy 2030: Development, Promotion and Support of Organic Production

  • the Thematic Session on the Halal Products Market: Effective Infrastructure and New Opportunities

  • the Thematic Session on Tasteful Improvement of Efficiency

EXPOCENTRE AO and KVK Imperia Forum will oganise their regular events.

The Centre of Retail Chains will open the conference programme at Prodexpo 2024. Its special programme for retail representatives includes a series of training workshops.

Russian Prodforum will open on February 6 and will cover such important topics as Supplier to Retail Chains, Entering Retail Chains, Private Label Brand 2024, Selling Food via Marketplaces, Ecosystem of a Food Brand, and Marketing and Advertising.

The Purchasing Centre for Retail Chains will host direct supplier negotiations with 100+ retail chains on February 7.

The CATMANPRO Open Club will be held for the first time on February 8. It is a space for professional networking, growth and development of chain and non-chain retailers. The club will be organised by Anna Tishchenko and Retail Practical Management. 

Other important events at Prodexpo 2024 will include:

  • the Panel on Intellectual Property for Food Products. Organised by the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, EXPOCENTRE AO

  • the Russian Forum CATMAN at Prodexpo 2024. Organised by KVK Imperia Forum, Retail Practical Management

  • the Special Session on Bringing Goods to the Shelf. How to Simplify the Way to Retail Outlets in 2024? Organised by

  • the Original Training by Ekaterina Bogacheva on Merchandising of a Food Store at Prodexpo 2024. Organised by KVK Imperia Forum

  • the 14th Halal International Congress: Halal the Path to Growth. Organised by the International Center for Standardization and Certification "Halal" under the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of the Russian Federation

  • the 22nd Russian Congress of Milk Producers and Processors and the Annual General Meeting of the Russian Union of Dairy Enterprises. Organised by RDU the Russian Union of Dairy Enterprises  

  • the School for Technologists: Relevant Issue of Ice-Cream Production. Organised by the Russian Union of Ice-Cream Makers

  • the Workshop on Food Ingredients: a New Paradigm of Requirements for Application Regulation, Conformity Assessment and Labelling. Review of Amendments No.2 to TRTS 029/2012 and Related Technical Regulations 024/2011, 022/2011, 027/2012. Organised by EXPOCENTRE AO. Partner: the Food Ingredients Producers Union

  • the Panel on the Results of the Past Year and Trends for the Coming Year. Organised by the National Union of Meat Processors  

Prodexpo Wine will feature a regular corner with a series of masterclasses the Wine from Russia the Centre of Wine Culture, as well as the Craft Beer Corner, the 19th Russian Conference on the Alcoholic Beverages Market AlcoCongress 2024, and AlcoHall at Prodexpo.

The competition programme is expected to be no less interesting:

  • the award ceremony of the 19th International Competition for the Best Packaging and Label for Foodstuffs, Perfumes, Cosmetics and Beverages ProdExtraPack 2024. Organised by the National Confederation of Packers, the Tara i Upakovka (Packaging) Magazine

  • the award ceremony of the Prodexpo Wine Competition & Spirits Selection. Organised by Yuri Yudich

  • the award ceremony of the 26th International Tasting Competition at Prodexpo. Organised by Stolichny Stil OOO 

  • the Choice of Retail Chains Competition. Organised by KVK Imperia Forum

  • the award ceremony for the Choice of Retail Chains, Innovative Product, and Products for a Healthy Lifestyle Competitions. Organised by KVK Imperia Forum

  • the award ceremony of the Best Product 2024 International Competition. Organised by EXPO ECO

  • the award ceremony of the 18th International Competition for the Best Consumer Properties. Organised by Souzexpertiza ANO of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry 

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